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Mon 26th August, 2013

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Marre35 commented on Nintendo Has "Great Games" But Is Facing A "St...:

People keep saying they buy Nintendo's hardware for the first party games mainly. How is that different if the platform changes if they (Nintendo) still keep making the games and makes sure the quality of the games remain the same. I don't get it, please someone explain it to me!? I believe people will always buy quality games no matter what the platform is.



Marre35 commented on Marty Reminds 3DS Users What Not To Do On Miiv...:

Nintendo. You. Can't. Control. People. On the Internet. Come on!

I don't even understand why they're trying. Its not gonna work. I'm liking Miiverse on my 3DS, I don't want to loose it too as what happened to Letterbox earlier.



Marre35 commented on Industry Analyst Predicts Disappointing Outcom...:

To everyone complaining about here, if you can't handle news (even the bad ones) stop using internet. This is where Nintendo stands right now, you don't have to like it, just deal with it & move on.

Please watch the profanity — TBD



Marre35 commented on Wii U Hardware Sales Take a Significant Leap i...:

Im happy for Nintendo that they are finally moving more units in Japan, sadly those numbers are nothing to brag about. Whats even more sad is that the incoming PS4 launch in Japan is gonna crush Wii U sales. There's just so much more demand of that platform. Oh well, we'll see how it goes.



Marre35 commented on 3DS System Update Adds Nintendo Network ID, Mi...:


The games are attached to the hardware only in digital form, NOT to your Nintendo ID. If you delete it, you WILL lose the games, period.

This is still not the real account system that people want.
Nintendo needs to catch up to other companys with they're online businesses fully, its only half step.



Marre35 commented on Xbox One UK Sales Set to Pass Wii U's Lifetime...:

It looks exactly as i feared, Nintendo has lost it big time & now we have the numbers to prove it. So no Wii U for me then...

Will be sticking with PS3 for now.

Maybe next time Nintendo will see things differently.



Marre35 commented on Poll: Is Nintendo's Wii U Advertising and Mark...:

Yes, the marketing has been really bad no question about that. But for me personally there's still not a good enough reason to buy one. I'm not planning on buying the PS4 or Xbox One either, but everyone can see why people are waiting those consoles over Nintendo's.There's just so much more hype backing them & also promises of quality games. I would love to get a Wii U only for the upcoming Mario 3D World alone, but i can't justify buying a console for only its first party games anymore. Nintendo needs to work harder, the times have changed.