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Fri 3rd Sep 2010

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DrKarl commented on Review: Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (Wii U...:

I love this game. It was my first Zelda, and the first I ever beat. When it arrived on the 3DS as an Ambassador game, I played it all the way to Thunderbird. After one too many failures, I needed to set it down for a while.

Restore points you say? Bah! Get off my lawn!



DrKarl commented on Early Estimates Place Pikmin 3 August Sales in...:

@AugustusOxy I couldn't disagree more, though I have very limited experience with the first Pikmin. However, Pikmin 2 feels much less focused than 3. I found the transition between sub-subterranean "dungeons" and the over-world to be jarring, so much so that it felt like two separate games at times.

Also, did you use the Wiimote/nunchuck + Gamepad combination? If not, I strongly advise that you learn that system and try it out. I find it to be absolutely amazing, providing me the opportunity to be as efficient as possible in playing out the day.



DrKarl commented on Petit Computer Looks Set for the 3DS:

I will pick this up for sure.

I am hoping for a more robust language, or at least beefing up the BASIC support. If I recall correctly, you can call subroutines, but you can't get a return value without setting it in a global variable. In fact all of the variables have global scope. That gets tricky, as you had to keep careful tabs on things when you want to reuse a variable.

If they include a C style language I would be ecstatic. That would really open up the door of scalability that I find difficult with just basic BASIC.



DrKarl commented on Soapbox: Mobile And Tablet Gaming Is Creating ...:

"Can you truly have hardcore games on a touchscreen device, games which demand precision, ultimate control and super-fast reflexes, all based on the instant feedback afforded by a physical controller?"

What does this sentence mean? Can you rephrase it please?

There are plenty of "hard core" games on ios devices: Agricola, Eclipse, Magic 2013 & 2014, Summoner Wars, Battle Academy, King of Dragon Pass, Starbase Orion just to name a few.

However, the titles I listed are not "twitch" games. Is that what you are saying, hardcore twitch gaming?

If that's the case, this fall the new version of ios will add native support for controllers. I'm sure that Capcom (SF IV), Square (FF tactics) and Aspyr (KOTOR) will update their titles to support the controllers. Won't that make this article mute?



DrKarl commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Financial Results Te...:

The Wii U is up against the ropes.

It needs a steep price cut. However, even if it gets one, the upcoming titles in the second half of this year are not strong enough, in my opinion. I just don't know about this system... I do love mine though, but I bought mine when it came out, so I am the exception.



DrKarl commented on Nintendo Defends Influx of New Mario Titles:

I like the new games, but there is something missing...

I had only beaten Super Mario World once, years ago. When it came out on the Wii U VC, I picked it up and beat it again. I remembered exactly what the Bowser Fight was like, and exactly what I needed to do in the battle.

I beat New Super Mario Bros. U in January of this year. Last week I downloaded the Luigi DLC, and just beat Bowser yesterday. I thought that the boss fight was brand new, but then I saw that it was the exact same boss fight I played 5 months ago! No recollection of that battle at all.

Nintendo may be producing fun, solid titles these days, but there must be some mediocrity baked in the cake as well. Oh well...



DrKarl commented on Nintendo Teases Majora's Mask Remake Again, Again:

If it comes out, I will pick it up. The original never did much for me though. The three day thing is neat, but I found the experience to be more tiresome than rewarding. Perhaps they could polish that up somehow?



DrKarl commented on Nintendo Falls Under Further Pressure Regardin...:

@Yorumi You say that these activists make corporations look guilty until proven innocent. Yet you then go on to smear the groups with statements like "there's probably a lot of people on the end of the audits and such set to make a bunch of money as well". emphasis mine

I feel that you are doing the same thing to the activists that you claim they are doing to the corporations. You may be right, but without providing us proof, you are declaring them guilty. Instead of speaking about "these groups" in generalities, please dig into one of them, and show us their deceptions.



DrKarl commented on Nintendo Falls Under Further Pressure Regardin...:


The company that put up the nets was Foxconn. From wikipedia:

Major customers of Foxconn include or have included:
Acer Inc. (Taiwan)[39] (United States)[7]
Apple Inc. (United States)[40]
Cisco (United States)[41]
Dell (United States)[42]
Google (United States)[43]
Hewlett-Packard (United States)[44]
Microsoft (United States)[45]
Motorola Mobility (United States)[42]
Nintendo (Japan)[46]
Nokia (Finland)[40][47]
Sony (Japan)[8]
Toshiba (Japan) [48]
Vizio (United States)[49]



DrKarl commented on Miyamoto: Consumers Should Have Access To Thei...:

@th3r3ds0x True. However, that is still FAR different from previous Nintendo consoles. If I buy a N64 at a rummage sale, it doesn't matter what games had been played on it previously.

What Miyamoto is saying sounds good at first, but it doesn't hold water given the Wii U. I find it to be a disingenuous statement, made only to kick Microsoft while they are down.



DrKarl commented on Miyamoto: Consumers Should Have Access To Thei...:

The Wii U has updates and patches for games. What happens in 20 years when I stick the New Super Mario Bros. U disc into a Wii U? I will have to play the original version of the game, and not the patched/updated one that I will remember from earlier years.



DrKarl commented on Nintendo Download: 23rd May (North America):

I wonder if the buy 2 get 1 free offer works when upgrading Wii --> Wii U? I won't be finding out though, since I already have Super Star and Dream Land 3 on the Wii Dream Collection disc.

Just an upgrade of Dream Course for me this week, and maybe Denpa Men.



DrKarl commented on Rex Rocket Developer Keen To Bring Zelda-Style...:

@Windy There are a ton of unknowns regarding Kickstarter at the moment. The general consensus is that backing a project is a gamble. I have seen some projects get VERY ugly.

I consider myself to have been lucky so far. I Kickstarted Diamond Trust of London, and it was as smooth of an experience as I could have ever hoped to have.

The worst I have experienced has been a long delay with Ogre Designers Edition from Steve Jackson games. I'm used to massive delays with boardgames though, so I can wait that one out.

I'm still waiting for Wasteland 2, Double Fine Adventure, SpaceVenture & Torrent. They are all currently on track, but that could change. Also, they could suck as games too! I hope not.