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Fri 5th Jul 2013

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stupidpupil commented on Play: Mario Kart 7 with Nintendo Life - Traini...:

Love this game but am I the only one who has trouble dragging/holding items? I feel like the pressure you have to hold on to either item button messes with how I hold the 3DS and I end up letting it go or steering poorly :c



stupidpupil commented on Say Hello To The Nintendo 2DS - A 3DS without 3D:

While it's definitely meant more for the little kids (it's cheap, no hinges to break, no 3D for concerned parents to worry about) Nintendo would be wiser to make that very clear. The deluge of "This is awful, why would I want this?" comments is bad publicity, misdirected or not.



stupidpupil commented on Review: Rayman Legends (Wii U):

Thanks for the informative review! Sucks to hear single player can be a drag on the Murfy levels. It's baffling to me that they don't have an option to play those 360/PS3 style. That said, it's nothing to me personally since the girlfriend and I will be tackling this one together. With DK coming in November as well, we're in platformer heaven.



stupidpupil commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

Pikmin 3... what a beauty. So many juice smiles.
Metroid Fusion (3DS VC)... replaying and thoroughly re-enjoying this one.
Adventures of Lolo (Wii VC)... it's wonderful how well this one holds up. Great blue blobby fun.
Animal Crossing: New Leaf... not as intense about my town anymore, but still love to drop in every day.

I also have Mario and Luigi Dream Team still in its shrinkwrap... I'll dream soon, I promise, fellas...!



stupidpupil commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

After laying dormant for my first year of owning a 3DS, the little thing has come to life and is now my primary gaming platform!

I'll be playing

Code of Princess
Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
Mighty Switch Force
Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Towns

and yes, that super stud, Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Happy gaming to the rest of you!