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Thu 4th Apr 2013

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Havkri commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Confirms Playable Cranky Kong...:

this was really disappointing... this was not something to announce at such an event. VGX's demographic are more of the "mature" gamer's and my guess are that only a few Nintendo fans/fanboy's are watching this show. showing of Donkey Kong TF, a game that mostly or even only Nintendo fans will look upon as good is really a dumb move. why not reveal Zelda U or Metroid U... Hell he even had a Metroid pin... for goodness sake Nintendo.



Havkri commented on Masahiro Sakurai Rules Out Story Sequences For...:

Come on Mr.Sakurai! Finally Nintendo releases a HD console and then you decide not to put glorious HD cutscenes? And the excuse is what? people leaked the cut scenes online... well this is 2013, stuff will leak out no matter what. you just as might drop the super smash balls because people will see them before they are out.



Havkri commented on Nintendo Will Attend GDC Europe For The First ...:

I hope they use this opportunity to finally announce the new Zelda game, they said they were going to announce it at E3 but it just wasn't ready yet. So why not announce it now, I mean this is their first time attending this thing....



Havkri commented on Guys, This Is How You Make A Live-Action Zelda...:

i loved the first part, then link arrived.... allthough i didnt have any big problems with the fight scene it kinda baffles me how so many live action portrays of Link, always has him having a blond wig, even though the actor has dark hair... it just doesnt look good. but other then that i absolutely loved it, and it is too bad Nintendo never will publish a movie like this (even though i can see why).



Havkri commented on Shigesato Itoi Says Mother 4 Would Be "Impossi...:

i think i can get why its "impossible". Shigesato Itoi have stated that the games are inspired by his own life events, and if he feels that he has given his games it all i can understand that, if thats the case though. i myself have never played the earthbound games, i was born at the wrong time and place, which is a shame. but maybe i will try out the series now that its coming to virtual console.



Havkri commented on Smartphones And Tablets To Be "Primary Screen ...:

Unless a smartphone game can give me the same stories, the same length and atmosphere, and the same overall experience i get when i play console games, i dont see this happening. i will never give up games like Zelda or fire emblem for cheap simple minded games that takes nothing but minutes to complete. games like angry birds can be fun but only for so long.



Havkri commented on No Battlefield 4 For Wii U Because DICE Wants ...:

I do not believe this is true. during E3 2011 they said that there would be battlefield for WiiU. It is documented. Also we all know about EA and Nintendo's rocky relationship after the Origin/Miiverse disagreement. I believe this is just DICE covering up for EA's ridiculous and sadly very childish behavior.