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Masahiro Sakurai Rules Out Story Sequences For Super Smash Bros. on Wii U and 3DS

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Blames online leaks of Brawl CG videos

While not necessarily loved by everyone, the Subspace Emissary adventure in Super Smash Bros. Brawl was undoubtedly loved by some, with a fairly lengthy campaign and a bonkers storyline incorporating a broad spectrum of characters. While Masahiro Sakurai has stated there'll be some form of single-player campaign, it looks like it won't be a story-driven experience like that on the Wii title.

In his bi-weekly column for Weekly Famitsu, Sakurai has reiterated in clearer terms what he stated during E3, that CG cutscenes and that storytelling approach won't feature this time around. It seems that the problem was the perceived loss of impact, after great effort in development, when the CG sequences were uploaded and widely shared on the web.

Unfortunately, the movie scenes we worked hard to create were uploaded onto the internet. You can only truly wow a player the first time he sees [a cutscene]. I felt if players saw the cutscenes outside of the game, they would no longer serve as rewards for playing the game, so I've decided against having them.

As a result the character introduction sequences that we've seen already will be part of video content designed to better suit widespread sharing on the web. There are various forms that a single player campaign can take, of course, such as the "Adventure Mode" in Melee, even if a rather epic Subspace-style adventure isn't necessarily on the cards. In the same article, Sakurai repeated details on some other features, such as one on 3DS to "act as a separate mode from the standard versus play", some character customisation options and different themed stages depending on the platform; naturally, greater details weren't forthcoming.

Are you disappointed that CG storytelling won't be a feature this time around, or will you be happy for the single player offering to scale back towards set challenges or stages as opposed to a sweeping adventure? Let us know in the comments below.


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User Comments (188)



Squiggle55 said:

That is one of the sorriest excuses I've ever seen. Either he is off the wall eccentric and bonkers, or he is full of crap.



Wonder_Ideal said:

I liked the Subspace Emissary and the cutscenes were a cool way to see different characters interact. Way to go early uploaders.



SteveSnowmn said:

Loved the cutscenes but looked back I did not enjoy SSE at all otherwise. Kinda glad they'll be going another route with single player



CrazyOtto said:

No story mode, no cutscenes, Fox only, Final Destination.

Seriously though, that's great news if it means bring Melee's Adventure Mode back.



EarthboundBenjy said:

Does he not realise that literally everything from every game is going to be uploaded to YouTube at some point? What kind of reason is this?
Subspace Emissary wasn't very good anyway, so it's not really a loss. But... this a bizarre reason indeed.



Azikira said:

I liked everything except Tabuu. Those moves that are basically a guaranteed K.O.? Totally frustrating and no fun. I also did like Adventure mode, so if they go that route I won't be disappointed! :3



LeVideoGamer said:

Don't really care, to be honest. Some of the cutscenes were good, but I didn't enjoy the Subspace Emissary as much as Melee's adventure mode.



Sanqet said:

i must be the only one who does not like this series of games i just have never managed to get into the games in single or multiplayer



Whopper744 said:

Yeah I'm definitely disappointed. I loved seeing all the great characters interact...sad it was decided to be gotten rid of in my opinion just because people uploaded spoilers to the internet.

This is why we can't have nice things.



hYdeks said:

I'm disappointed, I like the Subspace Emissary cause it gave all the characters a chance to actually interact together and make some kinda sense! Seems like there kinda going backwards with this sequel, I'm actually not really excited for this Smash Bros yet, which is very very weird for me. Hopefully that will change by next year, though.



ammar003 said:

maybe its a new adventure but i hope its like brawl adventure but i am very sad I mean i love brawl



Samurai_Goroh said:

Subspace Emissary started to get really boring after a couple of hours. That gigantic Maze thing! Although the cutscenes were good, overall it won't be missed.



C7_ said:

... THAT'S the excuse? that people uploaded the cutscenes onto youtube? So what?

If that's the case, you might as well not put story in anything ever because it may be uploaded onto youtube within days or even hours of release. And on that note, most people know not to spoil themselves by looking up cutscenes anyway.

Either their's another reason and this is just a bad cover-up for it or this is simply more proof the Nintendo has no idea what the point of video content of their games is, or how to properly deal with it (psst, it's free advertising and you should leave it alone unless it is sincerely violating laws or youtube's ToS)

EDIT: Also character customization that alters gameplay was confirmed, which is terrible for the competitive scene unless it is handled miraculously well. So there's that.



UgliestSoup said:

Minus well not release the game then if people are going to be uploading videos of them playing the game. What a half donkey excuse.



Whopper744 said:

Yeah, the more I think about it, I don't mean any disrespect, but it does seem like a very odd excuse.



Sam_Loser2 said:

I am very disappointed. Lame excuse too, some of the cutscenes I watch over and over again.



GamerJunkie said:

The people they have working on WIi U and its games seem to be lost in time and so behind the times of every other console and PC.

Every game is either missing DLC, online play or something major. Ohh Look this one will have no story mode or cutscenes, etc.

BY the time this game comes out, I'll have my PS4 and real fighting games anyway



ThomasBW84 said:

@Multishanks He's said similar things before, as I suggested in the article, second link in first para he goes down a similar road with Polygon at E3.



SuperSah said:

Bad, bad, BAD excuse.

Seriously, you need a better excuse Sakurai, it's obvious the game's being rushed to hell.



ultraraichu said:

In or out, I'm good either way. I just hope you can still play story mode with a friend like in SSE. I too feel that something is off from the statement, like was the cutscence shared before or after the game's release?

If you really want to surprise players, keep some of the other unexpected/ locked characters on the hush-hush. That way the character remains a mystery when we see their silhouette and we get that "OMG it's you" feeling instead of that " bout time you show up" feeling.



2Sang said:

I'm actually doubting I will ever own a wii U right now. Pikmin 3 looks good but not good enough to buy a wii u, and ssb4 with the exception of villager and megaman has looked really weak, and also it will be on the 3ds so what's the point if the wii u version doesn't have cutscenes?



Hunter-D said:

This story isn't new. He was asked the same question a while back and almost gave the exact same answer.

Anyway, I'm fine with that. Seeing as Sakurai said they've got something else planned for us instead.



Sp00n said:

I totally understand that. Cut scenes WERE an awesome reward for beating chunks of the game. Whilst you can obviously hold off watching them, it's not the same knowing you can watch them whenever.

But hot damn, the SSE cut scenes were amazing. So I am sad.



Einherjar said:

I kinda liked the fast paced adventure mode of melee a tad better. Szbspace felt like a Kirby Crossover game, which isnt bad, but it wasnt a must have. BUT we saw a glimps of the yellow devil, so there are definitly boss battles, which i really really liked in brawl.
Overall, not a big loss, but sad nonetheless.



sinalefa said:

They looked great but barely made sense, so I really don't care. I would prefer to have the cutscenes as endings for every character, like Tekken does.

And if they use the time and effort to improve gameplay, then it will be much better. People seem to forget he is working on two versions at once.



Undead_terror said:

As long as it's not a complete hell trying to get all characters I guess it's okay, but I did enjoy Subspace.



Squiggle55 said:

Seriously I just don't like being lied to. Either they were dissatisfied with the story mode or they are rushing and there's no time to finish the mode. Don't lie. You don't spend time and money creating an entire story mode for a big blockbuster game and then decide not to release it to millions of gamers because a few thousand saw the scenes early. That comes nowhere close to passing the smell test.



Ibrahim77X said:

I really wanted to see the cutscenes return!! I bet it would've been AWESOME!! Although I CAN understand why he would be against them. Thanks early uploaders. Oh well. Now we're just going to have... sigh ANOTHER stage after stage campaign where you fight Master Hand at the end.



NavySpheal said:

I was wishing for something MORE engaging than SSE, to be honest. It's a shame, really.
Solution? Lets just take away the Internet!



PixelatedPixie said:


You're certainly not alone. I too have never enjoyed Smash Bros. I mean, I understand the appeal of having characters from various video game series' fight each other, I've just never thought the gameplay in Smash Bros was all that engaging.



Spanjard said:

Subspace was nothing special really, cutscenes were well made but you watch them once and never again. No loss here.



3Daniel said:

I dont remember the cutscenes being uploaded prior to release but if they were i still enjoyed them. But whatever they need to cut so they can focus on balancing the cast is fine by me.



Ibrahim77X said:

Why is everyone saying we should have Melee's Adventure Mode back only, when we could've had the new campaign, and Adventure Mode as Classic Mode?



VortexxPrime said:

Why is everyone complaining? This can only work to the game's benefit. If they spent time developing a half-baked story mode that wouldn't be that great anyway, then it would take away time from developing the REAL core of the game: the game mechanics and characters. I for one am still very excited for this game and it's potential to be the perfect Smash Bros game.



SchamMan89 said:

I thought Subspace was easily the worst part of Brawl. The levels were boring, the enemies and areas were generic (not even based on existing franchises!), and the Smash Bros. mechanics are just not suited for a platformer.

Spend those resources on other aspects of the game.



Blue_Yoshi said:

The Subspace Emissary was weird. I liked the story it was nice and epic and it had some surprising bosses from various Nintendo games(Rayquaza and Pokey) but ultimately something like Adventure Mode would be more suited towards single player. Just extend it and use every franchise as a side scrolling stage. That'd be a worthy switch.



DarkKirby said:

Subspace Emissary wasn't that great, because of multiple reasons. Nintendo interfering with the original plot so it would be less focused on Kirby, most characters not being suited to fighting the Subspace Emissary enemies, characters acting out of character, no text or voice for the "story" so you are essentially watching a silent film. It had epic action packed cutscenes. It was like watching the Transformers movies in a sense, great to look at, no actual depth.

But saying internet leaks is a reason for less content in a game is STUPID, TERRIBLE AND RIDICULOUS. You might as well say you are not putting characters in the game because they might have been leaked on the internet so why make them at all?

Anything, anywhere, at any time can be leaked on the internet, whether it be by employees or hackers. That's not a reason to not have a story.



ajr12388 said:

Great news. SSE was weak. Hopefully the resources that were allocated to making those have been relocated to making for a much better experience in some other regard.

People really care about cutscenes that much?



ikki5 said:

that.... is a really lame excuse, with that kind of logic it would be like "we are not going to have unlockable characters because people will post walkthroughs and reveal them



thepitt said:

Great! I think the industry needs to stop with these spoilers and trailors that show off 2 to 30 minutes of game play. It does indeed ruin the experience in whole and until peoples tiny brains can understand this then they will continue to do this sort of thing (make video walkthroughs, create FAQs, etc ...) which in the end only further ruin the game play for others. Having mega gaming outlets like this one support writing guides and showing off videos only suggests to its readers that ruining a game is a good idea.

Go Nintendo!



Haywired said:

I kind of thought the Subspace Emissary dragged on a tad and got a bit repetitive. I preferred the shorter, tighter and more varied Adventure mode of Melee. However the SSE was worth it just for those incredible cut-scenes alone.



FineLerv said:

And yet they officially released details of practically every single thing in the game before it had even come out.



Doma said:

“Story-driven”? lol, it was mostly just some random crap thrown together, used as a way to introduce characters. What story? After playing through once, you weren’t likely to ever do so again due to how long and boring it was. No loss.

I wonder how much stuff will be removed in the end. Hopefully he'll keep the best from those other smaller modes - Events, Targets, Trophies and Multi-man should stay... I wouldn't mind if the rest gets cut.



Aqueous said:

Well it wasn't a mode I cared for anyways. I'd rather the Adventure in Melee



Znerd said:

well that sucks cause i love the subspace Emissary cause seeing Nintendo characters interact like that made brawl fell a lot more magical but since thats gone it makes the characters act like fighting game characters instead of Nintendo characters



SparkOfSpirit said:

I hope the single player is something new. I haven't really enjoyed the single player mode since 64's single player.



Rafie said:

Well that's sad news. I enjoyed Subspace Emissary. If this is omitted, then I really hope that he utilizes the space and power of the Wii U to implement something greater for the game.



MrWalkieTalkie said:

I seriously hate how people on Miiverse are in an uproar now because of this. Did I miss something? Last I checked, Smash Bros was about having your favorite Nintendo characters fight each other, not watching movies with no dialogue! I feel many of us have forgotten what Smash Bros is truely about...



Havkri said:

Come on Mr.Sakurai! Finally Nintendo releases a HD console and then you decide not to put glorious HD cutscenes? And the excuse is what? people leaked the cut scenes online... well this is 2013, stuff will leak out no matter what. you just as might drop the super smash balls because people will see them before they are out.



Adam said:

The cutscenes were hilarious and pretty clever, particularly for having no dialog. But I look forward to something new, or better yet, nothing at all. They haven't yet come up with a single-player mode that somehow takes a fighting game engine and makes it work as an ordinary platformer. I would prefer they stick to using it as a fighting game.



Xilef said:

If we get some kind of cutscene interaction between the characters, story or not, i'll be happy. Little disappointed though.



RealPoketendoNL said:

that's too bad! I absolutely loved the Subspace Emissary. The levels, exploring, the surprising bosses, the humour, and of course, the amazing cutscenes... really dissapointing.
besides this, there's still one thing I wanna know. There's a female villager too, as well as a male wii fit trainer. What about them? Will they be playable too?



parutena said:

If you like cutscenes and a bad story Smash Bros. is not for you. May I suggest Metroid: Other M?

Perfectly valid reason to not include them, and people calling Sakurai lazy/going the easy way out is hilarious since he literally pours his life into these games. It's all "get better Sakurai-san ;^; " until he makes a design choice lol.



DerpSandwich said:

That's the single most stupid excuse I've ever heard. Say you just don't think it fits the game or something, but don't say it's because you're afraid they'll leak. That makes literally zero sense.

Subspace Emissary was my favorite part of Brawl, and this is a massive disappointment. Sometimes I feel like I'm getting nothing from Nintendo nowadays but disappointment. Like seriously, every single game I wait patiently for just ends up bumming me out for one reason or another. It's getting really tiresome.



Neferupitou said:

Gotta love Brawl even more man, and DAT excuse...
Subspace Emissary was overall great for me.



Ernest_The_Crab said:

@SuperSah Rushed? We still don't even a solid release date. And before you say it's a bad excuse he's probably not allowed to use the real one ie the 3DS doesn't have enough power/space to deal with that many cutscenes while maintaining a large character roster because that'll piss off more people.

I'm guessing he'd rather sound stupid than piss off an even larger portion of the fanbase.

@mario-gek Might be an alternate costume though then again Pokemon trainer didn't have a female alternate costume.



SphericalCrusher said:

I loved Brawl's Subspace Emissary! So I am definitely disappointed we're not getting something similar. I'm hoping the single player is still good on this. I realize this is a strong multi-player focused game and would not have it any other way, but it's still cool to have that fun story with the introduction of the characters that goes along the way.



bahooney said:

@2Sang How can you judge a game that is only in Alpha? None of the other secret characters have been revealed. You said it looks weak other than two of the three characters that have been revealed. Give it some time, dude.



ShortSleevedNook said:

Disappointing, but I vastly preferred Melee's Adventure mode, so I would LOVE to see that return over another Subspace Emissary. And besides, the dude's got a good point. Why put all that money into something that players don't need to buy in order to see?

I understand that many might think that, "Well, you know what? If this is such a big problem then why doesn't everyone do it with all their games? Then we won't have ANY cutscenes for anything!" I think that the main point is this: Smash Bros. is a game that didn't need cutscenes in the first place! It was all fan-service to begin with, really unnecessary to be honest, but then again, that's what half of Smash Bros. is all about!



Squiggle55 said:

Regardless of the quality of the mode, this is just bad PR. This is on par with Capcom blaming the fans for not making Mega Man Legends. If you are cancelling the mode to focus resources on other parts of the game, tell us that.



UnseatingKDawg said:

I was kinda hoping for a Subspace Emissary sequel. That was pretty cool, especially since I could form a team consisting of Mario, Sonic, Bowser, Donkey Kong, Wario, and Pit.



PokemonManiac said:

I'm just upset we won't be getting some crazy beautiful cutscenes on the wii u I loved seeing all the characters together and not just fighting each other but interacting with each other. I'll never forget seeing raquaza burst out of the sea and be a boss!



SDDMN said:

I'll be honest, I prefer Melee's Adventure mode over Brawl's Subspace emissary. As fun as the cutscenes were to watch in Brawl, I like some of the things they did with Adventure mode like the Hyrule dungeon level where you potentially fought all 5 Links, or running to the finish on Big Blue while trying not to get trampled by the F-Zero race cars.



WesCash said:

Subspace Emissary was bad, but the cutscenes were quite enjoyable. They should have done something like Adventure Mode in Melee.



Jukilum said:

The cutscenes in SSE made very little sense. From a Gameplay perspective it wasn't that great either. I had a good time playing it with my brother, but I won't miss it much if there's something better in its place.

On a side note, the article kept saying CG cutscenes. The whole game is CG, I believe what was meant was prerendered cutscenes.



ricklongo said:

That's some ridiculously reasoning right there. Do you really think people interested in completing the story mode will go after the ending cutscenes on the web?

Pretty much every game has special ending cutscenes to wow people, and pretty much all of them are uploaded online.



nintendo87 said:

they should take megaman out of the game they now since they uploaded a video of him lol does not make any since



Tylr said:

By this logic, you should just take the story of out Legend of Zelda, Metroid, and Pikmin. I have a lot of respect for Sakurai but this just ticks me off. WHY punish everyone for what someone else does?



NintyMan said:

I liked the Subspace Emissary, mainly for its cutscenes and story. However, I can understand why some people didn't like how it tried to act like a platformer in a fighting game. All of the bizarre, original enemies could easily have been replaced with enemies from classic Nintendo franchises. This is a missed opportunity to improve the formula for sure, but I'm not terribly disappointed. I would be happy if Sakurai and his team just took the Adventure Mode from Melee and greatly expanded it.

However, I don't think this is a good excuse to not have a Subspace Emissary-like Adventure Mode. Back in the days of Smash Bros. Dojo, I spoiled everything except the Subspace Emissary. I only knew a tiny bit of information about the Donkey Kong stage with the Koopas stealing the banana hoard, but that was it. Sure, I wish I hadn't have spoiled almost everything in Brawl now, but the point I want to make here is that Sakurai's logic is flawed if he's basing it on spoilers. Like it or not, we live in a day and age in which the internet can find almost anything about a given subject. I understand that Sakurai wants to keep surprises for the fans, and I appreciate that. But he did allow the fans to spoil everything in Brawl if they wanted to. He gave us the freedom to spoil or not, and now he apparently feels as though most people would rather just spoil, so he's not giving us a choice at all this time. He just won't do it.

Here's an idea. If he's so concerned about spoilers, then why couldn't he have learned from Kid Icarus Uprising and kept the details of the story in the Adventure Mode a complete secret? Before Kid Icarus Uprising was released, no one had a clue that Hades was the true villain and there were many other characters like Viridi and new kinds of enemies. Before the game was released, everyone thought it was just going to be Pit fighting against Medusa just like in the old days. I know it's a different kind of game, but Sakurai did a fantastic job at keeping away spoilers and surprising people playing through the game's story for the first time. I don't see why he couldn't have done the same for a cinematic Adventure Mode in these new Super Smash Bros. games.



PerezBro99 said:

This is disappointing. The best part of SSBB to me was the cutscenes, they just made happy and excited to see all my favorite characters in the same "movie".



devilwaffle said:

Man, Subspace Emissary was an AMAZING part of the game. Seeing how Mario/Link react in rage when their princesses die, or when Sheik and Fox battle and stop for tea, those were the best parts of the game, to me.



retro_player_22 said:

That's okay, Subspace Emissary was disappointing anyways. Just bring back Adventure Mode with a longer campaign and some variety of level designs taken from each franchise.



jorgem696 said:

I liked everything from Brawl but I dont know why Sakuri is coming up with this doodoopoopiedingdongledoos



nil said:

I'm ok with leaving it out. I'd rather them focus on making what the game really is, a brawler, the absolute most awesome thing ever! I'd rather the budget and schedule they might have spent on a story mode be used to make the levels more gorgeous and interactive. Better yet, spend it on the online multiplayer so that it actually works this time!



TromaDogg said:

What an absolutely lame excuse. I'm sure that there's quite a few people like me who avoid as many spoilers as they can because they know they're going to be picking this game up day one.

Sounds to me more like Sakurai is having a bit of a childish hissy fit because a couple of things got leaked earlier than he wanted them to, like a selfish brat picking up his ball and taking it home.



MarioFan1985 said:

I have to say that one of Brawl's major flaws was the Subspace Emmisary. Too much emphasis was put into that game mode and not much anything else in Brawl. I'm glad Nintendo decided to go into another direction with an individual campaign mode. Hopefully, we'll see individual character endings.



PloXyZeRO said:

I liked Adventure mode in Melee a little bit more than the Subspace Emissary, although that was fun too

Adventure mode was a bit short though...if it was extended, or had multiple variations/different adventures to choose from, that would be great!



Chabbox said:

Subspace was packed with some good fun.
Shame really...
If they put the efforts that could've gone into a great campaign into something else e.g. a professionally done expert in-depth map editor, i'd be happy. Subspace wasn't something you would revisit that much.



Neoproteus said:

I hated subspace emissary. I'm kind of glad they're getting rid of it. Hopefully each character has some kind of shorter adventure mode to themselves like in most other fighting games, but even if it's just Classic, Adventure, and All Stars like in Melee I wouldn't be all that disappointed. Hope they at least bring back individual target tests. Master Hand and Tabuu will probably still make it in as final bosses in one form or another.



Midnight3DS said:

Bad move based on this supposed reason, and the backlash is starting on the internet. It does really look ridiculous, and behind the times.



Dizzard said:

I liked the subspace emissary but I won't miss it.

Really I would be happier if we had more levels based on the different franchises with enemies from the games themselves i.e Goombas, Octoroks, Various pokemon, Metroids etc

Rather than focusing so much on cinematics, after all the subspace emissary was all flash...there wasn't really that coherent or interesting a storyline in it.



Aerona said:

I didn't like the subspace emissary anyway, I still haven't bothered to finish it. Expand Adventure mode from Melee and we'll be fine.



Gridatttack said:

Lame :l Thought SSE was ok, would be cool to have some sort of adventure mode where characters interact with other universes characters, like in SSE.



Williaint said:

I would miss it; I'd like to see some adventure mode... not just a "how many rounds you can stand against bots".



Locke_Highwind said:

Wii u version limited because of the 3ds... But no cross play battles, just 30 characters per games... And the same rooster for bot versions. No story mode. No many third parties characters... Weird (yet sometimes good) experiments like wii fit trainer...

Gosh... Im start bealiving sakurai is harming this amazing game more than helpping



dathip said:

THANK YOU MASHIRO! I despised Subspace emissary. Give us the Adventure mode in Super Smash Bros Melee!



The-Chosen-one said:

the cutscenes have to return, its just a sorry excuse to not include them, i dont care if there is no Subspace adventure style in it, but the cutscenes and storymode etc have to be in the game, i played brawl over and over because of that.



UgliestSoup said:

Next thing you know, cry baby Sakurai will say, "I don't want Mario in the game because people will upload videos on how to use him."



StephenYap3 said:

I don't play games for stories or cutscenes, but I felt that the SSE was lackluster for more than those two reasons.

The story made 100% no sense at all until the end, when the main antagonist was revealed and even if it did make sense, the story was still lackluster for what it already was. It was basically "Black holes all around the world! Heroes must unite (after fighting a few of them) and save the day!" cliche. Not to mention that how Nintendo characters were involved in this story wasn't very satisfying to the leastest. I don't know why, but it seems that this story would be awesome if non-Nintendo characters were involved instead. As for the cutscenes, some were good, some were bad, but they're all pretty forgettable, even though there are a few funnies/coolies here and there (Kung Fu Luigi against Waddle Dees and Ness saving Lucas from being trophied).

Not to mention that the characters just appear out of nowhere throughout the story, as well as the lack of any backstory to anything or anybody. Why did the Primids appear after Mario and Kirby fought, or why on Earth are those two fighting in the first place? How was Metaknight's Halberd taken over and how did Metaknight himself appear just miles away from it? Why is Lucas and Red (Pokemon Trainer) in a desolate park? Why isn't the story ever told between the cutscenes?

Now, I don't mean to troll or anything, but those are the two of the many things I never liked about the SSE. I thought it had potential, to be honest.



pntjr said:

What the hell.......................... YOU'RE GOT TO BE FREAKING KIDDING ME!!!!!

Dang. I thought this was going to be the best Smash Bros yet. It may be, but right now it Is looking like Brawl Is better than this game.



Marioman64 said:

but... but people upload spoiler videos of games all the time, it's your fault for watching them.
I feel like this is an excuse because the same sequences couldn't fit on the 3ds and they didn't want the two versions to be different



LavaTwilight said:

I prefer Melee to Brawl but I thought the Subspace Emissary was where Brawl TRULY shined! I don't blame Sakurai! His point is very valid and it's simply a case of Pride of Ownership! It's really hurting me though that I refused to watch the spoilers and loved every minute of the SE, being surprised by a lot of the twists and turns that the story made. I really hope that whatever replaces the story-mode is not a return to the Adventure Mode in Melee but instead is something to really wow us! Come on Sakurai, this is what you get paid for!



Kaze_Memaryu said:

It's pretty pathetic to blame the uploaders when people willingly watched the videos themselves.
Of course it does diminish the impression of cutscenes if you watched them on the web before in-game, but that doesn't mean that they can simply not do them.
How else are they going to show off the characters? Gameplay is the fighting part, but even the Wii Fit Trainer has a personality to be used for at least one cutscene.



MagicEmperor said:

I thought the Subspace Emissary gameplay eventually got boring, but I LOVED the CG cutscenes to death. Those cutscenes were worth it, so, yeah, I actually am kinda bummed to see no similar storyline mode in the next Smash Bros.



shaneoh said:

"You can only truly wow a player the first time he sees [a cutscene]"
I could watch Kirby take out that super weapon over and over again and still think it's as epic as the last time I saw it.
This isn't going to be as good as Brawl



OptometristLime said:

Have to agree with this reaction, at least initially:
@Squiggle55 said:
"That is one of the sorriest excuses I've ever seen. Either he is off the wall eccentric and bonkers, or he is full of crap."

That said, I don't care in the least; Smash IMHO is about the experience of playing. Subspace Emissary was a disjoint and subpar experiment into a style of gameplay that Smash just doesn't pull off well.

Put those resources and energies into producing a top quality game, and I will be happy. I'm reading lots of great suggestions here about possible stand-in experiences to replace that mode, anyway.



Meaty-cheeky said:

That sound like a weak excuse to me, I think the real problem is that he doesn't have the time to develop a good single player campaign, within fitting in these Smash Bros games with in the narrow time window for release.



Neram said:

I don't really like the Subspace Emissary all that much, so this is good news to me. I do hope they make an Adventure Mode like the one in Melee, though.



OboeDude1999 said:

Man, what made Brawl so great was those amazing, stunning Subspace replays. Too bad no new ones coming to Wii U, especially because of the new HD... :l



UgliestSoup said:

Adventure mode in melee was the same for every single character. Bland levels that got old every time you went throughout them. Hopefully cry baby Sakurai does not do that in the new smash bros.



ZorR2x said:

The more I hear about this game the less I'm excited about it.No cut scenes,no SSE,and why does Mario still have the F.L.U.D.D?Hopefully Bowser isn't the only character with new moves.



Senate_Guard said:

Eh, SSE was a terrible over-budgeted fan fiction anyways. I still enjoy watching the cutscenes from time to time, but the overall story was just terrible. Of course all the Kirby characters had the biggest roles in the story; because Sakurai secretly wants Kirby to be Nintendo's new mascot



gamerphil07 said:

Maaaaaaaaaaaaan, I played subspace sooo much, kinda dissapointed.. But on the bright side, knowing Sakurai, he wont mess this new mode up...



Subie98 said:

I couldn't careless if it has it or doesnt. All I care about is it playing well and some of the characters.



FriedSquid said:

That is an incredibly stupid reason. Sakurai should think of something better than that and then get back to us.



FJOJR said:

SSE was cool at first but the lack of voice overs or sense to the story made it kinda meh, especially since the cutscenes just resembled the character models of the game. An Adventure Mode like Melee with maybe comic book style writing between levels would be a great substitute.



Skeet102 said:

you have to admit. the subspace emissary was useful to unlock all the characters without having to do an insane number of brawl matches.



AltDotNerd said:

How about individual (but short) story modes for each character?

Wow, #151? I have the Mew comment!



JaxonH said:

@C7_ You really stole my line of thought. Everything is uploaded on the internet nowadays- the people who WANT to spoil it for themselves, that's their choice. I mean, anyone who buys the game isn't going to do that. Just like you don't buy a book and turn it to the last page. I'm disappointed for sure, but I'll get over it. I'm still happy about the 3DS version being different with a more chalky outline (which is actually a good idea considering the screen size). As for the customizations that alter gameplay, I've got a feeling this will be in a separate mode. Either that or the gameplay that's altered won't give or take advantage- it'll be more or less preference. But I could be wrong- I guess we'll find out won't we...



WaveBoy said:

Subspace was trash.
At this point, I'm just hoping that he'll come to his senses and add in Amanda Bynes as a playable character. I'm dieing to use her Psycho Sour Kid meltown 'special' smash attack!



Ian_Daemon said:

SSE was good. This is disappointing news. Hopefully this new SSB isn't a step backwards, but it's not looking good.



yojo said:

@GamerJunkie ok before you were a kind of elaborate troll, but you have just gone full ignorance now. How about you read the full article before commenting? They are still gonna have a story mode, and it will be diffrent from the one in Brawl (which I personally thought was boring, but classic mode was pretty fun). They are taking out the elaborate cutscenes, which honestly I am fine with. More reasources to go into tighting up the gameplay to near perfection? Awesome. Also why do games need DLC? If its done good, like the Fallout 3 expansions, or New Super Luigi U, both of which strived to offer experiences diffrent from the main game, its awesome. But a lot of companies ruin games with it, and some gamers do think less of a game when it has DLC.



Drainos said:

I like the boss fights in the Subspace. I`f they put something like a Ridley or an zekrom/Reshiram in the game. I`m happy. but they must really put master hand in the game. he`s the first boss of the ssb series.



Twilight_Crow said:

Wait a minute here. Why is everybody talking as if "no cutscenes" equals "no SSE kind of gameplay". As far as I read he just said the one player mode will not have cutscenes (which are completely stupid to cut out, I mean people still watch those videos because they are fun, no matter how much you see them. What is next? "My new Kirby game won't have an ending because people would upload it to YouTube"?).

It would be pretty funny if we end up with a new one player mode that somehow ends up playing similar to the SSE, just without the cutscenes.



Luffymcduck said:

Now I´m surprised that there were any cutscenes in Kid Icarus Uprising, because you know, they could have been downloaded to da intherneet.



The-Chosen-one said:

its a sorry excuse, to finish the game fast, just bring cutscenes, and let Namco-bandai make them as they did for megaman cutscene etc. if you dont want to add an adventure mode etc or something like that than please give every character their own ending and intro cutscenes, at least provide some, because it made Brawl LEGENDARY, where the characters came to live.



SKTTR said:

The cutscenes/story in Brawl's subspace were amazing. Detail, animation, and effects in the cgi's were AAA class. I thought the plot would be a freaking mess with all the different characters, however it somehow really worked much better than anyone could have imagined.

I hope Nintendo has a good alternative for subspace.
I guess they skipped it this time because
a) all the best ideas already went into Brawl,
b) hours of cgi are expensive and time consuming in development,
c) instead of subspace there's a different new single player mode to focus and work on.



KnightOfNothing said:

I don't mind as much Having no cutscenes because I feel that Fighting games don't need massive cutscenes like in brawl, maybe just small ones that indicate who you're going to battle next. Besides, in brawl they didn't really talk so I was confused all the way. Of course I was younger then and I'm kind of slow catching on to things. All I'm really concerned about is balancing. Please no more Meta-Knights.



LtAldoRaine said:

I think he should just say that the 3DS version is limiting the Wii U version again. I know some people are excited about a handheld Smash Bros. game,but I think it's a terrible idea if they really are going to limit the console version just so you can have a handheld one. I honestly would prefer if they just cancelled the 3DS version and do a complete,absurdly packed new Smash Bros.,just like Brawl was at its time,



Araknie said:

OMG Brawl had a story any figther has to have a story. [quote from fan who played only Brawl]

Ohhh like Melee. You play a game for what it is. Cool, we will get more refined modes. [Long time fan]



johndevine said:

The Subspace Emissary should have been called the Subpar Emissary.

It was useless.
It detracted from Brawl and it's inclusion was the main reason that Melee was the better of the two.



johndevine said:

@SKTTR the gameplay in the subpar emissary was exactly that.... SUBPAR.


Get it out... spend time and energy on mechanics!!!!



NFeZ said:

@Azikira Guaranteed KO? Every one of Tabuu's attacks can be dodged and even if you get hit a KO is not directly guaranteed.



johndevine said:

@StephenYap3 To sum up what you are saying: The subspace emissary was crap. Disjointed and rough as hell. I thought it was shoddy and maybe the most pointless addition in the history of Nintendo gaming.

Leave Smash brothers to just fighting.

Go on youtube if you want to see pointless Nintendo videos...leave the game without that garbage.



AlexSora89 said:

"Blame it on the fandom", in other words. Classy.

However, I'd rather have a handheld port of Brawl, like, now.



ssmith2452 said:

really? i enjoyed the cutscenes but if they are taking time away from other things they could be working on (different versus modes, stages, items, characters, sound, online play) to work on them, then I don't want them.
Give me another solid addition to the best fighting game on the market and I'll be happy.



AlexSora89 said:

Actually, yes. If online play doesn't boil down to beating up Sandbag while waiting for opponents that are never found, I can totally wait for a new chapter.



Bass_X0 said:

I would imagine that different teams work on the gameplay and the cutscenes. Removing the cutscenes won't give the gameplay team more time to add more content.



Gameday said:

Hmm well then... I guess we are gonna be surprised what the alternative is this time around.



LtAldoRaine said:

@johndevine I mean,if they are cutting CHARACTERS because of the 3DS version...I wonder what Sakurai has in mind that's so important that he has to cut characters and a story mode. If it's only that custom character interaction between two systems,I hardly think it's worth it. Isn't playing with beloved characters like,the main draw of Smash Bros.?



Spagem said:

Lame excuse. But I could care less. I just want new characters and a better online.



WindWakerLink said:

SSE was GREAT in the 1st quarter of the game. Then it got kinda repetitive and boring. Then when Snake comes "literary" 2nd half of the came, it started to get exciting again. [Ice Climber segments were cool too. Then they see Lucario and Meta Knight going at it was so AWESOME!] The scenes were really cool, and I'll miss that. But adventure mode from Melee....that may be the better route to go. That was really fun too!



AJWolfTill said:

Subspace was my favourite feature of Brawl. Didn't spend as much time in it as many of the other modes but the confirmation that there will not be a story mode has shattered my hopes for this game. They are going to have to announce something extremely special and new if they want to maintain my interest.



World said:

I adore his cranky-old-man logic, but it's disappointing. My husband and I played it all the way through together, and it was about the only non-Versus-mode feature I bothered to even try.

But I'm still sore that Mr. Game & Watch didn't get one of those snazzy action-stops-then-a-bar-with-the-character's-name appears moments, so maybe I'm fine with cutting this particular rope.



unrandomsam said:

I hate that story mode. Think classic mode was better way to play it single player.

(I really don't like cutscenes. The Rondo of Blood (TG16) ones being the only exception I can think of from recent times. First time Link goes to Adult Link was probably the only other one ever. Most of the time it is completely pointless I want to play the game not watch it and I don't want to spend ages following tutorials before I can play it.)



unrandomsam said:

@Rumbler Are they the same people who wrote the story for III/IV and VI those I think are the best stories. (Playing them has more in common with reading a book and engages my imagination in the same manner). No JRPG's left other than Dragon Quest that do anything like that for me. Rather just watch a film or tv show than play a so called game that is interrupted all the time.



Henmii said:

Ah man, I wanted those cool cutscenes! I think his argument is invalid, after all he did spoil all kinds of characters/items/stages during the development of Brawl! Didn't that less the impact too, if you know in advance what will be in it?! By the way: I experienced the cutscenes IN THE GAME! I didn't look them up on Youtube, and I loved them!

Well, at least there will be some "cutscenes" available from the start (according to what he said). You don't have to unlock those. Hopefully those are worthwhile!!

To be honest, I am a bit worried: No story cutscenes, recycled character models, a 3DS version wich only difference will be it's stages and art-style (as far as we know), third-party characters at a minimum, it all doesn't bode that well so far! Don't get me wrong, it still will be fun! But I want it to be great!!



itsiantime said:

This is upsetting... I loved the bosses in Subspace, and the cutscenes were funny, cool. I hope whatever he puts on the new game will be just as awesome .



JimLad said:

Another franchise gets scaled back to save development cost/time.
First it was Zelda (Skyward Sword), then Mario (3D World)... maybe Metroid is next with Other Other M.
I won't miss the cutscenes too much. What I do miss is that warm feeling of knowing the next game will have more stuff than the one I already own.



PixelatedPixie said:


Just because I don't like the game doesn't mean I'm not interested in the topic being discussed. I have no interest in playing EVE Online either, but I still find it fascinating.



Memeboy3 said:

@Squiggle55 Whoa Man! This is the Same guy who made the series, made Kirby and Revived Kid Icarus and gave us Uprsising. Maybe he had a bed day at development, i'm sure he'll try something new that's all.



Memeboy3 said:

Am I Reloads gun The only one who HATED SSE and Thought it was NOT bad news? I bet he'll try to win us over somehow..



Memeboy3 said:

@2Sang The Wii u is a DEFINATE BUY! Why do SO many people keep wanting cut scenes on every super smash bros game since brawl? I know the SSE was kind of good....but seriously, why do we complain of no story mode in SSB but we don't complain of the Removal of the pokegear in Pokémon gen 3?

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