Not too long after Electronic Arts admitted that it currently had nothing in development for the Wii U, Senior Software Engineer and Architect at EA, Bob Summerwill, took to Twitter to voice his opinions on the system.

Summerwill, who has been with EA since 1999 and worked on titles such as FIFA 11, according to his Linkedin profile, has slammed the Wii U as being "crap" and that Nintendo should have "done a SEGA and offered Mario/Zelda as PS4/Durango exclusives".

We've included screenshots of Bob's comments - thanks to IGN - as his views have since been deleted from the social media site.

Wii U Screencap
Wii U Screencap2
Wii U Screencap3
Wii U Screencap4
Wii U Screencap5

It looks like this EA and Nintendo deterioration in relations is reaching down to senior development staff, after a very different atmosphere just two years ago at E3 2011. On the plus side, Nintendo is making inroads with other major developers, today announcing an exclusive deal with SEGA for the next Sonic title.