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Wed 20th Mar 2013

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maxsonnage commented on Nintendo UK Wants To Know Why You Love Your 3DS:

I love my 3ds because it really is that good. I don't think I've bought more games for another console. Ambassador games were a great present. (yoshis island). Mario kart 7, Cave story 3d, Kid Icarus, NSMB2, Zelda OOT, Paper Mario, VVVVVV, Resi' revelations, Pullblox, Pilotwings, Angry birds, Castlevania, Luigis mansion 2, Fire Emblem and my fav' Bit trip saga. Soon Animal Crossing, DKC3D. I love it



maxsonnage commented on Former Rockstar Producer Considers the Challen...:

I think he's right. I've been playing games loads since the Atari 2600 and I'm finding games boring and repetetive now. I only seem to really enjoy a game if it has a good story. Virtues last reward was excellent, Laytons are good and I also enjoyed Metroid other M's focus on story. Don't mean I don't enjoy a good online fps, it's just one player games now need to hook you like a good book otherwise you don't play for long.