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Fri 3rd May 2013

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Zizzy commented on The Hyrule Warriors Artbook Catches The Eye Wi...:

I don't really think a name change is in order, but anyone who says a gender change isn't right obviously doesn't understand the concept of Link's character. The only thing each Link shares is there spirit of a Hero, who says that isn't a female from time to time?



Zizzy commented on Review: The Letter (Wii U eShop):

"The Letter isn’t just paper thin, it’s a half-formed thought scribbled almost illegibly across a post-it note."

Oh my god, so good.



Zizzy commented on Mercedes Reports a Boost in Interest Since Ann...:

Since I'm not stupid and don't buy things because they have cool ads and/or appear in my video games. I could care less about this shameless advertising, I feel sorry for the people who buy a Mercedes because of this. I'd much rather have a Mini or something, though. Mario driving a SUV? Come on...



Zizzy commented on Nintendo To Keep Focus as an "Entertainment Bu...:

I think it's great that Nintendo is interested in keeping people healthy. It would be more effective if the people themselves actually cared about being healthy. But, as far as I'm concerned, those people can get all the illnesses and health problems they deserve. It's natural selection. Main point: No one should be opposed to Nintendo's new venture in pro-health entertainment.



Zizzy commented on Stats Suggest That UK Kids Are More Likely To ...:

From my experiences, iOS/Android gaming is either Animal Crossing (in the sense where you have to play every day to actually progress, or you have to wait a certain amount of time) and the only reason for that is so you come back and view their ads again and again. That, or you have to pay to win/progress, which is the cancer of video gaming. We need gamers in the developer seats, not businessmen.



Zizzy commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Should Beware the Slip...:

I approve of this under certain conditions. A) It must be free DLC, B) It should only be done in Nintendo sports games and C) I don't want to see ads on every screen.

When it comes to shameless advertising and whoring out your company, it's up to the consumer to not be brainwashed by said advertisements. You should already know what products you want/need without being told by somebody else.