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Sat 20th Jul 2013

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ajr12388 commented on Splatoon Producer Inks Out Reasons For Lack Of...:

The objective of the game is twofold. 1) Cover as much area as possible and 2) kill enemies so that objective 1 becomes easier.

Voice chat makes objective 2 easier (callouts like they are pushing right, one near our base, sniper high right, etc) Objective 1 would not need voice chat because you could simply look at your map. I feel like Voice with friends would be suitable or in ranked battles at the very least.



ajr12388 commented on Xenoblade's Shulk Confirmed For Super Smash Br...:

Gonna get eggs thrown at me, but I didn't beat Xenoblade on the Wii. I own it though. Got to the part where you have to get through some cave after the attack on a town. Stopped playing. I'll try to get through it before ssb Wii u comes out.



ajr12388 commented on Nintendo Confirms Comic-Con Mario Kart 8 Tourn...:

@DarkKirby That "tournament" was a straight up joke due to the rules involved. With that being said, it was more of a way to show how hectic smash can really be.

Edit: Crap this comment was meant to the other guy..

And anyone who think that the "tournament" was legit is completely out of their minds.



ajr12388 commented on Poll: Which Is The Best Legend Of Zelda Game?:

If you think TP was the best, shoot yourself in the face. Okay that's excessive, but seriously, its probably one of the most underwhelming Zeldas.

I'd say Majora's Mask is probably the best. 3 day mechanic was like a puzzle in itself, the peculiar characters, the mask switching, was, and still is, one of the most unique.

Definitely after that is OOT.



ajr12388 commented on Satoru Iwata Speaks Of The Need To "Redefine" ...:

"Quality of Life" Your area of expertise is video games, and your current console is in dire need of help and recognition. How's that for "Quality of Life"?

Signed, Wii U owner

Fact is, you tried to please the casual market so much that you no longer have a core market. The core guys are the ones buying 8 games a year. Stop being stingy, take some of that money you made on Wii and reinvest back into the hardware division. Take a real risk against the current market leaders.

They always say they don't want to compete, but its because they know they can't. 1990s style game design can only get you so far. Scoop up some indie developers and put their remarkable titles on your console.

Is that so hard?



ajr12388 commented on Wonderful 101 Team Is Platinum's Biggest Ever,...:

I think he's right. I've played re4, dmc1 and 3 multiple times and bayo like 5 times. The games are just so much fun to play. DMC is designed like a fighting game and re4 has so much replay value. Hopefully this game fills the same experience.