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Fri 7th Aug 2009

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invmat commented on This Is How Much Space Super Mario 3D World Wi...:

I think this has everything to do with an upcoming promotion where new Wii U buyers will get a free game from the eShop. Since some of those Wii U buyers will have the basic model, games with these file sizes will be among them...



invmat commented on Nintendo Announces "Monster Hunter: Gift & Hun...:

Very important detail: "Product registrations for the participation in this promotion cannot be combined with other promotions." So you can't combine this one with the "So many games" promotion (buy 3, get 1 for free).



invmat commented on Nintendo Announces "Monster Hunter: Gift & Hun...:

What the... ? So it's basically this: If a friend of you has Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on 3DS, you will be able to get the game for free when you buy a 3DS. That's still nice, but compared with the "free game promotion" from last year, this is actually an inferior version of that.



invmat commented on Tomodachi Collection: New Life Features Same-S...:

@Bulby I completely agree.

I was already disappointed it wasn't possible to let persons of the same gender marry in FE:A, but I guess that was done because of the children.

EDIT: To avoid any misunderstanding, I was reffering to the in-game children,



invmat commented on Talking Point: Fire Emblem: Awakening - The Bi...:

When my game is delivered, I will play in "half casual / half classic"-mode, meaning: resetting whenever somebody dies, but with the ability to save and restart anywhere. And that means I'll have to chose "casual".



invmat commented on Video: Nintendo Europe Highlights Key eShop Ti...:

@Five-seveN That's probably what has been one of the major faults when the Wii U launched, or... should I say 3DS? It is very hard for a (game)company to start an account-based system when the new generation has launched. Which means... were probably stuck with this stupid system for the next 5 years. Thank you, Nintendo...



invmat commented on European Release of Devil Survivor Overclocked...:

First VLR, now this... What the hell is going on when games are being converted from NTSC to PAL...?

It also surprises me that you're unable to complete the game because of this bug. That must mean that the PAL version didn't have a single beta-playthrough....



invmat commented on Win a Metallic Red 3DS!:

I would love to win it, I didn't get it with christmas and I like red. Too bad the chances of winning are 1/10000 . Well then, good luck to everyone !



invmat commented on Gaijin Games Details New Content in BIT.TRIP C...:

I'll buy it right away, and even a 3rd time if I have to. These games are being worth more than Wii Sports, Wii Fit, Wii Fit Plus and Wii Music combined. Buying these games 3 times is much cheaper and I'll enjoy it, instead of seeing I have overweight again .

The only thing I would hope for is that existing save games can be transferred, but I doubt it (Nintendo couldn't even do it with Metroid Prime Trilogy).

"Thanks to invmat for sending this in."
You're welcome



invmat commented on Review: BIT.TRIP FLUX (WiiWare):

About the checkpoints:
If I get a "game over", can I still claim my high score, or work the checkpoints the same as in Runner (so that you instantly begin again)?

Anyway, 24 hours left before I can play it...



invmat commented on Nintendo's 3DS Events - We Want Your Questions!:

FC-system has already been confirmed, but:
1. Will it be system-wide or are there FC's for every game?
2. Will 3DS game's saves be stored on the game card or on the 3DS?
3. Will 3DSShop be available at launch or later?
4. What's the 3DSWare size limit?
5. Can games be patched/updated?
6. Has the Black 3DS the same problem with fingerprints as the DSLite?

That's it... for now.



invmat commented on BIT.TRIP FLUX Gameplay Revealed, More or Less:

Did nobody read this?:

It contains more information than just the way you play the game. It's some kind of BIT.TRIP BEAT sequel with checkpoints (like VOID). There are 3 "chapters" (probably tracks...). FLUX is not the end for BIT.TRIP. FLUX is going to be released late January / begin February (in NA, so EU will probably get it later).



invmat commented on Talking Point: Your Nintendo Christmas Presents:

Donkey Kong Country Returns
2000 Wii Points
(And maybe I get more today...)
I'm happy with both DKCR was fun (played multiplayer with little brother). Im probably saving the Wii Points for BIT.TRIP FLUX and Sonic 4 E2. And maybe I can't wait and download the only BIT.TRIP game I don't have yet: Core.