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cdude commented on Nintendo of America Confirms Plans to Bring De...:


Yeah, people have no right to command information about one of the very few 'real' titles actually coming to nintendo's barren wii u. Further, they have no right to complain if that game sucks upon release. They should be used to all that by now, right?

Im not saying you have to like the reality that nintendo's made for itself as a complete joke, but calling everyones disappointment at the way nintendo chooses to conduct what little is left of its business 'annoying,' makes you look like a tool.



cdude commented on Prototype SNES PlayStation Found In The Wild, ...:

@Grumblevolcano learn your history before you say stupid things like that. Sony wasnt far from commanding nintendo to surrender all the rights to its IP library for free as the design came closer to being finalized. Google it. Sony was completely out of their minds with a lot of the stuff they were asking for.

Beyond that, even with the wiiu's complete failure, nintendo has still made 100 times more gaming profit than sony since 2002.



cdude commented on Deep Silver Parent Company Koch Media Trademar...:

Like it or not, the game probably wasnt going to happen at all without the kickstarter support. for as much as it sucks, no matter whos involved in the concept, publishers are still looking at a sidescrolling metroidvania game that it seemed a couple months ago there was absolutely no market for at all. Especially at full retail msrp, but likely even as a 20 bucks as a download title.

Kickstarter has basically provednthat even though the market is likely small, there are enough people out there willing to put their money where there mouth is and that counts for an awful lot to publishers when they see such a high price tag attached to a series thats almost famous for its lackluster performance in spite of its critical praise.



cdude commented on Talking Point: Is Konami About To Exit The Con...:

Further proof why bloated Japanese corporate infrastructures and policies have no place in today's gaming marketplace. It seems sad, but it really is for the best. Hopefully their Ip ends up in capable hands.

Honestly, the industry would be better off if a much more nimble Nintendo just bought sonic, castlevania, street fighter, resident evil, monster hunter, megaman, bayonetta, viewtiful joe, silent hill, metal gear and a handful of others like rampage, banjo and crash.

At least then they'd belong to people that would respect and celebrate them properly while continuing to honor their legacies with worthwhile installments.



cdude commented on Sony: PS Vita Is Better Than 3DS And The Wii B...:


I wouldnt call it negativity as much as i would call it a fair exchange. He's responding to a bunch of crap reggie said in the story under this one.

A company figurehead cant say that their product is a better value and expect their competition's ceo's to just be like 'yeah, he's right. We kind of suck, honestly.' Tit for tat and etc.



cdude commented on The Man Behind Sega's Wonder Boy Series Hates ...:

I was under the impression that everyone knew that the only way to properly play any mario game is to hold down the run button at all's a game about momentum and exploration once you get, 'up there' after all.

But who am i to talk when someone from sega thinks their game, which no ones ever heard of or even talks about, is hands down better than the game that made nintendo, mario, nes and videogames synonymous with one another. When i hear wonderboy, i think of tenacious d or a kid that really likes bread. When i hear mario, i think of mario mario, and luigi mario.

Ooh and several sequels to wonderboy that no ones ever heard of, too. You know whos had a lot of sequels? Megaman. You know who else? Sonic. How are those two doing right now? Oh? So how's wonderboy doing, then?

Marios still the only platformer that matters. With rayman in distant, far away second and lbp in father away third.



cdude commented on Japanese Video Site Niconico Live Streaming Hy...:

@JSaario From the gameplay videos and previews written, it plays exacrly like every other warriors game ever released. From the grunts just standing there waiting to be killed, to the generals spamming block, it is literally a dynasty warriors game-by design-with zelda skins and that's it.

For people that like warriors games, it's great. For people like me, the entire project is a waste of time and ultimately a very poor use of the zelda franchise.

If youre honestly expecting something special or different from the warriors same old-sameold, you will be disappointed.



cdude commented on Nintendo Download: 20th March (Europe):

The releases themselves are bad enough, but good god the prices make it seem that much worse. I just got the ultimate edition of castlevania lords of shadow for 4.99 on steam a few weeks back.



cdude commented on Nintendo Download: 20th March (Europe):

The releases themselves are bad enough, but good god the prices make it seem that much worse. I just got the ultimate edition of castlevania lords of shadow for 4.99 on steam a few weeks back.



cdude commented on Nintendo "Confident" in PC Box Anti-Piracy Cas...:

More proof that nintendo has no idea what it needs to be focused on, as far as im concerned. People do tbe same things with xbox and playstation and are left alone, and sometimes even celebrated by the companies themselves. Ms and sony dont worry about this sort of crap, at least not publicly. When people find themselves bored with their machines, they just release more compelling hardware.

Like nintendo used to.



cdude commented on Talking Point: The Wii U's 'Relevance' Is Abou...:

I disagree with nintendos 'it worked on wii' approach because the wiiu has none of the driving factors that made the wii the success it was and this has been obvious since the name was revealed and still proves to confuse the hell out of consumers and general media.

Pretending reality is something other than what it is always proves to futile, regardless of how much money you have in the bank. No game that can come out for this sytem is reversing the fortunes that nintendos seen fit to sow for themselves because almost all these same titles made appearances on gamecube and no one cared.

They had a real solid opportunity to win every gamer back over to their side with the wii and they instead opted to release a series of full priced minigame demos one year at a time until the vast majority of gamers had enough and bought a console not based around the 'lowest amount of effort possible to succeed'

I, like many of you, was foolish enough to believe them this time when they said things would be different and after a year of nothing but delays, disappointment and mario, i'm saying 'never again' and i mean it.

Apologize all you want for nintendo, nothing changes the fact that they released a console with no plans to seriously support it while fully expecting nintendoland, of all things, to carry it the first YEAR.

F em, i say.



cdude commented on Wii Party U and Wii Fit U Deliver Major Increa...:

I dont think some of you understand what youre cheering. I'm not saying that no fun can be had w/ mini game collections, but i dont think anyone wants them to be the foundation on which a nintendo console succeeds...Nintendo's sales dont make their 3 or 4 real games play any better or last any longer: we need more and different kinds of those.



cdude commented on Iwata: Wii Fit U's Free Trial Period Will Impr...:

I see this as further proof that iwata needs to go. A limited time wiifitu promotion designed to appeal to consumers that arent even aware that the promotion exists is what we're pinning our holiday hopes to now? F'ing really? This makes no sense.

Wiisports and wii fit sold well because the public was engaged from the start. Most people dont know that wiiu is a thing, much less what was announced for it in a nintendo direct. Nintendo's helplessly out of their damfool minds at this point.



cdude commented on Review: Sonic Lost World (Wii U):

Reviewers arent deducting points because the game is hard. Theyre docking points because the controls arent reliable enough to avoid cheap deaths. The controls here are as good as a mario game where the jump button only works half the time.

Talk all the crap you want about industry reviews, payouts and the like, a platformer that doesnt platform well is fundamentally flawed on the most basic levels there are.

You guys pretending that no one knows anything about a game until theyve played it to conclusion are out of your minds with way too much time on your hands. The facf that this game was thrown together and is reviewing poorly in a way that will make it sell poorly is no ones fault but segas.

Sounds exactly like a 3d sonic game honestly. i cant believe the 'team' is still employed...



cdude commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Catch-22 With Retail...:

Squiggle, Nintendo cant sustain itself through it's own stores. They know that and thats why they dont want to step on any retailer toes. If nintendo made it a point, like youre saying, to undercut other retailers, other retailers could just as quickly--and twice as easily-- stop ordering nintendo product. It's not as if nintendo's driving a lot of foot traffic or in store purchases at this point. In fact many retailers are going out their way to find reasons to stop reserving space for wiiu stuff that, everyones feelings aside, just is not making anyone any money.

Not exactly the best time to try competing with your retailers, much less undercut them. Which, here lately is par for the course for nintendo, sadly.

Nintendo's too small of a company to be this far out of focus. They need new leadership more than anything else. Iwata's done nothing but prove he's incapable since this cluster**** launched last year.



cdude commented on Review: Disney Infinity (Wii U):

I bought this game and the two playsets in their release week on a whim and ive been more than pleased in all honesty, granted i got the playsets at half price but, still, theres a lot here to like if youre attracted to colorful action platformers.

You dont need to buy all the figures either. In fact theres next to no reason at all to do so unless you just really like that character because 99% of every playset can be fully experienced with the characters that come with it. i've not taken a second look at the power discs either and i have no plans to.

Im just getting the playsets that come out and a favorite figure here and there and im having a ball with the whole thing. Kudos to disney for doing this right instead of going the skylanders route. Now all they ogotta do is fix some parts of the menu.



cdude commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Reiterates That There's "Noth...:

I dont really care, but theyre effectively giving people reasons to not buy nintendo hardware at launch. The ambassador games would at least give people something for buying early, because of the launch window, only to be shafted by the delay of everything in the launch window.

If everyone waits for the console revision or price drop because no one adopts early, there isnt going to be a console much less games to play on it.



cdude commented on Crytek Announces New CRYENGINE and Doesn't Exc...:

JaxonH, the gaming media, very simply, goes where their clicks are. Theres no bias beyond a need to cater to the audience that still takes them seriously, even as fewer and fewer do.

Nintendo's done most of the damage itself, but they know how to fix it and theyre in the process right now for the most part. That still doesnt change the fact that even with the wii being an outright phenomenon, nintendo fans dont deliver on traffic revenue cuz the electronic interest just is never there.



cdude commented on The Wonderful 101's Original Concept Included ...:

Im actually glad that its one of the few bigtime games that doesnt feel like it needs a crutch-like mario reference, honestly. Platinum is far from my favorite developer, but theyre definitely one worth keeping an eye on and everytime a dev puts in a warp pipe mechanic, overalls or a slew of nintendo characters it just, to me, ruins the games credibility.



cdude commented on Wii U Unity Development Tools Explained Furthe...:

Good post datamonkey. I agree and dont get it either. For all the talk about nintendo games taking full advantage of their hardware, the last thing that seems to have gone into wiiu was game development. It seems like if they'd taken the time to develop ANYTHING before the hardware was finalized, theyd have known how to allocate their resources beforehand.

Figuring things like that out in front everyone 8 months after console launch makes them look like theyre taking wii u about as seriously as the average consumeer is...



cdude commented on Disney Infinity Has Reportedly Cost "Well Over...:

Odds are good that the people that hate on this game dont fully understand it and with the media managing to be more stupid on an increasingly reliable basis, thats understandable. So, copy and paste this next part and tell all your friends...

The Starter Set comes with three figures that each represent a different player campaign/ adventure that can be expected to last around ten hours each. Of course the game also offers the freeplay/ world building/ game making mode also, but theres no story or missions in that.

You do not have to buy all the figures to access levels. Figures sold by themselves merely become playable in their respective universes playset and in free play mode.

Each package marked "playset" like the lone ranger, toy story and cars playsets, will each offer their own ten hour campaings/ adventures as well as offering up lots of unlockables for free play mode.

Lastly, and kind of obviously, the game genres within playsets are defined by their respective chatacters, so the cars playset features racing, lone ranger stopping outlaws, pirates swashbuckling, buzz lightyear rescuing aliens, sully scaring the crap out of people and on and on.

The concept is fantastic and no purchase is required beyond that of the playsets, with future figure purchases only being required IF you want to play through the same exact campaign with a specific character from that universe.

Im seriously all in as soon as we get confirmation that the stories and campaigns in the playsets arent toddler-ific and actually have a bit of depth, but every preview and review ive seen SWEARS that ALL this stuff blew them away with its quality and refinement.



cdude commented on Hot Wheels: World's Best Driver Given European...:

Holy mother of god. An unannounced wiiu game that isnt published by nintendo based on the things i have hundreds of?


Please just be decent. I dont need greatness on par with forza and turismo, just give me all kinds of race types, competitions, stunts, and mayne even a track designer with arcade gameplay and i will day 1 this.



cdude commented on Iwata: Getting The Attention Of Gamers Is Hard...:

Everyday iwata tries to place blame on something else and its complete bs every sibgle time. Yes, iwata, its hard to capture peoples attention, gamers especially, when youre releasing hardware that isnt supported with games and isnt that much more impressive than what theyve been playing on already for the better part of ten years.

Xb1 and Ps4 seem to have caught the worlds attention just fine. I wonder why that is...surely smartphones and ipads must be hurting ms and sonys market awareness, too?

Ive has a wiiu since day one. The sales suck because almost a year later theres no reason for me to turn it on. Why not work on fixing that instead of blaming consumers for not caring about you and your crap anymore?

Theres 5 remakes coming this year and a mario game. 2014 is supposed to get kart, smash and x. Maybe yoshi. If this is all we can expect im not buying nintendo new anymore as its just not enough to justify the cost of whats supposed to be a living room entertainment hub that cant even play dvds, let alone bluray.



cdude commented on Activision Committed To Doing 'Everything It C...:

As it happen, activision, i hate you. Not because youre not releasing quality games for wiiu, tho. Im sure all the stuff will be great in their own right. But, as much as i can appreciate cod along with your more casual titles, none of that crap youre talking about matters to me...

Why the F isnt ninja turtles coming to wiiu? Wii and 360 only. No ps3. No wiiu.




cdude commented on Satoru Iwata Aims for "Critical Mass" of Wii U...:

Yeah, it sounds good, iwata. But you, shiggy and reggie always sound good. Its actually following through and delivering on your bs talking points thats been the problem... Theres no shortage of nice stuff to listen to and read from either of you. However, almost a year later, there are three games on this system of yours that are worth a crap and not one of them is worth the console purchase price.

Stop talking. Get back to the treehouse. Make stuff happen.



cdude commented on Soapbox: When It Comes To Software Support, Th...:

As a nintendo fan, you guys trying to pretend that the only good games on the market are nintendo games have reality issues that i hope someone forces you to take pills for. I'll agree that cod is stale and boring, (and still a fairly solid experience) but discounting everything from oblivion to batman is absurd.



cdude commented on Your View: Predicting "Brand-New Types of Game...:

Im expecting that they have no ideas whatsoever and that their innovative, never before seen games will revolve around people throwing things at their wiiU's and/ or taking them to gamestop or ebay to get what they can out of them.

Iwata's been lying from the start, same with reggie, and miyomato may have gone crazy in a basement years ago.



cdude commented on Codemasters: F1 2013 Would Need To Be "A Very ...:

It makes no sense to come to wiiu if its coming to everything else. Most people arent even gonna look at the wiiu version unless they have no other option anyway. You guys can complain about there beibg no install base for x1 or ps4, but even with the negativity, those systems have people excited and theres a history of third parties doing very well on each. No one really did well on wii. Or gamecube. Or 64.



cdude commented on Precursor Games Relaunching Shadow of the Eter...:

This is the sort of crap that puts so many people off about nintendo and is probably why the wiiu is more than likely never going to catch on after everyone was let down in some form or fashion by their wii:

The best sounding and most original looking games ARE NOT on wiiu, theyre on kickstarter. Way to go nintendo.



cdude commented on Scribblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comics Adventure ...:

Wow. Im excited for this one because im a dc mark, but the nonrelease of the first really sucks for the blokes and birds. Im sure someone will make excuses for them, but Nintendo's stupidity is almost awe inspiring at this point. im sure you guys dont need my commentary, but it really is no wondee wiiu sales are terrible if you guys arent even afforded one of the reasons to get one, even tho its a rather small reason.

If it makes you guys feel any better, the game on wiiu is a bit more restrictive than what was seen in the ds releases. Its fun, dont get me wrong, but if youve played the prior games it really is pretty much the exact same thing in a better looking package--minus some of the spawnable violence.



cdude commented on Miyamoto: HD Development "Took More Time Than ...:

Even with miyamotos admission, the fact that theyre committing resources into games that no ones interested in is whats most alarming about nintendos current shape, to me.

Of all the things they couldve been working on, they delayed game and wario to give it more time and STILL gave us thrown together garbage that, even if perfect, never wouldve sold worth a crap. Now theyre pinning their hopes to a mystery game that will no doubt be for casual gamers thar already have ipads...

All this while having no games for a year AND refusing to give gamers that want online multiplayer any bone at all? They never gave wiiu a chance. Nintendo ip or not, no way this sells against ps4. Ridiculous.

Wiiu wasnt a big purchasing decision for me as i kind of got a lot of money to throw around and its still a purchase i regret making. I cant imagine how duped i would feel if wiiu was the next gen console i saved up for or got for christmas.



cdude commented on Ubisoft CEO Admits ZombiU Sales Were Disappoin...:

Nice to see i'm not the only one whos so disgusted with nintendo that they bought a ps3. I still cant believe this piece of crap has been out a year and still has nothing going for it. I bought the wiiu day one because nintdndos word always meant something pure to me. Now theyre feeding the industry excuse after excuse, while half their fanbase thinks everything is fine, and i just dont care anymore.

Please understand, iwata.



cdude commented on Iwata: Third Party Wii U Launch Titles Could N...:

I think youre right though, ajcismo. Its not a conspiracy theory to think that third party devs wouldnt run back to a company thats historically done nothing to help them succeed, no matter what. Im not saying that nintendo owes these people a living or anything, but ms and sony both clearly seem to invest more care toward the profitability of the companies that make software for their consoles.



cdude commented on Soapbox: Why Region Locking Is A Total Non-Issue:

While the general point of the article is nice, its treating region locking as an industry problem rather than a nintendo problem. Ms and sony dont even have to consider it because theyll always have a steady influx of third party support in front of their consumers at the store. Nintendo most often has nothing. Most often with nothing even coming for a while.

You proved your point with fifa and gta and whatever else you mentioned, but wii u isnt getting any of those titles. So exactly what are you saying author?

That we should wait to buy titles that wont come to our region without petitions and outcry because importing an english dubbed game a year in advance from eu to america isnt hardcore enough?

The only reason nintendo fans care about region locking is because theyve perpetually got nothing to play FOR NO GOOD REASON



cdude commented on Video: Reggie Explains Nintendo's Approach to ...:

Reggie and iwata interviews are always great for morale. Its the lack of follow through thats the problem. Theyre forever talking the same crap and nothing ever changes. We've had nothing to play for months at a time and by the time some of this e3 stuff comes out the wiiu will have been out for a year thats really had nothing going for it but ports.

Content is king. I agree. But the new systems arent even out yet and have as much if not more games going for them than nintendos console that, again, has been out for almost a year now...Imagine how much worse things are going to look when the sony and ms systems have actually been out awhile.

All nintendo has going for it is unviolent and accessible family games. These corporate attempts to pretend they offer more than that and can compete with what next gen is offering for a bit more money, really need to stop. It makes them look ridiculous and completely full of ****.



cdude commented on First Impressions: Sonic Lost World:

I'm actually excited for this BECAUSE it looks like a galaxy ripoff, honestly. I always seem to buy sonic games and enjoy them, but this looks like a great start to a potential series, rather than yet another random title that just has sonic in it.

Im excited for a lot of the wiiu stuff, including mario, but this looks like one of the better buys, really. And, hey, nothing beats a good sonic game.



cdude commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Wii U Lineup Makes C...:

A lot of your guys' anti anyone thats unsatisfied attitude really sucks. People have a right to expect a lot more from nintendo a year into a new console cycle that costs as much as the wiiu does.

Nintendo has done nothing but drop the ball since before this thing came out and the evidence of that is not only in the sales performance of the device, but also in the fact that nothing major is coming out until 2014.

Theyve straightup lied about almost everything and not shared any information otherwise. And, instead of developing games that actually have a chance of turning this thing around, theyre doubling devtime on wario minigames and pretending that people really want another wii party.

The people that own this stupid thing now have right to be upset and shouldnt be told to shut up and just "buy a ps4." We dont want a ps4, we want nintendo games that werent thrown together in 6 months or direct copies of stuff we just got finished playing.

Sure, it's still nintendo stuff, and of course im gonna buy it cuz i have a wiiu, but lets not pretend that what they actually announced can hold a candle to the stuff people really wanted. I'm getting sonic, luigi, mario, wario, dk, smash and kart. Of course we all wanted them eventually, but not now.

Metroid, kid icarus, starfox, and fzero would have set the wiiu on fire.



cdude commented on Ubisoft Scaling Back Support For Wii U, Expect...:

Im not a sony troll and have always preferred nintendo, but a well managed product is a well managed product and nintendo has been stupid, pretty much, since i bought wiiu on day one.

Seriously, anyone whos calling anyone a troll for not digging more on the nintendo botchfest needs to gather some perspective and realize that e3 was the last chance that many consumers were going to give nintendo to wow them and the big n may as well not have come at all.

They abandoned the wii more than two years ago and wiiu will have been out a year before it has 5 games worth having. Honestly, 2014?!

WTF have they been doing all this time?! And if nome of this future crap needs the gamepad screen, why is it in the box?!



cdude commented on Analyst: Nintendo of America "Forgot Marketing...:

Its funny to me how these kinds of experts will tell you that cartoons and primetime sitcoms are catered to and enjoyed by completely different markets, and then go on to argue that idevices and nintendo cater to the exact same demographics.

I agree that nintendo been completely on every front possible for almost two years now, but lets not pretend that any segment of nintendos business is in competition with any segment of apples. It makes us all look stupid.

Gamers are gamers. Screen tappers are screen tappers.

Nintendos in trouble because theyve treated their products massive sales as forgone conclusions. No company in its right mind is going to launch a console and proclaim the following year the year of their handheld. No company in their right mind is going to surrender its press conference in the worlds most hyped trade show, that millions of buyers anticipate, so they can demo product that, after ms and sony announcements, will seem low rent by comparison.

The industry as a whole gets excited about the next wave of future bs. Thats the way it always has been. Mark my words, NOTHING nintendo displays will live up to the promises that sony and ms make. Fair or not, the next gen status quo that nintendos bringing to the table will be torn apart as 'more of the same' while an entire industry is creaming its pants over what theyre thinking the "real" new hardware is going to be bringing to them come christmas.

But, no. By all means, believe that ANOTHER nintendo direct, that again no one will see but us, is going to fix everything.



cdude commented on Nintendo Won't Be Holding A Large-Scale Press ...:

To me, this is nintendo trying to save themselves more embarassment. Now, dammit, i love nintendo. But all this does is further prove that they STILL have no idea how to sell the wiiu to people while also proving that they never really ever had a release strategy to start with.

When all is said and done, they will have had a years worth of videogame industry landscape all to themselves and wont have done anything with it.

Pinning your hopes to smaller, more drawn out presentations to keep your early adopters interested isnt going to convince anyone to buy your product over one of the ones thats getting all the attention. So much of this industry is based around nothing but hype and media buzz generated by people that NEED spectacle and nintendo has effectively just told them to go f themselves while taking their ball home to go pout in a corner.




cdude commented on Wii U Error Preventing Access To eShop And Fir...:

If anything we know nintendo will make most things right, it just may end up taking them a while to hit their stride. People seem to have forgotten that 360 launched without achievements and dlc. The entire xbox interface was also 4, lifeless 'pages' and was, at first, completely adless. If memory serves, i believe you also had to have a gold account to download demos.

Point is, perfection takes time and most 'nintendrones' are loyal to a company actually interested in meeting it under self imposed deadline.

Cough-last guardian-cough



cdude commented on TT Fusion: LEGO City: Undercover Will Be "The ...:

Can everyone stop with the system seller crap? No one knows who buys what or why. If things like that could be predicted, the vita wouldnt have spent the last year in the slums it has and almost every console that comes out would see 20 million sales the day if release.

Well done exclusives always matter. Theres no such thing as a fantastic or, very well put together title thats not worth taking into consideration. I see no difference in the gameplay experience lego city is supposed to offer gamers and those that are alleged to be offeted in pikmin, mario 3d or zelda.

The only difference is that lego city isnt, by itself, an established franchise, but neither was killzone. Franchises gotta start somewhere, you know, and as far as starts go, lego city looks to be off to a great one.

If the charming cartoon quality of this particular title is offputting to you, you may find that youre in the wrong boat.



cdude commented on Review: Jeopardy! (Wii U):

Im not by any means the target consumer for a game like this, but i don't see what's so offensive about it being on my console of choice. It's a nice, unbroken gameshow game, for people that like gameshows. My wife will probably like it as much as wheel of fortune and nintendoland, which she really enjoys.

I'm sorry having options like this is so upsetting and offputting to some of you.

Gaming should really be expressly reserved for the hardcore loners who rock comment sections on websites. They know whats up.