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Wii U Deluxe Model Gets Official $50 Price Cut in North America

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Begins on 20th September

After months of speculation and increasing doubt, Nintendo has taken the plunge and confirmed an official price cut on the Wii U Deluxe 32GB model. This takes the form of a new "suggested retail price" of $299 in North America, a $50 cut announced today at the GameStop Managers Show in Las Vegas; the new price will begin on 20th September.

With stalled momentum in sales there have been question marks over whether the extensive software lineup alone would be enough to achieve satisfactory sales for the system during the coming Holiday season and beyond. Much like with the 3DS, Nintendo has decided to cut the retail price, alongside major software releases, to stimulate sales, in the process getting below the $300 threshold, undercutting the PS4 by $100 and the Xbox One by $200. It's clearly hoped that the combined factors of reduced hardware and an expanded games library will tip consumers towards the console.

There's been no equivalent announcement in Europe or Japan at the time of writing, but it seems inevitable. Going on past form, it wouldn't surprise us if a Nintendo Direct is confirmed very soon.

It's a big move by Nintendo, joined by the potentially divisive 2DS and a generous limited edition Wind Waker HD Wii U bundle. What do you think of this price cut?

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Subie98 said:

@Anclation I agree. 2ds seems silly. Not sure if the system needed a price cut. However im sure some people will be mad unless launch window adopters get an ambassador program



DualWielding said:

a price cut won't help, the basic model never sold so pricing wasn't the issue..... Iwata's words not mine



Spartacus3765 said:

So wait, if the Deluxe is now $300, how much is the basic? Or is it not being sold anymore? Am I missing something here?



SuperiorTech said:

Guess I'll be hopping aboard the Wii U train! Or maybe not.. I'm not really excited for anything except Donkey Kong.



MegaManEP3 said:

Wind Waker HD bundle for $299.99 has also been announced which is exactly what I said they should do. I think this is a smart move. A great game packed in with a system that is $100 - $200 cheaper than the competition will look really good this coming holiday season. Also the 2DS is great idea for kids which are who they are marketing it towards. Nintendo is making some really smart moves.



Zach777 said:

September 20th? Now people who would have bought the console won't do it until then. Sales will be worse by stalling.

Nintendo, you know that you are now looking desperate as a company, right? A 2DS pile of trash, and a Wii U price drop when you had Prez Iwata repeatedly say 'no price drop'. Looks like you guys aren't sure what's going on anymore.



Peach64 said:

Well this comes as no surprise. It was completely pointless for Nintendo to keep telling everyone no price drop was planned, as they're not dumb enough to say "Yeah, we'll be cutting the price in six months, but please keep buying it for now". It will help when combined with the games. In the UK we've seen much bigger unofficial price cuts that didn't help at all, but there was still no games until the middle of July. It still lacks any truly must have games for me, but a price cut combined with a bunch of good games like Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101, Super Mario 3D World and Donkey Kong Country Returns is sure to entice a few people.



yvanjean said:

Basic as already been phased out. Retaillers will do their own price cut to get rid of any left over. This $50 price cut was 3 month overdue. They should have a Pikmin bundle.



DerpSandwich said:

Well, it's official. No one's ever going to buy a Nintendo console at launch again. I know I'm probably not.



scotty30717 said:

I bought the 3ds on launch day in the UK which means I got the 20 free ambassador games. I also bought a deluxe Wii U on launch day for around £300. If the price drop does happen worldwide maybe we'll get some more free games.
Anyhow, seems like a bit of a weak move by Nintendo. They finally gave into all of those critics. It'll probably sell systems though.

Trust me, the PS4's price (£350) is just about OK but for a country that's in a recession at the moment are Microsoft really expecting to sell Xbox One's at £430! I believe Microsoft will sell lot's of consoles for the first three weeks to the big fans and then the sales will drop to only thousands and they'll have to act quickly otherwise it'll just be Nintendo and Sony left in the "console war."



Spartacus3765 said:

How interesting. I'm not sure how I feel about today's news. Yeah, it might be for the better in terms of Nintendo's future, but as a Wii U launch adopter, gotta say I feel a little let down. To be fair though, even though the system isn't selling and that the $50 price cut may help some, the system is great. Other than the lack of software for the most part, I have not felt "regretful" of my purchase back in November 2012. If the Zelda Wind Waker bundle for $300 is true, that sounds like an amazing deal. Almost feel Nintendo will knock 50% off the game for an ambassador program or something similar. Not sure how that'll work if I want the physical copy though...

Overall, very strange day for Nintendo.



LordessMeep said:

Well, here's hoping this gives buyers more of an incentive to go with the Wii U. :/

Also, I wonder if the early adopters get some compensation..



FiveDigitLP said:

Dunno if anyone else saw yet, but the digital version of Wind Waker HD will be released on September 20th alongside the bundle...meaning we'll have to wait a full two weeks for the physical copy!



sinalefa said:

Ok, the price drop is there and the games are coming. I hope people start buying now



Flux_you said:

Do we get an ambassador program? Oh well. Market the thing like crazy and you might turn this console into a success. I still don't think I saw a commercial for the Wii u yet.



3Daniel said:

How exactly did they learn from the 3ds' launch when they've repeated it every step of the way?



GN004Nadleeh said:

ok this happens sept 20th, 3 days after GTA V is released with a PS3 500GB hard drive and GTA V at the same price it seems like way too little too late. and what about the 8gb unit? is that also $50 cheaper?



FMillman said:

Not that it affects the UK, we already had the £50 price drop which sent the system up in droves! It is the software we need now.



moomoo said:

I really hope that there's ambassador games, because I really regret buying a Wii U in its first year. Pitiable release lineup as of today.



DrKarl said:

Wha wh what!?!?!?!11!111
This is an outrage. Ambassador chant! Ambassador! Ambassador! Ambassador! Ambassador!



Peach64 said:

I doubt there will be any ambassador thing this time. It's almost a year after launch, and I think that's pretty normal? I seem to remember the PS2 getting a price cut the following September too. The Gamecube got one six months after launch.



Aerona said:

This gen has taught me a valuable lesson: Never buy a system in its first year. I mean unless it releases with Pokémon or Smash Bros. or something--then all bets are off!



FiveDigitLP said:

I, for one, don't regret getting a Wii U and paying the initial price...even if I don't get any sort of "ambassador" compensation.



Dyltheman said:

i know people have already said this but im ready for my ambassador games nintendo.



Peach64 said:

The lesson should be never buy a system unless a game you want is available. I saw so much whining in February from people saying they bought their Wii U for Rayman, only for it to be delayed. Wait til the day you can pick up the console and the games you want, and then you won't feel disappointed if they drop the price in a month or two.



DerpSandwich said:

@BossBattles Wow, chill, dude. No need to be snotty.

I've enjoyed it too, but there haven't been a lot of games. Both the Wii U and the 3DS launched with very few games, then later dropped in price when games finally began to come out. This is encouraging us as consumers to just wait until the games and the price drop. I've had a lot of fun with it, but if I'd waited I could have gotten an awesome Zelda-themed system for even cheaper than I paid.



stupidpupil said:

Cool! Though I snatched up a basic when it was clearing out for $150 last month.

P.S. Where's your update about the holiday release dates and prices, guys?!



Goginho said:

Well, the Wii U is officially on its way to becoming one of the greatest consoles of all time
Let's look at how the 3DS launched. High price, few games ..then months later price cut + more games. Today it's declared in the process of becoming one of the best handhelds of all time if momentum continues (sorry I forgot the source).
I draw a parallel between the 3DS and the Wii U. I'm not sure if I can do the same for the Vita and PS4, since the Sony videogame department are putting all their energy and time into the PS4 (what they clearly haven't done and aren't doing with the Vita) I presume.
And people, leave the 2DS alone. Why all the hate? lol it's meant for a specific audience if you haven't realized, so nobody forces you to purchase it



Royalblues said:

Glad Nintendo realized that they stood no chance here with the other consoles coming out in just a few days unless they dropped the price of their machine. Smart move, Big N.



james_squared said:

I don't care about the price drop. I've received more than $50 of benefit from it over the past 10 months.



jayclayx said:

Nintendo I just hate you, I bought a 3ds at dsy one, I bougth a wii U some months ago, I dont trust this company anymore, no company drops their own consoles price that quick, well its time to sell my wii U and get a ps4, maybe in 3 years the console will worth buying with more games.



banacheck said:

Clearly lessons have been learnt, but hasn't the price for a Nintendo Wii U been low for sometime here in the UK?



NintyMan said:

Did I miss a Nintendo Direct or something?

I'm glad Nintendo decided to do a price drop for this. I for one don't regret getting the Deluxe Wii U at launch, and I hope this really helps in sales.

As for a Wii U Ambassador program, I don't care one way or another. Plenty of people missed out on the 3DS Ambassador program because of not getting the 3DS early and complained about it, and now 3DS Ambassadors who got the Wii U early are doing the complaining. I'm just happy with what I've got and and will be getting later this year.



SphericalCrusher said:

Very smart move! Hoping Nintendo is still making good money from the console, but I'm happy for the price drop — I got one at launch and talked most of my friends into one as well, but now hopefully more people I know will be able to grab one. I think it works better with the $350 bundles also.



Subie98 said:

@Maxobiwan so? Those are old consoles. The wii u is new. I dont agree or disagree that it needs a cut im Switzerland if you will. I think you need a better argument, personally.



Chomposaur said:

Waiting for the ambassador status that i deserve. I spent 2 hours at launch on the 30th of November driving around to several stores looking for the Wii U at 9:00AM with a terrible headache.

It is insulting that i have paid £300 for the Wii U. Barley any games have been released for the system and almost 20 months into the systems life there will be a reason to buy the system in Q1 of 2014. Without a doubt the Wii U is the biggest disappointment in gaming history

** My personal opinion, please do not get upset/angry with the comments i have made regarding the Wii U **



russellohh said:

@Peach64 @Pixel-Perfect Don't all Wii U Deluxe owners already get the 2-year 10% rebate on all deluxe purchases? Even the 30 cent super sale games gave me 3 cents back, plus a fill amount of Club Nintendo points. What more could we want?



ScorpionMG said:

well im glad i got my wii u early, but i do hope now we get some free games like GBA because we got it earlier than the others.
I understand a price cut is needed before ps4 and xbox one is launched, And all the exclusive games (this is going to be great for new wii u owners), but they are just following 3ds steps... Just this time it took a little longer for a price drop...
Well i hope now the job works with a good amount of games until Spring 2014.
I'm just confused about the 2DS, Whats the point of it? ik some people cant afford a 3ds, but it doesnt even fit in your pocket!!



russellohh said:

@FiveDigitLP @BossBattles Agreed. I bought the Deluxe on launch month for $280. Even if I had paid the full $350, what's $50? A nice dinner? Sure, it'll help people who were on the fence about it, but in the 2 hours since the price drop was announced, the average American has already made about $45. I've used my Wii U daily since launch. Even if they dropped the price by $150, I wouldn't regret my purchase in the least.



KnightRider666 said:

I'm assuming the Nintendo Land Black Deluxe bundles are also going to still be around for $299? My buddy works at Wal-Mart, so I'm going to get it for $269. Now that's a price I can live with:) I bet there will even be a better bundle deal on Black Friday. Maybe I will wait until then...



jayclayx said:

@ScorpionMG I dont understand how people can be glad buy this console at day one? I mean did I miss something? because wonderfull 101 and pinkimn 3 just released recently and new super Mario bros really don't make the console worth paying for it.



Whopper744 said:

Nice. I got mine at launch and had to pay extra just like my 3DS. I wonder if I'll at least get a free downloadable game or two this time.



SCAR said:

Ya, if you bought the system ASAP, the price cut doesn't feel as unwarranted, because you've already had plenty of time with a good system.
I play Tekken Tag 2, VC, and Wii games while I wait for the more impressive 8th gen games to come out.



BossBattles said:

@DerpSandwich please share with the group what console ever has tons of games at launch or in its first year. There is nothing about the wii u or 3DS that was "worse" compared to any other console.

Gamers have lost their minds. Ive enjoyed the console for 10 months, why would i wait just to save a measely 50 bucks. I guess most people posting here dont have jobs and have to beg mom for things. Again....sad.



SCAR said:

It has supposedly been killing sales since launch, and now this is the price for the rest on the gen unless there's a major bundle. I'm pretty sure 10 months isn't a big deal in the entire scope of things.



ScorpionMG said:

@jayclayx i didnt get this day one, i just wanted a new console cuz my wii broke
And well, i love it, i go on to miiverse, have new friends, play games like zombiU mario bros, darksiders pikmin and all those little indie games, its fun.



russellohh said:

@jayclayx Depends on age and income level, I guess. If I had saved 3 years worth of allowance for it, I might be a little sad, or if I lived alone. My wife and I play New Super Mario Bros constantly, and Luigi's Mansion NintendoLand is the ultimate party game. My best friend and I play Call of Duty on it 3-4 times a week- it makes the PS3 and 360 version look like antique garbage. At $270 for the Deluxe version, last November, it didn't even cost 2 days pay, for a system I play everyday. Throw in Tekken Wii U (my favorite Tekken so far), and by far the best version of Mass Effect 3 (I own it on every system) and I am very glad I got the Wii U at launch.



XFsWorld said:

So you guys still complain when it finally gets a price cut?!
Oh wait, Nintendo, WTF!, you should have annouced this yet! Wii U will barely sell now until 9/20.



SCAR said:

Most people probably don't even know there's a price cut, anyway, unless they're like us and look on the internet about video games, daily.



JadedGamer said:

If we dont get an ambassador program, Nintendo should give people that bought a deluxe day one like me! a 50$ e shop credit...I love my wiiu but I hate feeling shafted



Ryno said:

I have got my $50 worth since launch. Xenoblade Chronicles through HDMI with surround sound vs. playing it on the Wii was worth it alone.



Prof_Elvin_Gadd said:

It's good news, but us early adopters should be compensated somehow. I can't complain directly to Nintendo, however, because of future interests. Someone else do it for me, please



Flashman said:

@scotty30717 I have to disagree with you about the Xbox One price. £429 includes the Console, Kinect & Fifa 14. The PS4 is £349 if you then include FIFA 14 alone and your suddenly up to £391 (going off prices from Amazon). Throw in the Playstation Eye (£54.99) and your up to £445.99. Suddenly the difference between the two don't look so great for Sony.

I wouldn't get two carried away with thoughts that it will become a two horse race between Nintendo and Sony any time soon.



jayclayx said:

@russellohh well, I dont mind that 50 dlls I paid last year, but you cannot trust a company like Nintendo said last week the wii U des not need any price cut and suddenly it comes, I dont mind paying that 50 dlls last year but I do mind a little compromise from Nintendo to do the things right, I paid my 3ds before the price cut and it seems like in the future it will be the standard on nintendo consoles, you cant cut prices that fast and pretend to think everything will be just fine. Interesting to know you playing mass effect 3 and call of duty on the wii U instead on a 360 with better online and some dlc for free. Most of the eraly adopters of the wii U will feel same like me, and unless the company at least make some apologize to us I will be done with the company at least for the next 3 years.



DerpSandwich said:

@BossBattles One more time I'm going to have to ask you to be respectful or I'm going to report you to a moderator. We're all adults here, and being condescending is not necessary.

As for your question, the N64 launched with Super Mario 64, which was worth the price of the console alone. It was a revolution in 3D gameplay, something no one had ever seen before.

The Gamecube launched with Luigi's Mansion and saw Smash Bros. and Pikmin in the few months following. All three were some of the system's strongest games, and they all came before the year's end.

The Wii launched with a brand new Zelda game, which was significant enough to make the system worth it by itself. It also launched with Wii Sports, which was revolutionary at the time.

The Wii U launched with a 2D Mario game which was almost identical to the other three 2D Mario games we'd received in the last few years. It also launched with Nintendo Land and ZombiU, which were good, but nothing to run out and buy a system over. The next major first party release was Pikmin, which came nearly a year later.

So yes, the Wii U launch has most definitely been worse than other console launches. I was never disappointed in any of those systems, but I'm disappointed now.



LetsGoRetro said:

is the only difference on the Zelda themed system the gold trim on the bottom of the gamepad? Nothing on the system itself?



ricklongo said:

I have a sneaky feeling I know which console is gonna be the retail winner this Christmas season.



Captain_Toad said:

Woah. Back then Nintendo was like "We are doing you guys a favor pricing the WiiU DX model at $350, we are already losing money as is with is offer so just call it an really pricy gift from us." Now that Nintendo is pricing this $50 off. This seems from a business standpoint aren't they like goin...... Heh, Who am i kidding. I'm so getting this at Christmas. This price cut definately helped for me so i can beg my mom for the DX version. Good Job, Nintendo.
@Early_WiiU_Adopters I'm guessing that the 30th Famicom Anivassary $.30 sales thing didn't count as an ambassador program then....



Play-Doh_25 said:

The price cut is definitely going to help boost sales. Before, cutting the price didnt matter because their werent many games to play anyway. But now with the other companies launching their new consoles, this price cut will make people more interrested in the Wii U.



element187 said:

@Zach777 So you think Nintendo should have announced back in July it would get a price cut in September? That sounds like a dumb business move... Thankfully you aren't CEO of any company because you would be running it into the ground.



steamhare said:

An ambassador program will at least keep sales from hitting zero for the next 3 weeks. Just saying.



datamonkey said:

1) We better get an ambassador program (seeing as there have been ZERO benefits to buying early - i.e games)
2) I'm never buying a Nintendo launch console again.



childofacid said:

Price drops and better deals lead to better sales, which leads to more customers, which in turns leads to more developers creating content for your system. You all benefit from this.



russellohh said:

@jayclayx Nintendo has done price cuts fairly quickly for as long as I can remember. I got my N64 brand new for $99, and my SNES was $79... down from maybe $200 when each launched? My 3DS was bought on launch day for $201, and my Wii U Deluxe, $270 on launch. I'm honestly not that aware of console launch prices, because to me it barely matters. Skyrim comes out at $60, bought it for $35 that month. Fallout New Vegas launched for $60, bought it for $30 two months later. Heavy Rain, Bayonetta, and Oblivion I picked up for $15 each within a year of launch. Even if systems might not historically follow the exact same pattern, of course things go down over time. IT's been nearly a year since the Wii U's launch. A 20% price drop is expected, and such a small amount of money it doesn't matter.



Subie98 said:

@jayclayx I acually prefer playing blops 2 on wii u. I will feel the same with splinter cell and cod ghosts. I didnt mind some games online with wii either. I think people make a bigger deal out of it than it really is.



Dark_Link said:

I always planned on getting the Wii U regardless if it got a pricecut or not. So this is good news for me. However, why announce it for a date a month later. Why would anyone buy the system now when they know it will be cheaper in September. Just do it now and move on. Hopefully Nintendo compensates the early Wii U orders with e-shop credit or free games.



russellohh said:

@BossBattles Agreed. In the three hours this has been going on, most people have already made 60-70 bucks. Waiting 10 months to save $50? Why bother?



Dreamcaster-X said:

NOBODY had a gun to any of these peoples heads forcing them to buy the Wii U at launch. Price drops happen after consoles come out, IT ISN'T ROCKET SCIENCE internet crybabies!!



datamonkey said:

@russellohh - Er... What games are you talking about? I have 2 - NSMB and Nintendo Land, both of which I had at launch months ago. There have been hardly any releases all year, especially those that I'm interested in.

It's not good enough. Iwata himself has said it's not good enough.



AyeHaley said:

I am never ever buying anything at launch again. I made this mistake so many times. Thanks Nintendo...



datamonkey said:

@Dreamcaster-X - Yes price drops do happen after launch but not usually 6 months (3DS) or 9 months (Wii U) after launch.

It usually happens years after launch to boost sales, not months after to save the damn console. In the case of 3DS and now Wii U sales have been so poor Nintendo have been forced to cut prices much earlier than they would have anticipated/liked.

You're right this isn't rocket science and please don't label people. We all have our right to feel however we do.



AVahne said:

Any chance us Deluxe owners will get some kind of compensation? free retail game of our choice?



banacheck said:

Yes i'm sorry your right, people being upset with the price drop is a natural response. But as its coming towards Xmas this is the best time to do it, and thankfully Nintendo is keeping there software prices down instead of it going up like EA for example.



element187 said:

Do you realize how stupid you "FANS" sound?

Previously the immature internet fanboys were screaming "Nintendo, help, Wii U is too expensive, PS4 is only $50 more without a game..> DO SOMETHING"

Nintendo does something...


Yes you do sound that stupid.



rjejr said:

aaarrrgggghhh!! - That's about all I can write that TBD won't delete. Well at least I think that won't get deleted.

Bought mine about 2 1/2 weeks ago for Pikmin 3 and tomorrows PRU. Knew this was coming, but I did it anyway b/c TW said it wasn't (jk TW)

I'm not mad at Nintendo, the system really needed this, just a little annoyed at myself for not waiting. Anybody who thought they wouldn't cut the price in lieu of a $399 PS4 wasn't thinking clearly. Though the $50 Target GC makes this the same price, and the WW HD bundle isn't as appealing to me as Nintendo Land (well the multiplayer parts, single player is worse than the Mii hunting.)

So, price drop, Zelda bundle, and some insanity about a 2D 3DS (2DS?). Nintnedo released a compeltley useless NDirect about a month ago but for all of this news they don't have one? Completely backwards. ND should be about news, those trailers should just be released on Youtube. It's all madness.

Madness I say.



AVahne said:

Also, if they're finally cutting out the 8 GB model and also offering White in 32 GB, this would be great. $100 less than the PS4 would be more than good enough value since it comes with a free game and a feature-packed controller. Wii U just needs more games now.



datamonkey said:

@rjejr - I agree, it's completely crazy!

Where was the Nintendo Direct for this news? I mean Gamescom was last week, this would have taken some limelight off of Sony/MS for sure!



AlternateButtons said:

Fine by me. An extra 50 dollars spent is no big deal. I don't feel betrayed or anything. (Though I wouldnt mind a compensation) The Zelda Wii U bundle I'm a touch jealous of but, it's still no great loss.

I just hope this will help Nintendo sell some units.



BossBattles said:

I enjoyed NSMBU, Nintendoland and Zombi U more than i ever enjoyed those games mentioned from other console launches, save zelda, but i played that on gamecube anyways.

Opinions: Yay.



rjejr said:

@ThomasBW84 - "The Basic isn't mentioned once, so I believe (not confirmed) that it may be phased out."

It's been phased out in reality in America for months now. Nobody carries it or even had a shelf space w/ the $299 sticker. You can still find some pictures of it but can't buy a new one (well maybe eBay but I don't consider that to be retail.) Plus this site covered the Japanese 8GB recall in June and the rumoured Gamestop recall notices around that time.

The 8GB Wii U is the Chuck Cunnigham of video game consoles.



Darknyht said:

Makes me a little sad for not holding out longer on switching. I would have preferred Zelda over Nintendo Land, and $50 would have paid for the Pro Controller.



Emblem said:

Ambassador program really? Day 1 buyer here and imo its unnecessary. If the price cut was significant then maybe but not for $50 10 months after release. Anyone who shopped around could have got it at that price anyway. If they end up giving away free stuff i'll take it but i'm not going to beg or moan for a handout i personally feel is unjustified. Just my opinion.



6ch6ris6 said:

funny thing is no one will really notice this because everybody is disgusted by that 2DS-thing



Dreamcaster-X said:

@Emblem EXACTLY!!! There have been sales and bundles which brought the cost down to $299 but it's the internet & people wanna be compensated for every little travesty in their lives. It's quite sad actually, especially over $50!!!



Ralizah said:

Good. It shows Nintendo is serious about pushing the Wii U. Hopefully a price cut and some sweet Q4 software will improve sales around the holiday season.



theblackdragon said:

Hey guys, knock it off with the personal jabs at one another, please. You all know who you are, and for the record, the person complaining about the original comment that set all this off did not in fact report the comment in question. all of you, please butt out of each other's business and get back to discussing the article at hand. Thanks in advance!



JadedGamer said:

@russellowell Yeah Ive received 15 dollars using the digital rewards program.But tgats after spending about 150$ on e games that for the most part wear out their welcome after a week or 2. Im hesitant to but retail games on the eshop because I cant do a system transfer plus they cant be traded in.I dont like feeling stuck with bad investments like most of my eshop purchases.The .30 famicon program was weak with only 2 games worth the trouble punch out and metroid2. i hate to sound ungrateful but I preordered this system and the only way the pricedrop wouldnt sting so much was if they offered a retai game like WW as compensation.I mean its about to be bundled .So why not reward the loyal fans that stood by your side through the drought



Spartacus3765 said:

Yeah, I wouldn't get too serious on counting on a similar "ambassador" program, people. Would it be nice? Of course. Will it happen? Who knows. But to get upset over it, I don't quite think it's well warranted. I mean, if anything, I'm advertising to other friends of mine what great deal they can get considering the base price of Wind Waker HD of $49.99 (physical) and how $350 was the original Wii U Deluxe price. If you've never played Wind Waker, are interested in the title, and have have the funds - that's a match made in heaven IMO.



GiftedGimp said:

At Almost a year after launch there is no need for 'compensation' due to the price cut. except to feed peoples greed. Most tech geta a price reduction at almost a year after it originally launched. 3DS's price cut was a much bigger % and was done not that long after the system launch so it was justifyable for people to complain, this time round its not justifyable.
Nintendo has done the right thing, with big releases coming out recently and soon putting a full $100 buffer between the WiiU and Ps4, and $200 to the XB1will certainly make it look more attractive to potential consumers.



Pachterkid said:

Well this certainly won't hurt matters, but it won't completely change the fortune of the system either. The little issue of total lack of third party support is not solved by dropping the price by $50.



pizzapaper said:

To all the people complaining about no ambassador program -
Do you remember that Nintendo basically GAVE us 7-8 quality VC games earlier this year? Thirty cents each, or about $2.00 for the whole lot. BOOM! Enjoy your ambassador program!



Mommar said:

Well, we're still at the mercy of third parties ignoring the WiiU (like they have been) but as an early adopter if Nintendo can get more systems/games out and provide longevity to my console's lifetime then that's benefit enough. I thought $350 at release was worth it then, suddenly ten months after the fact a price reduction changes my decision?



FX29 said:

I was going to purchase a Wii U regardless, but the price drop makes it even more appealing.



citizenerased said:

Early adopters: your benefit is playing games early. That's all you're paying extra for. You knew what you got when you picked it up, and you knew how much you paid for it. You decided it was a good deal. Yeah, there's been some game delays, but that's nothing new in the games biz. Lesson learned for next time? Don't buy a console until there's enough titles to purchase it for.



Maxobiwan said:

@Subie98 So let's create a [new console] with more or less the same hardware of the Atari 2600 and make it cost ~300$

A WiiU is very expensive and barely do the same as others consoles. that's why it shouldn't cost the double



dizzy_boy said:

Wanted for wiiu ambassadors program, N64 and Game Cube games that nobody else will ever get.



baconcow said:

@ferthepoet The basic model is worthless, though. 8 GB isn't even enough for some retail games. The price cut + sales will help more than not.



Alshain01 said:

@pizzapaper Some people bought it after that promotion but still at the full price. I got mine just in time for Yoshi and Donkey Kong, so yeah.. nothing quality there.



datamonkey said:

@Dreamcaster-X - just FYI I said "usually 6 months (3DS) or 9 months (Wii U) after launch." so please read my posts.

I never said anyone forced me to buy it. That was totally NOT what I was saying.

My point is that Nintendo have failed hard with Wii U and I will not be buying a console at launch again after the 3DS/Wii U. That was all...



Dogpigfish said:

Good system at a good price. You are paying for system life. If you wait you basically lost a year while the rest of us had fun. Premium entertainment comes at a price. If you want to wait a whole year to save $50, well that's up to you. If you want to wait until a movie comes out on video, that's fine. If you want to go out and buy skylanders spyros adventure now that it's a bargain, more power to you.



Unit_DTH said:

@russellohh I'm right there with you. No regrets at all of my purchase last November. I'm glad they dropped the price, but now we have another crowd of complainers cropping up that are whining about wanting something for free since they bought it early... Really?! Some people just can't be satisfied. I truly enjoy my Wii U and haven't even touched my 360/PS3 since I got my Wii U! I hope that it drives sales through the roof and makes all the 3rd party nay-sayers come crawling back and begging to bring there games to the Wii U! We are gonna see some Flip-Flopping devs IF this price drop boosts sales(which it may not, only time will tell). Which I'm perfectly fine with. If this turn around happens then we, as the ambassadors will have braved the storm and gotten equal treatment for our console choice, as we deserved from the start! I don't need a bunch of GBA games that I have no desire to go back and play to justify my purchase of the console on launch, I am enjoying it without all that.



Unit_DTH said:

@Pachterkid Actually it could. If the price drop makes sales go up drastically then the 3rd parties could come right back to the system and port their games to make some "quick cash".



russellohh said:

@Unit_DTH Amen! I've used my PS3 to finish Blood Dragon and Borderland 2, but the Xbox hasn't seen action in a year. Maybe once, to download the free Gold game of the month. Although, the free GBA games were nice. It was the first Fire Emblem I had played, starting a 2 year, 5-game obsession. My 10% discount on digital content has paid for more than one game already!



Unit_DTH said:

@russellohh I've just recently checked my 10% discount and had 4 $5 codes waiting for me, with which I bought 4 games/apps and have some still left over... I'm satisfied! Also, I'm not about to pay for an XBL Gold membership just to watch Netflix and be able to chat with people on certain games, when I already pay for my internet, pay for my Netflix and multiple other things. I like that Nintendo Network is free and that is where I will be staying for the time being! I shouldn't have to pay multiple times to use the internet that I already pay to use, that's just convoluted!



purpleibby said:

Geez, give nintendo a break...they're listening and trying....they do what folks ask and you kick em' in the sack, no matter what they do you whine.....I bought the deluxe at full price and I don't feel burned and no one should....just the nature of retail markets. I've loved my Wiiu since I bought it. This move by ninty will help us all, and is a great move....anything that increases the sales numbers increases support for the console...u butt-hurt fairweather fans spreading negative stuff on the web are doing just as much to hurt the console than, pachter or flaky third party support. Give em' a break!!!



Unit_DTH said:

@russellohh I got Spin the Bottle: BP, Art Academy: SP, and something else that I can't remember off the top of my head, so I'm set for a while... at least til W101, which I have payed in full and am just awaiting release! What's your NNID? I'll add you to my Friend List on my Wii U.



fortius54 said:

Just my luck. I bought the Wii U 2 weeks ago. Oh well, I'm having fun with it. I guess that is just the way the old ball bounces. If we get a little extra as far as games go, I'll take it. If we don't I'll be okay. I'm not done playing through what I have.



element187 said:

@Mommar 3rd parties will come when Nintendo sell some systems.

it was pretty telling to watch publisher after publisher say they aren't putting their game on the system.... it had nothign to do with power or performance, it was strictly a business decision.

Now the ball is in Nintendo's court. If they want 3rd partys to come along, they need to do what is necessary to sell systems... price cut plus a slew of exceptional 1st party exclusives is the way to go.

The Wii U will be the best value this holiday shopping season... it it will by far have the most exclusives (15 I believe), will be by far the cheapest, has a free game included.

THe only people who will still buy an xBone or PS4 over the Wii U this holiday is people who want to play dudebro games and ahve their heart set on one or the other, but the vast majority will be parents looking to buy little johnny a games console, and being the cheapest + a free game will sell consoles.. especially the console with the largest library by far.



russellohh said:

@Unit_DTH Oh, mine is Russellohh. Its my steam/origin/NintendoLife/Nintendo thingy. I thought you meant the numbers thingy like with the 3DS.

On a related note, while trying to watch Dandanronpa on Hulu today, (and refusing to ask for help) I searched for: "Dank ropes", "danke schoen", "donkey waffles", "Danged ropes", and my personal favorite, "Dungaroo roofies".



Unit_DTH said:

@russellohh Lol... Gotta love some Dungaroo Roofies! And I would hope your not some savant that always remembers their 2000 digit 3DS friend code... man I can't wait til they unify accounts for their systems!



fortius54 said:

@Unit_DTH hey thanks. I was wondering where e registration for that was. I had already bought a couple of things on eShop so I am a little closer to $5. I have not messed with the friends request, yet, but I will definitely get on that. Thanks again!



Rafie said:

@SCAR392 While this news is great, especially for those who don't have a Wii U yet...I think it can also be bad in a way. Nintendo cutting a price 10 months within their launch year may be looked at as weak. I'm not personally saying that. I think it's a smart move for Nintendo. I'm just worried others won't share my sentiments.

I'm also waiting for more impressive next gen games to hit the market. More specifically MK8, Smash, and Monolith. I'll still be purchasing all the games in between though.



Mommar said:

Hardly. Last gen the Wii outsold the other two by HUGE margins and 3rd parties still didn't try very hard or kept away. The WiiU is decently powerful but not a PS4 or XBone. I don't see why they would come calling this time when they avoided Nintendo last gen despite how many households they were in.



donnySwanny said:

I bought my Wii U last week since Pikmin 3 came out, there were already a few more games I wanted, there's plenty more coming soon, and the big N said NO PRICE CUT!!!!


I'll take solice in my SMBU, ZombiU, and Sonic Racers Transformed were all used and I actually liked NintendoLand, and my kids love it.

Pikmin 3 is awesome.

I've been reading this site and its threads for years, first time poster!



fortius54 said:

I guess you can call me a Nintendo Nut or too much of a family man, but I just like the Nintendo games. I like the family aspect of it. I have two kids, 8 and 5. I feel safe, with the exception of Bayonetta 2, that my kids can play most Nintendo games. The first party stuff is all top notch family friendly, and a lot of the third party games, Infinity and Sonic Lost World, also fit in that category. I'm happy with the Wii U despite its rather light list of games, and I still have Wii games to get through. I can do this all with one system.

I do have a PS3, and there are games I enjoy on it, but in the end, there just isn't a lot of innovation from one game to the next. There first party stuff is good for the most part, but again, its not overly innovative. Most of the third party stuff plays predominately the same, first person or third person. Again, I like a lot of their games, but I prefer Nintendo. I guess I'll just always be a Fan Boy.



Mario-Man-Child said:

Well $50 might be enough for America but Europe should get a £100 cut and that's pounds not euro.
$300 = 225euro
In my local argos and Gamestop Wii U premium is 380euro



Icefreak45 said:

Very smart move Nintendo. This makes picking up a Wii U this Christmas a no brainer anymore and I'm sure that will apply to plenty of people as well come the holiday season. Hopefully this is the start of something great for the Wii U and people can stop bashing it.



fortius54 said:

@Icefreak45 You are exactly right. For the mom and dad, Nintendo has the name recognition, and now, they will have a more affordable system than the perceived competition. Nintendo really needs to market hard to these parents. They do not need to count on the game stores to push their product. They need National Advertising beginning in late September, and they need to run it through Christmas just like they did the old "Now, Your Playing with Power" ads when I was a kid.



nik1470 said:

lets hope it makes a difference the WiiU is a great console i want to see it succeed!



SCAR said:

They're still selling the console at a loss, though. This holiday seems to be the "REAL" system launch. Honestly, I saw this sort of thing coming since the Wii U launch(besides the price cut), so I'm not surprised.
At least they're not cutting the price as much as Sony did with the PS3. Whether people like to believe it or not, all the 8th gen consoles have a fair chance based on what's being offered. It just depends on whether you can see that value or not.



aaronsullivan said:

@nik1470 Agreed

All in all this is a solid line up of offerings.
2DS + Pokemon X & Y is about getting the lowest price entry point for kids to help persuade their parents to upgrade.
$300 + Zelda is a good combination for the Wii U as well. Solid game to start with $100-$200 less than the others.
Wii Play U to get an extra Wii Remote with motion plus.
Solid line up of games coming every month for awhile on Wii U.

Interested in the fate of Nintendo Land as I think every Wii U owner that has a buddy or two to play with on the couch should own.



aaronsullivan said:

Looking back, I'm glad I bought it at launch. Nintendo Land really delivered something fresh and new and awesome for our family and there was Sonic Racing and Lego City and NSMBU and some good eShop games. Then, we did have a lull where we played through all the Metroid Prime games, but other than that we've been occupied constantly with Wii U games and now we can't possibly keep up.

I guess Pikmin 3 being rather short sort of helps(?) that situation. lol.



Zombie_Barioth said:

Exactly, this is something that those complaining "its only $50 less" don't seems to understand. Its not about the amount, its about how the price tag looks in relation to the product.

Its why prices are set a penny lower and resturant menus don't use dollar signs, its all psychology. $299.99 looks better than $399.99 anyway you slice it, especially with games and other goodies thrown in.

Spending less than the next guy doesn't make you worst as a person, it simply means you know the value of money and whats important to you. Not everyone cares about having top of the line hardware or the latest console. Those who don't care about having the latest things right here, right now are rewarded for their patience by better value, and those who do get to enjoy it sooner.



MeWario said:

Big news! I think this is smart by Nintendo and it positions the Wii-U well for the Christmas holidays. As an early adapter, it stings a little bit.



Kirk said:

If Nintendo is going with a digital version of the game included in this new cheaper Deluxe Set then I think they should actually offer a version where the game isn't predetermined and the consumer actually gets to pick whatever game they want to download for free with their system.

If there's some kind of reason it would be difficult to let people choose third party games then I think Nintendo should at least do this with all their first party games.

Imagine if when you bought your Deluxe Wii U for $300 you got to choose from any and all of the first party titles as your free download [bundle] game...

Now that would be cool.



Tasuki said:

I hate to say this but this is starting to look like the end of Nintendo. Their last two console getting price cuts even before they are a year old? Can't be good.



AVahne said:

So many people wanting an Ambassador Program for Wii U. Personally, I'd also like free games, but I wouldn't expect one, hope for one, or demand one from Nintendo. Nintendo has NO obligation to give us free games on Wii U; heck they had no obligation to do so on 3DS. They only did it the first time because they believed it would help appease angry fans. Now let's compare 3DS and Wii U: 3DS received a $80 price drop, while Wii U received a $50 drop. 3DS came pre-installed with a bunch of AR mini games, Wii U Deluxe came packaged with an actual collection of "fleshed out" mini games. Wii U Deluxe also came with the Digital Deluxe Promotion, which offered discounts on digital purchases once enough digital purchases are made and will likely NOT be included in all future Wii U Deluxes. It's just a promotion after all. Also, early adopters were allowed to buy a bunch of Virtual Console games on Wii U for just 30 cents each.
Yes, an Ambassador Program would be really nice, but judging by what Wii U Deluxe already offered, I would not be surprised if Nintendo decided not to have one for it.



Maxobiwan said:

@Subie98 A lot more indeed... framerate issues !?
I would suggest :
Same graphics / Same content (sadly no coop in Splinter Cell) = Same price

@Falco I agree that 1€ =/= 1$ but prices in america are shown tax-free so if you buy a 350$ WiiU in New york, you'll pay 350$ + 8,25% = ~380$ <=> 280€. Yes it's unfair price, but less than in Nevada where there is no taxes



Darkness3131 said:

Hate to bring this up but the first thing I thought of was Microsoft said they couldn't change the system and then they did. Now Nintendo gives a price cut after they kept saying "NEVER!!!!" . Don't get me wrong I think this will be good but just thought that was a weird connection.



Relias said:

Becomes stuck up like PS3 fans.. Nonsense it is worth the 350.00 it is going for here.. stupid people why are you not buying this amazing system?? LOL.. I was so sick of hearing that.. this is almost a year later.. and good timing in general.. the Wii U needed this earlier I guess.. but it is good now...right around the time of W101 Launch in North America.. perfect.. it should do okay..



thanos316 said:

about damn time. now imma grab a wii u. i was waiting for this price cut and now here it is. ninty this is a good move on your part. the ps4 is a threat and maybe the xbone. but consumers may look at this price and purchase a wii u. good job, and about time



Subie98 said:

@Maxobiwan you obviously didnt read someomes post in that topic of splinter cell, explaining why. It wasnt optimised for wii u. You're still wrong. Thats why Nintendo can get 60fps. If others optimised we wouldnt be having this chat between us.



GearsOfWarU said:

Ok with all the great games coming over the next 3 months and a list price of $299.99 The Wii U should start flying off the shelves ... Thats -$200 less than Xbox One & -$100 less than PS4 (no game or camera or special controler) !!!!! It's Time to Support Nintendo People... and Hopefully us early adopters get a $20 eShop credit or something



PikminWorld said:

Hopefully this will help move more units for the Wii U! And hopefully after that and more first-party titles pop up, things will look better in the future!



scrubbyscum999 said:

Lol, just lol. After all that talk they cut the price anyway. Don't get me wrong, it's a good idea, still funny though.



KoopaPower said:

This should help the Wii U sell, the only problem is the memory Is it still only gonna be SD cards? Will Nintendo use hardrives this generation? I plan on getting a Lot of games both downloadable and discs & i feel the memory is way too small hope they start making some type of memory add on or somethin



KoopaPower said:

This should help the Wii U sell the only problem is the memory Is it still only gonna he SD cards will Nintendo ever use hardrives I plan on getting A lot of games both downloadable and discs & i feel the memory is way too small



GreatPlayer said:

i feel that zelda is more popular than Nintendo land. plus together with a price cut the console appears much cheaper.



SCAR said:

I can't believe you think that. By that logic, PS3 would have spelt the end to Sony. They still do far worse than Nintendo, and no one ever says a word...
1 year of loss vs. a collective 4-5 against Sony. Sony is technically an entire generation behind financially. Instead of making proper use of their building, they sold it cheap to stay afloat.
$50 isn't a big deal in one year. PS4 probably is being sold for $100 less than it should be, even at $400.



SCAR said:

Anyone that thinks Nintendo has dug a hole to get out of, you seriously need to think where each companies stance is, because Nintendo is literally doing better as a business, even with less money.

Sony hasn't made much of anything in since PS3 launch. Vita gets a price cut, and Nintendo announces the 2DS; an entirely different model of their current handled without negating the other.

Who do you think is doing better as a company?
Answer = Nintendo = fact



Polaris said:

Well I am now happy and want to buy a Wii U again. But that I can't put it in my pocket and it looks funky. I didn't care for the 3D anyway so I would have bought it if it weren't for the way the model looks. So what happens with the old 8gb Wii U then? Guess I'll be shopping outside of gamestop to nab one for cheap.



Mario-Man-Child said:

I think people who are now up in arms demanding free games because of the price cut can whistle. I don't think Nintendo will give free games and I hope they don't. These are the same people who didn't want a price cut, now they are sick. There is a name for these people and it is "selfish".



JuanitoShet said:

About as unexpected as the 2DS itself. I thought Nintendo was fully determined to sticking with the Wii U's price.

But hey, if it gets the Wii U out of the rut that it's been in since post-launch, I'm all for it.



Zombie_Barioth said:

I doubt that Sony is taking that big a hit on hardware. Not just because they simply can't afford to, but the PS4 is using a custom Jaguar APU which is designed for entry-level laptops and tablets and competing with Intel's atom. A PC built with AMD's latest desktop APU would still fall under the $400 mark using commercial parts. Sony on the other hand won't be paying commercial prices for much of anything, meaning they can do more with the same amount.

Also, who made what when doesn't matter. Both companys' handhelds have or will receive price-cuts, as is the Wii U. Nintendo is also well known for revising their handhelds and Sony isn't too far behind with that either. That doesn't make either better as a company.



Retrowire said:

Ambassador Program? Heck, just give us the same ambassador games the 3DS early adopters got, but on the Wii U. Wii U will be getting GBA games on VC eventually anyways.



RollingFishays said:

Thank you nintendo~
I'll have to see how busy I get with college stuff, but this definitely makes it a bit more enticing.

Also, all whining from people who already bought one seems a bit unjustified. If you're an early adopter you should expect price cuts and console/stability upgrades and be prepared to deal with any potential problems. That's not just nintendo-think, that's basically everything.



SCAR said:

Ya it does. Nintendo hasn't lost nearly as much money as Sony. I'm 100% sure that implies Nintendo is making better business decisions.
Same thing with the PS2 BC and Other OS on PS3. They technically could have programmed the PS3 slim to run PS2 games and ran Other OS just the same, but they just threw the whole PS2 in there instead.
Just by dedicating more time to PS2 BC programming, they could have sold the PS3 at $500 since it would be emulation at that point without as much waste of materials contributing to the lower cost.

The only reason why I bring up Sony at all, is because people tend to ignore the bigger picture. Even Microsoft has lost alot of money, but that's because of the transition from laptops to tablets and changes with PC as a whole.



SCAR said:

To be fair, I think Sony didn't really know as much as they thought they did when it came to the PS3. That is not an insult at all, BTW.



3Daniel said:

the only thing that irks me about the price cut is the AWESOME Zelda bundle. i'd gladly take paying the full price for wwhd digitally early on sept 20th and i'd like the FREE digital hyrule hystoria as an ambassador incentive and i'd be happy.

Also, for everyone saying not to gripe for being an early adopter, just know we were the ones who truly believed in Nintendo and its latest machine. I purchased early because Nintendo stated they learned from the 3ds launch and wouldn't make the same mistake only to do the EXACT same thing with a long gaming drought with sporadic overpriced ports and denials of a price drop only to then drop the price. anyone who purchased a wii u yesterday should be PO'd. I'm not angry but I will forever hold off on purchasing ANY new Nintendo consoles in the next generation of their machines.



gohanrage said:

I want Nintendo to take all those white 8GB consoles back to the Factory. Install 32GB Flash and then Re-box them as Deluxe Models. If white was available in Deluxe I would of Bought it since Black is a Finger Print Magnet. I bought a Wii U Pro controller to find out if white was a finger print magnet its not



Senario said:

@DrKarl No the fact that you didn't say these words is an outrage. I shall say them for you.

"Tingle Tingle Koloo-Limpah!"

All is right with the world.



Zombie_Barioth said:

They did that with later phat models before phasing it out altogether, from what i hear it didn't work as well anyway.

Its funny how you claim Nintendo makes better business decisions than Sony because Sony has lost so much money despite most of Sony's problems being with its other divisions, and yet give Microsoft the benefit of the doubt for the exact same reason. Their gaming division has actually been their most profitable so what your claiming isn't the case.

Nintendo doesn't loose as much if any money for two reasons. First of all they're a games only company so thats the only thing they put money into. Second, they make profiting off hardware a priority where as everyone else takes a loss until they eventually reach profitability over time. Sony has made profit off the PS3 but profiting off hardware isn't as much of a priority for them.

Nintendo simply doesn't do business the same way as everyone else, but that doesn't make them better or worse than anyone else for it. They just march to a different drum.



SCAR said:

That's more understandable, I suppose, but that's exactly why I question why anyone doubts Nintendo.
They usually do fairly well. Even GCN made profit, but it didn't look successful in the overall scope.

If there's another gen after this(I'm doubting another next gen altogether), I'm fairly certain Sony won't have a PS5 ready. Unless PS4 is number 1 like PS1 or 2 in comparison to other consoles, I don't see them absorbing anymore bullets like they have with the PS3 and their handhelds.
Nintendo may have made just as many mistakes as Sony, but they never took as much as a loss as Sony has with the PS3 alone in their entire history. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Every company messes up. I realize that, but Nintendo usually gets hit the hardest from my perspective, regardless of how well they're doing.

I honestly think Sony would fair better as a business if they focused on audio devices. Their first branded device was a transistor radio, and I know plenty of people outside of gaming see Sony as a music company first and foremost, because of the Walkman and stereo systems.



MitchVogel said:

I'm glad to see this, maybe the Wii U will start doing well now. While it would be nice if there were another ambassador program, I wouldn't hold my breath. 50$ is hardly enough to justify something like that.



Zombie_Barioth said:

I think part least part of the reason Nintendo catches so much flack is that their not as big as they used to be so its just the cool thing to mock them. People just seem to think hating on things makes you look cooler, like your above it all.

The GC did perfectly fine its just that the PS2 eclipsed the competition last gen, so it doesn't look as successful in comparison. I think thats also part of the problem, its the way a lot of people gauge success. If it doesn't blow the competition out of the water or isn't the talk of the town its deemed a failure in the eyes of many. Its the same problem the games themselves are facing.

I don't see console going away as long as theres a market for them, so I doubt anyone will stop making them if they can help it. I just think how we define consoles will change. The PS3's pricing problem was mainly due to blu-ray, the PS2 parts didn't help either but stand-alone players were at least $1,000 at the time. They took a hit but also played a big role in making blu-ray successful too.

Sony has been known for making solid hardware across the board, and they still do. They just fell behind a bit but there are still plenty of people who'll swear by them. I don't think suddenly trying to specialize is a good idea, not when your competition are companies like Apple.



Henmii said:

Finally!! Sure Europe will follow, the only problem is that the prices in Europe are free (wich is totally wrong)! I was on the brink of buying a Wii u, but I guess I better wait a little longer!!



banacheck said:

What people don't realize Sony has partners which thay invest with,these partners also invest money meaning all the cost doesn't come from Sony alone. thay also do more apart from hardware, movies, music, mobiles, laptops all sorts. And people really think Nintendo is worth more than Sony, thats laughable in its self. I don't think Sony is going anywhere anytime soon, and i also think consoles are not going anywhere, theres just to much money to be made for that.



Henmii said:

Update: I wait for the price-cut, since the deal that would save me 50 Euro (Wii u premium+Nintendoland+New super mario bros u) seems to be wrong!



Maxobiwan said:

@Subie98 Whould you really want to pay twice the price for a console where games are mostly 1 years old other console ports, not opimised at all, with features cut (and very low memory storage) ???

Games optimisation is a problem, price is an other... Mixed together, it's a very bad problem.
But even if every features / optimisation problem is fixed, it remains an expensive console.



Araknie said:

I've seen a pretty responsive audience to this price-cut on sites like Eurogamer, so maybe really people was waiting for a bundle and a price-cut to be welcomed again on the Nintendo train.

Good to hear that.



rjejr said:

For those looking for some type of ambassador early adopter gift from Nintendo - here' show Nintendo can spin you out of it - this isn't a price cut, there was a $299 Wii U (the Basic) which disappeared in America, so if you wanted to buy a Wii U for $299 you could have before, and now you can again, the only difference is what is included in the $299 package.

So it's not actaully a price drop, it's a price continuation. (I've read nearly 1,000 comments on the topic and I don't recall a single person mentioning this before.)

I am kind of bummed I didn't wait for the Zelda bundle though, that Gamepad artwork looks nice, and it's only 3 weeks away (an dI just bough tmy Wii U 2 1/2 weeks ago for Pikmin 3, which I was waiting for a bundle for). Not too excited for WW HD though which is why I dind't bother waiting. They could release the game early on Wii U as a token.



Subie98 said:

@Maxobiwan I personally love the wii u and am fine with the 350 that was spent. I do think the ps4 is a great deal this generation with all it could do. However I owned a ps3 (sold it for a ps4) and didnt play ac3 or any of the ports weve gotten on PlayStation so i was fine with the ports we got. I liked ac3 on wii u, nfs mw u was great, loved blops 2, splinter cell is great, ive preordered watch dogs and black flag for wii u and im sure I'll love that too. Going to get cod ghosts as well. Im indifferent to the storage space of 32mb. Its enough for me because I dont really download much. I want physical copies. The only thing I downloaded was earthbound. I might get ducktales. Waiting to see if a physical copy gets released. I dont think there is lots I will download where its an issue. However im more than fine with buying a hd. I planned to get one just incase. I think if the option for an external hard drive wasn't there, yeah it would be a big issue for the mass.



6ch6ris6 said:

price drop? not really
you could have bought a wiiU for 299 before this price drop. the basic model to be concrete.

i dont even understand why you would wanna buy the premium model anyway. only real difference is the colour. if you wanna go digital and download many games you need to get a seperate hard drive anyway becuase 8gb is nothing today.

like 2 weeks ago reggie said a price drop would make no sense because if people want to get a wiiU for 299 they could buy a wiiU basic model. haha reggie. funny



element187 said:

@Zombie_Barioth This is what I don't understand about people complaining about Nintendo not making something on par with PS4/xBone... Ninty is going after a completely different market. the value conscious consumer is the goal here. Families, casuals, and core gamers who don't care that some people call their Nintendo a kiddie console.



element187 said:

@Mommar What are you talking about? Nintendo sold more third party games on the Wii than the x360 or ps3 did.

The wii absolutely trounced the other two in third party support.. YOu might not of liked all the shovelware, but the third party support was massive on Wii.... and that only happens to the system that is selling gangbusters... so if the PS4 is the top console next gen, it will get the massive majority of shovelware, just like the PS2 did.



Justin83593 said:

Why does nintendo always pull this sh*t? There better be an ambassador program or else I just wasted my money.



Mommar said:

The view that third parties did support the console because it was mostly shovelware is broken and stupid. 3rd parties, real, big, well known third parties mostly avoided the Wii even though it had the highest install base. There was a scant handful of decent third parties plus Nintendo who make up the bulk of the decent games but it's not like in the PS2 era where they had piles and piles of great third party games and piles and piles of shovelware. On the Wii, most of it was shovelware, saying they had the most third parties means nothing in that regard.



element187 said:

@Mommar But you claimed 3rd parties avoided the Wii, and I say that is incorrect. More 3rd party games sold on wii than any other device last gen... you might not like Just Dance, but it sold gangbusters.



scotty30717 said:

@Flashman I completely see your point but maybe Microsoft shouldn't bundle the kinect because as I said before £400+ is to much for a console. Maybe Sony not including the Eye was a good idea because it's seems a better value too the buyer. There's a difference between a good deal and just adding things to try and make the, already expensive, console more appealing, which makes it's even more expensive, letting them sell it at a slightly lower price. Anyway, I see your point.

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