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Wed 16th Jan 2013

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dAviD7 commented on Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. Update Goes Live to Spee...:

I actually deleted the demo halfway through because I got sick of waiting for the enemy to do who knows what behind barriers on the other side of the map. Might give it another go, but half of a long time is still a long time. Just not as long.



dAviD7 commented on 2014 Australian National Pokémon Championship...:

i really hope these arent single elimination, although they most likely will be... darn you nintendo! the WHOLE of nationals on one day. condidering that melbourne already had over 400 at regionals, nationals looks set to break that record.



dAviD7 commented on Pokémon Bank Pricing Emerges For Europe:

wait, so are we going to have to launch a separate app for this? are we actually going to have to quit our Pokemon X/Y games just to use this service? i really hope we dont have to do that, and that they can make it accessible from
within the game.