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Sun 13th May, 2012

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Fudgenuggets commented on Treat Your Ears to This Awesome K.K. and Frien...:

@readyletsgo It's just a game... JUST A GAME?!
It's like a lifestyle, maaaaaan. You have no idea... It's like everyday there's aleays something to look forward to as well as discovering new things, making friends, and meeting personal goals. It's like another world out there!

OK, I've been playing too much AC:NL. I think I'm turning into Pascal. ._.



Fudgenuggets commented on Tomodachi Collection: New Life Reinstated At N...:

@ramstrong Well from I've seen, I think the humor shouldn't be a problem at all. Just change the dialog a bit to suit the western audience. One of the problems I've seen with localizing it was the items in the game. For example, most of the food items are Japanese and mostly not recognizable to most westerners so they would have to make huge changes with that. There's also a few other problems that are exclusive the Japanese language like I think there was one feature where Miis had their own way of saying "I" or something like that. I suggest watching some gameplay videos and you'll see what I'm talking about.



Fudgenuggets commented on Feature: Sharing Some Hits at a StreetPass Event:

Got a StreetPass the other day at the movies. :D
49 StreetPasses and my plaza population is 35 (including golden Miis). 32 of my StreetPass tags are from my friends though. Taking out our 3DSes during class just to StreetPass is fun. xD