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Thu 29th November, 2012

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mozie commented on New Nintendo 3DS Prices Pop Up in Italy, and T...:

@zip XL all the way for me, couldent go back to the smaller screen even if its a tiny bit bigger. Regarding pixels, dosent bother me in the slightest as someone who plays alot of retro games and loves virtual console games I dont even consider if the pixels are viewable or not. If the game is good its good, plus a game can still look great pixels and all, providing the art style is well done. Shovel Knight, 1001 spikes & cave story are recent examples.



mozie commented on North American Release Date Confirmed for Duck...:

Game is a minor diversion at best,as much as i loved it bitd at this stage it's fun for 5 minutes now and again at best. Would like if nintendo released this for free on 25th everywhere. It saysng alot about current gaming that were so interested in playing older games :(



mozie commented on Nintendo Wins Four At The Game Awards 2014, Wh...:

No....not at all, where did I infer I was judging the entire 4 hour show? I was merely stating an opinion regarding what I did see of the show, no more no less. No need to state implicitly that someone is ignorant because you disagree or misunderstand with there comments. I clearly stated in the original post how much of the show I had seen and my opinions of that.



mozie commented on Nintendo Wins Four At The Game Awards 2014, Wh...:

@RR529 As I said I only seen a small portion of the event perhaps it was just a playstation segment or something but there were way to many ads, like every five minutes. I know they have to fund the event somehow but at times it was almost impossible to distinguish between 'world premiere' and the ads that followed. Most were for games that were already receiving significant airtime during the event anyways. It was all shadow of mordor or far cry 4.



mozie commented on Nintendo Wins Four At The Game Awards 2014, Wh...:

I really detest Kneighly and couldent watch more than 20 mins without turning off, glad nintendo picked up a few awards but they should have picked up more, I found what I seen of the show pretty cringeworthy in fairness and it was laden with sponsorship and promotion. I thought it was a sony event for a minute. The whole 'world premiere' thing was just too much for me.



mozie commented on Video: Five Vital Tips for Conquering Shovel K...:

@chiptoon I bought it on american 3ds on release and recently picked up the pal wii u version and I have to say Wii U is the way to go if deciding between the two, you can really appreciate the art design on the bigger screen and with a proper stick it controls better too. Only disadvantage is obviously the 3d & portability but I turn off the 3d most of the time after a while.



mozie commented on Demon's Crest:

Hope this comes to pal regions soon, an old favorite that I would love to play through again.



mozie commented on Mario Kart 8 Update & DLC Scheduled for 27th A...:

Nice for the fixes but the disgusting blatant product placement is poor form esp from nintendo :( really thought they were better than that, guess they have to keep investors happy. Cars look really out of place too and dont fit with the aesthetic of the game at all.



mozie commented on GAIABREAKER:

Plenty on youtube, looks alright, standard vertical shmup fare.



mozie commented on Hacker Claims to Demonstrate an Exploit to Mod...:

As someone who recently put the original wii to rest I use devolution on my wii u to allow me to play my legit gamecube collection, least the developers added anti piracy measures to ensure a copy of the game was required. It's silly nintendo hasent enabled this feature yet while homebrewers have made it possible, There are benefits and gamecube games look great on the gamepad too!!



mozie commented on Feature: Our Top 10 Wii U Retail Games - Summe...:

If third party titles are included as rayman is, you could easily drop lego, wario & nintendoland and substitute, deus ex, mass effect 3 and assassins creed black flag. Otherwise seems ok although as others have said i would have swapped no.1&2 around.



mozie commented on Inazuma Eleven Shoots And Scores On The North ...:

lol, this is so funny, not releasing it in the uk because of the voices when its available across the pond here in Ireland for €17.99, I've enjoyed the 3 games and I'am sure they were all pal uk carts, crazy. Good games though



mozie commented on Radirgy De Gojaru Website Shows Off The Firepo...:

Have the sega naomi cart and while its just not a very good shmup imho (chain/scoring system is poor) so many other greats that could have been ported, still i suppose its better than nothing, 3ds is seriously lacking some shmup love, wish there was an option to flip the screen though, horizontal your missing half the screen.



mozie commented on Matters of Import: Bahamut Lagoon Roars Onto T...:

@Alucard83 Off the top of my head, Tales of Vesperia, Eternal Sonata, Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, Resonance of Fate, Star Ocean: The Last Hope,
Record of Agarest War, Magna Carta 2, Enchanted Arms, Infinite Undiscovery, The Last Remnant and NEIR were some good jrpg times I had on my xbox last gen, sure action/shooters get all the press but there all titles there if your willing to look, suprising we got these considering the Japenese gamers bias towards Microsoft, which was also the best shmup platform last gen.



mozie commented on Pac-Man Museum Reportedly Cancelled on Nintend...:

don't think they'll cancel it rather than delay wiiu/ 3ds versions. didn't they say one version of smash would come out before the other? if they cancelled this, that would be stupid for them, they should know nintendo if where their audience is



mozie commented on Matters Of Import: A Peek Into The Tragically ...:

Was this released on wii u in Japan? I remember the wii version looked great but wonder what the wii u version adds although i imagine the gampad would come in handy, eitherways I doubt we'll see it oversees due to the small wii u userbase, translation costs & monthly fees, shame as it looks great.



mozie commented on Sega Has No Plans To Bring Alien: Isolation To...:

Idont know looking forward to playing this although I feel one of the main issues is that the wii u is seen as a second console rather than a main one, all my friends that own a wii u also have a 360 or ps3 and I think developers who are very firmiliar with the architecture of these consoles at this point are hedging their bets that most will pick it up on one of the other formats so why invest in a wii u port. unfortunately this is what ya get for bringing out a comparable console technically while there are two others that have been well established in the market for years. First party titles is what will sell nintendo hardware as always.



mozie commented on Looks Like Batman: Arkham Origins Isn't Gettin...:

That's really lame, ill prolly pick up one of the other version's now particularly if its the same price. sad thing is i'd rather buy the wii u version and support the system but coulden't justify buying a gimped version.



mozie commented on Mario Kart Arcade GP DX Racing to Arcades:

Wonder what hardware this is running on, have a triforce running the originals on naomi universal cab, wouldent mind giving this a go, thankfully no annoying announcer in this one :)



mozie commented on Review: EarthBound (Wii U eShop):

It's certainly strange that the same reviewer's opinion of the game seems to have changed fairly significantly since that review in which he claims the game "is just way too plain when it comes to graphics, music, and even gameplay" and this review in which he describes the visuals and soundtrack as "captivating". I know peoples opinions can change but this drastically? or a softer scoring policy here on nl? would appreciate an explanation.