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Mon 1st Oct 2012

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Neoproteus commented on Masahiro Sakurai Rules Out Story Sequences For...:

I hated subspace emissary. I'm kind of glad they're getting rid of it. Hopefully each character has some kind of shorter adventure mode to themselves like in most other fighting games, but even if it's just Classic, Adventure, and All Stars like in Melee I wouldn't be all that disappointed. Hope they at least bring back individual target tests. Master Hand and Tabuu will probably still make it in as final bosses in one form or another.



Neoproteus commented on Miyamoto Puzzled As To Why Anyone Would Want A...:

C'mon Miyamoto! If you want to change something just change it! Add in the ability to JUMP! Add water levels! Make the cars fly! Anything! If a series is going stagnant don't just abandon it! And if anyone complains about the art style you could say it's satire like The Hunger Games!