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Nintendo is my favorite company. Nuff said. Favorite Nintendo Franchises Kirby F-Zero Pikmin Mario Kart The Legend of Zelda Star Fox Pokemon Donkey Kong Country Metroid Fire Emblem Super Smash Bros.

Wed 26th March, 2014

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mariovslink62 commented on Nintendo YouTube Creators Program Update Clari...:

Hopefully this backfires because this is crap.
Nintendo is throwing away free advertising and doesn't expect Smash Bros for Wii U one of their biggest games to be on here, yet expects WII FIT U to be here.

Nintendo come on! The Wii U is your second least successful system!



mariovslink62 commented on Masahiro Sakurai Explains Why Mewtwo Isn't Pai...:

@WaLzgi I did read that part and I understand but I don't want Mewtwo to be the only DLC. Probably they will make more in 2016 because it makes sense.
Smash Bros comes out once a console generation so adding DLC would convince players to comeback to the game more so they won't forget about it.



mariovslink62 commented on New Nintendo Direct Airing 5th November: