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3DS System Update Adds Nintendo Network ID, Miiverse and Unified eShop Funds

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Say hello to version 7.0.0-13

Since its launch the Wii U has introduced the Nintendo Network ID and Miiverse, the latter of which was promised for the 3DS when it was revealed just before E3 2012. In its most recent Nintendo Direct broadcast Nintendo confirmed that a December update would introduce the ID and shared eShop funds across the 3DS and Wii U, while also delivering the much-anticipated Miiverse platform to the portable.

As reported last week, extended maintenance has been completed on the Nintendo Network and, as was expected considering the timing, it's paved the way for a new system update on the 3DS; it's available in Europe and also appears to be active in North America, too. You should be prompted to update when opening the 3DS eShop, but if not the process can be kicked off manually in the System Settings.

It's a fairly meaty download, but when complete you'll see a Miiverse icon and the system will prompt you to create a Nintendo Network ID or link your Wii U account. Be very careful to get the details right if unifying your Wii U account with the 3DS, as the portable is limited to just one Nintendo Network ID.

The unified eShop balance is likely to be very welcome, particularly for those that manage funds with top-up cards rather than debit / credit cards. At the time of writing the eShop is failing to open on our 3DS and our credit is yet to show on the Wii U account, so that unification isn't necessarily immediate — some are reporting no such issues — but should appear eventually. Miiverse is, naturally, a big arrival, and is working nicely; we'll be playing around with this update's features to provide you with a full user guide later today.

[Update: There is also an update to the StreetPass Plaza, taking it up to version 3.3. Its purpose appears to be linking the Nintendo Network ID to the app, though at the time of writing it's failing to download on our system, potentially due to busy servers.]

Have you downloaded the system update yet? If so let us know what you think of the changes.

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TheFatLucario said:

Downloaded the Update & Created my Nintendo ID!
Though i'm having the issue of the 3DS eShop just sitting there loading. (Probably Server load)



HaastMK7 said:


This is gonna be awesome. By doing this, Nintendo has made connecting online more enjoyable, and also thanks to this update I am 100% less bored.



dizzy_boy said:

I'm having trouble with getting into both eShop's at the moment.
Also, there's a miiplaza update but the servers are down on that too.



19Robb92 said:

Oh, it's out already?

Sweet. Been waiting for this for quite some time. Gonna go download it now.



Excep7ional said:


That's very unfortunate.

I hope everyone is enjoying their update. When I found out this was coming to the 3ds I was stoked, and I didn't even have a 3ds. Still don't lol.



Spoony_Tech said:

Yeah the update for the Mii plaza is not working here either. I'm going to bed and hopefully it will work by the morning!



Noonch said:

I notice I can't view 3DS communities on Wii U but can view my favorited Wii U communities from 3DS....funk dat.

EDIT: Well, that got fixed quick. Thanks Big N. My body is READY.



JadedGamer said:

Il have to wait until I can open my 3ds on xmas eve..This is a very interesting though...Still wont replace my miiverse on wiiu.



Mytoemytoe said:


Miiverse is kinda gimped but it's still kinddddddda sweet. The main attraction is the "yeahs"! It's a game for people and as long as it runs fast enough I think people will use it. It's faster than I thought it would be. It's a full app, if not a full featured one.



AdanVC said:

The update we are waiting for! This is really nice and you can view the Miiverse screenshots in 3D! Now the screenshots from the 3DS version of Smash can be seen on it's full glory and definition. The only downside is that Miiverse on 3DS is kinda slooow, but not so terrible tough, hope there's a minor update soon for that.



JesusAcHe said:

I was about to go to sleep (it's midnight and I have clases tomorrow) but I saw this and I just have to download all the goodies. Hope it's worth it.



BenAV said:

Ahhh yes, the dreaded MiiVerse update.
I don't want your country lock, go away.



piggyinafair said:

Been WAITING to use my 3DS credits tword Super Mario 3D World but everytime I go to "Purchase" an error code comes up! Blarg!!!



2Sang said:

There's no point to not own a 3ds and no reason to own a wii u now



DarkLloyd said:

can anyone tell me what exactly i have to make sure i get right to have the 3ds share the same ID account as my wiiu?

p.s, hope the miiverse doesnt take up too much space on my zelda system as i wont be using it and im guessing im unlikely to delete the thing off the sd card



Blast said:

@2Sang You're joking, right? Lol the dream is for for someone to own a 3DS and Wii U at the same time... They both have amazing games..... Miiverse is just Nintendo's bragging right!



renaryuugufan92 said:

miiverse is great so far, kinda bummed all the communities i need are there except style savvy~ xD still great though the eshop is taking forever to load -as of 12:40est 12/10- oAo

edit: its working now~ some pages are still giving errors though hopefully its fixed by tomorrow afternoon.



alrighthearthis said:

I'm hoping this is the first step towards an account along the lines of Steam where I can play my games on multiple machines without having to do system transfers and the Virtual Console titles I buy can be played on Wii U or 3DS without having to buy separate copies for each system.



MamaLuigi said:

Is it just me or does this update behave differently depending on the region? MiiVerse works great but now I'm locked out of the eShop on both systems.



AVahne said:

Surprised that Miiverse is a system app on 3DS. Guess Ninty can do fancy OS tricks on limited hardware when they put their minds to it.



AVahne said:

Considering that these "accounts" are still tied to the console, I doubt it. Feel free to try it and let everyone know the results though. I'll be buying Senran Kagura sometime soon, so I'll personally find out when that happens.



K964 said:

@Clavis Press the up arrow shift key while typing in your NNID and the hyphen should change to an underscore on the virtual keyboard.



Morpheel said:

"Changed the start-up method of Nintendo 3DS Camera from the HOME Menu to require pressing the L and R Buttons simultaneously"




Webby-sama said:

This is great stuff. Almost thought it messed up my eShop card fund adding though. Couldn't resist that glorious Best Buy eShop card sale. Now back to spending after I enjoy some Miiverse shenanigans maybe.



Jampie said:

Choose the option to link with an existing NNID (i think under it it says something about if you have a Wii U... or something. Can't recall very well. LOL). It asked me for my Wii U NNID (make sure you spell it correctly!), password (if you had one set up for your Wii U NNID I guess), and email.
I think everything is explained very well when you go through it, so just read it carefully. My memory sucks apparently since I only did it not too long ago, but I can't recall very well what I just did.



Jampie said:

Nope, don't think so. I always keep my Wii U up to date with updates. Just checked if there were any updates for my Wii U before I updated my 3DS and afterwards and I don't think there was any.



DarkKirby said:

Unifying the accounts is borderline pointless as purchases are still linked to the consoles and not to the account. And they even region locked out foreign eShop purchases according to the past article about this. Every other console company has dropped region lock while Nintendo has stepped up their game.

For what? Transferring funds between consoles is nice but this is more of an added restriction and console tracking than anything else.



IronMan28 said:

I'll be honest, the 3DS version seems a bit gimped, hopefully they can add more games. I will say I'm very glad for this, as it'll let me talk even more about the awesome Zelda games that are on 3DS.



Megumi said:

takes a drink of water
passes out, lol



19Robb92 said:

Been posting some 3D Land. The service is, unfortunately, really slow on the 3DS. Doubt I'll use it as much as on the WiiU.

Nice to have the option though.



NintyMan said:

This was certainly the surprise. Too bad there's not a Kid Icarus Uprising community yet, but that will be there soon. I'm downloading this right now as I type!



JesusAcHe said:

Just came back to report my expirience:
It's slow to load initially, specially during games, but the miiverse itself it's just an enjoyable App as a whole. This is coming for someone with no WiiU, and that had never used Miiverse



Specters said:

Working flawlessly. Service has been a little slower than on the Wii U, but just added the communities and replying and posting on my Wii U while playing on my 3DS. Love it.



Specters said:

@HaastMK7 how does that make any sense if they even have a tab for "players wanted" can I get those players on my friend list? They need to let up on these super restrictive policies. They have the parent controls for a reason, don't make everyone else have to suffer.



Yoshis_VGM said:

I'm glad Miiverse is finally on the 3DS!! Hopefully the friend search and private messaging features will be enabled soon...Miiverse is heavily administered anyway, so they can pull out any inappropriate content.

My only concern right now is that the 3DS Miiverse app is extremely sluggish but that's probably just because a lot of people are trying to update. Same goes for the eShop. Hopefully that will correct itself overtime.



HaastMK7 said:


I am not, but for those who want to exchange their fc's, how is that possible.
They should allow, considering they removed the friend adding feature of this type of miiverse



JesusAcHe said:

To me it was just under 40 minutes of an update, and I have a slow internet. I've been posting like crazy on comunities of games I don't even own
Look for posts by my username



AyeHaley said:

Thanks Nintendo, I didn't buy that Zelda XL cause I only had 1 transfer left (had 3x defective 3DS)...
Oh well better late than nothing, that transfer limit was friggin ancient.



boynerdrambling said:

The first steps to shared accounts with everything tied to it. Better Nintendo take this in baby steps like this then screw it all up in one massive update. Will update my 3DS and link it to my Wii U this weekend when the hype dies down and the servers can take it. Just tie the accounts and introduce cross play then everyone will be happy (ha yeah right)



Specters said:

@HaastMK7 yep i had one up for Pokemon X&Y under the Players Wanted tab and just got a warning. There are tons of people posting their FC under Players Wanted cause how else are you suppose to? Going to complain to Nintendo (lot of good that will do) but this has seriously damped my Miiverse experience for the 3DS.



HaNks said:

there is an oversight with the update, i just lost my wii sports club save. you need to overwrite either your NNID or 3ds system mii.

the problem is both of these miis potentially have save game data linked to them. i know of various 3ds titles that have this, so i didn't want to overwrite that one. i booted up my wii U and bang my profile was wiped. there will be more people losing mii-linked save game data after doing this.



sleepinglion said:

@HaNks Oh no! That's terrible. I've worked pretty hard on my stats, too... I'll check it in the morning, but I bet like you mine is gone as well. Aiiiie!



FineLerv said:

I don't know if I linked mine properly. Everything seemed fine; I'm using my Mii from my WiiU now; but when I went to the e-shop it said "the Club Nintendo account is already linked for this console. Using the old one" or something. Anyone know what that is all about?



HaNks said:

@sleepinglion only if you chose to replace your existing NNID mii with your 3ds system one, which was the first option. mine were both the same with the same name, but clearly save games linked to them differentiate, at least on the wii U side.

kind of gutted, but at least i'll be able to get the achievements next time around with the low level CPUs. just reached level star 9 too >_<



NintyMan said:

I got this downloaded long ago and I'm loving it! The only thing that it yet needs is a Kid Icarus Uprising community, should be coming very soon. I've posted several screenshots with posts and was also delighted to see that you could draw on it too.



LordGeovanni said:

So... If I do not have a Wii U yet, (but will have on Christmas), and want to establish a NNID, should I wait? Or should I make one and then somehow add it to my Wii U on Christmas...

I don't understand all this... ._.;



Nightwalker said:

Whenever I try to open the Nintendo eShop, I get some random error messages.
Guess I'll have to wait for the hype to cool off...



Musashi said:

The update went smoothly for me. I love seeing all the new posts from 3ds users! Glad this finally happened. :-]



daveh30 said:

For once "in December" hasn't meant "Late on the evening of December 31". Good job not leaving things to the last second, Nintendo... There might be hope for you yet.



daveh30 said:

Best part of this update? It's now L + R to open the camera instead of L or R.... It truly is the little things in life, and it's about dang time.



Tetragrammaton said:

Is there any way I can opt out of this update? I would rather avoid installing restrictive apps I will literally never use, and can't delete to free up precious system space.



dAviD7 said:

@LunaPon-3 lol. same here. i cant even update my system yet. too much traffic?? i can't even sign in on friends list. It's like none of my wifi features are working!!! Anyone else had this problem???



RedYoshi999 said:

Didn't like being forced to implement Parental Controls when linking my NNID, but at least I could disable it afterwards. Also hate being locked to Australia, but what can ya do? Miiverse is nice, and I approve of removing system transfer limits (I was down to my last 2.) I love how Nintendo has updated the Camera app opening twice now. Nobody is ever happy with it. XD

Sure, if you don't mind losing access to the eShop, then by all means avoid updating.



Kolzig said:

Wasn't the eShop supposed to be down anyway around this update for some hours? I believe NintendoLife may have even had a post about this a few days ago?

Take it easy people and just leave it be for a while and it will work soon.



Tetragrammaton said:

Ugh, that's how they force you to update. I wouldn't mind if I could just delete it, blah. Thanks anyway.



jahasnell said:

@daveh30 now if only they allowed the L and R buttons to function as page scrollers when pressed separately. It's a nice quick way to scroll through the pages on wii u.



Shworange said:

So if it adds NNID support to Streetpass, could we possibly see Streetpass info show up in our WiiU? Eg, a new play coin system or more likely WiiU competition and ghost data



DaveGX said:

I like the fact that we now have MiiVerse and unified Nintendo IDs, except that now that I've done the update, linked my accts, I'm having trouble getting eShop to connect on the 3DS nor Wii U. Anyone else or just me?



Kolzig said:

Was any changes happening to the old Wii Shop Channel and DSi eShop since those were also down for extensive periods of time alongside 3DS and Wii U eshops?



Tetragrammaton said:

It takes up system memory and that's my issue, because I use that for downloaded games. I really wish we could run downloaded games from the SD card, in fact; otherwise we download two or three and the system gets full, and then we either delete the full-price-retail-game we downloaded to make space and lose all our data, or we forgo another title we want on the off-chance it's eShop-only like the new Ace Attorney game is (which I foresee becoming a trend in the future, unfortunately.) I'm also just a crotchety old person that hates having unnecessary things cluttering up my systems. ^-T;

I also dislike that the account system doesn't actually do what an account system SHOULD do: share downloads betweens systems in case one is lost, stolen or irreparably damaged to the degree that system transfer isn't an option.
(And as an aside, I swear to Arceus I hope I live to see the death of region-locking. It's infuriating that my friends and myself are locked out of THROWING MONEY AT NINTENDO to import expensive rare consoles or "this will never get a western release" games because... no good reason at all, honestly. Why would any company intentionally deprive itself of free money? But that's just an unrelated rant. I only created an account here to ask my question anyway.)
Thanks for your help, all. I'm going to disappear back into the internet aether now, I believe. Fare thee well.



HaNks said:

@MouldyK if you select the option to use the 3ds mii, then i would imagine so. very poor of nintendo to overlook something like this when both miis are possibly attached to game saves.

best to select your NNID mii i guess. but then what happens to any game saves that are linked to the original 3ds mii?...



SCAR said:

Dude, you can run downloaded games from the SD card, unless it's DSi.

Also, I noticed that the notifications page on Miiverse has a friend add graphics next the to Mii on said page. That implies to me that friend requests will be added later.

It's most likely that they need to get the Wii U and 3DS to share Miiverse notifications and such at a higher level. Adding a person on 3DS Miiverse adds that same person to your friends list on Wii U. That sort of function is what they're trying to get to work, I guess.



RedYoshi999 said:

Uhh, you CAN run games from the SD Card. I have 9 retail games, plus hundreds of VC, eShop only games, trailers/videos and demos all on my 32GB SD card, playable at any time having nothing to do with system memory. The only thing that can't be played from SD Cards is DSiWare (and they're not very big.)



stefenjc said:

Update works great but one problem so far would be the eShop which is not working at this moment. Probably to many people using at once since its connected the same as Wii U?



SCAR said:

Nintendo is probably easing the traffic across their systems by not allowing eShop access, yet. I bet this won't be a problem by sometime tomorrow for us in the U.S.

I don't think the eShop being inaccessible has to do with any network errors.



KeatonTS said:

Im glad that i can see my WIi U Miiverse posts <3

I thought that even thought we had one linked NNID. Wii U posts can only be seen in wii U and 3ds and only be seen on the 3DS version of miiverse.

Although i do mourn the loss of friend adding and private messages. 3DS miiverse is not soo bad, especially since you can make post within your activity feed and chat there, and that you can follow friends. which is sort of like adding.

I just can't wait till they can make 3ds games to include a (post) button within games now, so uploading photos will be easier. i noticed that you can only post a picture in that games category. which it understandable, but some 3ds games arent on Miiverse. Like Ocarina 3D. I tried to post it in the General zelda community. but they remove the photo icon.



datamonkey said:

@Morpheel - Completely agree! Lost count of the number of times I've booted up the camera by pressing L or R accidentally!

Excellent news!



datamonkey said:

@LordGeovanni - I'm not 100% sure but I would think as long as the NNID match on both systems you will be fine to create one on 3DS first and then use the same one on your Wii U.

Having said that this is Nintendo we're talking about and they move in mysterious (and often baffling) ways!



DaveGX said:

@stefenjc: You mean how if the Nintendo IDs are linked, right? I connect them differently; I'm still on a Nintendo WiFi adaptor via Virtual PC, XP Mode on Windows 7 Ultimate. As for y WII U, despite my having multiple consoles, (2 past gen 2 new current gen) I now reset the modem before directly connecting each. (Dumb, I know, but routers are a hassle for me, I'll never understand firmware configurations to have full control of any of that type of hardware, which is why i refuse to work with them)



SCAR said:

The Wii U asks if you have an already existing NNID when you are prompted to use one, so no worries.

It's been like that since day one, before anyone even had the chance to create an NNID.



HaNks said:

@CapnKael you definitely selected to option to overwrite your NNID mii with the 3ds one? if so that's interesting as my wii sports profile is definitely gone. i only picked that option because i didn't want to the opposite to happen and lose 3ds saves (like ridge racer that links to your mii), damnit :/



AnimeNeko said:

Updated, got an ID, and now I can't update my Mii Plaza or use my E-Shop... This STINKS!!



datamonkey said:

I am getting error code 007-2100 when trying to log in to the eshop. Anyone else got this?



c1pher_c0mplet said:

It's probably best to retry updating StreetPass Mii Plaza and entering the eShop later in the day. The servers are surely overloaded at the moment.



Ootfan98 said:

I also cannot access eShop from either 3DS or Wii U, update to Streetpass Mii Plaza also not working



invmat said:

@datamonkey: In that case, their servers have been overloaded for 4 hours already, which seems possible, given the fact that almost every 3DS owner tries to connect with it.



SCAR said:

Everyone is getting the errors, guys. Adding 34 million potential users to your network is not an easy feat, I think.



keynote said:

Updated my 3ds
total size of update file: 99.445KB
A big one, great changes: L+R for Camera
no more systemtransfer limits
one downside, only one 3ds for each Nintendo ID



Bliquid said:

I have a very stupid question:
if i never had a WiiU, i DO NOT already have a NNID, am i correct?
I mean, i can't have forgot that i created one previously?



PenCapChew said:

"Deleting your Nintendo Network ID will also delete your Nintendo eShop purchase history and funds." Wait... I don't get it... if I have hundreds of games already, and if I create an ID and then delete the ID, all my games will be lost? The games are not attached to the system anymore? Or is it just the history (receipts, information, etc), not the games? I remember that I bought a VC game on my Wii U than deleted my ID and the game was still remaining in the console...



Marre35 said:


The games are attached to the hardware only in digital form, NOT to your Nintendo ID. If you delete it, you WILL lose the games, period.

This is still not the real account system that people want.
Nintendo needs to catch up to other companys with they're online businesses fully, its only half step.



sikthvash said:

Update for the Miiverse went fine, although I'm getting an error code 009-2705 for the Streetpass update. Linked Miiverse to Nintendo Network ID fine and created a post to test.



sikthvash said:

Can't connect to eShop at the mo either - error code 007-2100.I'm sure it will up and running after the initial server hit has calmed down.



PenCapChew said:

@Marre35 Thanks, man... I'm trying to find out more about this. When I choose "Delete your Nintendo Network ID" from the system settings menu I get the message: "You can remove an ID's link to the system without deleting it by formatting the system memory. This can be done though Other Settings in the System settings. You can then continue to use the ID on a Wii U or other device". What does it mean? That the games will be still available in my 3DS if I do this?



lbs said:

My 3ds sd card got corrupted yesterday, can't redownload stuff because the eshop is down! Very frustrating!



cfgk24 said:

Aargh! I've updated but MiiPlaza is still on Version 3.1
Eshop won't work, System update option in system settings is telling me that the system is up to date! Aargh!



Beechbone said:

Can you upload screenshots to facebook like on Wii U? I will update my 3DS once I get hope in the evening



PenCapChew said:

I'm a bit confused about the Nintendo Network ID and the eShop/purchases. On the Nintendo Direct they said that you can get paid content without an ID. Can you have an ID and buy stuff without being logged in? But then they said you will lose the games if you delete the ID... What happens if you want to sell the system with the games but without your ID? They say you can unlink the ID by formatting the system memory. My question is, will the games be still available in the system? If so, can then the new owner associate the purchases with his ID and have all the stuff?

EDIT: I'm performing some tests with my different 3DS systems I have at home. Looks like if you create an ID, the only way to access the eShop is by using your ID. But my question is still remaining about the example of selling your console...



c1pher_c0mplet said:

@PenCapChew Not sure about the Nintendo Direct you're referring to... That message you previously wrote seems like a safeguard against accidentally deleting the NNID (which if you did delete the NNID, I surmise you'd surely lose everything attached to it, eShop history included). On the other hand, if you simply wanted to unlink your NNID from the 3DS WITHOUT deleting the ID (basically, erasing it like it was never created in the first place), such can be accomplished by formatting the system memory via Settings (which by doing so, you'd still be able to use the same NNID on your Wii U). If you wanted to sell your 3DS, unlinking the NNID from the system (by formatting system memory) will remove the ID from the handheld; thus, if you purchased another 3DS, you simply link the NNID to the new system. That's what I'm thinking, anyway.



Moshugan said:

The unified funds with the removal of transfer limits might be a step towards a unified account system with game purchases tied into the accounts instead of devices. Here's hoping!



PenCapChew said:

@c1pher_c0mplet Thanks bro. They said that in the Nintendo Direct they announced Miiverse for 3DS and stuff, about this same system update.

But since the games are not attached to the ID, I'm guessing if I format the system memory the games will be still available for download in this system for the new owner and his ID?



SanderEvers said:

@Moshugan The purchases are already tied to your Nintendo ID with this update. Just like with the Wii U from launch.

HOWEVER. Your Nintendo ID is tied to your console + handheld. You cannot activate the same NintendoID on 2 3DSes or 2 Wii Us.



rixard said:

Yeah I can't enter eshop on my 3DS or on my Wii U. Too much traffic or they have temporarily closed the eshop like someone above speculated.



Babygirlishot said:

I updated my 3 ds and every time I get on my wahoo it give me this message now the following changes will take place as part of the id linking process. And the it tell I want it is and then I say ok and then it gives me the error message say try again later and restart my 3ds pls help me starting to make me very mad and want to throw my ds



c1pher_c0mplet said:

@PenCapChew Sure thing. If you formatted the system memory on the 3DS, any games previously on the system should be erased from it (similar to how reformatting a hard drive erases all data previously on it). So if another user purchased that particular 3DS you formatted, it should appear to them like they just purchased the system brand-new (also meaning your games or other user data wouldn't be there any longer) and they'd have to set it up with their info and data. And as such, simply reformatting the 3DS keeps your NNID: it just unlinks it from that particular 3DS so you can link to another 3DS you purchase/acquire later. Btw, I don't profess to be an expert in this stuff; just thinking it thru as it makes sense to me =v)



XyVoX said:

Is there any way to get Wii Points either from your Wii or still on the unused cards onto a 3DS ?



Zero11 said:

i will wait until i get my wii u and my 3ds xl for christmas then i'll do a system transfer and then download the update and make a nintendo network id on my wii u etc



GustavoMaciel said:

@MaciejKuczynski @Beechbone Inside the game, press home exactly at the time you want to take a screenshot, then go to miiverse. When writing a new post, there's an icon at the top right. Clicking it will show the screenshots from where you left the game. Just choose the top or bottom screen and it's done



Big_Gamer said:

Does it work the other way around too? That is, will my 3DS account be able to be synced once I get a Wii U?



WiiLovePeace said:

@Zyph Thanks for the link (sad face because server is down)

I got my pay early tonight too, & I was all excited to download Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies but now I can't I guess I've waited this long to buy it I can wait a few hours longer

@Big_Gamer yeah for sure, that's the whole point of "merging" NNIDs so you can link them to both machines, either one first.

@gsmaciel if there's a miiverse community for the game you're playing, you should be sent straight into it's page when you click the miiverse button (at least that's how it works on Wii U) if it just goes to the community page then you're out of luck. Although you can always make a post to your "activity feed" but only you & your Miiverse friends see it in their activity feeds. If you know what I mean...



Xonion said:

Will linking my 3ds with my wii u NNID also link the 3ds to club nintendo?
I haven't registered my 3ds because i want to save the code for a free game like the recent SM3DL promotion.



Pete41608 said:





ricklongo said:

Miiverse is amazing, and it's about time it hits the 3DS. Let this be a building block for future improvements, the next of which should be shared Virtual Consoles.



eza said:

I'm not updating to this. This update adds new restrictions to what I can do with my 3DS.

If you install this update and move between countries (even in the same 'region') then you're going to be very disappointed.
If you ask Nintendo Customer Services to update the country on your NNID then all your purchased eShop games will be lost.

It would be good of NL to point this out in the article, because I'm sure there are going to be a fair few people who fall foul of this.
It would be great if NL would research what alternatives are available for people stung by this update:
Is there a region-free hack yet, for instance?
What about one of those evil nasty flashcarts that we're not allowed to talk about much? (Just because one of their functions is to play pirated games doesn't mean that I would use that function)

I'm waiting and hoping for a talented team of hackers to work out a way around this problem, like they did for the Wii, and I'm leaving my 3DS on the previous system version until then.

No more eShop games for me until such a time I can be sure that I won't lose them!

Nintendo takes one step forward and three steps back



GamerGleek47 said:

Not sure if anyone has asked this but... Everytime (since the update) that I try to acces the eShop I get the Error 005-4240, then it says that I should restart the console. I've tried this twice and it won't let me in! What can I do?

EDIT: Now it signs in and says 011-3051! Geez Nintendo! I want to buy Zelda! Don't you want my money? -.-



MasterWario said:

It'll be nice to have Miiverse for those more niche games that I don't get to talk about a lot with people (I'm looking at you EO)

Hopefully I can get this update working and check it out.



mostro328 said:

Damn im at work no wifi, ill wait until i get home, for now, ill keep playing fire emblem



Barbiegurl777 said:

Yeah I updated my little 3ds at 1 am this morning after watching wwe raw last night before going to bed. Long update... It updated my system but as this article said with the issues. It won't let me go into the e-shop or update the streetpass plaza on my 3ds yet... Probably busy internet servers...

Nice to see the update though gonna update my 3ds xl this morning as well.

Do I need two Nintendo ID's since I have 2 3ds system's? It said when I updated my little 3ds I couldn't link 2 3ds's & right now only have 3ds gonna get wii u later.

Happy Gaming! (^_^)



rjejr said:

Thank for all th eposts, I think I'm going to wait a bi tbefor eperfomin gthis update, I'm prett sure my kids Miis on their 2 ear old 3DSs are different than the ones on our 3(2) month old Wii U and they have plenty of save data on each. guess we'll haev to deicde which data to destroy?We already lost ALL of our save data when Nintneod replaced our malfunctioning Wii U. Decisions decisions.



crimsonshadow said:

sadly my internet is broken (for a month now X.X) and i can't receive the update, and I've been waiting for this to :-/



ikki5 said:


just because you go from one country to the next one over does not mean all is lost. Yes, you cannot all of the sudden go and just switch but honestly. How many people are going to be in a different country with their permanent address there like....every year. My guess is more people are mad that they cannot change their region to get cheaper games through cheaper taxes or get games that are exclusive to one region which is why people complain so much and then they claim that they constantly move around which I don't believe in 80% of them. Yes, some people will move and it will make it more difficult but the that is a very small user base that will do that. Most people that move somewhere, it is for school and really, you should not be changing your country unless you have actual legitimate reason to such as you actually moved there for work or such.



ArkOne77 said:

@GamerGleek47 ....Same here!!! Been trying since last night. Tried a few more times this morning. Get the same 2 error messages. I hope this is something they can fix. I have A LOT of purchases tied to my 3DS! >:{



SilentHunter382 said:

Yep can't access the eshop on my 3ds but atleast my wallet funds have been merged. Now I can just by the one card without having to worry which one should get the funds.



SphericalCrusher said:

Got it last night around 11PM and love it. It works amazing. Love all of the past-channels for 3DS games also and hope they add more (it's not like they take up much space and/or take long to create)



elstif said:

@Morpheel That´s great, it was very annoying to get the camera on all the time just because you hit one of those unintentionally



WiiLovePeace said:

Still can't access the 3DS eShop, despite the Nintendo website saying the 3DS network status is good. I did download the streetpass plaza update though. Maybe the eShop doesn't like that I haven't tied a NNID to my 3DS yet? I figured if it wanted me to do that it would force me to upon entry to the eShop, rather than bring up a random error. I'm gonna keep waiting & see what happens.



eza said:

@ikki5 Unfortunately for me, I'm one of that minority. I bought my 3DS in the UK. I then moved to Spain. Now I frequently travel between the two countries.

I like travelling and living in different places: I was in Australia when the Wii launched so I bought it there. I was in Japan when the DSi came out so bought it there. In the UK for the 3DS. And most recently I bought a Wii U here in Spain.
Who knows where I'll be when the next one comes out!

I agree that I'm an anomaly, but it doesn't make it any less frustrating for me that I'm being penalised by Nintendo for this.

I can just about understand region locking a home console, but really cannot see any reasonable justification to region lock a handheld console, let alone country lock it.

The end result is that I'm going to be giving a lot less money to Nintendo in future.

Oh, and I really hope that they don't start bundling enforced system updates on cartridges for new games! :-/

Take another very popular and successful online software store: Steam.
I have changed my Steam account's country setting whenever I've moved, and the only thing that changes is that I'm billed in a different currency.

I think the difference is that Nintendo know that they can get away with it, and their customers will just lie down and take it.
Steam would never try to pull a trick like that.



WiiLovePeace said:

@ikki5 I change to the UK eShop (from the Australian one) because it has games on there not available on the Aussie eShop. Like Shantae: Risky's Revenge & Nano Assault EX. If I want to buy these games I should be allowed to, not forced to never be able to buy or play them just because I live in a particular country. It's absurd!



DarkNinja9 said:

finally at least some good news for nintendo right? least im liking the link account thing



Robo-Knight said:

I'm just wondering, is anyone here unable too connect too the Eshop or the Mii Plaza after installing Miiverse?



GamerGleek47 said:

@ArkOne77 Me too! I have like 6 full games and a lot of eShop exclusives! I don't want to throw them away:( Todat was going to be the perfect day! I would update, then download ALBW and now is ruined -.-



Windy said:

I'm pretty bummed that I cannot combine my 2 3DS systems. but MiiVerse is pretty neat. I don't have a Wii-U and still no plans to get one



ArkOne77 said:

@KnightRider666 .....I just did some research. That code means there is an error finding an access point or hotspot. I know my wireless is fine. So I went to Nintendo's website and typed the error code in and checked their network status. There are issues for the 3DS, 3DSXL & Wii U currently.(In the U.S. as well as other regions most likely) They are probably getting a network overload right now. I gave up until after work today..... Hopefully this will clear up with a little time



Roltron said:

Of course I find out about the update when I'm at school. Can't wait to get home to update!



ikki5 said:

@eza First off, Steam does pull stuff like this, There are games that I own and can see but friends of mine cannot see because they are in europe or something like that. Why? because the game was not released in one of those places. There are also games where I have bought 8 or 9 years ago on steam that when I try and go to the store page, it would say "this game is no longer available in your region." At least it used to do this, not it will just take me to the store homepage. The thing is, most people don't realize this because most games are released world wide on steam and there is just such a vast mount of games, this is not noticed very often. But the one thing I can say for steam that it has that Nintendo has, is if you sign in on another computer, you can use your steam account where as the NNID is only one per system. Now, while i agree to some extent that it is annoying where you cannot get some of the games because of the region issues but most games released in PAL version you can download is most PAL regions with the exception of Japan and for some reason Australia. But saying you can no longer use your 3DS in say, Germany when it has a UK NNID, I highly doubt that this is the case because I have taken my 3DS to the states and I have used it fine, it just gives me the Canadian eshop


Why do you feel that you are entitled to be able to download a game just because you can switch your region to a place it isn't supposed to be available? Those games are probably not available in your region due to some law holding it back and then using this as an override makes it perfectly fine? This happens with tons for stuff, For example, I would love to use the US Netflix but because I am in Canada, I cannot. Or I would love to stream TV off site like pokemon episodes but I cannot because it is not available in my region because Canada does not have the copyright laws or what ever laws it is that gets them in Canada. The reason you are being forced is because it is NOT supposed to be there to begin with. You don't own the right to everything just because you buy a system where it was released on.



WiiLovePeace said:

@ikki5 Huh? Those games are not on the Aussie eShop because the developers felt like the price of getting it classified by the Australian Classification Board was too high, hence they didn't bother because they felt they wouldn't make the money back or whatever. Not because of the law. If I want to legally buy a game & play it, I will do so. If I have to hook a UK NNID to my 3DS XL because developers don't feel they'll make enough money on the Australian eShop to recoup the costs then that's what I'll have to do. Can't change the system if you just accept how it is today & don't fight it for a better world tomorrow!



WarlockNem said:

So previous purchases from the eShop using my 3ds before applying the update to link my NNID to the system will still be there and linked to the system?



WesCash said:

I'll echo what @DarkKirby said about unified accounts being pointless as of now. Games shouldn't be tied to a console in what is almost 2014. Step it up, Nintendo.



Sinister said:

Neither is the eShop working for me nor can i update the Mii Lobby. Kinda annoying.



eza said:

@ikki5 I thought that Steam only did that for games where the developers had signed exclusive publishing deals for a particular region?
Out of interest, do you know if your European friends would be able to see those games that are hidden to them in your library if you added them to Family Sharing? (Or maybe these games aren't compatible with it)
Or whether if you buy a game that's only available in your region, you'd be able to gift it or trade it with someone from another region?

And yes, my 3DS has always connected to the UK eShop no matter where I'm located, in the same way my DSi always connects to the Japanese shop.

One reason Nintendo can get away with it and Valve can't is that the PC is an open platform. If Steam started adding these sorts of restrictions then there's nothing to stop people from buying their games from other places.

I started off disliking Steam, and didn't play Half Life 2 for years because of the requirement, but I changed my tune because they've made it so convenient.
In my mind it's the best form of DRM that exists right now.



Kifa said:

It's still showing me the 011-3051 while trying to access eShop on 3DS... When will it be sorted out? :/



Yosher said:

I can't even get into the 3DS eShop now before I get error code 011-3051. Good job, Nintendo.



WiiLovePeace said:

@Kifa Yeah it does that sometimes for me too. Nintendo is crashing soooo bad not even the network status page can stay alive haha Just gotta refresh the page until it works.



Mainer82 said:

I am really enjoying MiiVerse on the 3DS. I did not expect them to give us the ability to take screen shots of any game and post them like you can on the Wii U.



unrandomsam said:

Do I have to use this? I was quite happy how it was no interest in miiverse (I use the default mii no changes just not something I am bothered about). I care about a proper system but this isn't it.



KnightRider666 said:

@ArkOne77: Thanks, do you have any idea when this problem will be cleared up? I'm also getting error code 026-3051 when I try to update my Street Plaza to 3.3.



hYdeks said:

yup, I got the update as soon as it was up, and went straight to the Mario 3D Land community and started posting lol Completely enjoy it and love miiverse, so happy it'son my 3DS now



ArkOne77 said:

@KnightRider666 That code appears to be the same description as the previous 011-3051. (Can't find access point/hot spot error). Not sure when it will be fixed to be honest. There seems to be a lot of us impatiently waiting. I would have to guess that after the initial wave of miiverse madness settles down, people will be able to finish updating mii plaza and access the eshop. I had to try like 5 or 6 times before I finally got lucky and got the update for mii plaza to work.



ArkOne77 said:

@Knightrider666....I shut it off each time and started fresh. Otherwise it just throws an instant error. If you are extremely patient you can keep trying..... If not, I would just wait a day or so for things to settle down. GOOD LUCK! I got the update and the mii plaza update finally. I posted on miiverse. Worked fine. Went on my Wii U. It's showing a shared account balance. Now I just want to get on the eshop from the 3DS!!!! argh!



Dogpigfish said:

Can you unify multiple 3DS consoles? I have two and a Wii U. Somehow I think it's doubtful because of all the things out there.



Gerbwmu said:

updated my 3ds....can't get into eShop but that seems to be the norm......will be nice to have shared balance.....and none of the negative thoughts affect me personally so I guess all positive for me....when eShop opens anyway



WiiLovePeace said:

@Dogpigfish nah you can't. It's 1 NNID per 3DS. Although you can have multiple NNIDs on the Wii U, therefore you've got two 3DS systems hooked to two different NNIDs on the one Wii U, if that makes sense.



PinkSpider said:

Hopefully this will be fixed soon such a pain, can't update street pass and I can't use eshop



WiiLovePeace said:

Yay! I finally got into the 3DS eShop & am finally downloading my much anticipated Phoenix Wright game I even don't have an NNID tied to my 3DS & it didn't ask me to do so! Yay! Means I can still switch between countries on my 3DS at will. I'll actually prove if I can still change countries on my 3DS after I have a sleep / when the download is finished. & also find out if I can still download demoes. Awesome! ...No 3DS Miiverse for me though haha



JaxonH said:

I have around $150 on my Wii U eShop account, and another $150 on my 3DS eShop account. This merger will put me over the $200 threshold (unless that has been increased with the update to accomodate larger balances).

Has anyone else merged their accounts yielding a balance of more than $200? I tried checking the 3DS eShop but it's giving me an error, so I can't exactly check it right now. And my Wii U hasn't updated the balance yet.



ikki5 said:

Just a heads up, doing this link will overwrite the Mii on your system. My old one is gone and the one for my Wii U took it's place. I assume if you choose your 3DS Mii, it will over write your Mii on your Wii U as well.



StarDust4Ever said:

The Miis on my Wii-U and 3DS were identical, infact I transfered my 3DS Mii over too my Wii-U when I set up my Wii-U for the first time last Christmas.

I signed up my 3DS using my Wii-U account about 15 minutes ago. I cannot login to the 3DS eShop and the balance is not appearing on my Wii-U. I am 100% positive that I entered the password correctly. I'm broke right now from overspending on Christmas gifts for myself and others, and I previously had ~$10 on my 3DS that I wanted to use to purchase Cloudburry Kingdom on the Wii-U eShop. The balance is not currently showing up on my Wii-U and I am locked out of 3DS eShop for the time being.

EDIT: Here is the error code when I attempt to connect to the 3DS Eshop: 011-3051



ducktrapper said:

Update finished this evening. Since then have been playing FIFA 12 on the 3Ds and it has crashed twice. Never crashed before. Are the two things linked, and if so can I do anything about it? Will continue playing FIFA to see if it happens again.



PenCapChew said:

@Marre35 @1pher_c0mplet I'm performing some tests about the eShop/purchases/Nintendo Network ID. My conclusions so far:

1. You can use your 3DS, eShop and buy stuff without having an ID, but, as already known, no Miiverse, no merged balances and no free content download. By doing this you can still change the country on System Settings and access other countries' eShops.

2. If you create an ID for your 3DS you will be country-locked and only will be able to access the eShop logged in with your ID.

3. If you delete your ID you will lose EVERYTHING.

4. If you format the system memory you will lose everything UNLESS you link again the ID you have been using before, since the ID is not deleted during this process.

After discovering all this I see, indeed, that Nintendo is doing one step forward and three steps back indeed. What looks like more freedom is even more limits. They still don't know how to incorporate an account system. What kind of thing is this you lose games you paid a lot of money for by simply formating a machine and you cannot recover them???

So, if you want to sell your 3DS with all your games, the only option you have is to give the system with your ID on it. The only thing the new owner can do is change the email address and password. When you're formatting the system memory the information given is not clear since it says "Your Nintendo eShop account cannot be deleted", which makes you think you can simply redownload the content by accessing eShop again, not by re-linking the previous ID. Maybe if you hadn't created an ID you can format the system and redownload all the stuff, but I haven't tried this possibility yet.



ArkOne77 said:

@KnightRider666 NICE! I finally got in the eshop also. It was loading slow, but atleast I got in. It'll probably be hit and miss for another day or so because of the heavy volume of people downloading the update(s) and merging account balances.... Glad you got it to work!



StarDust4Ever said:

Just a heads up, I finally got in earlier tonight. My 3DS and Wii-U eShop balances merged. Then I tried to do something sneaky: I attempted to purchase Cloudbury Kingdom (Wiii-U) and Sonic 3D (3DS) simultaneously, even though I didn't have enough funds for both. I clicked "purchase" on both systems, and then hit the "confirm purchase" dialog on both sytems simultaneously. Cloudbury Kingdom went through on my Wii-U, but I got an insufficient funds error on my 3DS for Sonic 3D. Can't blame me for trying though.

Everything worked out nicely, since I originally didn't have enough funds for Cloudbury on my Wii-U, but managed to download it post merger after my balances combined. To be honest, I wanted Cloudbury more than Sonic anyway.



ducktrapper said:

After considerable time testing, repeated FIFA 12 3Ds crashes since I did the update yesterday. I can only assume it was caused by the update. Shouldn't there be a warning along the lines of 'update may cause problems with older software'. I hear that there was a problem with Ridge Racer too.



Nintendo3ds0 said:

Mii plaza adds the options to hire an old Allies from find mii was there in find mii II but new to find mii

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