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Fri 14th Jun 2013

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RollingFishays commented on Wii U Deluxe Model Gets Official $50 Price Cut...:

Thank you nintendo~
I'll have to see how busy I get with college stuff, but this definitely makes it a bit more enticing.

Also, all whining from people who already bought one seems a bit unjustified. If you're an early adopter you should expect price cuts and console/stability upgrades and be prepared to deal with any potential problems. That's not just nintendo-think, that's basically everything.



RollingFishays commented on Satoru Iwata Cites Poor Basic Wii U Sales To R...:

Um, maybe the basic didn't sell well because you a) didn't pack anything else in with it
b) had a joke of a hard drive in it that got mostly filled up on day 1 with the update.
I wouldn't spend $300 on that...The deluxe set is almost an entirely different situation



RollingFishays commented on Wii U Hardware Still Being Sold At A Loss:

when the PS4 releases with all of it's features for only $50 more I don't think a lot of people will see the value of a wii u. If they cut it by $50 to $75 maybe, but aside from nintendo die hards (like me) I don't think a lot of people would be willing to pay it. I want to buy one, but $350 (technically more like $400 with a game) is too much for me right now v.v