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Thu 21st February, 2013

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warlocknem commented on Latest Mana Game Rises To The Challenge:

@Retrogamer88 From what news I've heard of this game it is built around multiplayer because it is an MMO. Although I haven't had the chance to watch this release trailer yet to confirm it for myself so that news from a day or so ago might be out dated and inaccurate.



warlocknem commented on Donkey Kong Country's Fate Was Determined By A...:

The DKC games were extremely fun (more notably the first one) and to a degree pretty nice to look at but even for their time you could feel the limitations set upon them by the hardware. I still loved my SNES and those games either way.



warlocknem commented on Iwata Looking To Emulate iOS And Android With ...:

A dedicated console for the gamers, a smaller downgraded handheld version of said console for gamers on the go, small low efficiency learning tablets with apps directed toward children or who ever wants to be taught something, and "nonwearable" devices that cater to Nintendo's new "QoL" way of thought all running on a universal Nintendo O.S. and unified Nintendo I.D. account system. I can see it working out rather well.



warlocknem commented on Nintendo Confirms Dedicated Development Team f...:

I imagine them utiIizing smart devices by maybe putting minigames for download in app stores that will only get people to want to play full on Nintendo games on Nintendo's devices. For example a small downloadable game app based solely on the Captain Toad levels from SM3DW. Not necessarily those same levels but a whole new game with the same concept. Then an app that let's you access a unified account based eshop and browse Nintendo related news is a great idea also.



warlocknem commented on Here Are Some Monstrous eShop Discounts for No...:

Is there a huge difference between both versions of Scribblenauts Unlimited that would justify rebuying the game for Wii U? We already have a copy that's been floating around the household from person to person for the 3DS.



warlocknem commented on Nintendo Is Sorry That The Wii U's TVii Servic...:

You're not really missing out on anything. It's not that great of a service anyway. I find myself not ever using it. Nintendo TVii is a really bad concept that needs to be worked on further if it ever wants to be remotely useful.



warlocknem commented on New Road Redemption Footage Blasts Away Road R...:

Never really played the 16 bit Road Rash games much or at all but I did own the Road Rash released on the Panasonic 3DO and RR64. I really enjoyed those games very much and always wanted new titles in the series but if a successor is all we're going to get I hope they can pull it off.



warlocknem commented on Remake Request: Shining The Holy Ark:

Does anyone remember Beyond the Beyond? I thought that was a fun RPG during the early years of the Playstation. Yes it wasn't one of Camelot's greatest moments but I would love to see that world revisited. I am a big fan of their efforts with the Shining series though and would think a remake on 3DS would be awesome.



warlocknem commented on Monolith Soft Lists "Urgent" Job Postings, Inc...:

Being a long time fan of the Xeno series this is one of the games I am most anticipating coming from the Wii U. I really hope Nintendo steps up and puts a heavy amount of marketing for this title (outside of Japan) to show that they have faith in it because I certainly do!



warlocknem commented on Level 5 Is Hard At Work On A New Game That Wil...:

@LetsGoRetro Both are fun games. The sequel improves on some aspects that were clunky about the first. Still the former is a better experience to me simply for it being the first in the series and having that sense of newness. My wife considers both to be her favorite PS2 games of that generation. Although it will never live up to Soul Blazer or instill that same sense of nostalgia even considering Dark Cloud is a much more immersive and polished game and can be considered retro itself these days.



warlocknem commented on Digital Foundry Heaps Praise on Super Mario 3D...:

Love this game! Me, my wife, and even our four year old daughter have been playing it nonstop! I don't see the SMB series as a kiddy game either I think it appeals to a large demographic. If a person claims to be any kind of true hardcore gamer at all they should hold true respect for these games. Playing mature games that rely on blood, head shots, and harsh language is pretty much the norm now (which I dabble in myself from time to time) and could be considered more casual than even Mario is.