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Thu 26th April, 2012

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BrownGamer4 commented on Peter Molyneux Wants More From 'Lacklustre Wii U':

I hadn't realized that this crap bag has spent anytime with development kits for the Wii-U...oh that's right he hasn't so everything he bases his comments on are from random "Anonymous " sources that are obviously talking out of their --Confirmed sources have already stated that this system is a graphical beast..what a troll..



BrownGamer4 commented on Guide: Nintendo 3DS System Update v. 4.0.0-7:

I'm not sure if anybody has realized this yet or not but you can now also upload pics from your 3ds to Facebook! I've also checked on a couple of other sites that you can upload pics and sure enough you can upload from your 3ds to those sites as well! Unlike Dsi there is no option staright from your camera but you can upload from your gallery