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Mon 4th Apr 2011

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Roachant commented on Senior EA Employee Caught Out Criticising Wii ...:

Guys, I love Nintendo as well, I read this site daily, but I am a bit concerned that the WiiU will fail and things like this just add to my concern. There has always been bashing against Nintendo by Sony fanboys and whatnot but the fact that the bashing is done by the biggest video game company out there, no matter how crappy they are, Worries me that Nintendo may have seriously messed up with the WiiU.



Roachant commented on Hardware Review: Wii U:

Hi gamg, well i have been playing with my "U" for a few days now... No crashes or lags or anything. Also, one thing Im noticing is that netflix looks better on it than my ps3. I find the user interface, although similar is clearer on the wii u than ps3.
I really hope this console does well, not simply because I invested money in it but just because I am loving the gamepad experience.



Roachant commented on Japanese Hardware / Software Sales Show the 3D...:

If the NGP sells around 300$ the 3ds will fail, and fail quickly. Nintendo is already in very big trouble with the 3ds as it is, and i am dissapointed that they didnt have a clear strategy regarding its release. Its obvious it was rushed far too soon, i mean we only have like 2 or 3 good games coming inthe next few months. yikes....



Roachant commented on 3.6 Million 3DS Consoles Sold Worldwide:

Wow, I know that nintendo is a little dissapointed with this number but considering that it launched in march of all months, and the country that is the biggest supporter of the ds had three major earthquakes in the past few months and still face an uncertain future, I think these numbers are amazing. I didn't think it was this popular!