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Sun 11th Mar 2012

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parutena commented on Review: Cloudberry Kingdom (Wii U eShop):

Yeah music is really the only thing that bothers me. It feels like it's just there and not really doing anything. Besides that though this game is incredible! Leaderboards will be fun.



parutena commented on Masahiro Sakurai Rules Out Story Sequences For...:

If you like cutscenes and a bad story Smash Bros. is not for you. May I suggest Metroid: Other M?

Perfectly valid reason to not include them, and people calling Sakurai lazy/going the easy way out is hilarious since he literally pours his life into these games. It's all "get better Sakurai-san ;^; " until he makes a design choice lol.



parutena commented on Platinum's Hideki Kamiya Gives Smash Bros. Fan...:

I would be mad too. Smash fans are constantly looking for the smallest shred of "evidence" to back-up their ridiculous roster predictions. Seriously one of the most useless things to do, too. And then he gets questions like "how wud u lik it if u wer in smash bros" like really? Are these people 12?

Good job Kamiya imo.



parutena commented on Kickstarter Campaign Opens For A Hat In Time:

People shouldn't just get on the hate kickstarter bandwagon at the mere mention of it. if you watch the video the guy gives nice reasons for the kickstarter and takes into consideration what would happen if the funding didn't happen.



parutena commented on Miiverse: Super Metroid - Too Taxing For Today...:

I think it's a mix of all these things. There are genuinely strange parts if you've never played a 2D Metroid (the run button is one) and yeah, the game's not spelled out for you and requires experimentation and time. I can even understand the shoot 5 missiles to open a red door if you've never played Metroid.

At the same time it is silly how people get stuck on relatively easy parts that require just a little bit of experimentation and logic. Maybe I'm just exposed to this stuff but this is my first time going through SM and I haven't had too many hiccups, just tiles that you have to bomb.

Also I'm like 99% the save room one is a parody because holy crackers.



parutena commented on Code Of Princess Reduced To $29.99 On North Am...:

I think online is a strong part of the game too, it's a shame it's dead.
That said single player is still fun and quirky, but I liked fighting other people. There are also items that are exclusive to getting certain ranks online (there's even one for being #1 on leaderboards which is ridiculous).



parutena commented on Platinum's Inaba: Wonderful 101 Is So Much Fun...:

@GiftedGimp I like measuring games in price/hours of play as much as the next idiot but I really wish there was a unit to measure fun because I'd much rather go price/amount of fun. That said game length is not something to base price on imo...I would like a great short game instead of an okay long game.
I guess we don't know about W101 yet but I'd be willing to bet it'll be the former.



parutena commented on Talking Point: Warren Spector Asks, Where Are ...:

You make a good point, even though I disagree with how long a game needs to be (people do certainly expect to devote 10, 20, 30 hours to a game). It has to be tough to make a game fun and have some adult themes in it. I don't mean themes of sex, violence, and swearing, I mean thought-inducing games that give a good lesson. @Bismarck brings up Little Inferno, and that's a good example. Compare Little Inferno to what gaming is typically associated with — shooters, action games, violence in general, etc. It's like films today. Watch a movie like Lincoln and compare it to the rest of the options at the theater. Go back and watch movies like Doctor Strangelove...these give real lessons and make real points without devolving into gritty war and action.

Now gaming doesn't have to be like that all the time obviously. Gameplay is no doubt integral to a game. It's a game after all. Just need to expand the thoughts and not be restricted to what sells.



parutena commented on Code Of Princess Picks a Fight With Europe on ...:

@DashCG yeah, I get you on that. my only motivation for single player past the story and bonus missions was leveling joke characters. Really though this game is almost nothing without online. The music and art is nice, but we can all agree that's not a major reason to buy a game for most people.



parutena commented on Code Of Princess Picks a Fight With Europe on ...:

In stark contrast to @DashDG I spent 70 hours on this game, losing only to the likes of Kid Icarus, Pokemon, and soon, Etrian Odyssey in terms of total playtime. The online is really fun when people actually play it. The story isn't that great but if you love grinding up characters there's no shortage of that, either.



parutena commented on Talking Point: Review Scores and Unwinnable Ar...:

Review implies careful thought and constructive criticism of a game, not assigning a game an arbitrary number. Ever had someone peer edit an essay? There are people that read your work and circle numbers that quantify their opinion, but sometimes never qualify it. Why is my word choice a 4/5?

That said review scores are nice since there usually is a substantial review along with it (it kind of gives you a general idea of what they thought), but it's still important to see why the author decided on that score and not just say, "Oh, a 6/10, guess I won't get it."



parutena commented on Feature: Series Reboots That Have Divided Gamers:

KIU controls worked for me, so no complaints there.
SS seems ok, I haven't beat it but that's no fault of the game itself.
Other M is my definition of a bad game. I walked away from playing it and felt dirty. Absolutely nothing in that game worked well. The d-pad, the environment, the enemy design, the music, the story. I've said this before but the enemies particularly upset me, they make no sense to look at and don't feel like actual animals, more like monsters (Team Ninja is probably the cause, NG: RE has similarly hideous enemies). Just ugh.



parutena commented on WayForward Confirms Mighty Switch Force 2 For 3DS:

@speedyExpertist Austin Ivansmith definitely said Switch Force 2. The Destructoid link has a short bit of the interview. The entire interview is really cool, I encourage everyone to watch it. He also mentions that Pirate's Curse was announced a bit earlier than they would have normally done b/c Nintendo Power asked them to be on the cover. I don't want to butcher what Ivansmith says further so, again, I encourage everyone to watch it when they release the full interview!



parutena commented on WayForward Would Like To Make A Metroid Game:

I love WayForward but have to say no on this one. Not sure how to explain it but their females are decidedly female. Look at Shantae, Officer Wagon and Luna. They're hilarious characters but if that kind of style leeched over to Metroid I'm not sure what I'd think.