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Male, 22, Brazil

Wed 22nd May 2013

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lerobadey commented on Nintendo Goes Download-Only With The 2014 Club...:

It's ok to be disappointed considering the physical rewards and if you already have the games. But really, it's one of the ways Nintendo rewards you for buying theit games. You can argue it's not free, although it actually is. You bought games and you're getting more for it. DDP is another way. The Mario Kart promotion is another way. Nowadays I believe they are trying to give you more things (maybe because the actual circumstances). Well, not gonna say anything anymore or I'll be killed



lerobadey commented on Talking Point: With E3 Long Gone, Nintendo Sti...:

All I have to say is: I can't stand how the whole gaming community has turned out to be nowadays (not excluding myself). And I'm going to dare to blame the one thing that is making me really sick in the past few days: the internet. Good morning/day/afternoon/evening/night, ladies and gentlemen.



lerobadey commented on Rewind, EA Is In Fact Developing Games For The...:

You know, I just came here to tell some things that are really bothering me. First of all, EA will go back and forth until it really finds the best-selling console to put games on. I live in Brazil and I was searching around national gamers sites and the only thing I saw were articles said to be comparing next generation consoles, but only PS4 and Xbox One were there. Stopping to reading one of them, I found this: Because Nintendo Wii U console does not have the graphical capacity as Sony and Microsoft consoles, it is already out of the competion of the new generation's best console. IT JUST PISSES ME OFF. Here everyone is really, REALLY a "yo dude look at this poop lmfao" fanboy from Sony and Microsoft. What they want are just better graphics and a first-person shooter where they can kill everybody. Sorry, I just wanted to tell you this. Not to mention that, for example, when Wii U arrives here, it will cost around R$1800 (~U$900), if not more.