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Fri 22nd March, 2013

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MouldyK commented on Nintendo Download: 1st May (Europe):

@Emblem Yeah, but if there is any game which i'd appreciate not having to change carts to play, it's Mario Golf due to the pick-up and play, especially with Kirby coming out in 2 weeks and Tomodachi Life next month.



MouldyK commented on Nintendo Download: 1st May (Europe):

Gonna get £50 eshop credit for Mario Golf and it's DLC. Will be my first Digital Full game which wern't free. Mostly because i'm thinking if I break my 3DS, i'll lose my save and 100 courses, so why not just lose the whole game? :P

In Contra, you do both!

...where's a new Contra btw, people?



MouldyK commented on Wii U Console Sales Climb in Japan as 3DS XL M...:

Anyone else notice how slow Eurogamer, IGN and Kotaku are to report this compared to last week's when they reported it to say that 3D World is a failure?

Seems good news for the Wii U is slow to get to them as always. ;)



MouldyK commented on PS4 and Xbox One Surpass Wii U Lifetime Sales ...:

Well Eurogamer also reports the bad news just as much.

On another note, last gen I got a Xbox 360 and felt like I fit in with society, but it wern't that a tight, social community.

Now, with the Wii U, I feel like i'm in a tight community of people, especially with Nintendo Life and the Miiverse. So that's a plus side. Hope more peopel join our clan soon though because I love how social the Miiverse can be at times. :)

If it continues this slump, i'll be okay with it though as I love the community around the Console.



MouldyK commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Emphasizes the Wii U's Unique...:

@ecco6t9 A better idea: Do what Devolver Digital did with the Serious Sam Indie Series and let a couple Indies develop games for a lesser known franchise like Ice Climber or even Game and Watch in preparation of Smash Bros U. It would help indies and Nintendo with advertising themselves.

@triforcepower73 If it looked like that, I think it would become more Horror :D



MouldyK commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Emphasizes the Wii U's Unique...:

@Jimtendo "It is the first 3D game in the Metroid series and the fifth main installment, and is classified by Nintendo as a first-person adventure[3] rather than a first-person shooter, due to the large exploration component of the game and its precedence over combat."

A multiplayer segment like Metroid Prime: Hunters, but better, would be good. Like a nice side-dish to the First-Person Adventure Main Meal which is the Single Player.



MouldyK commented on Game & Wario Brings Mayhem to North America on...:

IGN: "Yes, Game & Wario is a series of mini-games. There’s no way around that description, despite the fact that Nintendo (who co-developed the game with Intelligent Systems) has promised plenty of depth within each concept. In some ways that immediately assigns a certain value upon the game, despite the fact that much of what we saw and played was intuitive and engaging. We didn’t fall in love with every idea, but for every mediocre ‘Taxi’ we got an addicting ‘Gamer.’ For us, that’s a balance we’re willing to accept.

The question that remains is this – how compelling are the final 11 games in the Game & Wario arsenal? Will they turn out better or worse than what we’ve already played? Up to this point, Nintendo Land seems to hold a more ideal collection. But we’ll see. Nintendo says Game & Wario will be out "within the first half of 2013.""

And they looked at 5 games, so the final number is 16 games.