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Wed 7th August, 2013

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Anclation commented on Reggie Fils-Aime: Petitions Don't Affect Ninte...:

The way they handled Xenoblade was just shameful. This was a masterpiece that they not only should have localized immediately, but aggressively promoted, not treated like some cult game to give GameStop a monopoly on. Hopefully the great reception Xenoblade got worldwide will ensure that Monolith Softs X gets treated right. At least so far they've been giving X a fair bit of attention in their Nintendo Directs.



Anclation commented on The Financial Post Thinks Wii U And 3DS Could ...:

"There's a lot of Nintendo-related doom and gloom floating around at the moment — some of which we feel it is our duty to report"

Yeah, because God forbid Nintendo fans go a day without hearing about how the Wii U is DOOOOMED!!

I feel it's my duty to keep Adblock enabled as long as this site acts like it has a duty to post crap like that.



Anclation commented on GAME's Wii U Cyber Monday Console Deals Should...:

"We've had to share some relatively grisly UK Wii U sales news today,"

No you didn't, you made the choice to do so in order to get clicks. Own up to it. Like many of the other so-called Nintendo fansites, you often seem outright masochistic.



Anclation commented on Nintendo Download: 7th November (North America):

Great to see that Kid Icarus: Uprising finally makes it to eShop, it's a fantastic game, still my favorite original 3DS game!

Also, I found the stand completely pointless, I have no problems playing the game without it (actually, I prefer playing it without that stupid stand).



Anclation commented on Mamma Mia! The Mario & Luigi Wii U Bundle Is S...:

Kinda sad in a way, I frankly find Nintendo Land much more enjoyable than NSMBU, and it certainly shows off the versatility and potential of the Gamepad way better than Mario...on the other hand, it's good to see the Wii U sales being boosted.



Anclation commented on Review: Rayman Legends (Wii U):

If I get it I'll get it used, I'll save my real money for non-back stabbing companies. Not to mention, The Wondeful 101 will keep me busy for a long time anyways, and then there's Wind Waker HD, Pokemon, DKCR2, Super Mario 3D World etc..



Anclation commented on More Than 1500 Cheaters Took Part in Pokémon'...:

EV training isn't that big of an issue nowadays, what with all the EV-enhancing items out there, but breeding for perfect IVs? It takes forever and also demands no skill, unless you count having no life as a skill. If some players decide to skip that step and just create optimal Pokemon (none of them impossibly powerful mind you, just at peak, legal strength) I'm not gonna label them cheaters.