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Sat 8th Sep 2012

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HaastMK7 commented on As The Maker Of Flappy Bird Withdraws His Crea...:

the reason for the withdrawal of Flappy Bird is a very amazingly bad one. I will not say what the reason is, but a good thing the creator did what he did when he did. it could of gotten much worse.

BTW my high score: 64



HaastMK7 commented on Video: This Senran Kagura Burst Euro Trailer W...:


Really mate? Thats your just opinion. A lot of people would find them to be good fighters. And considering how long Street Fighter has been out, (That's including the whole series) how could you call that a bad game. It is a lot better than most... :/

This game is not a truth fighter, sure it has depth, but SSF and Tekken has re-playability. This is just a inappropriate game, with a whole bunch of girl UN-dressing. This is not a Fighter game, and that's my opinion.