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Thu 25th Jul 2013

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Maxobiwan commented on Talking Point: Regional Online Multiplayer Mis...:

I imported an american 3DS. I can play at Mario Kart with my europeans friends online BUT not in local ! I tried some games that won't play in local multiplayer .Ex: Mario Kart, code of Princess, Fire Emblem (not even streetpass), Donkey Kong Return. Luigi's Mansion Worked.

I'm interested by a list of 3DS multiplayer intercompatibility



Maxobiwan commented on Talking Point: The Steam Gaming Machines Are A...:

@edhe Napoleon total War, Shogun2 Total War, Rome 2 total War, Company Of Heroes 2, Counter Strike Source, Skyrim (perfect modded edition), Fairy Bloom Fresia, Skullgirl (complete), Surgeon Simulator 2013, Team Fortress2 (more hats edition), They Bleed Pixels, Killing Floor, terraria (playable edition), Civilisation 5, Black Mesa : Source, Sniper elite V2, YsI&II, Ys Origin, Torchlight 2 (playable and moddable edition), Wargame : European Escalation, Legend of grimrock, Dino D-Day, Grotesque Tactics, Jamestown...

Mostly of them are Steam Exclusive (or so good that a console version should not exist).

This "console" could cost 1000$, that won't bother me because I allready have 500 games and every future games will be cheap (excepted crap of duty series)



Maxobiwan commented on Review: Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium ...:

@GoombaJMR Atlus USA said they are unable to make dual audio (because they don't know how to code that kind of option). Patching a cadridge ROM, it's well... a little impossible (expecially for them).

Only advice if you want multiple save : take it on eShop and swap SD card to swap save



Maxobiwan commented on Wii U Deluxe Model Gets Official $50 Price Cut...:

@Subie98 Whould you really want to pay twice the price for a console where games are mostly 1 years old other console ports, not opimised at all, with features cut (and very low memory storage) ???

Games optimisation is a problem, price is an other... Mixed together, it's a very bad problem.
But even if every features / optimisation problem is fixed, it remains an expensive console.



Maxobiwan commented on Wii U Deluxe Model Gets Official $50 Price Cut...:

@Subie98 A lot more indeed... framerate issues !?
I would suggest :
Same graphics / Same content (sadly no coop in Splinter Cell) = Same price

@Falco I agree that 1€ =/= 1$ but prices in america are shown tax-free so if you buy a 350$ WiiU in New york, you'll pay 350$ + 8,25% = ~380$ <=> 280€. Yes it's unfair price, but less than in Nevada where there is no taxes



Maxobiwan commented on Wii U And 3DS Developers Share Their Thoughts ...:

What about theses games :

  • senran kagura shoujotachi no shinei
  • Highdchool DxD
  • Makai Ouji: Dairiou no Hihou
  • Prisma Illya
  • Nobunaga no Yabou
  • Conception II Shichisei no Michibiki to Mazuru no Akumu
  • One Piece: Romance Dawn
  • Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode
  • Super Robot Taisen UX
  • Hatsune Miku : Project Mirai
  • Hatsune Miku : Project Mirai 2
    I sure they will NEVER leave japan

I imported a lot of games for my DS, and I'm happy with my Etrain Odysseys and Jump Ultimate Star... For Etrian Odyssey 4, I had to import an american 3DS...

Do you remember Osu tatakae Ouendan! ? Because this game was succefull imported, devs created an occidental version Elite Beat Agents.