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Tue 12th Apr 2011

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PixelatedPixie commented on Super Mario Bros. 3 Arrives on Wii U and 3DS V...:

How come there's a £1 difference between the 3DS and Wii U versions in the UK, but not in the rest of Europe?

Actually, here's a better question. Why is there a pound difference at all?

Actually, here's an EVEN better question. Why aren't the two system's virtual consoles libraries integrated?



PixelatedPixie commented on Win £100 of Nintendo eShop Credit!:

It would be nice if there was some way for participants to know whether or not winners had already been chosen. I do, however, appreciate that there are probably quite a lot of submitted answers to go through.



PixelatedPixie commented on Review: Nano Assault EX (3DS eShop):


Thanks for the feedback. It's much appreciated.

I'm still hesitant though. I remember people saying similar things about Uprising, that it worked well despite not having a second stick, and I'm sorry to report that I thought the controls in that game were terrible (both using the stylus and the face buttons).

I think I'll do a bit more research before I decide.

This game does sound cool though.



PixelatedPixie commented on Review: Nano Assault EX (3DS eShop):

Here's the catch.

I want to play this game, but really don't see the appeal of playing it with the face buttons. I'm open to the idea that using the face buttons for directional shooting could work, but without a demo I simply can't be sure.

I have no doubt that I would really enjoy playing it with a CPP, but I refuse to buy any accessories for my current 3DS because I intend to upgrade as soon as a revised 3DS becomes available.

It's a catch 22. I would buy this game in a heart beat if the system had a second circle pad, which it doesnt. There is an accessory that provides a second circle pad, but I don't see the point in buying accessories that won't be useable with revisions of the hardware. I'm open to the idea that the game could play well with just the face buttons, but without a demo I would hesitant to spend £12.49 to find out.

It's certainly a pickle.



PixelatedPixie commented on Nano Assault EX Also Goes Virus Hunting In Nor...:

I've been looking forward to this game for some time, but I'm starting to get really bugged by the price differences between the regions (Europe usually gets screwed and Australia even more so). I'm not, however, going to be one of those people that bitches about the discrepancy. I just hope these companies realise that in this online era in which prices between the regions can be compared at the click of a button, that charging more in certain regions will make gamers in that part of the world less inclined to purchase their game. Consumers will always approach purchases with a certain sense of their entitlement (even it that's often misplaced) and an expectation of fairness. They don't like to feel like they're being taken advantage of. If you want to charge more in Europe or Australia than you do elsewhere, you better have a good reason for it.



PixelatedPixie commented on Paper Mario: Sticker Star Had Some Mini-Games ...:

Let's just say the mini games left on the cutting room floor aren't the only evidence that Intelligent System ran out of time. This game was clearly not Quality Assured to the same standard as most of Nintendo's top tier releases. Quite a few of those puzzles were outright obtuse, and some were simply nonsensical.



PixelatedPixie commented on Paper Mario: Sticker Star (3DS) Giveaway:

@BlockPunch - Yeah same here. At this point I can assume I wasn't amongst the top 3 as I did not receive an email yesterday, so I'm going to go ahead and order my copy today. It's a shame there wasn't a more elegant way for participants to find out whether or not they won something.



PixelatedPixie commented on Nintendo of Europe Gives Free Retail Game to 3...:

It's hard not to feel just a little left out. Ambassadors should be eligible for this as well I feel. We've been supporting the system from the start. I'm glad people who waited and jumped in with the XL, or perhaps those who upgraded to the XL, are being rewarded, but I personally feel like the offer should be extended to ambassadors. I'd take a free 3DS game over GBA and NES games any day.



PixelatedPixie commented on Premium Wii U Owners In The UK Need To Spend ...:

I don't care either way because I prefer to buy my games at retail and online where they're usually £5 - £10 cheaper than the RRP. Plus, I'm not even considering buying a Wii U until I see what Sony and Microsoft's next generation consoles bring to the table. I guess it's a cool program for those people that don't enjoy owning physical media, for me though I'd much prefer having a hard copy which is easily lent or sold.



PixelatedPixie commented on Paper Mario: Sticker Star (3DS) Giveaway:

I entered my 3DS friend code into the box above, but the article suggests there was a form I was supposed to fill in? Did I miss something?

I also got a message stating 'Thanks for entering! Your entry has been counted. Please wait until we reveal the winner.' So I assume I've been accepted as one of the 100 participants.