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Mon 28th May 2012

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Sp00n commented on Masahiro Sakurai Rules Out Story Sequences For...:

I totally understand that. Cut scenes WERE an awesome reward for beating chunks of the game. Whilst you can obviously hold off watching them, it's not the same knowing you can watch them whenever.

But hot damn, the SSE cut scenes were amazing. So I am sad.



Sp00n commented on It Doesn't Look Like Bungie's Next Epic Is Com...:

Does the game seem a little xenophobic to anybody else?

"Strange new life has taken place... You are the last beacon of civilsation". Not human civilisation, but civilisation period.

I mean, it looks just like another FPS and the storyline equates to 'shoot the evil aliens'... So why do we care that it might not be coming?

Oh, right, there is some myth of a golden age and some long gone super powerful god aliens.



Sp00n commented on Masahiro Sakurai: Stories in Video Games Can b...:

One of the best methods of video game story telling is in Metroid Prime, which lets you immerse yourself in this world and discover as much about the story as you want. I think it's truly wonderful.

That said, the only time a story has ever been a hook for me in buying a game was Starcraft II, because the originals had managed to tell such an amazing space war story, but then Starcraft II was rubbish, chiefly because it followed to many story conventions of modern gaming.



Sp00n commented on Wii U Resident Evil: Revelations Will Not Supp...:

I am at a complete loss as to why anyone would want to go back to dual analogue after the Wiimote.

It's just perfect for shooters. Absolutely perfect. The only thing that comes even close to being as good for shooters is a mouse and keyboard.

Dual analogue is the awkward control scheme here.