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Taggsta commented on Talking Point: A Virtual Console Revival Could...:

The discounts definitely make me buy more games.
I load up my account with $20 a month and I spend it on filling my VC catalogue, I don't spend any more than that generally.
I used to have over 50 boxes Super Famicom game and finished most of them many times over, eventually selling them so building my SNES VC library is nice to get them back and at hand to play once in a while. It also seems better than playing Roms.
Ninty need to have better variety selections on the eshop, not every Megaman game, mix it up a bit. Rarer games is a good idea too.
Wii VC should be playable and accessible from the Gamepad and some VC games should be transferred from WiiU to 3DS or at least discounted if you own them on one machine for sure.



Taggsta commented on Sega Announces Chopper Action Title Thunder Bl...:

This has been talked about for a while as Okunari loves ThunderBlade. Glad it's on the 3D list as the only way to really play this version was on MAME.
I can see these being released week by week leading upto Christmas like the furry wave of SEGA 3D games



Taggsta commented on Nintendo of America Confirms Wii U Virtual Con...:

Agree if you are only using the screen to control the game, but you can play with controllers too. Just saying that in this day and age I personally don't find poor arcade conversions to have any appeal, I expect more.



Taggsta commented on Capcom's Mega Man 7 Is Dashing To The Wii U eShop:

Personally I've never played a MM game, the character design has never when we are going to get MM for months now on the VC calendar.

I suppose I need to give one a go to see what the fuss is about



Taggsta commented on Video: Returning To Rainbow Skies with Fantasy...:

I love these SEGA 3D games and can't wait for more to come to Europe/Aus.
The only thing that's lame is that in a range of 10 games so far released there are releasing a sequel with Fantasy Zone II. There are so many games out there but they to bring out a sequel already.
Same goes with Capcom releasing 1 billion Megaman games when there so much more to offer ....please vary the games more so we can have different experiences



Taggsta commented on Talking Point: Should Nintendo Be Promoting Th...:

They need a ground breaking use for it as a controller.
And they also need to have some additional transmitter that u can put in the house so you can play the darn gamepad in other rooms.
Having a additional screen just isn't a big benefit when u are in the same room as the TV.
It's just not a tablet



Taggsta commented on Nintendo President Satoru Iwata "Has Earned Th...:

I own both N machines, I've been a console gamer from the start so I'm a regular gaming customer. There are some gaps that N need to fix with WiiU ....they still need a game that sells the Gamepad to the masses like Wii Sports if they want success like the Wii and 10 mill sales in a financial year.
They need cheaper eShop VC and retail games, I won't push (or find it hard to push) the Purchase button on there eShop in Aus...I'm sure many more are the same.
I don't think some of the general public know what the console has to offer with the Gamepad still. Little integration between 3DS and WiiU, 3DS doesn't have SNES/SFC OR N64 games in VC.
Games released to the VC are done in a dumb way...why release a series of a game over several weeks e.g Megaman, if someone doesn't like Megaman they go several weeks without any interest in the eShop.
On a positive note the 3DS is a cracking!