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Sonic Lost World Review

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Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Sonic gets lost in his own world

It's tough being Sonic. Every new release starring the mascot comes with a significant weight of expectancy, and the evolution from his 16-bit 2D heights to a current-day franchise hasn't always been straight-forward or successful. His home console exploits have been showing positive trends, however, with Sonic Colours and Sonic Generations helping deflate the cynical outlook many have had for the direction of SEGA's best known series. Sonic Lost World attempts a further evolution of its own, ignoring the option to rinse and repeat recent formulae ad nauseum; the results are mixed.

In terms of setting its tone via storytelling, Sonic Lost World undoubtedly targets a new, younger audience as opposed to older gamers with misty-eyed recollections of days gone by. The yarn spun here isn't a simple "bad guy has stolen this / kidnapped X", but attempts to weave in relationships, humour and the occasional twist. It's not exceptional or fascinating to our jaded sensibilities, but to young gamers it'll likely play out rather like a decent cartoon plot, and the fact that Sonic and Dr Eggman (give it up, Robotnik fans) have to work together sets up some good lines. With reasonable CG cutscenes and enthusiastic voice acting, this is a solid effort from SEGA in playing up the cheeky Sonic, innocent and clever Tails and the slightly exasperated genius of Eggman, with cameos from the likes of Knuckles; the Deadly Six villains do a job, but they're generic enough to be unmemorable in comparison to the main stars.

The well thought-out presentation extends to the main game itself, too, with bright, colourful visuals that enable the development team to — importantly — extract smooth gameplay and a mostly immaculate framerate. This isn't an engine that showcases the capabilities of the Wii U, to be blunt, but art style does trump polygon counts; it's all bright colours and chunky designs, which are pleasing in motion albeit likely to disappoint tech-heads. As the setting is a floating planet called Lost Hex, the license to step away from the art style of Generations was taken with relish, even if we have the usual batch of frozen, tropical areas and so on. Cheerily blazing away we also have a reasonable soundtrack albeit one, again, unlikely to stay in mind for long.

These are positives for Sonic Lost World, but ultimately — like any Sonic game — the question of gameplay balance rears its head. Some of the standards remain, with a dash, spin attack and homing attack all making their expected returns. And while much hype has surrounded the circular environments in this title, there's a batch of the expected level designs that'll be familiar to veterans; we have a host of 2D stages and some on-rails 3D levels. The 2D stages are generally well executed, while the dashing on-rails equivalents — either entire levels or sometimes interspersed within other levels — are some of the most visually appealing and exciting to play. The latter style may not be universally loved, but they place the player's fate in their own hands with a reliance on twitch reactions, all while bombarding the senses with some cinematic flair.

The circular stages that have dominated attention come in various forms; the principle is that, in certain areas, you can run around a 360 degree area and explore. These levels will be a particular treat for those that love to collect every red coin, for example, as on an initial play through it's possible to miss the vast majority. While that's an option, it's often the case that after a fairly brief bout of exploration you find yourself ploughing on at high speed, especially when you hit a key spring and the game takes over, with Sonic dashing forwards and acrobatically flying through the air without, sometimes, any input from the player.

As an idea, however, these new stages are reasonably well applied and add welcome diversity to the level design, with a number of occasions when you can choose from a variety of options such as platform hopping, attempting to reach a wisp — special powers first seen in Sonic Colours — or wall running to the next platform. These moments of flexibility aren't as common as may be expected, but are fun when they arrive and add spice to proceedings. The Wisp powers play their part, too, but are very rarely mandatory, often passing a level by; powers that enable you to fly and chain musical notes, for example, do deserve credit for utilising the GamePad motion controls and touch screen reasonably well.

These elements — 2D, 3D on rails and the new circular 3D levels — appear in a mix of individual levels and longer stages, sometimes over 10 minutes in length, that incorporate a mixture of styles. With the exception of tunnel-driven rail sections, the parkour aspects of wall running and occasional ledge clinging stretch across 2D and 3D, and provide the most telling example of a reasonable idea not quite hitting all of its marks. Adding greater scale and variety to level designs shows ambition, but removes the simplicity demanded for a game that the masses can enjoy. We've mentioned that the storyline and presentation seem planned to target potential new and young fans, but this is a demanding, difficult game to play, and not in a positive sense.

Difficulty in games shouldn't be a complaint in its own right, and it's not an issue with the entirety of this title. But it is a frequent problem, and it's driven not by deliberate challenge and clever levels, but by fundamental flaws in the design. The 3D environments are most troubling, as Sonic moves relatively quickly — even when not dashing — and lacks the precision and balance of a certain chubby moustachioed rival. Lining up a dash for a wall climb, making precision jumps and any moves that require accurately hitting a specific spot are fiddly to execute. When levels are high speed and in the moments where they flow beautifully this isn't an issue — but then those moments don't often make notable use of the circular level designs that serve as Lost World's primary new feature.

Though not chronic, Lost World also suffers from exasperating death pits and cruel tricks, complaints common in many Sonic titles. It's the dilemma of giving the player control, while encouraging moving at great speed, while throwing up hazards to keep proceedings interesting. It's a square pegs and round holes issue that's arguably never been perfected by the Sonic Team, and it's not nailed it here either; we consider ourselves reasonably skilled gamers — though not exceptional — and we saw Game Over many times, relying on the batch of four new lives on a regular basis; collecting 100 rings, cruelly, doesn't award an extra life.

We once had over 20 lives, but one excruciatingly poor stage — which stood out against a number that are far better — was riddled with incredibly difficult manoeuvres while in the form of a snowball with the handling of a shopping cart; within 10 minutes a lot of careful life accumulation was lost. Even with assist power-ups that enable you to skip a section, some areas are a battle of attrition.

There can be conversely frustrating and over-simplified moments with Boss stages, as well. In some cases the Deadly Six are polished off with ease, with the encounter over within seconds, and on at least one occasion the attacking hook was so poorly designed that even when knowing what to do, actually executing the move was ponderous. Around half of these battles find a nice balance, however, teasing us with flashes of excellence.

With difficult moments and the overall complexity of the various mechanics, however, we struggle to imagine young gamers battling through more than the early levels. Experienced gamers will likely be comfortable adopting the variety of attacks and manoeuvres, and when Sonic is blasting along naturally Lost World is undoubtedly a delight — homing attacks and acrobatics look and feel fantastic at times. Often, however, the technicalities fall over, with the aforementioned awkward movements of Sonic and occasions when mechanics such as the homing attacks simply don't work. With a reliance on auto-lock-on, there are times where Sonic will zoom to an enemy you don't want to or can't hit, or won't lock at all. It happens often enough to turn the air blue.

That's the single player experience, with the 30-or-so levels likely to keep most busy for a decent amount of time, especially those that want to collect all red coins; naturally SEGA has added extra options to keep players interested beyond the core game. Time Trials of beaten levels are self explanatory, with online leaderboards sure to keep competitive die-hards happy. While those are a simple inclusion the co-op element feels tacked on. Player two flies an RC vehicle that moves alongside Sonic while dropping bombs or firing missiles, but it feels redundant, with the assisting player often being rather pointless. It's possible to hook up with Tail's Lab on a 3DS copy or Miiverse to improve RC vehicles, but it's not a particularly entertaining diversion.

Two player racing is also included, with courses unlocked with progression in the single player campaign. Speed Race and Expert Race give two players four tracks to blast through, with one player on the TV using a Pro Controller, Wii Remote and Nunchuk or Classic Controller, while player one uses the GamePad and its screen. It's the ideal setup for a race and works nicely, though there are noticeable framerate issues that mar the experience slightly. Ring Race has a time limit and, rather than being focused on pure speed, the goal is to accumulate more rings that your opponent before time runs out. This mode feels a little flawed, with the time allowed being excessively long, while accumulating a few hundred rings only to lose them on one hit from an enemy is unduly harsh. It's functional, but not as effective as the racing mode.

Beyond these options, Sonic Lost World shows excellent intentions to utilise and enhance the Wii U experience. Miiverse and leaderboards are integrated nicely; off-TV also looks excellent, with the bright and relatively simplistic visual style looking attractive on the smaller screen. In-game use of the GamePad is limited, but that Miiverse connectivity — and the item swapping that's also possible — demonstrate that the Sonic Team has worked hard to bring together its gaming community and add important touches to the core game.

It's important to note that, while we've highlighted some issues and problems with this title, they rarely stop a relatively experienced gamer from enjoying most of what it has to offer — there's a ludicrous difficulty spike late on. There are low points, but also plenty of decent moments alongside some exceptional stages, with emotions occasionally swaying from extreme disappointment to unbridled delight. It's a reflection of the number of moves and level styles incorporated that the standard sways so drastically, but the highs make the overall experience worthwhile; we do envisage problems for young gamers, however.


Sonic Lost World shows flashes of brilliance, where clever design, bright visuals and a daring sense of fun align perfectly. There are a few significant lows, however, and a raft of content that is passable but easily forgotten. That leaves us with an uneven experience that we recommend to keen Sonic fans without hesitation, but suggest that the less committed should think carefully. If dealing with frustration to reach high points is an acceptable sacrifice of your gaming time then this is worth strong consideration, but be under no illusions — this isn't the definitive Sonic experience we may have desired.

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User Comments (278)



DuplexGemini said:

I'm not planning on playing it very soon, not because I don't want to play it, but mainly because I'm currently occupied with Pokemon X, Rayman Legends and Beyond: Two Souls. Whilst I still have yet to pick up Wind Waker HD, GTA V, Wonderful 101 and Pikmin 3, not to mention Mario 3D World and Zelda: ALBW coming soon DX.

Very good review Thomas, I'll still pick it up someday to see how it fares out.



RaymanFan2 said:

Welp, getting both versions anyway. Too much of a Sonic nut to resist (in fact, Sonic was the deciding factor in my purchase of a Wii U).



citizenerased said:

"If dealing with frustration to reach high points is an acceptable sacrifice of your gaming time then this is worth strong consideration"

I realise this is the unpopular opinion, but I felt the same way about Colours. The precise platforming segments were just too frustrating when Sonic responds like molasses, so I stopped playing. I won't be purchasing another Sonic game until they get all of it right. Seems like getting the basics right shouldn't be this difficult.



Gamer83 said:

Damnit, I was really rooting for this game. It seems like Sega still delivered a good game and that's a plus because there was that long stretch from about 2002-2008 where nearly every Sonic game sucked but still, I was hoping this would be that killer app platformer Nintendo consoles are known to have and that Sonic games used to be known for. Still looking forward to playing it when I get a Wii U though.



Cosats said:

How come Famitsu gave a 9/9/9/9? Aren't they supposed to be very strict with their grades?



Emblem said:

The embargo was a sign this wasn't going to be great but Famitsu liked it and my likes and theirs are always in sync. Call me crazy but the difficulty has warmed me to this game even more. My delivery should be here in the next hour or so, so i can see if i like it or not.

"Two player racing is also included, with courses unlocked with progression in the single player campaign. Speed Race and Expert Race give two players four tracks to blast through,"

Can you clarify this please, do you unlock up to four stages or do you start with four and unlock more?



wasf said:

ign italy gave it 8.0 tough! so many doubts on this... ok, just batman origins this month (got zelda HD already) !



Cosats said:

Is the game really so controversial that causes these score differences a la Zombi U or is some kind of empathy involved?



RaymanFan2 said:

The entire 8th paragraph leads me to believe that the reviewer never took his finger off the 'run' trigger. The whole point of a run trigger is so these problems aren't encountered, because the opposite of pressing a run trigger is, obviously, a slow walk.



Emblem said:

@Cosats Famitsu are Japanese, so naturally their tastes differ from their western counterparts. Since i import alot of Japan only PS3 games i use them as my main benchmark, i find their reviews on western released games tend to be more accurate also but that's likely because we have the same game tastes.

  • Sonic Lost World (9/9/9/9, 36 points): The Wii U version of the new Sonic got the highest overall score this week. "Your normal movement speed's slowed down a bit, which makes it seem a bit easier to play for action beginners," said Ebihara. "The homing attacks are easier to pull off, and the overall sense of nonstop excitement is as prevalent as ever. The game also takes advantage of a lot of Wii U-specific features, from the GamePad and TV-based multiplayer to grabbing items via Miiverse."

Despite giving it a 9, Uchizawa was quite a bit harsher in the review text. "The basic gameplay and world setting is the same as the 3DS version, although the stages are quite a bit different," he said. "The color powers add a nice accent to the action, although it does kind of ruin the Sonic-type tempo you might be expecting. The visuals are as fun as ever to watch, too, although it's hard to see whether you're actually controlling anything at times."



ThomasBW84 said:

@Emblem They're like Grand Prix things where it lines up four tracks. In truth I didn't try multiplayer until I was quite far into the game, so not sure what it does early on!

RaymanFan2 - Of course I did



Yomerodes said:

Going by how pretty much every western review is either trashing or 7'ing the game, the odds are against Famitsu and their infamous reputation of being extremely soft with overhyped and famous games.



readyletsgo said:

Aww! Huh doesn't sound too good to me now, what i'm getting from reviews is the controls are just not tight and level design isn't great later on in the game I was really rooting for this game, now I'm kinda unsure. I guess I'll keep an eye on the 3DS version reviews, I know the review is only one person's opinion but they do effect sales sadly.

Wanna buy a game today so I'm gonna get something with my trade in cash from my vita



FullbringIchigo said:

well i'm playing it and i love it, yeah it's not perfect but then again NO GAME IS, they all have their flaws

that's why you should never take reviews as facts but as a helpful bit of information because after all, reviews are the opinion of the reviewer and not everyone has the same opinion "one mans trash is another mans treasure" remember that



andreoni79 said:

I'll wait to see what players think (I read too many bad reviews of the wonderful Wonderful 101 while players love it) but if its difficulty depends on bad design, than I'll just wait for Mario and Donkey.



Peach64 said:

Unfortunately saw this coming. Everyone had been acting like this was a AAA release this holiday but Sonic games in 3D have always been disappointing. Ah well, plenty of other stuff to play.



ToneDeath said:

That this review seemed to be embargoed until 9am of the release day was the first sign that something had gone wrong...no, actually it was a video of the Japanese eShop demo where I noticed a poorly designed bit where you were supposed to line up your shadow to land on a cloud; "Oof, that doesn't look quite right (having played Mario games for years)."

What's also a bit worrying is that most reviews, and the scores in particular I think, are going to be just a little bit too generous because anybody that remembers Sonic in his Mega Drive heyday is going to want so badly for this game to be great, the be the ONE...but unfortunately the chances are that this should have been a 6/10, the kind of game you're going to want to enjoy more than you actually will, and may end up trading in before even finishing it.

I'll wait for Gamecentral's review to pop up before I make my decision; 8 or higher and I might buy it today; 7 and I'll wait for a bargain price; anything less...well Sonic, I guess I'll see you in Smash Bros. then.



Nintenjoe64 said:

I want to say I told you so to about a million people. I can't believe they thought this game was going to be a Mario beater when its best feature was the fact it looked a bit like Galaxy.

@ToneDeaf - the review embargo didn't bode well.

I think the IGN hype train followed by scathing review will be a common trend with the next gen launches!



RaymanFan2 said:

I'll probably have an aneurism if I read any more of these comments (or any message board for the game, for that matter), so bye guys



Volmun said:

Completed this last night and its my favrot Sonic game sins the Dreamcast with Sonic Adventer 2 (and yes im counting the gamecube game) only thing SA2/B Has over this imo is the Chow garden



PinkSpider said:

I know 7 isnt a bad score but when rival sites are scoring it a 5 its not good. The Wii U doesn't need bad games and more.bad press it's having a bad enough time as it is. We really need to start seeing some A+++ games. Looks like its down to Nintendo again again... Shame....
P.S excellent and honest review Thomas well written



Volmun said:

@Nintenjoe64 tbh idk why ppl even pay atention to IGN thay almost always do sloppy biyest revius of Nintendo games henc iv not been to there site in about 4 years i got fed up with them.



Peach64 said:

I tend to really only put much stock into Eurogamer and Edge reviews, and they both scored it 4/10. Although an Edge 4 means just below average so I guess equal to an NLife 7 in many ways.



Volmun said:

@FullbringIchigo Exactly its eniying haw some ppl use revius like a gaming bibile on do i or dont i.. tbh if i like the look of a game i get it and if i dont i dont i dont realy cear for ppls revius mutch althow i will look thgho Nintendo-Lifes reviues from time to time even then it donst infulance me buying it or not



Emblem said:

Almost every comment on Miiverse is people liking the game so make of that what you will. Still waiting for the post guy but comparing all the reviews i've read so far they line up with what Thomas is saying, its a good game but its not great.

Since there seems to be no comments on loading times, bugs etc, its all down to opinion.



Volmun said:

@PinkSpider lol not quite it terned up at.. er musta bean about 10:40 in the morning did the 1st lvl then went to the doctors got home bout 12 then played lol completd it at about midnight still i can see alot of replay in this game + im stupidly fast at games its sorta enoying lol stil it was a good 7 ot 8 hours of game play witch is good to me also sorta rushed as iv got Skylanders SwapForce coming at some point and wanted to enjoy Sonic's story with no ibtruptions 8)



ThomasBW84 said:

@Peach64 No, "Below Par" on here (similar to below average) is a 4 — 7 means "Good". A 7 on here means we think it's good and no better, we do use the full scale.



citizenerased said:

@Peach64 While I see where you're coming from, because I do feel NintendoLife overrates "bigger" and divisive games, always being on the higher end of the scale and giving them the benefit of the doubt, fact is according to GameRankings their average score is 64.62%, whereas Edge's is 64.53%. That's a negligible difference. And well under the average of gaming reviews as a whole. Eurogamer is on 66.80%, btw.



PinkSpider said:

All the Wii U scores I could find quite mixed

Joystiq – 2.5/5

Polygon – 6/10

Nintendo Life – 7/10

Eurogamer – 4/10

CVG – 7/10

God is a Geek – 8/10

IGN – 5.8/10

GameSpot – 5/10

Nintendo Insider – 8/10

Famitsu 36/40



Macarony64 said:

I'm getting it cuz reviews are usually more mess up than the actual game but this review seems to be on part with what I think about the game so I'm buying it.



WiiLovePeace said:

I still would've bought it if you guys had've given it a 1/10 I'm one of the few (I imagine) that actually enjoyed Sonic '06 (PS3) & my favourite Sonic game is Sonic Unleashed (PS3). Imo Sonic '06 really wasn't that bad, it was way more funny than bad. Also, I loved both the daytime & night time stages of Sonic Unleashed too, the music was nice & the graphics were awesome & the characters were funny. I greatly enjoy the 3D Sonic games



CaviarMeths said:

I usually use Famitsu as a barometer due to my tastes aligning more with that audience, but yikes, looks like they were the only ones that were particularly impressed with this game.

Oh well. Bad news for Sonic fans, I guess.



Macarony64 said:

@PinkSpider there at 3 reviews there that can be easily ignore. Ign, gamestop and eurogamer are reviews that most of the time downplay or overhypes games.



Macarony64 said:

@andreoni79 that's because they would have to be crazy to attack Nintendo in such a open way. They mostly do it against third party Nintendo exclusives or new ips.



Romeo said:

not sure what to think

i was 100% sure this game would get good reviews.....
what i've seen so far (gameplay videos) looked great... and i've only read good/positive things about this game until today

definitely disappointing



ToneDeath said:

Okay, I've read the GameCentral review as well now. Here's a snippet:

"In Short: It’s depressing that the one modern game that shows the most effort is also the least satisfying to play, but if Sonic is ever to work in three-dimensions Lost World gives no clue as to how it might work."

Score: 4/10

Oh, Sonic
I guess a 60hz version of Sonic 3 & Knuckles is the best I can look forward to (fingers crossed) from this series on the Wii U. At least don't screw that up Sega, PLEASE!



Macarony64 said:

@Peach64 I would definitely give it rent first to try before buy if the option is given, for me the games looks way better than some higher scoring games released so far and it would be a injustice to not give it the benefit of doubt like I did with beyond 2 souls(I try it and did not like it)



Macarony64 said:

A@ThomasBW84 actually a "7" given by a single person means is that is good to a single person



TsunamiSensei said:

The actual review made this game seem pretty good in my eyes, so I'll probably pick it up at some point.



Shiryu said:

Got the game earlier yesterday, here is my First Play video in case you wanna see. I really hope they patch the game in the future to allow Pro Controller in single player, it's my biggest concern with the game. The controsl felt a bit clunky at first, but I am getting used to it now, I quite enjoyed what I played last night.



WhiteTrashGuy said:

Sounds like if you've played a 3D Sonic game in recent years then you know what you're in for. I'll get it down the line. But right now I have THE WONDERFUL 101 and POKEMON X to keep me busy. ; )



Kirk said:

A 7 here, a 6 on Polygon, a 5.8 on IGN, averaging a 62 on metacritic...

I knew it.

I said I few times that something about this didn't look quite right.

Well I'm sad to say I was correct.



MAB said:

For decades Nintendo fans have been writing off SEGA games because they're too hard... Go back to your baby infinite lives basic Mario games



Pachterkid said:

What's this? A bad 3D Sonic game?? Well that's just unheard of!

Why exactly were people expecting such an outstanding score??



Pahvi said:

Come Monday I'll see if this is my Aliens: Colonial Marines.

And something relevant(?): Polygon said that the 3D parts were better than the 2D. Curious.



Mahe said:

So, better stick with Sonic Colours and Sonic & The Secret Rings, then.



ThomasBW84 said:

@PinkSpider "The well thought-out presentation extends to the main game itself, too, with bright, colourful visuals that enable the development team to — importantly — extract smooth gameplay and a mostly immaculate framerate. This isn't an engine that showcases the capabilities of the Wii U, to be blunt, but art style does trump polygon counts; it's all bright colours and chunky designs, which are pleasing in motion albeit likely to disappoint tech-heads."



marck13 said:

It does look like a lot of fun.
Remember (almost) everyone has some absolute favourite games that never achived any high score (..some not even close
High scores means that almost everyobody likes it. That it's good originality- and quality-wise , etc.. But high review scores don't say much about your personal taste at all.



ACK said:

To all the people claiming something to the effect of how you told us all so long ago (thanks to your own peerless foresight): Look, unless you've played the game and have some functional, useful criticism or opinion... Then you haven't told us anything.

I'll always play a game before passing substantive judgements. All I have are Thomas' words so far, but they do offer various clues to the reasons this game may frustrate reviewers (who haven't generally chosen to play, in the traditional sense) and also the potential enjoyment for those not trying to rush through the majority of the game's content before putting pen to paper.

That said, some of the biggest flaws stated here read to me as a benefit to the longevity. As a kid, I regularly got stuck playing such games. That just pushed me to play more to conquer those levels, as opposed to put down the controller and give up... I always welcome those moments (even if they veer into frustration), especially in games for my kids (whose comfort and impulses are far too commonly catered to). But times have changed, I suppose. Either way, many people would score those vintage "classics" that tempered my juvenile gaming skills 7 at best. Just some perspective.



Peek-a-boo said:

As usual, this website appears to score yet another exclusive Wii U game two or three points higher than elsewhere.

... hardly encouraging, hey?



Marshi said:

Il make my own mind up about this game when I get it. After all,isnt that what everyone should do rather than take a review score as gospel?



Sgt_Garlic said:

The reviews are all over the place. Hopefully the demo comes to the eshop soon so I can see for myself if the mechanics and difficulty are bothersome.



JimLad said:

I'l still be giving it a go at some point, the reviews aren't encouraging though. Seems like the same story all over again.
They really should hand Sonic over to Dimps and focus on 2D games.



Morph said:

Who cares what the reviews say, i'll make up my own mind when i play it later



TimLatshaw said:

@Peek-a-boo Let's see. So far I see IGN at a 5.6 and Polygon at a 6. Our review isn't 2 points higher than either of those. Now Famitsu, giving it straight 9's; that's definitely higher.

But it's not the point, is it. The point is that reviewers have different opinions and different ways of scoring games, and to try to Metacritic it all and just crunch numbers instead of taking the time to review and consider the text of each argument to your own tastes is not really serving yourself well as an informed consumer in the end.



ricklongo said:

Thanks for the heads up, NL. I'm still getting it for my Wii U - I love the visuals and the nostalgia is strong. I hope I run into less problems than you guys seem to have.



Peek-a-boo said:

@TimLatshaw ... deliberately forgetting about Edge and Eurogamer (with their 4/10 reviews) are we?

I personally think every single 3D Sonic has been either average or poor and I STILL put myself through the usual 'Sonic cycle' all the blooming time.

Sonic died on the Mega Drive whereas Mario has been a consistent joy!



ToniK said:

I have a very limited budget, so this is not encouraging. I guess I should invest in W101, WW and Deus Ex. Later 3D world, of course.



Emblem said:

Been playing this for about two hours now, my best Wii U game after WW, Pikmin & W101 without a doubt. If you're not a fan of sonic it won't convert you but if you are a fan its a real treat for sure.



TimLatshaw said:

@Peek-a-boo Nope, not deliberately forgetting about them. I just hadn't seen them yet. Still, given all the reviews we've mentioned so far, that's two N-Life is 2+ points above, two N-Life is 2 points within, and one N-Life is 2 points BELOW.



rjejr said:

"Sonic gets lost in his own world"


I don't want to even read the review after that. The 7 gives me hope though, for a weekend rental at least.



ThomasBW84 said:

@Peek-a-boo The scores are all over the place, as Tim's pointed out. For more context Destructoid went higher at 7.5, ONM 80%. A 7 is what I thought best represented my experience with the game. I gave the 3DS one 5, yet that got 8 from pocketgamer and 79% from ONM. I'm afraid the "scoring higher than everyone" argument doesn't wash.

Or we could all read the text of reviews and consider the different opinions, which is a wacky idea.



Dogpigfish said:

I predicted this would happen. You can tell when a game is rushed to meet its deadline debut.



S7eventhHeaven said:

most of the games difficulty flaws with controls etc can be overcome with patience. does anyone know any small children who can complete sonic all star racing transformed onhard difficulty. its punishing beyond belief. my toddler almost smasshed the gamepad through tv



nik1470 said:

@ThomasBW84 Most reviews are marking it down for being hard (Wonderful 101 all over again) which I don't feel is fair. Don't let the hecklers pull you or make you feel you need to justify your score.

Still can't help but be a little disappointed it looked SO GOOD!



Memeboy3 said:

Shame, i was so hyped...I guess it turns out,,! the Wii U does need Super Mario 3D world after all..It could have been a great game if Sega could give it more time, It would've lived up to the hype, but i wouldn't because it was OVERhyped, I hope Sonic Team tries to forget Sonic 06 and remember Sonic Generations and why it was so good...if they are not careful they could make Sonic'14 or other years...



Peek-a-boo said:

@ThomasBW84 ... it may surprise you to know that I actually read reviews before I look at the score, unlike some folks on here.

I just find the score(s) to not match the context of a review (sometimes) on here, especially in comparison to well, you know ... non-Nintendo championing websites!



SphericalCrusher said:

Watched GameTrailer's Video Review, scoring it a 7.6. That seemed really fiar. IGN's 5.whatever is a load of BS. I'm usually not big on reviews or scores, but still. Seems like this game is getting 7s on average. This is still a day one buy for me!



Quickman said:

I stopped taking notice of reviews since "Mean Machines" went out of print, but If you like the look of Sonic Lost World then try it out, 7/10 isn't a bad score..



S7eventhHeaven said:

if all else fails remember you can play mario galaxy 2 on the wii-u ( nintendo should make a tv spot just to explore THIS FACT)



Whopper744 said:

Darn...I was hopping for more....I really wish they'd go back to games similiar to Sonic Adventure or Adventure 2, but so many darn people complained about them they never will.



CanisWolfred said:

Still sounds better than what I expected. It sounds more like it was rushed than anything else, which I could say for any Sonic game since Sonic Adventure. I'll probably still pick this up, but after I get the New Mario and Rayman games next year.

Granted, unless it was the best Sonic game since Sonic 2, I wasn't gonna buy it day one anyways.



rjejr said:

"there's a ludicrous difficulty spike late on."

This happens to me all the time. Its why I only finish about half my games.
I like to have fun, I don' tlike my patience tested.

My 8 year old says not to rent this, he wants to buy it. His patience hasn't run out yet.



Marshi said:

@ThomasBW84 Its an opinion at the end of the day and much as I enjoy reading your reviews,it will not sway me on loving or hating the game any more than it should. After all isnt that what we SHOULD be doing,making up our own minds?
I bought pokemon x and would score it a 7. Does that mean im wrong and the reviews are right? Ofcourse not.
No people should get off your back on this,it was a well written review with good points made. Whether I agree with them or not I wont be able to tell you until I play it!



StephenYap3 said:

Dang, I had high hopes for this game. Well, I think I'll be sticking to Sonic Colors and switching my preorder money to Wii Party U. Sorry, Sonic



BigBluePanda said:

Seems to be the case with every new Sonic title. So much hype, will get the series back on track, nostalgic elements...and turns out to be nothing special.



CanisWolfred said:

@ACK I know, I was incredibly confused by the idea that kids wouldn't be persistant at a video game. When I was a youngin' I always saw other kids try try again whenever they got stuck in a game, even when they were really frustrated. So long as they can forsee a solution, they won't back down so quickly. I think it's adults, who can think about all the more important things they have to do in their life than surmount a fictional challenge, would be more likely to give up when frustrated.

Granted, I think the problem here isn't that it's hard so much as its complicated in some aspects. A kid might not be able to figure out some aspects of the game. That's the impression I got, at least.



Captain_Toad said:

Sigh. Dosen't seem as awesome as would be expected/hyped, but. At the very least it's a good score. Rental or at the least cheaper price. It seem that sega's blue speedy hedgehog has still got some ways to go from perfecting that platforming magic in 3d. At least those are steps in the right direction.



TruenoGT said:

I was both hoping/not hoping this would be a must play. Now this is one game I don't have to get stressed out about not playing (at least not right away).



steamhare said:

I'm still interested, although there are definitely other games on the wii u that should take precedence at this point.

I probably shouldn't be though. Sonic Team really has no idea how Sonic should move in 3D environments, since he always seems to control drastically different depending on what speed your going and what the course is doing, or whether your in the air or on the ground.



CanisWolfred said:

@BigBluePanda Uh, you sure you're posting in the right place? A 7 is far from average on this site. It means that it's a good game with flaws, not "nothing special"...



unrandomsam said:

@Cosats What I want to know is what Famitsu gave the PC version of Generations. (If this is higher than that then that is all I need to know.)



thesilverbrick said:

Well, now I don't feel so bad about not buying it. SEGA will only get my support when they can make a less-than-mediocre title.



ThomasBW84 said:

@CanisWolfred I think a lot of games when I was growing up (late '80s to mid '90s) were tough but, in terms of core mechanics, quite simple. The moveset and combinations this demands are different from that retro challenge, so I was trying to say that children may find those aspects tricky.



NImH said:

Dang. As a SNES kid, I always want to be wooed to Team Sonic... Colors seemed like it had the most promise, but I didn't really like it. I'd hoped this would be the Sonic game to explain why he has such a huge fanbase to me. Oh well.



cdude said:

Reviewers arent deducting points because the game is hard. Theyre docking points because the controls arent reliable enough to avoid cheap deaths. The controls here are as good as a mario game where the jump button only works half the time.

Talk all the crap you want about industry reviews, payouts and the like, a platformer that doesnt platform well is fundamentally flawed on the most basic levels there are.

You guys pretending that no one knows anything about a game until theyve played it to conclusion are out of your minds with way too much time on your hands. The facf that this game was thrown together and is reviewing poorly in a way that will make it sell poorly is no ones fault but segas.

Sounds exactly like a 3d sonic game honestly. i cant believe the 'team' is still employed...



bizcuthammer said:

Nintendo Life writes the best analytical reviews. I read lots of review sites like IGN, Gamespot, etc. But half the time their reviews complain or gush about stuff they wished would have been in the game, rather than analyze what actually is there. They also have an annoying habit of writing articles complaining that certain series (Zelda, Mario, Sonic, Final Fantasy or whatever) never change, yet if a new game comes out that does challenge the status quo of that series, they whine about it in their reviews by saying 'it just doesnt feel like 'insert series here''.

NL does a great job analyzing games for what is actually there, and for the most part they judge games based on that entry alone, rather than comparing a title to past greatness of its predecessors. Great review here.

As for Lost World, I never expected more than an 8. People kept saying it was the answer to 'where is Mario Galaxy 3?' but i knew better. Sonic plays way different than Mario, and not in a good way for 3D platforming. I love Sonic, but Sega has never figured this out. Its no surprise that the highest rated Sonic games the last few years have been Generations and Colors, both of which include more 2D levels than 3D. If Sega would let Nintendo EAD make a 3D Sonic, they could show Sega how its done.

I still want to get this, as what was mentioned in the review made thus game sound just as good as the Dreamcast Sonic games, but not better, and i liked those even with their flaws. My son also loves Sonic, so it'll be fun to play with him. The review makes me glad i didnt preorder though, as now i'll probably wait til xmas to get it as a gift for my son.



NintyMan said:

This is disappointing, but I'll still try the game at some point. Reviews are for getting a sense of how a game might be, but I find it best to try out the game for yourself, as you might very well feel differently. A 7/10 isn't a bad score anyway. That means it's somewhat good at best and average at worst. I like how this review basically broke down everything about the game from the graphics to the gameplay to the boss battles and scrutinized each aspect. That's what a review should do.

If Sega can't get 3D Sonic games right, then they might as well go back to side-scrollers. Or they could just make Sonic Adventure 3.



unrandomsam said:

@ThomasBW84 If you say an average game gets a 4 then most of the games should be around that reserving the rest of the scale for the stuff above average. Unless you are using a logarithmic scale which doing without stating you are doesn't make sense. If your average is 4 most of the games this month should have got 4 (a few 3s and 5s). The mode is the useful average for this. (NES Golf is the only 4 I can remember.) The average is whatever standard most of the releases are at. (Including stuff like NES golf in it isn't fair at all.) Metacritic says your average is 62. (Presumably the mean). If you remove vc and retro and dsiware. Be above 70. The mode and median are not 4.



Neram said:

So pretty much it's for the same forgiving Sonic fans that enjoyed Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations then. While I don't see a problem with that, I would still like to see Sega make a Sonic game that is more accessible for non-die hard Sonic fans. I just think Sonic deserves better than this.



Neram said:

@FilmerNgameR There is one, it's called Sonic the Hedgehog and it came out in 2006. It sucked, just like Sonic Adventure 1 and 2. Why would you want more of what killed Sonic? The Adventure games are like a disease that has somehow infected people to believe that they're actually good.



steamhare said:

He said that 4 is below average. If nintendolife generally averages a score of 6.2, 4 is indeed below average. And you've also clearly confused a statistical average, or mean, with mode, which is how often a score is used.

You're also misinterpreting the definition of average thomas was using, which wasn't "statistical average" but rather "doesn't stand out from the crowd by being bad or good".



GN004Nadleeh said:

i played all sonic games 2d and 3d, after sonic 06 i stopped buying them and instead renting them. all the hype this site gives every single nintendo game is fanboy fake. what did people think? if nintendo uses all its anti piracy/anti playability gimmiks (screen on controller, forced motion controls) then no one is going to like the game. what up next? donkey kong u? lets hear about how its all brand new concepts like jumping requires motions! then the review comes and it sucks. repeat



johndevine said:

The reason Sonic games always turn out disappointing is because people actually expect them to be good.
They are always poopiedoodoocacapoopsiedoodledoggiepoops. They always have been and always will be. Nostalgia seems to cloud ex Sega fanboys judgement.
This game is getting reviews which are pretty much as I expected.
Please watch the profanity — TBD



johndevine said:

@GN004Nadleeh I would say that Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze will be unlikely to disappoint. If you have played Donkey Kong Returns you should realise how good it is.

It is a tight platformer, in every way.

There is quite a difference in the caliber of Sonic and Donkey Kong platformers.

If you don't realise the differences then you'd probably just be better off avoiding platform games in general.



UnseatingKDawg said:

Eh, I'm still giving it a go.

And why don't people get it that Sonic collects RINGS? Not COINS, RINGS! RIIIIIIIIIIIINGS!!!



AyeHaley said:

I am shocked. truly shocked.
Never been a Sonic fan but even I was looking forward to this game.



SetupDisk said:

Now I am glad it is coming out later in North America, more time for more reviews. I read the IGN one and it didn't even include all the features of the game but that's the second review I have seen like that from that guy. I would have much rathered José had reviewed it since he seems to be on my wavelengh on lots of stuff. With the videos he put up after the horrible W101 review by Keza he basically said ignore her review this is a great game.



FJOJR said:

I'll still get this at some point. Maybe SEGA ought to go back to the Colors/Generations style and master it before pushing the Hedgehog in other directions again. We don't want a string of bad that 2006 started to pop up again.



WreckItRyan said:

"While in the form of a snowball with the handling of a shopping cart" ..I lol'd at this one! What a shame, not even a Sonic fan, but I was really pulling for this game. Oh well, I can save some money for other games!



Luffy said:

oh man its hard? I'm even more happy now that I preordered it. I hope most people can't beat this game.



BakaKnight said:

Definitly sound like a old dear 3d Sonic game XD
Not perfect, problems impossible to not notice, but also full of cool moments and fun stuffs.
It won't be for everyone, but it's totally on my radar, Hopefully I'll get and play it very soon



DESS-M-8 said:

@Cosats Because this is actually a very very good and solid game. God knows what the 7/10 is about. This is the best sonic since Sonic the Hedgehog 2



SkywardCrowbar said:

This hurts my soul... This game is getting hammered with the exception of the Famitsu score. I'm still excited to play it, but I REALLY wanted this to be amazing.

Also, I don't think is like with ZombiU as someone said earlier. ZombiU got way more good reviews than this is getting.



TromaDogg said:

I'm surprised at all the negativity surrounding this game....I got it yesterday and think it's really, really good.....I'm sure Super Mario 3D World will probably be even better, but this is in no way a bad game. The level designs are great, controls are absolutely fine and I've had no issues so far with the game being too hard or the lock on/homing attack not working properly and I'm halfway through the third world. I know opinions and reviews are subjective, but if my understanding is correct, a lot of the negativity seems to be stemming from people who think either it's too hard for kids (I haven't felt that at all with it) or they can't do the homing attack properly (both A and B work as jump buttons, but only A does homing attacks)....which is pretty poor. This game deserves much more of a chance than some reviewers are giving it as they're likely putting people off buying it altogether who would enjoy it.



Auracle said:

Sounds fine to me. I'm a veteran to Sonic's style so I should be just fine.
Let's do it to it!



bonesy91 said:

well that is another pass for a wiiu game for me... guess I will be waiting till 2014 before I make another big purchase... at least I have a link between worlds to look forward to.



RedRocBoy said:

Got this and Assissan's Creed paid for. Gonna a lot of gaming and COD coming out. I ain't gonna need any games for awhile. Except for Mario 3D World and A Link Between Worlds.



RedRocBoy said:

Got this and Assissan's Creed paid for. Gonna a lot of gaming and COD coming out. I ain't gonna need any games for awhile. Except for Mario 3D World and A Link Between Worlds.



Prof_Elvin_Gadd said:

A 7 isn't the end of the world. It's "good" to most folks. However, I'll probably wait until the price drops a bit before I pick this up. That's only because there are so many games coming out next month. I'd say to those of you who were excited about this game and now aren't because it got a 7. What? A 7 isn't bad! Why do people always go crazy if their game doesn't get an 8, 9, or 10? People are strange.



Ryno said:

Oh SEGA, even when you make Sonic for Nintendo's hardware your game is still inferior. - My 10 year old childhood talking.

I will still pick it up this holiday season during some type of holiday sale. I'm not going to pay full price for this one.



ACK said:

I've played this for but a few moments. Had fun, but it was immediately clear to me where Sonic Team is missing the boat.

Funny that this has been compared to Mario Galaxy because they offer such vastly differing design philosophies. Galaxy emphasizes and hones a few key mechanics throughout and then allows the level design to grow and flourish into a carefully measured Crock Pot of flavorful tasks and compelling challenges. Most power ups and altered inputs are focused with levels built almost entirely around those mechanics. Ultimately, these design ethics put Mario and his abilities at the forefront of every of the screen at every moment. It's probably why he has grown and endured.

Here Sonic Team is ironically confused about what to do with the very idea of Sonic. They rarely emphasize or hone Sonic's key mechanics to create a properly engineered foundation. Then they over-burden the levels with numerous power-ups or abilities; many of which are unnecessary and counterintuitive to the expression of the very concept of Sonic. That encourages them to eventually over-rely on gimmicks polluting nearly every corner of every level and only further ignore the important aspects and dynamics of Sonic as a character.

The result is a series of games with a puzzling conundrum: do these game designs even need Sonic? Or has he simply become a burden?



Ralizah said:

Darn, there goes another reason to get a Wii U. Hopefully Super Mario 3D World will deliver...



retro_player_22 said:

I will have my own judgement of this game once my copy arrive, I'll just take all reviews as things to be aware of.



Marshi said:

Well ive bought it,played it a few hours.And I think its amazing. Super bright detailed environments,super smooth 1080p 60fps. And the controls are spot on,best controls ive experienced in ANY sonic game. Sorry NL but I couldnt disagree more with the review,its a wiiu highlight. Its dificult,but not once did I feel the game was unfair in its dificulty. I simply dont understand why reviewers seem to lack the patience required for games that are not the usual shooters or open world games



GreatPlayer said:

"While in the form of a snowball with the handling of a shopping cart" LOL... I feel the same way when playing the marble stages in Mario Galaxy too! When Mario Galaxy has poor control (swimming stages, flying stages, marble stages) no one complained.



Marshi said:

@cdude The controls are spot on and in my 3 hours on the game ive not experienced 1 cheap death, and im no sonic fan or super experienced gamer. To me its the first sonic game in a long time ive not only enjoyed,but rate as one of this xmas' wiiu highlight. A 7 is a good score(personally its a 9) but I have no idea what edge,ign and the like are smoking.



BulbasaurusRex said:

@citizenerased Agreed on Sonic Colors. I found the 2D sections of that game to be extremely frustrating with imprecise platforming, sluggish movement, an immense number of bottomless pits, and horrendous level design that exasperated the other problems. I'm glad I only rented it.

I'm very disappointed to hear that Lost World consists so much of more 2D sections (assuming they haven't tightened up that engine) and more on-rails sections (which have several flaws of their own), while the new style inherits the same problems as the 2D sections except for the sluggish movement. Definitely calls for a demo trial before I consider buying it once I eventually get a Wii U.

Is it really so hard to reimagine the mechanics from the precise Sonic platforming engines in the Genesis games and the Adventure duology? It wasn't the basic engine that was the problem with the early 3D games; it was some of the gimmicks thrown alongside them, namely Big's fishing levels, the treasure hunting levels, the three-in-one formations of Sonic Heroes, and Shadow's guns.

On the bright side, I'm glad to hear of the first good competative multiplayer mode in a Sonic game since "Sonic Adventure 2: Battle."



Dreamcaster-X said:

Watching the review on Gametrailers has changed my tune on this game. Destructoid gave it a 7.5 & Gametrailers a 7.6 so I guess I'll sacrifice my $50 Amazon gift card for this one. I have a better idea of what to expect after reading their reviews combined with the one here.



ACK said:

Playing a little further, maybe the most obvious ethical contrast is evident in the application of 2D levels...

For whatever reason, Sonic Team seems to feel compelled to conspire against themselves by clearly spreading their designers and developers too thin. Presumably, they demand a significant ratio of 2D levels because of a mistaken belief that their biggest fans expect them.

However, these days the idea of 3D Sonic seems cursed by the very existence of 2D Sonic within the same product. Lost World introduces 3D Sonic on the right foot, but then I'm playing a poorly married version of 2D Sonic... Uh, why? There is no sense of progression. No flow. Moreover, as 3D Sonic improves and demands more and more... I'm left dreading the inevitable reappearance of 2D Sonic while simultaneously becoming needlessly more confused about the varying controls, abilities, and powerups.

(Now these are my quick-fire opinions pecked away on my phone with little more thought... I sense others may feel the opposite and prefer 2D Sonic, but the idea is the same. This pre-arranged marriage has been unwillingly forced for the wrong reasons.)

In Mario Galaxy, the few 2D components were clearly incorporated due to the interesting application of the gravity physics. While I doubt many preferred them, they were never forced. And they certainly weren't lip service. (Kinda makes you appreciate the very existence of the "New" SMB, eh?)



Wildfire said:

I'm already used to the bad reviews on Sonic games,not saying that this is one of them. For me a 7 is actually a good score. I don't understand why some people gave up on buying this game just because Nintendo Life gave it a good score! My only hope is that Sonic Lost World sells enough or Sega will be another one abandoning Nintendo's ship. As for me I've never had a problem with Colours or Generations so I'll be getting Sonic Lost World today. Can't wait!!



SparkOfSpirit said:

Amazing that a 7 immediately makes the game garbage. Gamers are something else.

The review even says it is a good game but I guess we need to ignore that.



Jellitoe said:

@SparkOfSpirit Its not the 7, its 5 that its been scoring everywhere else.

I have played plenty of games with horrible reviews that I have enjoyed. But the general public is not going to throw 60 bucks at a game with a low score even if it is a good game.



Dogpigfish said:

No one expects more than the annual sonic game. It's not quality people are looking for. It's plain old fashioned fun with a familiar character, that's all. This game certainly doesn't raise the bar and show off the Wii U's graphics, like some upcoming game will, but it does provide more content building the install base, which is really all Wii U needs.



element187 said:

"Damn. Well time to get Wonderful 101."

@Kaizokuman You should buy W101 like yesterday! Still the very best game on Wii U.. and yes, even edging out Wind Waker HD, and this was my first play through of Wind Waker and W101 still kills it..... well, if you like challenging hardcore action games.



SCAR said:

Is it anything like the other 3D Sonic games? As much as I hear everyone say they hate the 3D Sonic games, I found them just as good, if not better than alot of the 2D ones.

I like Sonic anyway, I'm just wondering if you(the reviewer) would say this is just as good or better than Sonic Adventure or Sonic Adventure 2? If it's similar to those, I'll probably get it. I had no problems with glitches or controls in those games, which were most complained about.



Retro_on_theGo said:

Hmmm. Sounds like it sucks. Yup, no surprise. Sonic has always sucked and always will. Well, looks like I'll be sticking to Generations and 2. The only good sonic games ever.



juanwfzs said:

I'm not a Sonic fan, but i dont believe anymore in ign or gamespot reviews, i remember they gave "Zombie U" like 6.3 and nevertheless i got the game and loved it, so dont let the famous "reviews" discourage you ... particularly i find this review very objective!!!



brucelebnd said:

IGN reviews are garbage, everybody knows they only give the highest scores to the games that buy the most AD space, sorry but that is a documented fact.

some reviewers (not this site 7 is a good score) they whine about games being too hard and not taking the time to master the physics of that game.

can anybody here imagine how NES games would be reviewed by modern reviewers. Men Mega's controls are just too stiff, the game requires perfect platform jumping and the their are just too many enemies

Mega Man for the NES gets 4.4

it's just plain ridiculous



FilmerNgameR said:

@Neram I don't think Sonic 06 is Sonic Adventure 3 because during before Sonic Unleashed was developed Sonic Team was planning to make Sonic Adventure 3 as their next game but they liked the idea of a werehog and decided to make Sonic Unleashed as their next game according to The History of Sonic the Hedgehog book. With that said I think Sonic Team still might want to make Sonic Adventure 3 someday in the future hopefully it woul be like Generations or even better.



unrandomsam said:

Famitsu thinks this is one point higher than Generations. (Any bias would apply to both). I really wish I could read their actual review.



unrandomsam said:

@brucelebnd For Wii U Retail games released in August. Reviewed by this site :

The Mean average is 6.5 - Median is 8 - Mode is either 8 or 9 (Forget what you do when you have the same twice maybe 8.5).

The Average should be what most of the games are at a given time.



unrandomsam said:

@FilmerNgameR Nothing wrong with the Dreamcast first one or the Gamecube version of 2 at all. (Not played the Dreamcast one recently). Certainly much more fun than the modern mario's. (At least you need to get better at the game to play it well - most important thing about a game - framerate and controls are perfect).



OdnetninAges said:

Every time a game with a big name character gets a 7, the comments explode.

7 really isn't that bad of a score. It means "good".

Also, I'm still getting this game when I get a Wii U.



unrandomsam said:

@OdnetninAges I am going to use it as a test. (Famitsu gave it 9/9/9/9 (One more than Generations)). More often than not I agree with them more than all the rest of the Western sites put together. (Wish I could just buy a literal translation of the thing).

I can imagine it is not the sort of game that is pleasant to review. (Presuming they still 100% stuff prior to reviewing them). When I played Generations I didn't go on until I had an A for all the normal levels. I never had a problem with the next set of levels. Cannot imagine doing that is practical for a review. (Can imagine it is harder if you just scape through each level).



FilmerNgameR said:

@unrandomsam Yup I totaly agree with you so many people think Sonic games suck because they're too hard, well those people are wrong because when you get better at a game it becomes a lot more fun than the first time like Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Heroes, and Sonic Adventure 2.



MAB said:

Mario 3D World looks like just another easy stroll through the park where you collect 99 lives by the time you get to the second world



Dr_Corndog said:

I'll take the new Sonic games--and enjoy them--but I do wish the tone of the series had continued in the same vein as the Genesis games.



TheGZeus said:

"...collecting 100 rings, cruelly, doesn't award an extra life."
rages into nosebleed



TheGZeus said:

@FilmerNgameR I don't think 3D Sonic games suck because they're hard. I don't think they're hard. I think they're boring and nonsensical, with terrible controls.
I remember playing Sonic Adventure 2 on someone's gamecube, thinking "god, this is just so stupid... tedious... and why is this a shooter now??? Why is the camera way in a corner!???!!" friend was like "I thought you said you'd never played this before" "huh? I haven't" "you're doing good, man!" "I've been playing video games since before you were born. That's nothing to be proud of, but it's true".
shrug I guess they're considered hard. I don't see it. All you have to do is walk more than you run. Then it takes forever, is not fun, and you get to enjoy broken camera moments even longer! YAY.
Having fun (going fast) makes you die. Going slow (so you see the hazards) makes you want to be dead. Great design.



Cloud-San-VII said:

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
I'd actually like for a remake of Sonic 06, just so the controls aren't as clunky.

But, back to the topic.
I might purchase this game.... maybe towards Black Friday or Christmas...



TromaDogg said:

@Prof_Elvin_Gadd I quite agree with you. I haven't got a problem with Nintendolife's overall score, I just find some of the criticisms in the actual review a little harsh (the snowball doesn't handle 'like a shopping cart', I only died once on that stage and finished it with 4 out of 5 red star coins) and then people saying that because it 'only' got a 7 out of 10 they probably won't go anywhere near it now. I'm more much more annoyed with the scores I've seen on other sites to be honest, like 2/5 from Edge....one of their big criticisms was that the homing attack controls were botched which simply isn't true because they don't seem to have realised that even though both A and B perform jumps, once you're airborne it's either A for the homing attack or B for the double jump. It's really easy once you get the hang of it. Basically some reviewers (not aimed at Thomas Whitehead BTW) are complaining about 'faults' with Sonic Lost World when the fact is they just can't play it properly and aren't used to games with a bit of challenge anymore, seemingly.




How much did Nintendo really supervise this game?? Like I hope all that money they spent for a 7 out of 10 game was worth it.



tebunker said:

@NINTENBOY Um, like Zero Dollars and stuff, this is a Sega game, paid for by Sega, to be published on the Wii U by Sega, in fact Nintendo makes money on every copy sold.



TheSonicdude97 said:

I think this game is gonna be so awesome on Wii U and 3DS no matter what reviewers say. Sonic Lost World, here I come!!



WhiteTrashGuy said:

I also welcome this title if it's difficult. I really hope SM3D WORLD has some stiff challenge along the lines of Galaxy and Mario 64.



brucelebnd said:

the vast majority on Miiverse seem to like the game a lot but it's hard and the controls take some time to adjust to.

to me this sounds a lot like Wonderful 101 which is a good thing. I'm buying it day one in NA.



FilmerNgameR said:

@TheGZeus I respect your opinion. It just ticks me off when I see a mindless idiot troll that Sonic games suck with no specific reason, in fact like any game that is good, not like your opinion that has a good reason.



Twilight_Crow said:

Very good review. While The escapist's just skimmed through the game, and Destructoid's was the opinion of a Sonic fan, NL's review was very insightful and explained the game very well. Great job Thomas!

Collecting Sonic 3D games is a guilty pleasure of mine (Except Sonic 06, there are bad games, and there is THAT ONE), so I'm getting this anyway, but I guess it can wait.



Senate_Guard said:

Very excited as the release date inches nearer! In a way, I'm glad for the difficulty. As much as I love Sonic Colors (my current fav. 3D Sonic title) it was way too easy; I basically beat it the same day I bought it. I'm really excited for the story in this because there seems to be something more to it than just "stop the bad guys."

I'm also looking forward to seeing good ol' Eggman (the "Robotnik" name isn't coming back, okay pro-fans of the name?) do what he does best; being an unpredictable, entertaining villain!



TheGZeus said:

@FilmerNgameR Ah.
People seem to not understand two things:
1. "I don't like this that means it sucks" No. Not how it works. I don't like Beethoven. I don't want to listen to Beethoven. I groan every time I hear "Fur Elise"... but I also know that other people do like his music, and I don't have the right nor a reason to tell them to not.
2. When someone says "I don't like this", that doesn't mean "This sucks, and you suck for liking it". I catch flak all the time for not liking 3D Zelda games, and not being a big Zelda fan to begin with, and I've had multiple people say that my opinion is wrong and I must be doing something wrong to not love them, and they get actually angry, and act like I've attacked them and/or their childhood. My fav game is Chrono Trigger, but if someone played it and just wasn't feelin' it, I'd say "eh".

Glad you've got a cool head about things.
Also: yeah, hard games can be awesome.



Genesaur said:

Reviews seem mixed, though is anyone really surprised? I'm not worried; I even liked Shadow the Hedgehog, both Sonic Adventureses, Sonic Chronicles, and most everything else so many people so readily bash (meaning not Sonic '06; that unforgiveable mess doesn't exist, so far as I'm concerned).



Kuksenkov said:

@Amin_and_Azizah Sorry, but every single Nintendo console i've owned has many great third party games. Just because this game is not getting the critical sucess it was expected, doesn't mean that all the third party offerings on Wii U are not worth it... The console's less than 1 year old...
Onto the game itself.. Well, i'm still excited for it. I'll buy it next month, i've spend too much money lately on music...

Let's not resort to meaningless insults -Lz



ICHIkatakuri said:

I'm a little bit of a gaming sadist, but I really love this game. The review is fair though and I can see why elements of the game will polarise opinion. For me the exploration is just right, and if you hit a bumper or trigger then get sent half way through the level, it's no different to the original 3 games. Plus its a bit of tough one and requires learning through being punished by things you didn't see coming, I can cope with that, in fact I prefer this game to Rayman.



MAB said:

Yeah the stages have multiple paths and secrets when you explore and the 5 red rings for each stage are alot more harder to find then the easy Mario star coins... What has the gaming world come to when a 7/10 is treated like a 1/10 score



StarDust4Ever said:

Don't read into the numbers too much. Most 7 review games I've bought I've thoroughly enjoyed. There's also been a handful of 9s that I disliked although most were excellent. The Galaxy games were epic in every way. I see some inspiration in the new Sonic. Perhaps their biggest falter, based on what people have said, is that each level doesn't give the game a unified feel. 3D platform + 3D rails + 2D platform.

Well, Super Mario Galaxy games had 2D and 3D plus a few levels that utilized varying mechanics requiring use of the pointer or motion controls. Maybe to Sonic this is the rails.

Anyway, the game doesn't release here yet, but I'm not cancelling my preorder. I'll get the game and judge for myself, thank you...



WaveBoy said:


Stop making so much sense MAB. The entire 99 live catastrophe started with NSMB on the DS. It makes coin collecting feel absolutely pointless when you're being handed 1-ups like tricker treats on halloween.

Anyhoo, i may check this out but not at full price. I'll wait for one of them spooky DracDemo's...mu...ha..ha.......ha?



Sceptic said:

The Kotaku review was most plausible to me. They loved the 3ds version, hated the WiiU version, especially for the latter's 'cheap stricks', non-fluid level design and extremely lame 'low-points', all of which is hinted at here as well but not elaborated on.



Reverandjames said:

I picked up the game earlier today, and it's just awful. Probably the worst game I've played this year. It looks really nice but controls awfully and you pretty much have no control over sonic in the 'fun' fast sections.

Please stop giving money to Sega, I will from now on because I am sick of them trying over and over again to make a decent 3D sonic game and failing miserably every single time. Avoid.



G3ry said:

@PinkSpider U can clearly tell who had trouble with the game, games these days are easy, and to have a game a little more harder than the rest just makes some people have a hard time and therfore saying its a BAD game...JUST LOOK AT WONDERFUL 101, ZOMBI U, and LUIGIS MANSION!!!



URAmk2 said:

another crap game. wii u cant get a break. it'll probably sell well though. sonic wont tank hard like w101.



CrimsonMoonMist said:

Sounds decent at least, no idea why so many people are lamenting how this review says the game is horrid when it really doesn't sound that way.



Reverandjames said:

Oh, and I've completed sonic 1, 2, 3, knuckles, 3D, spinball, sonic adventure 1 & 2, sonic rush games, sonic 06, sonic heroes, sonic unleashed and sonic generations. So I know what I'm talking about. The game isn't too hard, it's just a bad game.



Reverandjames said:

Yeah, I quite liked generations. Haven't finished the game yet, finished the first 3 bosses and can't play no more.



stonework said:

SHOULD I GET THIS GAME? There are people hating it, there are people loving it and then there's me who thinks that it looks fun Judging by the gameplay I saw. I can deal with learning curve requiring controls and "cheap spots" so this is not a problem. Is the game shorter or longer than Generations and is this one also 80% 2D ?

I just don't want to pay 50€ for a game I won't like. I already went through that with Sonic Unleashed which was the worst game I ever played.

P.S. I don't listen to reviews.



Memeboy3 said:

@MadAussieBlokeSorry but... Go ahead, thrash the icon that saved gaming, Sonic concept was based off Mario, come back when you are getting continuous game overs in 3D world, i assume Lost world will be too easy with all those rings you can collect...Wow...the Wii U is awesome with Writing words!



Inev said:

Does the single player mode support the Wii U Pro Controller? Also, can the color powers be controlled with traditional inputs (like using the joystick for Rocket, Drill, and Eagle, or tapping the A button for Rhythm, etc)?



WanderingPB said:

Good review but I cant wait to play this!!!!!

The best review will be what the i the player thinks everyones entitled to their own opinion



maneauleau said:

Good review Thomas. I particularly liked that you mention how hard it is for kids which can be important for parents buyers. I liked Sonic Colours would I like this one too then?



WaveBoy said:


He's just cruising, he loves mario just as much as the next little chunky italian turtle stomping plumber. I think. It's funny, i picked up the sega Genesis during it's launch, played through Sonic 1,2, rented Sonic & Knuckles, had Sonic on the game gear, Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 on the dreamcast, Sonic Rush for the DS and as of late, mustered up the courage and went through that god awful mind melting bore fest Sonic 4 on WiiWare....Myy vampOlicious verdict? I wish i had never given the franchise a lick of my time, it has just generated crappy gaming memories....Sure, the series has sprinkles of moments here and there but for me it's one of the most broken franchises around....The only reason i'd consider LosWorlds is because Nintendo lent a hand at developing it.

Suprisingly, i feel that Sonic works poorly as a side scroller, what good is blazing through loops and what have you at THAT speed when you always have to come to a halt & convert back to that clunky sluggish half rate platforming? Sonic's speed on the Genesis as a gimmick to utilize that spiffy blast processing to make sonic look faster and cooler than Mario, when really it's just a broken mess at the core. Meanwhile, when you are speeding through loops, hopping off springs and whatever else you practically have zero control, which makes you feel like you're watching somebody on a roller coaster ride. I feel that Sonic Adventure 1 & 2(Sonic Stages) and Colors got it right, because at least in 3D that insane speed makes sense because you maneuver,hop ect around objects on a 3D plane.

But eh, even then....Just not my cup of tea me guesses.



Funny_Moblin said:

@Maneauleau I want all these games to be challenging. Making it easy is an insult to us veteran Nintendo gamers...at least make two difficulty choices to choose from.

It just disgusts me to think that games that I want are supposed to be for little kids. Seriously, can I enjoy a game in its right difficulty without it being an Xbox 360 game?



PattonFiend said:

In no way was this comment warranted or appropriate. If you have problems reading something another user has to say, you are free to ignore them — TBD



Skeet102 said:

wow. all this waiting and hope for an okay game for wii u and a not so great game for 3ds. Lost World juts became a very sad disappointment.



ninjalink said:

I checked out some lets plays and oh boy does this game look great!!! but i can see if you don't have a grasp of the controls or lack skill this game becomes very frustrating



GreatPlayer said:

@Maneauleau Honestly, today's games are too easy. I do not understand why easy games today get better review scores than harder games. I have decided to stop buying Mario U (waste of money due to its ridiculously easy levels). If Sonic games are as easy as Mario U then I will stop buying Sonic games.



Volmun said:

Thank you TBD ik my spelling is bad and i honestly do triy my best to spell same for my grammer and sorry for my rage -_- im fed up with ignrat ppl



GreatPlayer said:

@Amin_and_Azizah it is this kind of attitude that "only Nintendo first-party games are good" that ultimately will kill Wii U. Nowadays people only like easy games and Nintendo satisfies fans' taste by providing Mario U and Luigi U. NIntendo glory days with Mario 3 and 4 will never come back again...



WaveBoy said:


That's the last time i ever make you a bowl of Count Chocola cereal. You can just stick with your stale bite sized inferior quality sour tasting sega toast crunch you mario hating Mozerella munching bloke.



Funny_Moblin said:

For anybody who has the game in hard copy, does it come with a code to register it on Club Nintendo?



Funny_Moblin said:

@GreatPlayer Same here. I'm not getting Mario 3D World. The only Mario platformer I got for Wii U was Luigi U in hopes that it would actually be more challenging, but it really wasn't---well yeah, maybe a bit more challenging compared to Mario Bros. U...

To remember I was so excited to getting New Super Mario Bros. Wii...got it at launch right when the store opened, and I had trouble sleeping at night...4 years ago...

About DKC: TF, I'm kinda bummed they are including the balloons that save your life, but I have good hopes that there will be two difficulty modes, and thus the balloon recovery would be in the easier difficulty.

Btw, what's your opinion on the difficulty of the final levels for Galaxy 2 + the green stars? The last level---off, that was a nice challenge



WaveBoy said:


With all the money sega wasted away on the Game Gear, Sega CD and 32x they couldn't even afford to add marshmallows. Instead, make way for generic cheerio's with Sonic plastered on the bare bones lifeles box, a step down from Nintendo cereal indeed. wink*

But If you want some real golden cereal, than look no further.

Subscribe to Nintendo Life on YouTube



WaveBoy said:

Gorgeous, you're now finally in the Halloween spirit. A great way to scare those NintendoFan boys away(Including moi) You should contribute to the Retro dungeon of Halloween horrors thread. Then again, we don't do digital.



Captain_Toad said:

@Prof_Elvin_Gadd Heh, probably because the hype got the best of em and expected this game to be SMG quality (well in terms of the score not being a direct rip-off of the game itself i mean.) And also probably because of the climb of good scores that sonic has been getting lately.



Melkaticox said:

From what I've seen of this game (played by cobanermani456, a Sonic expert), the game is gorgeous, plays great and it has great level design...in my opinion, it deserves a much better score.
I dunno, this is probably the reviewers not being able to play the game properly (like IGN and Gamespot, who kept complaining about Sonic's speed in this game)

Btw this is the only Sonic game with a metascore lower than 70 since...2010, I think. Wow.



GraveLordXD said:

Don't know if I should get this or not I mean I love a good challenge but not because of horrible controls or cheap deaths.
Might just wait for a price drop



MAB said:

@Wavesta Yeah I know mate, It's scary how people can be so engrossed in such a craptastic game like Pokemons



WaveBoy said:

I don't know if you're joking or not this time around, but i can't stand the franchise(Same deal with Animal Crossing where you devote your time to cleaning dirty virtual shocks & underoos ect), i've tried to get into it, i really have, but i find it a complete chore, I'd much rather spend my time doing an endless set of Vectorman's slimey green dishes to Madonna 'Get into the groove' wait...that's song is funkin' awesome!



GreatPlayer said:

@Funny_Moblin I have only tried Mario Galaxy 1. It is not a bad game, but I really have troubles controlling in the swimming, flying, and marble controlling stages. These stages kill my intention to continue with the game. I finished it half-way. I assume that I am not the only person having problems in these stages. In addition, I actually like 2D mario more than 3D mario, because whenever I play 3D mario for long I start to get dizzy. I will probably try Galaxy 2 when the price drops, but I don't think I will like it more than Mario 3 and 4. I will not buy Galaxy at full price (I have paid full price for Mario and Luigi U, not again).

I still remember the excitement of flying in Mario 3 and riding Yoshi in Mario 4. But the NSMB series is just pale in comparison, particularly on the difficulty level. If you have played games for decades you can finish NSMB U within a few days... For Mario Galaxy, I have died due to control and camera angle issue - you can easily run off the edge of a platform when using the analog joystick. No one says a thing about it.

I think sonic in the previous three games is smart by combining 2D with 3D platforming. The surprising thing about Sonic the Lost World is that the control issue is not apparent on those game videos posted on youtube while gamers play sonic. If control is really an issue then people should also complain other games such as Wonderful 101 (which is actually a good game in my opinion although I have problems drawing the morph). I suspect that nowadays reviewers just want games that are easy with easy control scheme. Control in this sonic game may take a while to get used to. In addition, when people suck at games they blame it for everything, including poor control (which is another reason why game developers make easy games). Without playing this Sonic game myself it is hard to believe that it is a bad game (based on my viewing of how people playing this game on youtube).



Funny_Moblin said:

@GreatPlayer Yes, I agree. As a gamer that wants a challenge, I will have no problems with getting used to the controls, and actually thinking and re-trying stages. Just like MH3U's demo didn't do the actual game justice, I feel the same way about Sonic Lost World ad these reviews.

About the Super Mario Galaxy games, I didn't have an issue controlling them but that's just me. I also have The Wonderful 101 and I love it. Great replay value.

My first gaming console was the Gamecube back in 2002 (I'm 18 btw). My first two games were Smash Bros. Melee and Super Mario Sunshine. Nintendo was pretty damn creative with Sunshine, it was actually inspiring. As my first Nintendo game I wouldn't know about what feature it has, or it has missing from previous Mario games. But now as a Nintendo fan, I can see that basically everything was new, and it was a nice approach. For me, there was nothing like standing in a huge landscape and thinking "GO TO THAT HILL!" or "GO TO THE TOP OF THE WINDMILL AND BEAT THAT PETTY PIRANHA!" In Bianco Hill for example, I love how you can go from exploring the waters, and going all the way up to jumping on various cables. There was just so much content in that game.

New Super Mario Bros for the DS and Super Mario Galaxy came out around the same time. They were really good games because they brought back many important elements from past Mario games, and it was really neat. But now it's a disgrace. Ever since 2006, Nintendo has been abusing the "roots" with all these New Super Mario Bros. game. They took it too far. And Super Mario 3D Land/ World is just awful. The environments are really enclosed, with those plastic graphics and easy gameplay. No exploration, just a walk through the park. Nintendo is making all these games look like really cute baby games...I feel bad for this generation of 9 year olds who might never experience Mario Sunshine.

You may think that I'm making a big deal about Sunshine, but it's a childhood game, and I wouldn't see myself having memorable experiences with 3D Land and World if I were 10 today. Btw when I was 8 I saw a friend play Donkey Kong 64, and it brought such magic to me...



FilmerNgameR said:

@Funny_Moblin Yeah I agree with you about Mario. The last hardcore Mario game that I played was Super Mario 64 DS and I stopped caring for Mario after Super Mario 3D Land. It was fun but it was too short and it made me miss playing as Yoshi in a big open world not a small world like 3D Land.



WaveBoy said:

More like Reggie 5 years from now on an all you can eat Dunkin' Donuts Burger King diet, who also decided it would 'hip' to replace one of his front teeth with a watermelon seed. That or he super glued on a set of fake plastic zombie halloween teeth. Nah, in all honestly this is what reggie would look like if he converted to XBOX. The Halo mountain dew + Dorrito diet aint doin the reggienator any favors!



WaveBoy said:


Now you've just gone too far, i just about ralphed in my Franken Bucket.
You know what else really bugs the banshies out of me? These bloody figurine based free roaming 'nothing' 2nd rate sandbox platformers, ahem > Disney's Infinity and Skylanders. I'm not exactly against the idea of the having to purchase the figurines, it's just the games themselves look so.....well, boring? Is it really worth spending the money on these figurines just to explore a disney themed world with weak gameplay mechanics?



MAB said:

@CountWavula yep, it definitely cannot compare to the good old SUPER/MEGA days when Disney games were top class works of art... I wonder what the next Disney movie/game will be, maybe something mature to appeal to the stale PSBOX masses




GreatPlayer said:

@Funny_Moblin Probably you are right. There is nothing new in the New Super Mario Bros series. Nintendo should make two difficulty levels for NSMB games, because it is unfair to veteran gamers if they pay $60 for something that can be finished within 2 days. Good to know that 3D land is not good either.

Well my childhood game was Hudson's Adventure Island 1. I played it like crazy, and this is a very difficult game by today's standard (not so difficult, however, in the old days in comparison with other games at that time). Perhaps today's new gamers do not like a challenge. Mario U does sell well, and it is just not my cup of tea.

When I say even Mario has control issue I am talking about exact control, which was required in old school platforming. I like to know exactly where I land and I don't die due to camera angle. Many 3D games cannot deliver this exact control as apparent in old 2D games, which explains why I like 2D mario more than 3D ones (but the NSMB series is just lackluster). Haven't tried Mario sunshine and perhaps they should port it to Wii U.

I won't blame reviewers until I try Sonic the Lost World. It is just too difficult for me to believe that this game has such a terrible control issue when I see people showing off their skills in breezing a level fluidly on youtube. Sonic games usually have higher difficulty than many other games, and you know, difficult games do not get good review nowadays...



Funny_Moblin said:

@GreatPlayer Now I understand what you mean about preferring 2D Mario due to exact controls. 3D controls may be harder to handle, but I suspect it does make you think about pecision, it just takes a little while to get used to.

About Sonic Lost World, aside from reviewers criticizing controls, I also see that they criticize the visuals and the levels. Although I didn't play the game, I saw footage and I don't understand their complaint. I mean, the graphics are nice, bright and colourful. I it not a similar graphic style to the Mario Galaxy series? About the levels, I think they are well structured from the bit that I've seen; Linear yet explorational where you can choose to take different paths around the tube, running on walls, etc.



HawkeyeWii said:

I wanted this to be a must have great game...
I am reconsidering getting this now.



marnelljm said:

I don't even have a Wii U and I wanted this to be a system seller. Oh well, I'm still getting it for 3DS. The majority of reviewers say it's the superior version anyway.



GreatPlayer said:

@Funny_Moblin Recently I played Sonic Adventure 2 and the game reminds me why I liked Sonic more than Mario. I think I will buy Sonic the Lost World regardless of the review scores. I will not trust the low review score until I try it myself.



iPruch said:

@marnelljm I'm happy to see that people is starting to ignore biased reviews and paying more attention to fan-to-fan recommendations =)



darthllama said:

@ACK said:

"To all the people claiming something to the effect of how you told us all so long ago (thanks to your own peerless foresight): Look, unless you've played the game and have some functional, useful criticism or opinion... Then you haven't told us anything."

lol well said. It is amusing to see people who haven't touched the game claim they've known something all along. I think most fans were hopeful that it would be good, but had some reservations due to the past history. Reviews are purely subjective and everyone has their own unique opinion. I mean Sonic & The Black Knight has a higher metacritic score than Sonic Unleashed while I think Black Knight was the most horrible Sonic ever. Nier had terrible reviews but I thought it was an excellent game with one of the best stories in gaming. I typically just read reviews to get a general impression of what the game is like, but always trust myself to be the judge.

For Sonic Lost World, as others have said, reviews are all over the place. Some like IGN/Gamestop crap on it, while others like gamesradar, gametrailers.com, digitalspy, and destructoid think its a above average to real good game. It all came down to how they felt about the flaws (camera/cheap deaths). Even some of the bad reviews seem to actually like the game, but can't forgive the frustrating parts. Others can live with the few frustrations and enjoy the game in its entirety. When it comes down to it, just play the game and decide for yourselves. For those wanting to wait, I could see it dropping in price after a few months since Sonic games never take too long to drop.



elbcen said:

Sounds great! I mean sure, its not a perfect Sonic game apparently, but I am fine with a 'decent' or even 'good' Sonic game since I have been a fan of every game that I have played so far in the series.

Thanks for the review!
I don't regret pre-ordering it and I look forward to the good moments of the game. Also, I am kind of in the mood for frustration, the last few games I've played have been too relaxing. Wind Waker HD in particular was too good in terms of mechanics, I haven't made a single slip-up or gotten a single Game Over screen!



Henmii said:

The game isn't nearly as bad as some reviewers claimed, but it isn't hardly as good as Colors! It's more like a cheaper version of Galaxy! However, I do appreciate that they did Sonic X-treme (in a way)! If you don't know what I mean, look Sonic X-treme up on youtube!

What I do hate though is that the game is prone to crashing! The game crashed already 3 times!!



Inev said:

Since this game seems to be a pretty technical platformer, I'd appreciate it if you could tell me whether the single player and time trials modes are compatible with the Wii U Pro controller.



GreatPlayer said:

Hi Thomas, I played this game and shared some of your views. I am actually surprised that Sonic Team decide to steer this game to the direction of hardcore platforming. You mentioned that the homing attack does not always work. In my opinion, it was Sonic Team intention to make gamers differentiating between the two jump buttons - one is purely for jumping (without homing attack) but the other one is for both jumping and homing attack. In certain areas, you need to switch between the two so that you can manoeure a stage effectively without unintentional homing attack. In these areas, the game is surprisingly geared towards veteran gamers. As usual, however, if a person is not good at platformers they can simply run through the entire stage without knowing what is truly going on. Sonic Team should have made this game easier for newcomers. But for gaming veterans like me, I just love that challenge - something that I have not experienced in recent years where the market is full of easy games.



Steviis_Father said:

The new free Zelda DLC may have just baited me to pick up the game... #WeakSelfControl #WhoDoesntCareWins



ManateeBlubber said:

This games is frustrating, fun, and disappointing at the same time. It has its points of brilliance, but also its points of stupidity.



GearsOfWarU said:

Sonic Lost World is one of my all time favorite Sonic Games probably only behind Dreamcast Sonic Adventure... Having a Blast playing it .... Sonic Boom however has me nervous of purchase (looks/sounds) bad

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