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Im 13 and im a dog.

Male, Puerto Rico

HEY KIDS, i like video games im also the proud owner of a bench ( hopefully someone will get that reference). Favorite games: zelda, pokemon, mario and much much more. Feel free to talk to me and my toaster if your feeling deepresed.

Wed 15th May 2013

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Linkmaster9 commented on Senior EA Employee Caught Out Criticising Wii ...:

EA says that the wii u is not worth it but the sales figures tell otherwise.
4 months after all big three consoles launched (xbox360, wiiu and ps3) these were the sales figures for each console:
Playstation 3: 2million
Xbox 360: 2.4 million
Wii u: 2.6 million
The wii u outsold the xbox and playstation in the SAME time and EVERYONE and their mother still talks doodoo about it.



Linkmaster9 commented on WWE 2K14 Set To Skip Wii U:

Why do we even try? Something is going on with EA and the big N, even with the wii all EA sports game came, even if no one bought them. Im fine that WWE 2k14 is skipping wiiu (I was not gonna buy it anyway) but EA passed the line when they announced that the next Madden was not going to be on wii u.