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Wed 2nd May 2012

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tigermask commented on Review: Putty Squad (3DS):

Amazon UK have it listed for £30 despite the original pre-order price at around £19.99. It seems to be in stock too. There are a few big bugs once you've completed Marathon Mode that won't allow you to load or save using the feature, which doesn't seem to be a problem because it auto saves/loads anyway!
Also, System 3 have teased SpotPass levels based on Super Putty for SNES but the time it took them to release this, I'm not sure if I'll hold my breath.



tigermask commented on Fire Pro Wrestling Creator Masato Masuda Passe...:

Wow! This is a shock for a guy so young. I'd played Fire Pro for years and even created a few game patches for the GBA versions. Fire Pro Returns was an excellent end to the series (I agree with @GuitarAnthony the XBLA version was an abortion). If you're interested in wrestling, I would strongly suggest picking up any of them and having a go. RIP Masato Masuda



tigermask commented on Soapbox: Ignoring The Objectification Of Women...:

I would argue with some of the 'anti-feminist' and 'male rights' posters but you're all so backwards and close-minded it would be like shouting at the sky to stop it raining. This game isn't art, it is trash trying to make a quick buck from selling sex like countless others that have come before it.



tigermask commented on Nintendo Pocket Football Club Confirmed for 17...:

I've never been a big fan of football games with the exceptions of World Cup '98 and Premier Manager 98/99 (Won both of them in Chelsea official magazine!), but this could break my 10 year streak of not playing them. It combines RPG elements with football which sounds pretty fun and Level 5 are boss, I own every one of their GUILD games and like the lot.



tigermask commented on Pokémon Bank Goes Live in Europe and Australia:

Has anyone had the server lock them out? Pokemon Bank timed-out when it was logging in now it keeps telling me I'm locked out and should try again "later"... How much later Nintendo? I've already waited over a month!



tigermask commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

I started Monster Hunter 3 yesterday for 3DS and I'm also playing Lego Marvel Super Heroes on both Xbox 360 and 3DS. I'm also going to try and finish a couple of the freebies and near-complete games on my dashboard for 3DS.

Oh and I'm making castle Greyskull in Minecraft 360 Edition.



tigermask commented on This Video Brings Back Festive Sega Memories o...:

@DerpSandwich I got Sonic 2 and Revenge of Shinobi with my Mega Drive. I could spend ages rattling on with anecdotes but I'll bombard them on my wife. My uncle and I had this Game Master trailer video that we watched at least 3 times a week before we had Mega Drives. I was so hyped, even Greendog looked good!



tigermask commented on Club Nintendo Rewards Are Updated for December:

I don't want to moan because I've received a splendid set of Nintendo-themed hanafuda cards, an Animal Crossing soundtrack, a 'Year of Luigi' coin and Game&Watch Volume 1 for DS but....
Why don't Europe get free games too? The majority of the stuff on there is now old stock that isn't going to move (DSi cases for example). I don't want to be ungrateful but it is a bit of a raw deal of Europe's part.



tigermask commented on Legendary Adventure Title Myst Receives Perman...:

This game was so bad that I contacted the publishers to complain. I never had a response unsurprisingly. The graphics are low-quality and it's impossible to read the books. Also the website showed screenshots of realMyst, which have disappeared from the website since I contacted them.



tigermask commented on Feature: Animal Crossing StreetPass Event Brin...:

I'm in Milton Keynes (A little north of London for NA and others) and haven't been to any specialist events. However I have managed to max out my StreetPass counter at Collectormania and NICE. My wife also obliterated a few puzzles for me when she went to London for the Olympics and Paralympics. Still not finished my Mario and Sonic at London 2012 Card collection though!
Locally, I usually get one or two StreetPasses from MK shopping centre, usually from the staff at GAME and CeX. You get display hits too in John Lewis and a couple of others too, which wasn't worth while until the release of the StreetPass DLC. I've had the odd one at local supermarkets and smaller towns but nothing amazing.

I'd totally go to a specialist event if there was one this end of the country, maybe even risk a day to London for it.



tigermask commented on Talking Point: The Arrival of eShop Download C...:

I went to my local GAME yesterday to take advantage of the "25% extra on trade-ins for eShop vouchers" and they've pulled all vouchers off of the shelf other than the £15's and £25's because the codes hadn't been working. I got myself one of each and downloaded New Super Mario Bros. 2 (Which I'm enjoying despite my dislike of Mario). It was just a bit an annoyance because I was keen to see what they had.



tigermask commented on Pokémon X and Pokémon Y Caught In Worldwide ...:

Honest answer. Who has gone back to their Gen V game finish their EV training?
Fun fact, my Golem, Dragonite and Gengar will be 10 years old in July! I've officially put more time in to my Pokemon team than anything else in my life.



tigermask commented on New Sonic Fan Film Receives Mixed Reception, B...:

I don't think it was executed to the same standards of some fan-made movies I've seen, however I think it captured the feeling of the early 1990's media they released like the comics and cartoons.
Plus this film is a million times better than that dreck "Super Mario Bros." Film that was released in '93.
Also, find a picture of Tom Hardy playing Charles Bronson. In an ideal world he would be Robotnik.



tigermask commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Takes One Step Forward...:

I'm getting a bit fed up with the pricing of games on the eShop. First of all, I'll be damned if I'm going to pay that much more for a digital download, I'd rather get a 2nd hand copy for a fraction of the price. Also, Nintendo doesn't seem to realise there is a difference between the value of the GBP and USD. The pricing of some apps and games are identical to the US as they are to the UK! Sort it out Nintendo!



tigermask commented on Nintendo: There's No Such Thing As Too Much Mario:

Mario is such a dull and two-dimensional character. Every Super Mario game has the same objective of saving the princess. This was cliché before the first Mario games came out. Now in 2012, it's just uninspired and a bit sexist.
Give me Wario any day! I love that greedy little bugger.