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Talking Point: Should Nintendo Be Promoting The Wii U GamePad As A Tablet Killer?

Posted by Damien McFerran

Kids love tablets, so why isn't Nintendo shouting about the GamePad?

When Nintendo first lifted the lid on the Wii U and its unique GamePad controller, many within the industry murmured their cautious approval. It all seemed to make so much sense — Apple's iPad had already kickstarted a tablet revolution and second-screen gaming promised big things. By launching a console which came with its own tablet-like controller, Nintendo could steal a march on its rivals and embrace an entirely new way of playing games straight out of the box without having to rely on additional peripherals.

Nintendo is sitting on a system which can offer the best of both worlds for less than the price of an iPad

Fast forward to the present day, and things haven't quite worked out as Nintendo had planned. The Wii U has so far failed to capture the hearts and minds of the games-playing public which made its immediate predecessor such a phenomenal success, and many of its best games make only rudimentary use of that revolutionary controller. It hasn't just been underused as a gaming platform, though — the tablet-like promise of the GamePad has also gone largely unfulfilled, with only a handful of applications outside of gaming being made available.

It's this reluctance to push the GamePad as an alternative to traditional tablets which is both puzzling and frustrating; a recent study in the UK found that parents are more likely to purchase a tablet for their children than a traditional games console, yet Nintendo is sitting on a system which can offer the best of both worlds for less than the price of an iPad.

Of course, while it has a large touchscreen display and shares some basic similarities with a traditional tablet, we're not talking apples for apples here — no pun intended. There's no capacitive screen, which means you ideally use the bundled stylus to interact with it. It doesn't have its own internal processor, and instead relies on data being wirelessly streamed from the main Wii U console — the short range of this system sadly means you can't walk around the house as freely as you would with an iPad or Nexus 7.

The GamePad is already tantalisingly close to providing a viable alternative to a "full blown" tablet, but Nintendo needs to do more

However, take a moment to think about how people use tablets. Many don't ever leave the comfort of the couch with them, with people turning to such devices to browse the web, surf Twitter or watch YouTube videos. The GamePad already does two of those things pretty damn well, and can do the third via the web browser. Nintendo's Miiverse social network proves that Twitter and Facebook could be replicated perfectly on the GamePad as bespoke apps, and dedicated Netflix and LoveFilm apps are also available. The GamePad is already tantalisingly close to providing a viable alternative to a "full blown" tablet, but Nintendo needs to do more.

Increased effort should be made to entice more app developers to the platform. Why don't we have eBay, Gmail, Amazon, Spotify and countless other popular applications on the Wii U — Skype is maybe a long shot as it's owned by Microsoft? If you're already a tablet user, think for a moment what you use it for the most, and then think if that same activity could be replicated on the GamePad. We're willing to bet that most — if not all — probably could be, and that means that when you use your tablet in the living room, you're effectively doubling-up on functionality you could be enjoying on a piece of hardware that's always under your television and always within easy reach.

Many people use their iPads for gaming, which is an area in which the GamePad can claim true dominance. The Wii U already has titles which iPad owners can only dream of — many of which can be played entirely on the GamePad's screen — and the rapidly-expanding eShop is home to many indie hits which are also available on smartphones and tablets. While there has previously been quite a large disparity in pricing when it comes to the eShop and the iOS App Store, that gap is shrinking, and there are now plenty of "impulse purchase" downloads on Nintendo's platform. The Wii U GamePad is also the only place you can legitimately play NES, Super Nintendo and Game Boy Advance titles on a tablet-style device — something that shouldn't be understated, especially when you consider how popular Sega and Square Enix's retro titles are on iOS and Android.

Nintendo should be asking parents why they're planning on spending so much cash on a tablet device when they can have a games console which comes with its own tablet controller

All of the above will of course be glaringly obvious to the vast majority of you reading this right now. If you're already a Wii U owner then you'll know that it makes a great media machine thanks to the likes of YouTube and Netflix, and is handy for browsing the web on both the GamePad and the TV itself — the ability to effortlessly cast content to a larger display being another feather in the Wii U's cap. Yet Nintendo has made little to no noise regarding this additional functionality, despite the fact that tablets are the hottest device with youngsters these days. The tablet-like properties of the GamePad should be front-and-centre when it comes to marketing the Wii U; Nintendo should be asking parents why they're planning on spending so much cash on a tablet device when they can have a games console which comes with its own tablet controller — one which is chunky and child-friendly, to boot.

Many of you may be shaking your heads and muttering about never using the GamePad as a proper tablet — and that's totally understandable. Although it performs the same basic functions, the GamePad isn't as light, responsive or "premium-feeling" as an iPad. Apple's products are sold as much on their desirability and status as they are on their actual prime function, and for that reason alone there will be millions of people out there who will totally reject the idea of logging onto Facebook on anything but an expensive Apple fondleslab fashioned from tempered glass and brushed metal. However, that's not the market Nintendo should try to hit — aim the GamePad at those aforementioned parents who are mulling over which tablet to purchase for their offspring, and the sales will surely follow.

This isn't the golden bullet that will turn the Wii U into an overnight success, of course, but it could help maintain the positive momentum generated by the recent success of Mario Kart 8. It seems a tragic shame that Nintendo isn't exploiting the tablet-like talents of the GamePad, because its feels to us like an open goal; a route into millions of homes worldwide which wouldn't take much effort to promote. The tech is there and it is proven to work --- Nintendo just needs to get more third-party apps on board and make sure that when parents enter the electronics store to pick up that shiny new tablet for their beloved kiddies, their attention is drawn not to the iPad or Galaxy Tab, but to the games console with the familiar name which not only offers some of the best gaming experiences money can buy, but will also keep the young ones quiet when the telly is in use.

Do you think Nintendo should push the GamePad as a tablet alternative? (343 votes)

Yes, promoting the GamePad as a tablet adds value to the console and will attract new buyers


No, it should focus on what it does best and not water down the gaming message of the Wii U


I'm not sure either way


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Blast said:

Well... I luv the Gamepad. I really honestly do. Off-tv play, Netflix, and the Internet Bowser are just so awesome for me. I think they should focus on the games and why its awesome.



DualWielding said:

If they advertise it as a tablet then people would complain when they find out it is not tablet



MikeLove said:

Maybe not because the battery life sucks, it's not portable, the touch screen sucks, it doesn't have 'apps', you can't download and save movies or music on it, it has no internal memory, its only a streaming device for the Wii-U, cant buy games for $1, etc.

How did this article slip past the editor? It's utterly useless and poorly thought out.



bezerker99 said:

The Gamepad is awesome as a video game controller (Off-TV play ftw) but it's just not a tablet. Apples and oranges....



CosmoXY said:

My 5 year old loves to play Mario 3D World on the gamepad but uses it for nothing else. If she wants to play app games or watch netflix she grabs the ipad. I would like to see apps for children developed for the wii u gamepad.



Inkling said:

The same thing would happen like with the first ad. It'll be taken down because of one stupid complaint about something



GuSolarFlare said:

I think Nintendo should be clear that the Gamepad isn't a tablet, the very fact that the gamepad can't go far from the WiiU while tablets can be taken anywhere is enough for parents to give preference to the tablets.



Peach64 said:

I don't think it would do them any favours to be honest. The numbers show that most households have a tablet already, and almost all of them would be better at typical tablet functions than the gamepad is. The resolution alone makes it look bad as a web browser, and it would also stop it being useful as a magazine/newspaper/comic book ereader. The only thing it can sort of match up to the tablets with is the video playback, but even then you don't have some widely used stuff such as Plex. That's before you get to the poor touch screen and smaller display.

I don't think it's even really a cheap alternative, since the iPad mini is not really more than a Wii U is, and you just have to talk to parents of little kids to know they don't really have any problem letting two year olds use their tablets.

They should just focus on how cool it is to have your console games displayed on it, and not try and compete with devices it's so technologically inferior to in my opinion.



gatorboi352 said:

"and second-screen gaming promised big things."

The problem is, in actuality, second screen gaming just confuses the crap out of people. Wiimote swinging, they get. Looking at two screens back and forth a lot, they don't.

Hence why Nintendo's focus as of late has been to make gaming on the Pad alone an emphasis. Quick Start menu, game trailers in the eShop only highlighting game play being played on the GamePad, etc..



AlternateButtons said:

It would be false advertisement technically because the Wii U GamePad does NOT act like a traditional tablet. It has a resistive touch screen and it doesnt display images in HD. Also there are no real tablet like uses for it outside of menu navigation and some touch mechanics in games and it lacks apps that traditional tablets have. I think marketing the GamePad as a tablet would only cause more confusion to the consumer on what the Wii U really is, a game console. The GamePad should showcase game mechanics and unique features and not be sold as something it's not.

Also, Nintendo tried to market to the casual niche audience that normally takes part in Tablet gaming for the first two years of its life and look how that turned out. Just Saying.



ekreig said:

But it isn't a tablet killer, at least not right now. Like others have said, it just doesn't have the same multimedia and app power iPads and Androids have. Nintendo should simply keep building it up as a unique, quality gaming experience. In my opinion, that's all it should ever have to be.



MikeLove said:

....can't read books on it, can't read magazines, no free angry birds, not as 'cool' as owning an iPad, no FaceTime with friends, no instant messaging, no camera for taking photos, can't record videos, no App Store, low resolution screen.....

How could anyone reasonable think this would be a good argument to make!?! The Wii-U a replacement for a tablet?! My god.....



Meuz said:

I always use the GamePad to browse the web - much more convenient than accessing another device when the Wii U has a better, faster browser than most tablets. Watching YouTube videos is great on the Wii U (not the app) because you can play them on your TV. I've used the GamePad to shop on Amazon, too!



Dohv said:

Off topic but should I sell my Xbox One to get a Wii U ? I have the PS4 as my main platform and the Xbox One doesn't have any games I want currently. The Wii U has a lot I want and since the PS4 is my main console and they will both have the same multiplats is it worth it to sell my Xbox One for the Wii U ?



Zizzy said:

I'd prefer if Nintendo didn't try to cater to the tablet-using market. There's enough tablets out there.



UnseatingKDawg said:

It's a controller with a very convenient touch screen. Works better than the iPad when browsing too. But I say it's more for games than anything.



gatorboi352 said:

And like others have said, the fact that its "tethered" to the console itself makes this all a moot point. Quite honestly, the range on the Pad is atrocious. Even worse, the developers behind the wireless tech said before the Wii U even launched that theoretically the ability to "repeat" the distance in the range of the signal is a simple OS update away, if Nintendo wanted to.



Ralek85 said:

@Beetlejuice Well unfortunately I'd have to agree mostly, and worse, I don't think Nintendo could deliver on a "tablet experience". They are just too far removed when it comes down to features, I doubt even at the end of this generation anyone will be able to mistake the gamepad for a tablet, even forging limited portability. Another BIG problem is simply that the screen is pretty crappy, and not just because it is low resolution (though this doesn't help either esp. with reading). It's better than I though I would be, but in comparison to a retina display or even a Vita screen, it's really not good at all.



gatorboi352 said:

@Beetlejuice you are right in many of your points, except one. You can Facetime on it, just, only with other Wii U owners.

If Nintendo somehow inked a deal with Skype or something similar that could open up the video chatting options, that would be legit.

The lack of instant messaging is maddening though. I shouldn't have to go into Miiverse to send a private message, and to see who replied back to my PM as well.



TheKingOfTown said:

No they shouldn't. They can't compete with those types of tablets in terms of features, so they should just try to advertise its innovations with gaming. (although in order to do that, they need to make some games that actually use the tablet in a meaningful way)



SethNintendo said:


Yea, it would be nice to send message from the friends list on the Wii U and 3DS instead of having to go to Miiverse. A person might not get your message in ample time through Miiverse if that person doesn't go to Miiverse often (like myself lately). They need to work on that asap in my opinion. It is annoying but not a complete deal breaker for me considering I don't online game as much as I used to. Plus my friends list is full of about 100 people from a site a no longer visit (I only have one person that I know from real life that is on my friend's list).



Ralek85 said:

@Dohv Don't, why? Well, because of ...
Halo 1-4 HD Collection -> This year!
Halo 5
Crackdown 3
Sunset Overdrive -> This year!
Phantom Dust
Quantum Break
Gears of War
Fable Legends
Dead Rising 3 DLC
(console exclusive) Dead Rising
(console exclusive) Titanfall

Also Xlive is superior to Nintendo Network in any conceivable way. I love MK8, I'm looking forward to SSB and Splatoon ... still ... the framework is still so dawn annoying, throwing up hurdles left and right. Wait till next year with the WiiU, the PS4 is pointless for the time being, till Bloodborne comes out, all I played was Infamous and Resogun, stick with the X1, it'll deliver in 2015. Trust me.



Jazzer94 said:

I'm sorry no just no, it doesn't have the range or portability can't play apps and has a bad battery life.



Ralek85 said:

@gatorboi352 The lack of voice chat in MK8 is maddening. Screaming at my friends while playing is the best part here ... sure we just go ahead and skype or just use ventrillo ... again with the barriers though, why Nintendo? Why? If Nintendo had anything apporaching Xlive ... darn I'd love it =(



Galenmereth said:

The Wii U GamePad won't work properly through one wooden wall, with the console hardly four meters away. That's not going to be a tablet killer: it already kills itself when not used within eyesight of the console :/



yuwarite said:

I'm browsing via a tablet right now, and the experience is not a good as using the GamePad. Multitouch is a gimmick and far too prone to inaccuracy and erratic behaviour/ glitches.



OneBagTravel said:

The gamepad is great for games but it's basically tethered to the console. plus it's lacking tablet type apps. it's a gamepad at the end of the day.



RetroBillyT said:

If the GamePad worked as well as a tablet, then yes, they should push it. But in reality, it has poor resolution and no capacitive touch screen. I think nintendo would be conning a lot of people. Okay for off-TV play but not as an IPad replacement...



GuSolarFlare said:

@Ralek85 blame the pervs that killed SwapNote on the 3DS and the fact there's still no technology to block cursings in audio chats(at least not cheap or accurate enough to be used)
you know Nintendo, they want to please the parents, because kids have no money and their reputation is already burned with most gamer adults that didn't play Nintendo in their childhood.



Ralek85 said:

@SethNintendo I agree completely, but let's be real here, even Nintendo can manage a mute-function, should be easy as pie esp. on the gamepad. Also the very least we need, is partychat for friends like on Xlive and on PS4 ... that is the very least. Sure my laptop + skype works, but it just seems so pointlessly backwards, although it wastes energy ^^



ZurrrrBlattTron said:

NOPE the 3DS should be treated more along those lines Advertising a WiiU as a Tablet killer could confuse the public as to what it is and who it's aimed for, as if that's not already a issue the Wii u is still facing :/



Savino said:

My ipad works everywhere in my house, the gamepad dont! Except if I drag the console around!
The gamepad is a nice gimmic but never will be as functional as a tablet!



Ralek85 said:

@GuSolarFlare That's no excuse for lack of messages via friendlist, or partychat for friends, and honestly it is NO excuse for anything, since God gave us a little thing could "parental control" options. If your child is a minor, you should be able to block voice chat ... what's the problem?
I don't wanna sound like a jerk, but I'm hearing these arguments for like 8 years now ... and they are just as silly as ever. Nintendo is just being lazy about this, that's all there is. It would be no big deal to make voice chat an option for all, emphasis on option! This needed saying, because it's 2014, and this has noting to do with being cautious or "behind the curve", it's just Nintendo not dealing. /rant over



ZurrrrBlattTron said:

And most of the time the tablet never leaves the living room? Damo I'm sorry but over here I see Tablets EVERYWHERE not as much as phones but the number of people who pull out a ipad out of their Bag is pretty high even in schools High school and College you see students just hanging out taking notes on their iPad or Samsung Tablet and even If Nintendo is able to pull it off they're is still cheaper options like the Kindle Fire HDX or the Nexus 7 both of which are highly praised for cheap prices and still having great quality people will see commercials comparing the Gamepad to a tablet and probably figure "oh hey something nice I can take to the subway with"



GuSolarFlare said:

@Ralek85 hey, I know it shouldn't be a valid excuse, but for how long Nintendo has been doing it?
I'm not sure either but it's long enough for me to give up on hope for those features in any Nintendo exclusive that's not made by a second or third party company



Dohv said:

@Ralek85 PS4 isn't pointless. Every gen Sony delivers with the exclusives, it's just they're always to a slow start for some reason.

I already played Halo 1-4 thousands of times
Don't like Crackdown, already beat Ryse, and Deadrising 3 I own but it sucks to me, don't care for Titanfall, don't like Fable. Only things that are keeping me interested is Sunset Overdirve, Quantum Break, and Halo 5. I might sell my Xbox One for the WiiU and get an Xb1 without kinect bundle late next year.



AVahne said:

Hahah, No.
It's a controller which just so happens to have screen in the middle. It cannot compete with tablets or even handheld gaming devices since it's constantly tethered to a stationary device. The effective use range is pretty poor as well.
Its role is something completely different from the above devices.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Absolutely not. The only thing tablets and the GamePad have in common is a touchscreen. But the definition of a tablet goes far beyond that.
The worst Nintendo could ever do is picking out the wrong competition - Microsoft and Sony already pointlessly try to compete with PC's, and it's not working in favor of gamers.

If anything, Nintendo should make even more clear that the GamePad is a peripheral, not standalone hardware.



Arminillo said:

No surprise ptp fees, kid friendly social network, better graphics, same internet capabilities, half the price.

I just sold it.



c1pher_c0mplet said:

"Should Nintendo Be Promoting The Wii U GamePad As A Tablet Killer?"

No. Because even basic tablet functionality is not possible on the GamePad, notwithstanding the GamePad is functionally useless when not in close proximity to the Wii U unit itself. (And even if they wanted to, I don't think 21st century "weeny" Nintendo would even entertain marketing against a competitor the way Yamamuchi's Nintendo did during the Genesis days.)



burninmylight said:


1) "Battery life sucks" - You missed the part where the writer said a great many tablets never leave the house. Which is true: a lot of people don't have data plans on them and rely on home WiFi, and a tablet loses a lot of it's use without a connection. So if you're mostly using it at home, how hard is it to use it while plugged in? You do it with every other device that relies on batteries: phones, laptops and tablets. And if it's that big of a deal, buy a battery with a longer life.

2) "It's not portable" - No argument there

3) "The touch screen sucks" - Good thing it has buttons, a D-pad and analog sticks then. And a stylus. It's quite accurate with the stylus.

4) "You can't download and save music or movies on it" - Most people don't do that with tablets. That's why they have streaming services. People actually downloading stuff usually have laptops and PCs.

5) "It has no internal memory" - It doesn't, but the Wii U does.

6) "Can't buy games for $1" - That's funny, Blok Drop U happens to be on sale for about a dollar now. But can you buy Nintendo games and other Wii U exclusives on a conventional tablet?

The only thing that was poorly thought out was your post.



ToastyYogurt said:

I think part of the tablet appeal is it's a device you can easily take into another room if you want. The gamepad, not so much. I 'spose it depends a lot on the design of your house and where the Wii U resides in it, but mine's in the basement where the biggest TV an the comfiest chairs are. Every room besides the the basement gets very weak (we're talking Gamepad stuttering for a few seconds, every minute or so) to nonexistent signals. I don't think most families would want a tablet that can't leave the room, let alone one that is inferior to most tablets in almost everything but gaming.

I think Nintendo should just focus on games, anyway. While more streaming options would be welcome, I don't see a reason to target tablet-desiring children. If they were too give something along those lines a shot, though, I think enticing mobile developers of popular mobile/tablet games to release their games to the eShop for the same price would be a swell idea. If kids see they can play Doodlejump, Fruit Ninja, and other games of the sort (sorry, I'm not up to speed with all the games kids play on tablets these days. ) on the Wii U, with a TV showing off the game being played and throwing in some possible multiplayer options, I think that might draw in a few sales.



smirg said:

Absolutely not. As a tablet, the Gamepad sucks. Nintendo has a lot to learn from Apple. There's a lot they would need to improve upon, both hardware and software, before it can be marketed as a tablet killer.

Compared to an iPad, the Gamepad feels like something that was designed 10 years ago. It's like comparing a Palm Treo to a smartphone of today. Including a stylus alone makes the Gamepad feel ancient. Aside from the Gamepad/DS, the last time I had to use a stylus on a touchscreen was back when I had my Palm Treo.

The Gampad, in its current form, is little more than a game controller.



Emblem said:

This is stupid, the Wii U game pad is nothing like a tablet. It only has games and is not portable.



0utburst said:

Right now, NO. But I hope the next handheld (3DS successor) would be a gamepad-like or GBA-like in terms of form factor. It would also function as a tablet at the same time as a controller (second screen/controller like the gamepad now) on the Wii U's successor while also have the ability to stream handheld games on it.



rjejr said:

You know, before Nitnedo can promote the Wii U as a tablet "killer", it would have to promote it as a tablet, and it isn't a tablet, not even close.

OK, i think that's out of my system, mostly.

Bad title is bad, but there is some merit in the argument. Not the "killer" part, that's just utter nonsense beyond imagination, but the "tablet" part. The Gamepad is NOT a tablet, just isn't, but it wouldn't take much for Nintendo to make it one. First and foremost add in a Wi-Fi chip (the Wii U already has a chip, it has to b/c Nitnedo left out the NIC). Warn that games might have lag when switching to Wi-Fi, but also have it work for the internet browser, Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, Wii U video chat, Miiverse and everything else. Get some apps on there. The Wii had news and weather, that's a start. Get Facebook and Twitter.

The Wii U Gamepad has the potential to be a marketable "in home" 2nd screen for daily activities, if it gets Wi-Fi, but it's never going to be a tablet, much less a killer.



Nintenjoe64 said:

I said I didn't know.

I think they should mention its unique-ish features rather than try to make out it can rival an iPad. Parents give the tablet to their kids on long journeys and Wii U would need to be plugged in for that to work. Parents also use it for things like SkyGo when they're not at home which also leaves it behind the iPad.

What would help them is if they advertised the almost seamless transition from gaming to internetting and the fact that someone needing the TV will not affect a game of CoD, Mario Kart or whatever. There are other areas they could go after when selling to parents such as the fact there aren't games with pop ups designed to make children spend money on something they shouldn't.



Starwolf_UK said:

You know on the scale of "Gather around. I've figured out HOW TO SAVE NINTENDO" ideas this is pretty terrible if the GamePad is left in its current state. If it had an OS which was able to do more (especially outside of the Wii U range) you might have an argument as the GamePad would be a tablet then rather than a screen (even as a screen, compared to your average tablet falls short on the resolution front quite massively) but that is what should have happened at launch but would have probably made the system $599 and so perform even worse.

I think the last thing Nintendo needs to do now is muddy the waters even more about what the Wii U is supposed to be (especially as they constantly sway from the GamePad being a TV liberator to a unique part of the experience).

In fact I wonder if Quest 64 is more of a Final Fantasy VII killer than the GamdPad is an iPad killer (sure it is, players may be put off JRPGs for life by Quest 64 thus they never play FFVII, war never was pretty...).



Bolt_Strike said:

There is no way in hell Nintendo could possibly hope for the Wii U to be a tablet killer. For one, tablets are mobile platforms, you can take them out of the house with you, but with the Wii U you can't. Second, and more importantly, the people that buy tablets want more than just video games, they want music, movies, internet, apps, etc. Nintendo is not very good at this, they're primarily video game based, so they wouldn't be able to keep up in the mobile environment.



rmeyer said:

I think they should try with only a couple of killer apps. I would like to see FTL and Hearthstone.



Takerkaneanite6 said:

In the Wii era, they promoted the Wii Remote and motion control as the standard controller killer and it worked.
So if Nintendo promoted the Gamepad as a Tablet killer, then it may not make the Wii U the best selling console this generation, but it will certainly help get kids to understand the Gamepad more and they may ask their parents to buy a Wii U for them.
Just my Two Cents...



BinaryFragger said:

I love the GamePad as a controller (it's one of my favourite controllers of all time) but I don't see the point of promoting it as a tablet when a real tablet, such as my ASUS MeMO Pad, has many more features and capabilities.



Sir_JBizzle said:

@gatorboi352 Google provided a nifty streetview app for Wii U, so maybe they wouldn't need Skype. Google could provide a Hangouts app. I'm sure a good chunk of Wii U owners have a Google account now due to MKTV

Concerning the article, they should avoid marketing it as a tablet, because of the Gamepad limitations, but it wouldn't hurt to try to sway app developers to developing for the Wii U, so as long as it's paticular apps that would enhance the Wii U and not like the iOS or Play Store where it's crammed with a million apps that do the same thing.

Hopefully Nintendo's next system expands on the Gamepad idea and it doubles as a beast portable unit as well.



Sir_JBizzle said:


For one, tablets are mobile platforms, you can take them out of the house with you, but with the Wii U you can't.

This guy would like a word with you



MikeLove said:


Is this one of Damien's troll accounts? Hahaha!

You are the only person so far in the comments to disagree with me, so let me put you in your place quickly...

1/2) I see dozens of people every day in coffee shops, libraries, malls, parks, etc, using their tablets. Damien has no evidence that people just 'use tablets in their homes', so I have no idea why he said this. Lets put it this can use your tablet anywhere you want as long as its charged up, while the gamepad can only be used when its within a few feet of the Wii-U console which needs to be plugged in. And the battery life does suck.

3) the touch screen does suck. It's of very low quality and made of cheap components. Having buttons and thumbsticks are not generally features found on a 'tablet', which also helps to prove that the gamepad is not a tablet. Thanks for making that point.

4)I guess you have not heard of digital purchases? Many people have iTunes movies, tv shows and music saved on their tablets to be enjoyed whenever they want. For android uses its even easier to put films and songs on your device. Have you never used one before? You seem to not understand technology very well. A tablet can do these things, the gamepad can not.

5)so the gamepad is not a tablet then, since it has no internal memory. Gotcha!

6) no you can't buy Nintendo games on a tablet because its not a Nintendo system. On the other hand, you can't buy games or apps on a gamepad because its not a tablet.

Your rebuttals to me was embarrassing, read all these comments on here. No one here agrees with the notion that the gamepad is in any way comparable to a tablet. You are all alone on this one.



Bolt_Strike said:

@JQuest Interesting idea, but you still have to lug the console around with you for it to work, so it's clearly not designed for mobile.



ryanator008 said:

The reason Apple is so successful is because they make commercials that trick stupid people into buying their garbage. Nintendo just needs to make commercials that are equally misleading and uninformative.



TheRealThanos said:

@ferthepoet Exactly. I would secretly be having some fun at the cost of little kids rubbing both their index fingers over the screen trying to enlarge the picture, though...
But seriously, the absolute misnomer that is "the tablet controller" has to go, because it has almost become a stigma and besides it not being correct, it is also not helping Nintendo because most people actually do know the difference. It isn't and will never be a tablet.
@Dohv Do you have an Xbox Live Gold Account? In that case you can get 2 to 4 free games every month, both for Xbox 360 and Xbox One with "Games with Gold". I haven't even got an Xbox One yet, but I can still reserve the games for later on the Xbox website because of my Live subscription, so once I'll have the new console, I will have a ton of games on it already without having to buy them first.
People complaining about it not being a tablet by comparing it's screen to an actual tablet are a bit off course: since it is NOT a tablet, but simply a touch screen, it cannot be compared to a tablet and can therefore not be judged to be inferior to one. It is a giant DS touch screen and as such, the quality of the screen is more than adequate. I've never heard anyone complain about the quality of the DS touch screen or call it a "tablet handheld" so why should we treat the GamePad any different? Everything it does is displayed with more than enough clarity for anyone to be able to see and use it, which is it's intended purpose, NOT to be a full HD tablet/second screen.
And that is also why it absolutely baffles me that up til now, the majority of the people has voted "yes".



zool said:

It is NOT a tablet, it is a console controller with a screen attached and lets not pretend anything else.

Nintendo should either produce Wii u HD games that play much better with the use of the gamepad than they would on say the PlayStation which does not have a gamepad. Or they for get the gamepad screen altogether and just use it as a controller.

So far there is not one game I have played that is better because of the gamepad.

Nintendo should make its own tablet.



burninmylight said:


But I never said the GamePad is a tablet, did I? Nor did I say that I agree with the article. I just didn't care for your thoughtless post. Thanks for putting words in my mouth and trying to turn me into a strawman though. I enjoy an occasional banter with a charlatan though, so we can keep playing this game.

1/2) You claim Damien has no proof, yet you provide only anecdotal evidence. That's not hypocritical at all. I already acknowledged the rest of it. Please go back and read.

3) I never said the GamePad is a tablet. That's why it has buttons and a stylus to make up for the poor touch screen, and they work well. Go back and read.

4) I said most people using tablets have streaming services; I never said digital purchases were not available. But somehow, I've never heard of digital purchases, despite Point 6. Go back and read.

5) Yes, the GamePad is not a tablet. Care to show me where I said as much?

6) The Wii U has a few apps, like YouTube (although it's better to go to YT from the browser) Netflix and Hulu Plus. It'll never compete with a real tablet, but you go ahead and keep pretending like it can only play retail games.

Also, going through your post history reveals what seems to be a very unhealthy dislike for Damien. You should go talk to someone about this: it can't be good for your mental well-being.



sevex said:

This makes sense, but tablets have a few things the Gamepad never will, like true multi-tasking, and sleep mode. Even with the quick menu, the Wii U is just a bit too slow to replace a tablet.



ULTRA-64 said:

I sell phones and tablets for a living so it's a strange thought trying to pitch a Wii u alongside an my house it does replace the need for a tablet, it does everything my phone doesn't so I'm happy. To the general public it would be a hard sell, most people expect multi-touch technology as standard and buttons and sticks would be confusing to some. The range is very poor and angry birds is best played on the loo the screen quality is fine, people have mentioned that being bad but the type of apps people use don't require great graphics. Media playing like downloaded movies is something the Wii u wasn't built to do because streaming is the norm more and more so that's no major problem to most. All in all I think the type of people that would 'get' the console for the tablet would already have a console and a tablet so there isn't enough of a real advantage over that combo sadly.
The big thing that imo is the most baffling and the lack of the one feature that would have been a big ADVANTAGE ....a DVD/blu-Ray player, with the option to watch on the gamepad. True , streaming is taking over but that adds a feature to a house without internet/reception which would be hard for true tablets to rival.



Nareva said:

The iPad is portable, fast and light. I love the Gamepad, but it is not portable, it is also relatively slow and heavy. The iPad's capacitive touch screen is also much more responsive than the Gamepad's resistive touch screen. Shooting for iPad parity is a nice idea, but the Gamepad is not even close to being as versatile. I'm hoping Nintendo is working on that problem for their next system, but that is likely still many years away.



Ronoh said:

Should Nintendo Be Promoting The Wii U GamePad As A Tablet Killer?

No, because it's not a tablet killer for the obvious reasons many people mentioned above.



TwilightOniAngel said:

I see the comments here that no one wants nintendo to promote the wiiu gamepad as a tablet.and then i see the poll.Now the poll says people want the gamepad to be advertised as a tablet,damn guys make up your choice.



MikeLove said:


Then why are you nitpicking statements I made if you too feel that the gamepad is not a tablet?? Nothing you attempted to point out proved what I or anyone else on here has said was wrong, so what was the point??

Your arguments are ridiculous! I'm using antecdotal evidence that people use tablets outside of their homes?! Let me put it this way...

Can I take an iPad and walk down the street and sit at the park and use it? YES.

Can I take the gamepad outside my house and sit down at the library and use it? NO.

Therefore, it's impossible for the gamepad to be used anywhere but the home, while the tablet can theoretically be used ANYWHERE on earth as long as the battery is charged. So is it really that outlandish for me to say that a tablet can be used in more places than just the home??

I can't even bother arguing with you about the rest of this stuff. It's so ridiculous! And you used the word 'charlatan'?! In 2014!? Are you 70 years old?,

Also, Damien has a long history of posting cheesy click bait/flame war articles on here, so no harm in calling him on it!

Again, you are the only person in this comment section to have a problem with my statements, while everyone else here has posted basically the same thing, or replied to me and agreed with what I said.

Seems like you are the one with the messed up thinking here!



Dohv said:

@TheRealThanos No I don't have Live because I'm already paying for PS+ for my PS4 for the free games for PS4 and the free games on Vita when I get it. And I'm not really into online gaming. So no point in me spending 60 bucks on live.



Omenapoika said:

Aww, c'mon!
Trying to get the gamepad across to kids who are already using a tablet or a smartphone is like giving wholebran cereal to a kid with his pockets full of candy. Pay-to-win and get-the-app -generation of gamers seems like an existing reality to this old downer.
While it's awesome to see all the young users all excited in the Miiverse, I actually feel that Wii U is like a mature haven from all the buzz and biz of social media devices...



DBPirate said:

I wish they would just go ahead and make an update where you can take the Gamepad a few extra feet away from the Wii U console.



unrandomsam said:

"Yes, promoting the GamePad as a tablet adds value to the console and will attract new buyers"


How can that be the most popular option.



DreamOn said:

iPad users enjoy: highly responsive and brighter touch screen, text clarity due to res, social media apps, email app, speed switching between apps, camera with photo edit apps, diverse media store.

The GamePad boasts nothing like that. And I think that's all critical features of a tablet device today.

I love and love my gamepad for off-TV, but my iPad 3rd generation is 'my tablet'



dumedum said:

@Meuz I agree. As a browser, and with the ability to change to TV back and forth etc, the Game Pad is superior to every tablet out there. And capacitive screens are annoying.



firebird3334 said:

ever since i saw the gamepad when it was first announced I thought how well it would work with an android operating system. most of the feature ps4 has will come naturally with that OS. Google hangouts instead of wii u chat with cross game feature. buy and download android apps and wii u games straight to wii u through phone or pc through the play store or a store of nintendo's own. with This will also allow great intergration with nintendo's handheld devices (3DS)



Darknyht said:

Own both a tablet and the Wii U and while there is some overlap they aren't going to compete. About the only way a Wii U Gamepad wins against a full tablet (not a cheap tablet) is if the parents want to restrict a kid's "tablet" activities.

The Gamepad certainly could have been designed to do more, but the dependence on the Wii U hinders it. Quickboot shows some of the potential it could have had, but without RAM it is only a fantasy.



Einherjar said:

When it comes to playing games, the gamepad is definitly NOT a tablet killer...its a destroyer of its entire race
It has buttons, nuf said.

When it comes to multi media functions...well. I own an android phone and a chromecast and still, my preferred device to casually watch youtube vids is still the WiiU. Even for reading manga online, i definitly prefer the gamepad, since its so much more comfortable to hold.

The thing is, the WIiU is a dedicated gaming device and its gamepad is just that, a gamepad. Tablets arent dedicated gaming devices nor are they gamepads. So there is really no competition.



Alucard83 said:

No, I think most tablets are stronger than the WII U gamepad. It's too slow. Look @ the start up.



Alucard83 said:

It's like playing on a dos system and the Ipad/Iphones having windows. That's how the difference i'm seeing. lol. MY opinion



TheRealThanos said:

@Dohv 60? How about almost half that? I buy all my points and subscriptions online, where much cheaper options can be found and you get the code in your mail account straight away. Same goes for PS Network, so you could probably save quite a bit of money. And with all the free games to be had, it is still worth it even if you don't game online. A lot of the games are the so called Arcade games, but there are quite a few full blown games as well. Just take a peek:
Here are some links to cheap shops that I trust because I've already bought codes there.
The codes are valid worldwide, so the region you're in doesn't matter:



maneauleau said:

Kids who loves tablet don't care about "Why don't we have eBay, Gmail, Amazon, Spotify and countless other popular applications on the Wii U". Kids only likes games. Parents buy tablets for their kids because everybody can use it. And tablets can go in the car, in the plane, at grandma's house while the gamepad sadly can not (or not as easily). Thus the tablet replaces the home console and the handheld. This is a battle for the next Nintendo iteration the one with the unified OS which will facilitate home play and play on the go on the same device family. This iteration (Wii U and 3DS) need to to just deliver good games until the next iteration.



WiiLovePeace said:

@Dohv I think you should sell it to get a Wii U because the Wii U's exclusives are awesome. The Wonderful 101, Wind Waker HD, Super Mario 3D World, Sonic Lost World, Nintendo Land, Lego City: Undercover, Mario Kart 8 etc. there's tonnes of awesome eShop titles too. The gamepad is awesome fun for playing games on. Though admittedly I'm biased towards the Wii U in this instance as I have not used an Xbox One & personally have zero interest in Xbox One's upcoming exclusive games. Your call.



Cyberbotv2 said:

It's a shame they have been unable to add any apps of interest recently. Comixology, NBA, WWE, etc.



burninmylight said:


"Then why are you nitpicking statements I made if you too feel that the gamepad is not a tablet??"

Because it was a poorly written post. You failed to acknowledge any points the writer made and dismissed the entire article as mere clickbait, as if he had no basis to stand on. And several of your claims in it are either opinion, can be remedied or just plain wrong. You also completely ignored what the Wii U can do, dismissing it as a device that is completely useless as a device that can serve tablet-like functions. Worst of all, you were being a jackass. If you have the right to nitpick the article, I have the right to nitpick your post. Otherwise, there would be no reply button.

I keep saying over and over again that the GamePad isn't portable like a tablet. Nintendolife doesn't support HTML in the comment section, so I can't make it more obvious. You're the only one who refuses to acknowledge anything. I'm not the one who looks like a fool in this.

"I can't even bother arguing with you about the rest of this stuff. It's so ridiculous! And you used the word 'charlatan'?! In 2014!? Are you 70 years old?,"

No, but I am an adult; something I not quite sure you can claim regardless of your age. I apologize if I made you go through all the work of learning a brand new word. You say you can't bother arguing, yet you keep on doing it. More hypocrisy.

"Again, you are the only person in this comment section to have a problem with my statements, while everyone else here has posted basically the same thing, or replied to me and agreed with what I said."

Two people said they agree with some of your points. Would you like an award now?

Let me sum up how I feel about the GamePad by quoting @TheRealThanos:

"People complaining about it not being a tablet by comparing it's screen to an actual tablet are a bit off course: since it is NOT a tablet, but simply a touch screen, it cannot be compared to a tablet and can therefore not be judged to be inferior to one. It is a giant DS touch screen and as such, the quality of the screen is more than adequate. I've never heard anyone complain about the quality of the DS touch screen or call it a "tablet handheld" so why should we treat the GamePad any different? Everything it does is displayed with more than enough clarity for anyone to be able to see and use it, which is it's intended purpose, NOT to be a full HD tablet/second screen."


However, it can serve many of the functions a tablet does: browsing the Web, watching movies and videos, and checking mail. For many folks, including myself, that's all I would ever need from a tablet. It should not be promoted as a "tablet-killer" but rather as a must-own gaming device that comes with a controller that can take care of many tablet functions as a sweetener.



SammytheSaiyan said:

The Wii U is a gaming console, not a tablet. Please don't persuade Nintendo to try to attract those pseudo-gamers that consider tablets gaming platforms.



Ralek85 said:

@Dohv PS4 IS pointless. I never said it WILL be pointless. But even accounting for announced exclusives, here, today, right now, I feel much more comforable recommending the X1 over the PS4. Even if you care only for half their exclusives, going by the numbers I think you're better off with the X1. How about Scalebound and Gears of War or Phantom Dust? Also not your taste? What kind of games do you like then, if I think about PS4 the only games that come to mind are these ...
The Order
Uncharted 4
Killzone 4
Let Die
(console exclusive) No Mans Sky
The Witness
I did not enjoy UC 3, felt terribly stale and just to much shooting going on, and I hated TLoS, so I don't have high hopes for UC4. I very much looking forward to Bloodborne though, as well as the Order. No idea about Let Die, Suda games tend do be entertaining, but don't hold my attention very long. The "indies" are going to be great though, no doubt, esp No Mans Sky. I gotta ask though, how come you like Sunset but not Crackdown? Seems like very similar games to me and Crackdown 1 was probably among the top5 games I played on 360, with their cloudbased destruction engine, I forsee great things personally for this one.



DJaa said:

Terrible article that misses the whole point of the wii u. The short range wouldnt even allow it in the first place



Ralek85 said:

@GuSolarFlare Well, it's certainly no fault of yours or mine for that matter, but still it just ain't a proper excuse, at best it's a pretext to hide one own's lazyness.
I shudder at the thought of Splatoon being tainted by the lack of any proper means of communication. The game looks so damn great, and plenty tactical. I would be a shame beyoned comprehension if it were stuck with MK8-like GJ! Welcome! chat-shortcuts. I mean, sure, once again, my friends and I would just use other tools to coordinate, but it would feel unfair. How are we supposed to know if the other team, maybe just a group of random players, have any means to make up for that disadvantage ... I doesn't even bear thinking on. Are we supposed to sit all silent in our rooms, no talking, no making jokes, no coordinating, just to keep things fair and Nintendo fat and lazy? I don't think so.



Ralek85 said:

@WiiLovePeace Before E3 I would have agreed with you.
One aspect of your argument struck me as curious though, you think Wonderful 101 is great, but don't care for Scalebound? So may I assume, you don't care for Bayonetta either then? ^^
Also, just as a sidenote, you may want to give the X1 a try before you pass judgement. I was surprised to find, that I like the interface, the online component, as well as the controller (for action games that is), best of all the 3 new systems. The DS4 is a great controller though, and almost as nice as the X1, for non-shooter games, I'D probably even prefer it. That is to say, that before June this year, I had no plans to buy a X1 anytime soon, after all it was the laughing stock of 2013, and my 360 hasn't been used in 2 years. But who am I to judge the future based solely on the past ...



SanderEvers said:

The gamepad isn't a tablet, so it's not a tablet killer. The Wii U needs to be powered on for it to be useful.

However this is an entire PC inside of a tablet:

Sorry, I LOVE Nintendo, but the Wii U GamePad will never be able to beat that.

The GamePad is a wireless monitor with a controller built in. You can use it to display games on it, or use it as a second screen. That's all. (And that's all that's needed).



CanisWolfred said:

Lol, no. Not only is the Wii U not portable, it doesn't do a fraction of the stuff I need my tablet for. It barely plays Youtube correctly, let alone surf the web with a decent 3rd Party app, stream anime, do my taxes, open PDFs, read manga & comic books, check my steam account, organize my day planner, write important notes and email them to my Gmail account, tell me where my phone is...

Gaming is completely secondary on a Tablet. Let Nintendo do what they do best - making game devices and the games to play on them, NOT try and compete with those who make multipurpose tools.



MikeLove said:


This IS a horrible article and clickbait. Read the rest of the comments on here, you can count on one hand the amount of people who agree with his opinion. The rest of them state how stupid it is and how unlike a tablet the gamepad is. Go pick a fight with one of those guys and try to argue semantics with them instead.

And where did I say the Wii-U is a useless device?? i said its controller is not the equivalent of a tablet! Now who is the one that's not reading things??

And what did you say that disproved what I wrote??

I said the battery sucks (it lasts like 4 hrs) and you responded that it can be plugged in...does that change the fact that the battery life is horrible? No!

I said the touch screen is of low quality, and you responded by saying it has buttons and thumbsticks....what does that have to do with the sensitivity and resolution of the touch screen? Nothing!

I said you can't download movies, tv shows or music to the gamepad, and you reply that most people with tablets stream media....does that change the fact that the gamepad can't do any of the things I mentioned? No!

I think you are the one with the reading comprehension issues. All you did was twist what I said and act like a rapscallion. Now heed my warning and be gone with you!



Ralek85 said:

@Beetlejuice Not trying to pick a fight, but you know there is a battery pack? It's baffling though, if you open the Gamepad you can see that the battery in there is tiny, filling maybe 40% of the room available, the battery pack, made by Nintendo itself, fills out the room entirely ... and provides like 8h or about that.
In that regard Nintendo is every bit as terrible as M$ ...... Cashcow = customer ...



SCAR said:

I think they just need to market it as a home console that heavily make use of a tablet controller. They could technically compete with that market, but it would require them thave MUCH more apps and features than they currenly have.



DarkKirby said:

Tablet killer? LOL.

Look, I'm the most anti tablet person around, I'll never pay hundreds for something my smartphone can already do, as all a tablet is is a smartphone with a larger screen, and likely no phone or data functionality (not including Wifi).

But to suggest the Wii U Gamepad could compete with a tablet is ridiculous.



Dohv said:

@Ralek85 Well that's your opinion and I'm not trying to start a war but Sony exclusives are always way better for me because I like good stories over multiplayer focus. It's been like that since the PS2 and PS3. While MS is more multiplayer focused with games like Halo and Gears. And I know Sony has much more to announce because Guerrilla Games, Media Molecule, Quantic Dream, Sony Bend, Sony London, Sony Santa Monica etc haven't even announced their games yet. Plus Naughty Dog have a new IP they are working on after Uncharted. But if you prefer Ms that's ok it's your opinion and I can respect that.



MikeLove said:


Oh ya, I know about that. The pack costs you like $30-40 to replace the crap battery they included with it. When you buy a tablet, right out of the box you are getting between 8-12hrs per charge on the battery. The gamepad gives you 4-5hrs maybe, which is horrible.

I'm actually surprised that Nintendo isn't including the new battery inside new Wii-U gamepads at this point. I do love the pro controller though! One charge keeps it going for a few months, its unreal.



rockodoodle said:

Interesting thread- and as many have reacted, in some ways it simply cannot compete with the functionality of a tablet.....

But in other ways it can and should be promoted to a degree as such. It took me about 8 months to realize how nice it is to surf on it and it's also pretty cool for Netflix. Those two functions are what people use their tablets for quite a bit and then there's gaming.

I think off line play is very, very under rated- half the time I don't even have my Wii U hooked up to a TV. So, a tablet killer is a bit much, but the bonuses that it adds- and to a degree the portability of a Wii U (pretty much a slightly more bulk laptop- in fact when i move my Wii U, I take it in my back pack that used to house my old laptop- which also has enough room for me to pack my new laptop)



Hy8ogen said:

@DarkKirby The only tablet that makes sense is the Windows Surface. The Ipad, IMO is junk. It's just a ipod touch with a bigger screen that has been marketed by geniuses who took advantage of gullible consumers.

The only tablet-like feature I want for the Gamepad is the ability to send messages properly. The current messaging system through mii verse is atrocious and painful. Before Nintendo goes into that territory, they should fix their current problems first. There is SO MUCH that needs to be improved on the Gamepad, the "Table Killer" plan can wait until all those issues are dealt with.



rockodoodle said:

@CanisWolfred See my comment above. While a Wii U isn't as portable as a 3ds, a tablet or a laptop, it is to a degree portable. I compared it to a slightly more cumbersome laptop. I can put it in my back pack in less than a minute.

So, as I mentioned above, I don't think that this is a primary value proposition for the system. However, I have found myself using the gamepad in a lot of ways that I used my Galaxy Tab when I'm in my living room. In fact, I barely use my Galaxy Tab at all.



Jmastab said:

I'd like to see more tablet functions on the Wii U but not be advertised as a tablet. Sure we have Netflix and Hulu but when a tablet offers way more apps like Crackle, Pandora, iHeart Radio, ect. it would be nice to see them on the Wii U. Even though a lot of those apps are even on PS3 and X360. Anyways Nintendo should focus on games but I would like some media center and video/music apps.



FubumblR said:

Just a heads up, typo in 5th paragraph: "Many don't ever leave the comfort of the coach with them, [...]."

And this brings me to a point. Nintendo should promote what the Gamepad does well to separate the gaming experience from its other gaming mogul rivals. The Gamepad could never hold a candle to traditional tablets, sorry to say.

It's just not going to fly with the youngins.'

Case in point, my iPad rarely leaves the house, actually, it's never left the house, that's what my laptop is for. However, someone like my 13 y.o. niece takes hers everywhere, and always totes it around as her "powerful" little tablet. So, for me, she'd look at the Gamepad and see it as just weak tech that can't even leave the house. Useless to her.

So, no I say! The Gamepad should be promoted as what it is, a very nice gaming console assist device, NOT what it isn't, a standalone tablet experience.



maxsonnage said:

I can't live without it. Off tv play-great, game controller-great, surfing the web-great. It is the best internet browsing device due to ease of controls.



Dpishere said:

I personally love the gamepad for what it is. It's uses in games like ZombiiU and Pikmin 3 show what can be done when developers try to incorporate it in a unique way. I think it is a wonderful device, heck I am using it to post this comment right now!



FubumblR said:

@rockodoodle I do love the ease at transporting the WiiU around, so easy to pack up and carry, especially when your destination already has a WiiU so no worrying about wires.

And I'd say since the latest system update moving from gaming to browsing the web got that much better, I do it all the time now' if anything, Nintendo should be promoting this feature alongside off-TV play, it's that good, yo!



Dogpigfish said:

They first need to speed up the network. They are competing with annual rehashes that are much more powerful. I like the Wii U staying as something different.



Ralek85 said:

@Dohv Well I wouldn't say I prefer M$ games, my PS3 is still connected and in use after all, so is my PS4 and Vita. PS2 is my favourite system, though it has to share the top spot with the N64, both system I still own ^^ I think at the end of the generation, I might probably look back and say, that I used my PS4 more than I did my X1, but that is like 7-8 years from now, so it seems rather pointless and of course extremely speculative.
I just don't feel like juding M$ based on their last-generation performance. They surprised me in many ways, partnering up with Platinum Games, reviving a rather obscure, but by all accounts brilliant game like Phantom Dust, being amendable to Insomniac Games (which were strong Sony supporters so far) when it comes to I.P. rights for Sunset Overdrive, owning up to their mistakes, and making things right step by step, be it DRM, Kinect and so on.
I don't doubt Sony will pan out over the next year or so, like you say, they got quite a few 1st and 2nd party studies that are working on PS4 games no doubt ( I couldn't care less about Media Molecule though, I tried most of their games, but to me, they are still a poor mans Nintendo ..^^). But forgoing speculation, I just wanna say two more things. Sony's E3 conference was weak, they showed very little in new games, in exclusives games especially, and they did what M$ did last year ... a lot of PR b*s*. They talked about TV shows on PS4, and Vita (PS) TV and PS Now ... and very recently they talked about how they plan going about remastering a part of the PS3 library for PS4 ... they basically at this point abandoned the Vita and Move every bit as much as M$ did Kinect and Smart Glass ... I don't need to point to their TERRIBLE information policy on Drive Clube and PS+, but the term intentionally misleading comes to mind. All in all I regret getting a PS4 at launch, a year or so from now I will love my PS4 every bit as much as my X1 and WiiU. Until thenI will keep playing Resogun and keep hoping Infamous 4 will be Infamous 2.5, and Second Son will be all but forgotten



Ralek85 said:

@Beetlejuice It's about 25€ here, which is .. pricey. But yeah I agree, and that is exactly what I meant by Nintendo being every bit as bad as Microsoft on this. M$ has a great controller, but you have to buy a battery pack or keep constantly changing the batteries. Furthermore if you wanna use anything besides the packed-in headset, you gotta buy an adapter, together you basically shell out enough to almost buy a second controller altogether. To be fair, the bundled M$ headset is better than the PS4 one, but the PS4 already has a rechargeable battery pack as well as a headset connector "included".
I'm every bit as surprised as you are, esp. in the Deluxe Bundle ... but really I'm even more surprised that this was not the standart battery on launch day. They got plenty of bad press for the short running-time of the gamepad, and the huge room left in the battery compartment indicates that the battery pack was not something they came up with by chance .... I don't think it was the best move on their part, financially speaking :-/



gage_wolf said:

Tablet killer? Uhh nope. Its just not an intuitive system. My parents both have iPads and play games, watch movies, browse the web, etc. I brought the Wii U over and they were thoroughly confused and underwhelmed. They couldn't figure out when to press what buttons, or what screen to look at. I love my Wii U, but I think it was just poorly thought through, in terms of being appealing to the casual crowd, and being thr successor to the Wii.



burninmylight said:


By your logic, if you don't agree with something, that automatically makes it terrible. You base the quality of an article on how many people in the comment section wholeheartedly agree with the writer. By that logic, Call of Duty is the best game series ever made and Bieber is the greatest singer in the world.

"And where did I say the Wii-U is a useless device?? i said its controller is not the equivalent of a tablet! Now who is the one that's not reading things??"

I said you dismissed it as a device that is useless when it comes to tablet-like functions. In other words, you aren't acknowledging that it can be used in the same manner of a tablet in the right environment. If it couldn't, then we wouldn't have an article in the first place.

I have to emphasize semantics with you if you're going to constantly misquote me.

"And what did you say that disproved what I wrote??"

Perfect example. Please go back and show me where I said anything about disproving something. I said what you typed in your first post is either an opinion (screen sucks), can be remedied (battery life) or is just plain wrong (no apps).

I haven't disproved anything you've said, and haven't claimed to. And quite frankly, I'm still waiting for you to "put me in my place." All you've managed to do is get us typing in circles. Again, I implore you to please read things carefully before responding.

"I said the battery sucks (it lasts like 4 hrs) and you responded that it can be plugged in...does that change the fact that the battery life is horrible? No!"

And I said that can be remedied with a better battery pack.

"I said the touch screen is of low quality, and you responded by saying it has buttons and thumbsticks....what does that have to do with the sensitivity and resolution of the touch screen? Nothing!"

So three or four responses later, and you're just now claiming that you were talking about the screen's resolution. Look, I know you think I'm an idiot, but please don't think that I'm so gullible that I can't see when you're reaching for straws.

But you know you answered your own question, right? I made it easy by leaving you hints. Consider it like a game of Blue's Clues or something, it'll be fun.

"I said you can't download movies, tv shows or music to the gamepad, and you reply that most people with tablets stream media....does that change the fact that the gamepad can't do any of the things I mentioned? No!"

I acknowledged that and continue to do so. Why you feel the need to repeat it is baffling. I still contend that the majority of people using media on a tablet use streaming services though.

"I think you are the one with the reading comprehension issues. All you did was twist what I said and act like a rapscallion. Now heed my warning and be gone with you!"

I didn't twist anything. I only responded to your points. If you don't want responses, don't visit a comment section. I see you either discovered a dictionary, a thesaurus or a Shakespearean script. Why don't you take some time to enjoy your new hobby? I think that would be a better use of your time than constantly repeating the same thing over and over, hoping it somehow sounds more intelligible than the last time. Reading the same old tired defensive and insecure drivel from you over and over has run its course.



RickyNGmr said:

Of we are going to be honest here... Nintendo have nothing to be care about competing with tablets regarding the Game Pad. Is true it can do certain things a lá tablet likes. However, Nintendo itself was clear since the Wii U started: the GamePad IS A CONTROLLER AND NOT A TAB/PAD product. So I really am glad to see them focus on the Game Pad as a device that can bring unexpected ways to assure an awesome gameplay more than just off-TV (which is awesome) .... they don need to try to get a"market share" creating an idea of something that thw GamePad isn't. And they were clear since day 1: the Wii U is a CONSOLE with a CONTROLLER with a screen on it which can provide new ways for gaming, as being use AS AN INPUT DEVICE FOR TVs AND OTHER RELATED APPS.



sleepinglion said:

If I could take my pad more than 10 feet from my console and STILL get a signal, then yes, it could be a tablet killer.



kyuubikid213 said:

I don't think buying the Wii U as a tablet device is the way Nintendo wants the system to go. If that were the case, it would be able to go much farther away from the console (and probably BE the console itself).

Also, if Nintendo ever gets around to selling GamePads separately, we're back on square one with confused buyers. Many moms will buy the GamePad for their kids thinking it IS the Wii U and come home only to see the "Sync to your Wii U" screen and nothing else.

Nintendo should keep pushing what they've been pushing and showing how it works. I played Assassin's Creed III on my Wii U and now when I play on my 360, I'm constantly looking down at my hands to look at a larger "mini" map, quick menu options, and longing for Off-TV play.



miiandmario said:

Eh, not really it is a game console and doesn't really have the capabilities of a tablet like a ton of apps and F2P games which basically defines tablet apps stores



larry_koopa said:

It's not a tablet. It's a clunky controller that can only be used with the Wii U and for nothing else. A tablet can go anywhere with you and can do countless things that the GamePad can not. The GamePad is just a Pro Controller with a screen slapped in the middle of it.

I don't mean to sound like a hater here. I enjoy my Wii U and it's got some fantastic games, but all of those games I play with a Pro Controller unless I have to use the GamePad (Nintendo Land, about 3 levels in Mario 3D World, etc.)

The best game on the system (in my opinion) is Tropical Freeze. What exactly does that game do with the GamePad? Oh that's right - nothing.



Kifa said:

Gamepad is NOT a tablet, not even close to one, and promoting it as a "tablet killer" is a mistake only someone completely uninformed might do. It is tied to the console by quite short range radio, you can't take it anywhere, the screen is of lower resolution than 95% of devices available and it's not multitouch. Where exactly is that "killer" part? :/

Gamepad is a controller with potential, it just needs to be used in a proper way, which means designing games from ground up to use it. Few companies can afford that nowadays, so only Nintendo and some indie devs can really show us what this device can do to enrich gaming experiences. Will they is another question...



MikeLove said:


This is going to be my last post on this, and I will reply to your original response to me and point out how it made no sense. It will be long due to the quotes, but hopefully this puts it to bed.

1) "Battery life sucks" - You missed the part where the writer said a great many tablets never leave the house. Which is true: a lot of people don't have data plans on them and rely on home WiFi, and a tablet loses a lot of it's use without a connection. So if you're mostly using it at home, how hard is it to use it while plugged in? You do it with every other device that relies on batteries: phones, laptops and tablets. And if it's that big of a deal, buy a battery with a longer life.

None of what you wrote there proves my statement "the battery life sucks" wrong. You made excuses for the poor battery, said I could plug it in, or buy a replacement one, but that doesn't make what I originally stated wrong. The battery life is bad and not comparable to a tablet. It's not even debatable.

2) "It's not portable" - No argument there

Thank you.

3) "The touch screen sucks" - Good thing it has buttons, a D-pad and analog sticks then. And a stylus. It's quite accurate with the stylus.

What do analog sticks, buttons and a D-pad have to do with the touch screen being of poor quality? Absolutely nothing at all. I was comparing the touch screen on the gamepad to those found on tablets, and it is undeniably made of cheaper components and not of as high a quality as those found on your average tablet. Again, this is not disputable. Galaxy, Apple, Asus, etc all make tablets with better quality screens which use superior capacitive touch panels.

4) "You can't download and save music or movies on it" - Most people don't do that with tablets. That's why they have streaming services. People actually downloading stuff usually have laptops and PCs.

Doing this is a standard option on tablets. The Wii-U gamepad does not have the ability to do this at all. Therefore, it is another strike against the gamepad being a replacement for a tablet. You making a statement that "most people don't do that" doesn't change the fact that tablets can do this, and that what I said was true.

5) "It has no internal memory" - It doesn't, but the Wii U does.

What does that matter? We are comparing the gamepad to a tablet. A tablet is self contained in one independent unit and operates on it's own, while the gamepad is essentially an empty vessel which streams information from another unit which it must be in close proximity to at all times. The gamepad cannot be considered a "tablet" if it is dependent on other external hardware to be functional. Another strike against the gamepad being a tablet competitor.

6) "Can't buy games for $1" - That's funny, Blok Drop U happens to be on sale for about a dollar now. But can you buy Nintendo games and other Wii U exclusives on a conventional tablet?

There is a library of games and apps numbering in the tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, available for $1 on the android and apple stores at any given time. You attempt to rebuke this fact by stating that currently on the Wii-U, there may possibly be ONE game available on there for $1 at this moment (assuming the sale is still in effect). Again, how does buying "Nintendo games" on the Wii-U translate into the gamepad being a viable alternative to owning a tablet? Pro tip: It doesn't.
Also, you can't "buy" a game on the gamepad unless you are linked to the Wii-U. You can't take the gamepad outside and play a game on it. The game is not "inside" the gamepad. If you have a game on a tablet, you can play it anywhere, anytime.

Hopefully that cleared things up, and helped you understand why I was so confused with why you even bothered to respond in the first place.

Now why don't you go read the six comments posted before this one and try to pick a fight with those guys instead?




Kirk said:

I don't think so.

The GamePad is much better than your average tablet in some ways but not as good in others.

I think Nintendo should just promote the GamePad on it's own strengths rather than trying to compare it to or go up against tablets because it will lose.

Kids and indeed parents buy tablets because they're "cool", the "in" thing right now, and that's just something Nintendo isn't able to compete with at this time imo.



lerobadey said:

Now people are wishing the GamePad was a tablet. Congratulations to the ones involved.



TruenoGT said:

People would end up disappointed if they were sold the Wii U on the premise of it being a tablet alternative. I will say however that it's utility as a web browser / youtube viewer is unmatched in the living room and Nintendo should really push this aspect.



audiobrainiac said:

At this point, anything that can gain Wii U more support/momentum is pretty much a great idea. I mean yeah at reveal I was thinking "man i'm gonna play tablet/touch games with my kids/friends." I was thinking the Wii U might corner the tablet market, being both a tablet AND gaming console. I forgot until i read this article. But then i remember again and again Nintendo wanting its consoles to FOCUS on games. Thats why the Game Cube and Wii and now Wii U don't play DVDs/BluRays, right??? If i were Nintendo, that expectation would put serious pressure on me to make WAY better games than anyone else, all the time, because i have DECLARED/ESTABLISHED that THAT is all. our. consoles. focus. on. But i digress. Hopefully, the Wii U's troubles will finally be over by the holidays. I'm ready for my favorite gaming console to lead the way.



Henmii said:

No. All the casual/non-gamers that left Nintendo for a i-pad won't come back! Especially if they see the ridiculous prices they have to pay for downloads (at Nintendo)!



kobashi100 said:

this post cant be serious!!

As a tablet it is useless and the most basic £100 android tablet offers more.



burninmylight said:


1) I never said you were wrong about this. Never. I said that one can overcome the short battery life of the GamePad by plugging it in or buying a longer lasting one. You also pointed out time and again that it's not portable: if it's not going anywhere, then that means you'll always be close to an outlet.

If you stop seeing everything as either being right or wrong, we can end this petty argument. You presented a problem; I present a solution. Neither of us are incorrect, and I remind you again that I never said you were regarding this.

3) Then why did it take three or four responses for you to make yourself more clear? Why didn't you explain in your very first response that you were referring to the screen's resolution, not the quality of the touch controls? Because get this: you keep saying touch screen. You even referenced the screen's sensitivity earlier. What does sensitivity have to do with resolution? That sounds more like a touch sort of thing.

Therefore, it sounds to me like you were backpedaling from your original comment and trying to change the meaning into something else entirely. Maybe you're being honest, maybe not. I have no way of knowing.

As far as the sharpness and resolution of the screen being of lower quality than top-of-the-line tablets, you won't get an argument from me on this either. I have never disputed this.

4) Again, I'm not saying you're wrong, and I never have. I'm saying that it's a moot point for the majority of people using tablets. I hope you don't go through life basing everything on a binary philosophy, thinking everything is all about being either right or wrong.

5) It matters because you can't have the controller without the console. That's like asking what does a PC mean to a monitor. The GamePad is not a tablet, but it serves several functions that a tablet can, and you need a Wii U console to make all of that happen. The console has internal memory, and it holds your history, preferences, favorites and downloads, and it streams them to the controller in the necessary fashion. The fact that the GamePad doesn't do any of the processing itself is only relevant to Point 2.

6) You said a game can't be bought for $1. I just simply said that one can. So one moment, you're all about binary reasoning and the absolute truth, only concerning with being completely right and wrong, and when that doesn't serve you any more, you switch to a more practical and inclusive mode of thinking? Talk about moving the goalposts.

I'm well aware of the thousands of cheap apps and games on the various app stores. My point is that there are a few apps available on the Wii U (Netflix, Hulu+, TVii), there is a plethora of indie and retail games, and most of all, there are Nintendo games (something those other app stores do not have).

Am I saying it trumps an Android or Apple tablet? Not at all, although I'd personally take Wii U's eShop over those. But the point is, and has always been, it offers something of value as an alternative, enough for Nintendo to market and get people to consider.

It doesn't have to be of equal ability to a bona fide tablet, in my opinion, because it's not a tablet. It's a gaming console that happens to have a controller that can serve many tablet purposes. Do you expect your tablet games to give you the same quality of gameplay and immersion as all of your console games?

"Also, you can't "buy" a game on the gamepad unless you are linked to the Wii-U. You can't take the gamepad outside and play a game on it. The game is not "inside" the gamepad. If you have a game on a tablet, you can play it anywhere, anytime."

I'm still trying to understand why you keep repeating this. I've said from the beginning that this is correct. I guess it makes you feel better or something.

"Hopefully that cleared things up, and helped you understand why I was so confused with why you even bothered to respond in the first place."

I told you why I responded. Likewise, I hope I cleared some things up as well, but I'm not counting on it.

"Now why don't you go read the six comments posted before this one and try to pick a fight with those guys instead?


Nah, they aren't needlessly being buttholes with undercooked opinions. Nothing to argue there.

Talk to you in a couple of hours.



IrateGamer said:

Good thing the writer of this piece isn't a marketer for Nintendo...a campaign emphasizing that the Wii U gamepad is a tablet killer is just downright laughable. It would be a fail of epic proportions.

So are we calling anything that resembles a tablet, a tablet now?

Is my 3DS an iPod killer then? It has all the functionality of an iPod plus more - touch screen, apps, games, camera, video, music player.

See how silly that sounds.



NikkiChu said:

No. To put it simply it has a tiny fraction of the functionality of a tablet, and what it does have in common it does far worse then any actual tablet. You can buy a decent 10" Android tablet that's vastly more useful and functional then the gamepad is for less money then the WiiU.

The WiiU plays games, let's not pretend it does anything else even remotely like a tablet. And the games that it does play may not necessarily appeal to the typical tablet gaming consumer who is probably expecting hundreds of thousands of freemium games.
Anyone buying the WiiU expecting to be purchasing a tablet is going to be sorely disappointed.



RaphaBoss said:

I created this account just to comment here.
This is by far the worst article I have seen in NintendoLife. I could barely read the enitre article, it feels insulting to the GamePad. Lots of Wii U gamers trying to spread the Wii U as a better and diferent controller, and NOT as a tablet like controller, and we see an article like this here...
What do you want, confuse more people about the GamePad? Even if it was really like a tablet, it would be terrbile because: The screen is not HD and the touchscreen is terrible( resistive without multi-touch). They need to advertise it as a DIFERENT CONTROLLER, explain how it is used ,so they can atract more people. And please Nintendo, don't make the GamePad based games like a ''HD DS'' game. That Kirby game at E3 was the most disapointing title, cause you have to look pretty much almost all the time at the gamepad, and use the stylus. The 3DS would be way ore confortable for that game, but they decided to make it for the Wii U because of the ''game drought'', and the 3DS already have a Kirby title, Wii U didn't. It's cool they are supporting the Wii U better now, but pleae, make proper use of the GamePad.That being said, I can't wait to see what that Robot and StarFox game have to offer for the GamePad.



rjejr said:

@TheRealThanos - Thanks for the vote of confidence the other day in the forum. My post on here was pretty terrible, so I edited out about half of it b/c I really was jerk and was thinking of your post.



Manaphy2007 said:

its not a tablet, its semi-portable, you can take the console and the controller with you but you need a power source to use it, as of games, you either need a cd folder or have and external hdd with loads of games. it is risky cuz someone can try and rob at least the drive while you are focusing on gaming unless you have a backpack with cooling and an extension cable.



Cia said:

Tablets suck what comes to gaming, and i don't give a crap about apps i'd never use anyway. So, for me the Game Pad (with the Wii U ofc) is vastly superior compared to any tablet.



DrSlump said:

With the right apps (free and/or low cost) to sustain the "tablet side of the controller", could do the job.



mozie said:

Ridiculous article, No because its not a tablet...theres your answer.



kenzo said:

The gamepad needs a box over it with a fresnel magnifier, to bring the screen up close and personal. Controls are still accessable from the sides.

The gamepad will send you blind otherwise.

The gamepad could also serve as a Windows XP computer replacement.

Since Microsoft discontinued XP support, the web browsing has become a crapified experience.

And .... where do you plug the mouse into the gamepad ?

Also Nintendo need to do something about enhancing Wifi range as the gamepad has trouble working in small apartments..



Damo said:

I'm actually stunned that so many people have read this feature and then totally misunderstood what I was actually trying to say.

I stated in the piece that the wireless range was poor, it has a resistive screen and lacks the aesthetic charm of a "proper" tablet device, but my point was that it still does a lot of the things that a tablet does. Certainly in my experience, there's a lot of "doubling-up" of functionality.

I mainly use my tablet for surfing the web, browsing Twitter and eBay, streaming movies and playing the odd game. All of the above can be done on the GamePad right now, with no modification required — perhaps not as gracefully, but that's by the by. If Nintendo encouraged companies to make more dedicated apps (bespoke Twitter, Facebook and eBay apps would be nice) and streamlined the experience (quick boot already goes some way to doing this) then I know for a fact that I'd use the GamePad as a complete replacement for my tablet (which, I should stress, never leaves the house or indeed the living room).

Yes, there are plenty of people who take their tablets around with them everywhere and in that respect, the GamePad clearly isn't going to good enough. But that was never my point — I mentioned pretty early on that the scenario I was presenting involved keeping the GamePad in the living room, where pretty much every tablet owner I know personally uses their tablet 90 percent of the time.



DinoFett said:

In my point of view the next wii that is released after wii u should have the game-pad as a 3ds with game card slot for travel. I would suggest to just use the 2ds guts. The 2ds is much lighter than 3ds xl.



Taggsta said:

They need a ground breaking use for it as a controller.
And they also need to have some additional transmitter that u can put in the house so you can play the darn gamepad in other rooms.
Having a additional screen just isn't a big benefit when u are in the same room as the TV.
It's just not a tablet




Crikey, no.

The GamePad is not and could not be a tablet killer in its current form. At least, not to the general masses. Fix the web browser, increase the screen resolution and make the screen capacitive and then we'll talk. It doesn't need to look a traditional tablet, it can stay like it is.



PinkSpider said:

@Dohv you have already answered your own question the xbox one has ńo games you want and the wii u does... Done deal really



Yoshis_VGM said:

I see the GamePad as more of a video game controller (because it is) than a tablet. I could never see using the GamePad as a replacement for my iPod Touch, which I use all the time.

I do love the GamePad and it is an amazing controller with a lot of cool features and capabilities (Off-TV Play and NFC) but I could never see it acting as a tablet. It is a video game controller and nothing else.



alLabouTandroiD said:

I can imagine that if Ninty's message wasn't "play games like you've never played before - on Wii U" anymore people would be even more confused what the system really can do.
I wouldn't want to risk communicating my strengths for something that just works better on dedicated tablets.



TsunamiSensei said:

I'd say Nintendo should push the unique functionality of the GamePad, but advertise it for what it is. An awesome controller for the Wii U.



GraveLordXD said:

@Dohv IMO if I had to choose I'd pick the Wii u over both ps4 and x1 and that list that @Ralek85 put up for x1is pretty damn terrible
I have a ps4 and its just setting there collecting dust right now and unfortunately will be until September
I don't see much of a reason to own both ps4 and x1 being that they are both very similar



GraveLordXD said:

@Damo for me you and a few others this makes sense, I actually sold my tablet because of my Wii u, like you my tablet never left the house and I used my phone for everything on the go so the Wii u made my tablet obsolete. Then again I'm not the type of person that's gotta have the newest cell phone or tablet every 6 months



piggie_pie said:

My console of choice has always been PlayStation so PS4 is my main console as well... I just recently purchased a Wii-U and a 3DS and i don't regret it at all... my favorite style of games are always on PlayStation or Nintendo and thats the question that you have to ask yourself... if X1 doesn't have anything that interests you then maybe you have already answered that question
Good Luck friend!



piggie_pie said:

back on topic... I think they are two different systems but Nintendo could squeeze into the market more if they would get more popular tablet games... but i don't see tablets going away any time soon... and they really are two different markets... the Wii-U (even though they use a game pad) is a console and people use it as such... thats just my opinion



TheRealThanos said:

@rjejr You're most welcome.
@Damo I got your point very clearly (if I am one of the persons you adressed with the being stunned comment) but I just don't think that the GamePad should be labeled a tablet. It creates misconception and in my humble opinion would do Nintendo more damage than good, even though there are indeed a lot of things that "double-up" functions that a tablet also offers when in the home. So that was just my two cents, now and earlier, but no offense intended.



electrolite77 said:

This is a baffling idea. How can you market it as a tabloid killer when it very obviously isn't?

Portability is the main issue. It's fine for the odd one or two who don't use it outside their home but for most people the Gamepad is no replacement. Want to read a book or watch a film on the commute? You can't. Want to take it on holiday with you? You can't.

It's of limited use to parents. Want something to keep a youngster entertained on long journeys or waits at the dentist? You need a tablet. Want something with educational apps or cheap/free games? You need a tablet.

It's technically questionable. It has an inferior touchscreen and a lower resolution screen than an £80 Android tablet. It has no storage. It would need a huge amount of new software to get anywhere near tablet functionality.

The Wii U and the Gamepad have their own strengths but being a tablet is not one.



BrownGamer4 said:

Wow, as usual a lot of negativity on here- I use my Gamepad as my GO TO device when I'm at home, I browse the web flawlessly(I really love queing up another video or continuing to browse the web while watching a vid), control my tv and cable box oh yeah and I play games on it. The browser is faster than anything on my ipad, fire or pc and using one device makes it convenient as heck, I will never go back to multiple devices as long as I have my Gamepad! P.s.- why all the hate for the touchscreen? It may be resistive but I think it works perfectly(sensitivty is great), has the best streaming quality too..



electrolite77 said:


So basically it could be a potential selling point to a tiny fraction of tablet owners if it got a massive influx of new software and functionality?

If we're using anecdotal evidence, I don't know anyone who only user their tablet in the home. You yourself reference people who use it at home 90% of the time. What about the other 10%? Even if it just gets taken away on holiday once a year a tablet is infinitely preferable. It's a bizarre premise.



Damo said:

@electrolite77 A bizarre premise that people who don't own tablets might actually want to do tablet-style activities on the GamePad, such as browsing Twitter, eBay, etc?

How is that bizarre, exactly?



Damo said:

@TheRealThanos At no point was I suggesting that Nintendo should label the GamePad a "tablet" - my point was that Nintendo should be making sure people are aware that in the living room the GamePad can happily fulfil most tablet-based activities. The functionality is already there, so why not be a bit more vocal about it in order to attract new customers? Many people shopping for tablets may only want them to do very basic things (web, social media, video, etc) and certainly for kids, the GamePad's tablet-like functions should be more than enough, assuming it remains in the house.



MAB said:

@Damo Good points mate... I like how those users called this a clickbait article then continued to post numerous walls of nonsense



MAB said:

@Damo Tablet only users are missing out anyway... No matter how hard they try Mario Kart 8 & Bayonetta 1 + 2 just won't run on their exspensive beer coasters



MikeLove said:


What's bizarre is that @electrolite77 called you out on using anecdotal evidence when you said most people don't take tablets out of their homes (basing it just on people you know), then you reply by talking about using the gamepad to search eBay, twitter, etc. He didn't mention those things at all.

You didn't acknowledge his point or even attempt to answer it.

A gamepad can only be used in the home and in conjunction with the Wii-U.
A tablet can be taken and used ANYWHERE.

It's not too hard to identify which one offers more flexibility and user options, regardless of whether or not people YOU KNOW take advantage of them.

Also, you likely wouldn't have gotten as many negative responses had you not used a sensational headline calling the gamepad a "tablet killer", which it most certainly is not. Perhaps "tablet alternative" would have been more appropriate?



fluggy said:

Um .... No .... Because Its not portable (mine can't even make it past doorway never mind into bedroom), its not touch capcative = HUGE drawback. U can't store fave cartoons on it. I like the gamepad but my Nexus 7 buries it when it comes to entertaining my son ... and beats it in every other category apart from ... Um ... playing Wii U games.



SethNintendo said:

I'm glad a few others prefer surfing the web using a stylus than trying to use fingers on a multitouch. I can't count how many times I would hit the wrong link on my old smartphone (actually went back to my dumbphone because was sick of the crappy smartphone). My experience surfing the web using the gamepad with stylus was far superior than my smartphone. Perhaps my fingers are just too big?



Dohv said:

@Ralek85 Hey man I decided to stick with my Xb1. I thought long and hard and it's so pointless to sell my console when I would want another Xb1 again down the line. I am interested in Sunset OD, Quantum Break, and playing Halo Collection with my cousin for nostalgia. I will it and just save up and get the WiiU this holiday. It's going to be cool having all 3 so I won't miss out on any exclusives.



SethNintendo said:


Yea, it is always dumb to sell systems in my opinion. Might as well ride the system out for the long haul (especially since most of their exclusive aren't even released yet).



Ralek85 said:

@LDXD The same is true for my PS4, I said as much. Why is that list terrible though? It's the best line-up right now of any current-gen console imo. You had to absolutely hate anything action related to think it's terrible.



Thrillhaus said:

Take empathsis off the darn thing, I'm really starting to resent it as much as I defend it - when I see developers back away because of the extra time and focus that they'd need to put into doing something for the tablet to implement into the game.

It doesn't matter which way it goes either - if the screen isn't used, people moan and complain. I remember an article from some site that stated that Tropical Freeze never had anything on the Gamepad screen when you were playing on the TV (and this was even from a build of the game that wasn't final, I don't know how the final product ended up) - and people were upset about THAT.

Eh. It's a fine piece of hardware but if it's going to hold things back, I don't like that.



SethNintendo said:


Developers use it as another excuse just like they did with the Wiimote. Oh... I would release the game on this system but I just don't know what to do with the controls or screen... Newsflash developers... Nintendo offers more control options than any other console system (Gamepad, Wiimote, Wiimote+nunchuck, Wii U Pro Controller, and Classic Controller). Just because there is a screen there doesn't mean they need to think of something special to do with it. Plenty of games don't use it at all or just use it for off screen play. Just another bs excuse to not release a game which they think is a polite way of saying they aren't going to release the game. Wish they would just man up and state the real reason why they won't release the game (such as they don't think it would sell enough copies). Even though I hate EA at least they had enough balls (and perhaps too big of balls) to declare their hate towards the Wii U.



Ralek85 said:

@Dohv I think that's the right way to go about it. You'd loose money if you sold your X1 now, and like you say, there is a bunch of interesting exclusives coming up, not just next year, but even at the end of this year. The only game I'd say worth getting a WiiU over right now is MK8. There is a bunch of other good games, but nothing that stands out as much, to me at least.
Most of them are Singleplayer or Local Play only, and they will all still be here come end of year. I'd say with SSB as well as Splatoon (earily 2015), the WiiU will look a lot more attractive. Those are the kind of games you can play solo, if you want, but also locally as well as online, with the potential to sink endless hours into them. Games that are really worth their 60$ price tag, not just in terms of quality but also quantity, if you will. I just don't feel the same way about Pikmin 3, W101, SMW3D etc., nothing short of very good games, but a rather limited proposition value-wise. I'm rather glad that Wind Waker and Pikmin were "free" with the WiiU itself and MK8 respectively.
Btw, if you like it, feel free to add me on Xlive (RalekUS) and PSN (Ralek_US), and once you get a WiiU (Ralek85) ^^



SnappyJon said:

I guess adding some app like features wouldn't hurt, they could even advertise the 'app like features', but actually advertising it as an effective replacement for a modern day Tablet, even just for use within the home, would be a bad move.

Tablet computers are undergoing the same level of development life cycle as mobile phones. By the time the Wii U has reached the end of its life cycle, there will have been half a dozen tablet design revolutions.

In fact, by the time you've finished reading all these comments, Samsung will probably have announced the release of a new Galaxy Tab model.



Thrillhaus said:

@SethNintendo Stop for one minute and explain to me why a developer wouldn't release a game on a system if it was cost efficient to do, and would sell?

Do you figure that they have some kind of vendetta against Nintendo? No? That would be crazy right? Then there has got to be another reason.

Heck yeah there's a lot of different control options, but when I buy a console and I have to plan in what order I'm going to buy controllers with my paychecks.. there's kind of an issue there. Not everyone is going to have this controller, not everyone is going to have that controller, people are going to be annoyed if they have to buy a pro controller just to play this game - so everything has to come down to providing the focus on the Gamepad.

It works when you're using it as an off-tv play screen, but that's something that a lot of people aren't going to bother doing on a regular basis. But it's nice to have. It's great when it is solving problems and removing an annoying step like an inventory screen for things like Wind Waker HD. Where it isn't helping is stuff like Mario Kart 8 - where viewing the mini-map can only be done on the Gamepad itself. What reason is there for this other than to make it seem more useful? Why not provide an option like Monster Hunter does for you to select where you want everything to go? If it were treated more like an option than a feature, it would be easier to sell the idea of porting games over. Instead of having to focus on it, it could be there as an option.

Developing games in this day and age is time consuming, expensive and controlled by people in suits who may have never touched a controller. If they look at the Wii U's sales (and a lot of decisions about what is coming up in the next year or two? they were made before the recent upswing) and realize that they need to put more time/development into bringing it over to that... especially with how non-first party games have performed so far? It's not going to happen and I'm going to have to look at upgrading my PC or buying another friggin' console if I want to play a certain style of game that has been drawn away from the Wii U. There's no reason that Nintendo can't harvest great relationships with some of the major developers out there, but here we are.



Thrillhaus said:

@SethNintendo Don't get me wrong, I love options and I adore everything that Nintendo gives us - I want to see things change for the better because I would really rather just keep one console in the house. But when I look at the Wii U launch list and I see that I'm waiting weeks and months at a time for something to come out, when I look at a game I'm interested in and I don't see "Wii U" in the release list I get a bit bummed.



Bizzyb said:

I absolutely love the Wii U's multimedia capabilities. So many times I lie in bed, Gamepad rested on my pillowed stomach/chest, TV off, watching Netflix, YouTube, or browsing the web, before going to bed.

That's just something I never knew I'd want out of a console yet here I am, loving that ability. I don't even like tablets, but I love that the Wii U offers me access to everything I would previously NEED a laptop or TV for, when and wherever I want (within limits)

Nintendo has already shown that the Wii U is capable of this in several trailers but I agree that they should try harder. The system does SO much more than MS and Sonys machines yet I guarantee the general gaming public has no idea.



rjejr said:

@Damo - Glad to see you finally replied. now I can apologize in public for the un-edited version of my post. I'm ok w/ it as it now stands. I really should stop posting before breakfast.

That said, or maybe a "but" would be more appropriate, you wrote in 1 of your many replies - good to see you so involved BTW:

"At no point was I suggesting that Nintendo should label the GamePad a "tablet""

No, you suggested the Gamepad was a "Tablet killer" in the title. Inflame much? While your intent may have been well intentioned, that title reads like something meant to result in a very specific type of response. Maybe you didn't mean it that way, but thats how it reads.

Less inflammatory titles:

Should Nintendo promote the Gamepad's non-gaming capabilities?
Should Nintendo promote the Gamepad as a tablet substitute?
Should Nitneodo promote the Gamepad as an in-home tablet?

You write "Tablet killer", you get what you get.



daveh30 said:

I wish everyone would totally avoid the use of the word tablet when talking about the Gamepad. It's not a tablet, and no one with half a brain ever thought it was. Its a game controller. period. thats it. a very cool game controller, but just a video game controller.



TheRealThanos said:

@Damo okay, well then it was both our and your bad for apparently more than one member reacted more or less in a similar manner as I did. Like some before me have already said: maybe the title of the article should have been slightly different, and then there's the poll, again with the tablet reference. Consider this: just by referencing tablets to the GamePad's functions it might confuse the general public and probably disappoint more than one kid because they have already been spoiled with "real" tablets and wouldn't want to trade in their iPad for something with less functionality. All of us here know the what's what of the Wii U but for newcomers I just don't think this is a good idea. I want to reiterate that I did get your point and my previous comment wasn't to slam you or anything like that, but there must be some truth to it or otherwise there wouldn't be so many people reacting to it in the way they did and then I would have been the only misguided soul...



FilmerNgameR said:

@RaphaBoss Your welcome mate! I was like you too I didn't create an acount until after 5 months of using Nintendo Life. Most articles don't interest me too much either.



WiiLovePeace said:

@Ralek85 Correct. I'm planning to buy Bayonetta 1 & 2 just to support the Nintendo exclusive, it looks far too violent for my liking. I've got tonnes of unfinished & even unstarted games so what's a couple more? & there's no real point me playing an X1 just for its interface when the games don't interest me. I still don't have a 360, for example. So I'd probably get that before I get an X1 anyway but I just have too much to play as it is, to get a 360 for the few exclusives it has that interest me, like Tales of Vesperia.



maceng said:

I think that it still can be done. So Nintendo just needs to continue marketing the WiiU as a console and can also tout that, yes, you can play Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, Fruit Ninja, etc., on the GamePad and download them from the Nintendo eShop for a little as a dollar.
The Gamepad does not need to be a full blown tablet to achieve what most of our children do with a tablet. Case in point: my 9 year old spend 95% of his time with his tablet playing Minecraft; the other 5% Skylanders and Angry Birds. The WiiU can achieve that easily.
In any case, Nintendo needs to step-up the making of apps for the Wii U. For example, google maps, the Amazon app, a dedicated web browser. Nintendo can even resort to a last ditch effort: up the specs for the Gamepad, including a better Wifi card (costs between 5 and 15 bucks), a much better 7" screen and a SD memory reader, while also making it less bulky. Bam!! You can take your favorite games to anywhere in the house or outside, for that matter. Of course current Wii U users will nag Big N to the death (about 7-8 million), but in the grand scheme of things, if you are planning on selling at least 50-60 million, they don't matter much. You can even sell the new improved GamePad for a 100 and people will buy it in drones (current Android tablets sell for even less, with a better specs set that the one outlined).



maceng said:

The Gamepad does not need to be a tablet killer, It is just what we can call tangential added value: I have the WiiU and now I can play most of my tablet games on the Gamepad. It works. I have a 4 year old girl who just received a 70 dollar tablet. She can't take it outside the house (of course) and she is always supervised by me, my wife or our housekeeper. I could have saved those 70 bucks is Nintendo had the b@lls to make the WiiU more adequate to modern times (I just bought a PS3 to be able to see blue ray discs, basically). Why the heck didn't Nintendo include blue ray capabilities or even a decent DVD reader onto the WiiU? This really baffles me!!



maceng said:

babies are being born every single minute, I'm sure of that. If not, why ipads and Android tablets keep on selling every single month.

My daughter just received her first tablet. I could have save some dough by having a better set of apps on the WiiU.



Ralek85 said:

@WiiLovePeace Honestly I wouldn't recommend that. There is a reason my 360 is neatly tucked away for more than two years by now. Even now the X1 has, at least from my perspective, more interesting games announced than the 360 had in it's livecycle. I think it was 2010 when I last cared for an actual 360 game .... Also there are plenty of Tales games on other systems, sure Vesperia was actually rather good, but really not a worthwhile reason to bother with a 360. The number of jRPGs is even more limited than on the PS3. I have to say tough, I really enjoyed Last Odyssey. On the performance side of things it was a mess, but the wirting and music were among the best I ever experienced in a jRPG, stunning all the way. The actual art design was sharp, too, and there were some interesting gameplay mechanics. If you ever bother with a 360, make sure to take a look.
LO is way more enticing than Vesperia, Blue Dragon or Infinite Undiscovery, keeping in mind that the likes of Eternal Sonata, Star Ocean and the very unique Resonnance of Fate are available on the PS3 as well.

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