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United Kingdom

Sun 4th Aug 2013

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lbs commented on Review: Mario Golf: World Tour (3DS):

@Grumblevolcano I agree store prices should match online prices. Digital dl prices should be less than physical. Buying the cart online for £28 plus the "season pass" is approx. £39.... and so a better deal I, however, will be going digital with this as I'm done with 3ds carts.



lbs commented on Review: Super Mario Bros. 3 (3DS eShop / NES):

Well, this maybe true also. Being a 70s kid, I grew up with the Sinclair Spectrum... So it's not a "rom" thing for me it's most likely the crt thing, like everyone else said. The last time I played it, before Wii VC, was on a nes so....



lbs commented on Wii Sports Club Marketing Steps Up in Japan:

This is a cool concept, but I need to know that Wii Sport Resort games are coming.... Specifically (and really only) that Table Tennis game!

Also, how come everything sounds better in a female Japanese voice!?



lbs commented on Nintendo Download: 22nd August (Europe):

£56 / 70€ for Blacklst is madness! You can preorder the boxed copy for £36ish...
lol at the Street Fighter "special offer." Is it odd that they come out this week, so soon after saying Ultra SF4 won't be coming to Wii U?