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Super Mario 3D Land Review

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

Tanooki time

Super Mario has been a staple of Nintendo systems since the original NES over 26 years ago, and while the series has evolved to a great degree over time, one immutable fact remains: Mario games sell systems. That's why it comes as no real surprise that the plumber's first foray onto 3DS has been about as hyped as any game in recent years. Although it's not going to set new standards for originality, its hefty dose of classic influences make it a veritable greatest hits collection of past Mario moments.

The Super Mario gameplay has evolved in many different directions over the years, but Nintendo decided to take a trip back to earlier releases when putting the level designs together for Super Mario 3D Land, even resurrecting the classic flag pole jump with a new 3D twist.

Much like the 8-bit titles, the worlds are broken down into four or five individual levels, all leading up to a boss fight at the end. Instead of having only one standard type of boss encounter, this time there's two: the old-fashioned Super Mario Bros. Bowser fight, where you'll have to make your way around the Koopa king and pull the bridge out from under him, or the Super Mario Bros. 3 Air Ship rendition which has you chasing one of the annoying Koopa underlings around a room, jumping on their head in order to dispatch them. Both are equally challenging, but there's just something about going head-to-head with Bowser that feels a bit more engaging and traditional.

Although there's a basic theme to each world, there's a huge level of diversity between the individual levels contained within them, with everything from colourful forest levels to spooky ghost houses that can be found in most worlds. There are even a handful of underwater levels to keep you on your toes. Each level features a very distinctive array of challenges, some as simple as riding moving platforms, to more challenging sections where you'll have to avoid giant spike rods twisting out at you in every direction. And to make things even more challenging, there are also three Star Medals hidden in each level for you to locate and pick up, something far easier said than done.

Since you're going to be faced with a barrage of hazards and enemies, the game offers up a series of power-ups to help even out the odds a bit. While the basic power-ups like the Super Mushroom and Fire Flower are in heaping supply in each level, it's the special suits that really make things interesting. The classic Tanooki Suit from Super Mario Bros. 3 is the most prevalent suit in the game and will give you the ability to not only tail swipe enemies, but also hover around levels and reach areas that couldn't be accessed without it. There's even a special Invincibility Leaf that you can pick up if you lose several lives in a row that will make you completely untouchable by hazards and enemies. Of course you will still be susceptible to falls, but it's a nice touch for gamers whose skill levels aren't quite up to the challenge.

To add a new wrinkle, the game introduces a unique diversion called Mystery Blocks on the map screen in between certain levels. These are basically just short mini-games that consist of nothing more than gathering up a group of coins or dispatching all of the enemies inside of the block within a strict time limit, rewarding you with a Star Medal. You'll even be able to gain new Mystery Block challenges from other Super Mario 3D Land owners via StreetPass, a good way to build up Star Medals that you'll need in order to access later levels.

The sheer number of classic Super Mario influences strung throughout Super Mario 3D Land is quite staggering. At times the game feels like a cross between Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario 64 in its level designs and presentation. And since no two levels really look or play the same, you'll never be at a loss for new challenges. Mario is also stacked to the brim with moves from past adventures and additional abilities brought on by the power ups and suits, lending you all the moves you'll need to scale every square inch of the game and the responsive controls with which to do it. You're even likely to find yourself coming back to the game in order to pick up any Star Medals you might have missed the first time through.

When it came to creating the world of Super Mario 3D Land, Nintendo wasn't shy about borrowing from just about every Super Mario Bros. game ever crafted. There's a slight majority of elements snatched from Super Mario Bros. 3, but there's a level of variety in the backdrops that we're just not used to seeing in one single release. All of the traditional vivid colours abound and the added depth the 3DS brings to the table really brings the world alive. Long time Super Mario fans will likely get the most out of the package as it's quite amazing to see some of the old 2D Super Mario Bros. areas transformed into full 3D with this type of depth. It might have been nice to see the distant backdrops feature a bit more detail, but given how much of your focus will be on the areas in close proximity, it's a minor gripe.

There might actually be a few new tunes in the game, but it's nearly impossible to pick them out among the insane number of classic Super Mario tracks playing in each and every level. Reaching back as far as the original Super Mario Bros., there are tracks from virtually every release in the series, each with their own unique modern remixes. Even the sound effects sound off with that same level of familiarity we've come to expect from the series. As heavily as Nintendo has borrowed from Mario's past in other aspects of the game, it was pretty much grand theft when it came to compiling the soundtrack for this game and it's never sounded better.


It's obvious that Nintendo played it fairly safe for Mario's first 3DS outing — something that will likely make the game seem like a bit of a step backwards from the brilliance of the Super Mario Galaxy series — but it's impossible not to be impressed by the vast number of classic Super Mario elements that have been squeezed into the package, especially given how fresh they all look and feel in their new 3D presentation. If you've been looking for a reason to pick up a 3DS, you've just found it.

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User Comments (215)



pixelman said:

Heck yeah! I'll be all over this next week. :3

So it has about 50 levels total? (4-5 levels per world with 8 worlds + mystery box thingies?)



Dazza said:

I really loved playing the preview levels at Eurogamer Expo. Can't wait to play thru the whole thing soon. Nice review Corbs, you have confirmed my suspicions that this is full of WIN!



JamieO said:

I know that the end-score is not the most important thing to consider when checking out a review, but I couldn't help but smile contentedly that this new 3DS Mario title managed to whips its Tanooki tail towards scoring a prestigious Nlife 9/10.

I love the idea of a 3D Mario that has managed through its unique controls, graphic settings and nostalgic audio nods to "take a trip back to earlier releases."

I really enjoyed reading this review, @Corbs. You have just cemented this as an unmissable day one purchase for me.

Tick, tick, tick until Friday 18th November in the UK.



Kifa said:

Seems like a must have. And I've already hit my gaming purchases limit this month... Oh well, I guess it'll fit nicely in December budget. Great review by the way!



Knux said:

Sweet review, Corbs! I can't wait to play this next week!



JettiBlue said:

Sweet! I am REALLY looking forward to this.
I think even if the new Mario might not set new standards this time, it doesnt have to because Mario titles so many times have, and I have a feeling this is going to be a favorite among players.



Tasuki said:

Did anyone really expect this game to get a lower score? Great review Corbs. I cant wait for this to come out.



JamieO said:

@Tasuki I knew that Corbie's Nlife review was on the way, but I honestly could not predict his choice of score. For example, I read reviews of Super Mario 3D Land in EDGE issue 234 and gamesTM no.115, and it scored an 8/10 in both magazines.

Of course an 8/10 is a great score anyway, this game is clearly brilliant, but I felt a certain amount of joy to see it receive the 9/10 here.



NintenHero said:

If only I could pre-order this where i live! UGH. I'm gettin' this no matter what yo. And i agree, it's great to see a rating of 9/10.

Great review.



LordTendoboy said:

This game is basically like Galaxy without the gravity effects. The levels look just as imaginative. They even brought back the Beat Blocks!



Megumi said:

Kinda sucks that I have to wait till next month to get this...great game, but Skyward Sword comes first. xD



warioswoods said:

It does look like the reintroduction of time limits is a good thing given the size and style of the levels. I wonder how much fun this will end up being for speedrunning.

Didn't I hear that you can also pick up best level-times from others (just times, not ghosts?) via Streetpass? That should extend things a bit.



RoyalBlur said:

A 9/10? You know I'm heading to GameStop this weekend! I'm so EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Noire said:

ARGH I'M ALREADY HYPED ENOUGH. Thanks Corbs. Now I can't wait even more then I couldn't before. y u not here yet sunday



MontMartre said:

With this and skyward on the same day, MK7 just round the corner. my nintendo consoles wont be getting any time on the horizon to take a brake.
Just got to practise playing two consoles at once..



MetalMario said:

Another 10 in my book, don't even have to play it.

Great review, though. Nice to hear there are some extra-challenging parts.



goldgin said:

I think 8/10 is more appropriate. With no intention of trolling ... As with new super Mario bros, multiplayer, even in minigame format, gives more value in the long run. The price should be in the 25€ margin for single player only.



C-Olimar said:

It seems that this will only have Fire, Boomerang, Tanooki and Propeller power ups. Is this true? Because we were told there would be more familair suits returning. Or are you not allowed to tell us?

Either way I don't mind. NSMB only had Shell and Fire and I will still defintitely be purchasing this game.



Drewroxsox said:

Why can't it be Christmas already. Nintendo needs to announce the bundles in the USA so that I can figure out which one I want. I guessing they're going to announce them tomorrow or next Thursday, which will be right on time before black Friday . People need to be informed on what to put on their christmas list.



Gustoff said:

I was thinking of not getting this one until i read the review and saw the first level being played by IGN Entertainment. It looks just too AWESOME!!! I only wish it had more online options.



StarDust4Ever said:

Great review Corbie. Super Mario 3D Land and MK7 are the reason why I bought the 3DS. Unfortunately, my fiance is picking up my preorder at Gamestop, and she will be holding on to it for me until Christmas...




If you know that you'll be getting Mario for Christmas, doesn't that defeat the purpose of holding off until Christmas?

Presents were supposed to be a surprise.



TKOWL said:

Oh yeah, cannot wait to pick this one up. My Mario itch hasn't been scratched in awhile, that darn hedgehog's been in the way



CanisWolfred said:

It's still too much classic, not enough new. No thanks, I don't have enough nostalgia for this series to overlook a rehash.



LordJumpMad said:

A Mario game that didn't get a 10/10 on NL?
This must be the worst Mario game ever made D:



NintyMan said:

This will be the one that jumpstarts the 3DS to be sure. This review makes it sound like it's a tribute to the Super Mario franchise, which is very neat. Sunday is Tanooki Time!



Dynetheous said:

this is gonna be the best weekend ever!! skyrim on friday and then mario on sunday!! im gonna skip a week of school for this lol



FonistofCruxis said:

Although there are elements of it that disappoint me and it doesn't look as good as Mario's other 3D platformers, I'm still very much looking forward to playing this on the 18th as the level design looks fantastic and overall it still looks like a very good game.



SkywardLink98 said:

I'm sad. I was hoping a 10/10. I'm VERY picky about my games, so I don't know if 9/10 is worth $40. I'm might return it and use the money to buy monster hunter 4.



Slapshot said:

I'm all paid up and just have to wait it out until Sunday!

Cave Story 3D and Super Mario 3D Land in less than seven days... yeah, it's a great time to own a 3DS!

Great review @Corbs!



UNC5052 said:

Game informer gave the game a 9.5. It also gave Skyward Sword a perfect 10.



Supremeist said:

No Pre-order for me, I got MW3 instead (Which is fantastic, btw) but I can't wait to get this sooner or later. Probably christmas.



Cengoku said:

Am I the only one who is not so excited about Mario Land and MK? Games as PW vs Layton, RE Mercenaries, One Piece UC and DQ Rocket Slime excite me more.



shoopdawoop70 said:

so what they're saying is if this game's only problem is lacking in originality? for me it's a ten - originality matters, but it's not worth a whole point!



kobe1724 said:

Great review! No surprise though. It's a Mario game after all
Got it preordered at GameStop, but I won't be able to pick it up until Monday Sunday will be a very long day for me, knowing others are playing it and I'm not, but I think I'll survive.

Also, this probably means a review for Skyward Sword should be up within a week? I'm very satisfied right now.



Robo-goose said:

"I'm sad. I was hoping a 10/10. I'm VERY picky about my games, so I don't know if 9/10 is worth $40. I'm might return it and use the money to buy monster hunter 4."
A 9/10 game not worth forty dollars? I hope that attitude doesn't carry over to metacritic.



Dark_zelda29 said:

this game looks nice huh? anyway does omebody know when will flipnote memo will come? i have a 3ds and i really want memo



rofl764 said:

Soooo does anyone know how many hours this'll last? I'm planning to get it...if it's 10~15 hours for a mario game.



grumblebuzzz said:

The only fault I've seen with the game so far is all the recycled music. I would have liked some more original tracks alongside the Mario Galaxy music redux. The underground theme especially bugs me because it even still has the cosmic, outer-spacey sound effects to it that just don't fit with 3D Land. I know the game was kind of a rush job, but jeez, guys.



Aerona said:

The more I read up on this game the more excited I get! I LOVE how they're incorporating Mario's past releases into this.



shinesprite said:

As awesome as this looks and sounds, my pre-order is on Skyward Sword. I fully intend to get this, but I can only handle so many games at once.



JamieO said:

@LordJumpMad There have been a few main Mario games that have also scored less than 10/10 on Nlife. Here are some examples:

All of these games still vary from decent to top-notch, and are worthy of a gamers' time. I am particularly fond of GameCube Super Mario Sunshine.



lalalalalalal said:

I..uh..um..I just peed my pants. Thats how exited I am.
No, just joking...
BUT, I am gonna go to the Times Square launch! Iz gonna be EPIC!



Ryno said:

What is the point of reserving/preordering games?

Anyway, any references from Super Mario Bros. 2 in this?



Nintendo3DSLife said:

wow Im glad this game is made for 3ds and its comn out sunday for USA here.Look out mario,im gonna get u lol.XD Well ever since I played super mario bros 3 on n64 even gba and its so fun so when I heard bout this game,I was like hey I no this from n64 so im suprised its on 3ds in 3d so cant wait.>u<I bet its more fun than the old game-_- lol.



Bigrat said:

November is my birthday, literally. Though here mario comes out on the 11th.( I think the twilight movie will ruin my birthday though)



NintyMan said:

@84: Because you're sure to get a copy of the game, whereas if you just showed up to buy it, the store might not have a copy. I know I'll get it because I pre-ordered a month ago.

Super Mario 3D Land along with Mario Kart 7 will be the 3DS game to get this Christmas season. I say good luck to anyone going to buy it the old traditional way.



kdognumba1 said:

I want this game so bad now but unfortunately I don't have money for it. I'll have to get it after the fact.



XD375 said:

I feel like I'm three years in the past saying this, but a 9 from Corbie was to be expected.



Corbs said:

Wow I've moved on to 9s now. It was 7s and then 10s and now 9s. Awesome!



Kid_A said:

It seems like some critics are cynical about the game taking so much inspiration from the Mario games of old, and some are embracing it. I'm glad to see your embracing it
Great review, Corbs.



Tare said:

@84 With a pre-order, you reserve a copy for usually about 2 days. I paid for the game when I pre-ordered it, so for me it'll just be in/out. Oh, and I get a keychain (You get one when you pre-order MK7 too)

I'm looking forward to it. I told my friends and they laughed. Oh well xD



gamecubefan said:

all as expected the ign review has me most excited they gave it a 9.5. gamespot tries to act superior by giving it an 8 lol. that is probably the worst gaming website out there.



Monkeh said:

With the amounts of 10/10 this site gives out, I'm a bit disappointed.
IMO New Super Mario Bros. Wii wasn't worth a 10 and if this game is worse, I won't be happy.



bercal said:

i am going to get this game this sunday not trying to be rude to nintendo but you could have put in more levels



grumblebuzzz said:

Some critics have also decried the run button as feeling clunky with analog controls. I played the demo at Best Buy and yeah, it does take some getting used to. It's definitely not a deal breaker but it did make the controls a little weird for me. Still yet, even that one level demo was the probably the most fun I've had on a 3DS ever so I'm excited.



Corbs said:

I agree. The run button does take a bit of getting used to with analog controls. That being said, I did find myself getting rather comfortable with it after a few worlds.



BenAV said:

Still 14 more days till it releases in Australia (along with Skyward Sword).
Going to be the best day ever!



Token_Girl said:

Can you get the streetpass mystery blocks through with play coins or some other means? I love the streetpass function, but I very rarely get any. Even with a Mario bump in sales, I feel like it would still take me months to rack up enough to play everything.



StarDust4Ever said:

Super Mario 64 DS had a run button, but the digital pad was "meh" though. I think the run button is a good idea btw. Even with an good analog stick, it can be difficult to walk very slowly with precision. The run button makes jumping in 2D games much more flexible and precise, and I believe it will allow greater precision control in 3D games as well.

Quick question for Corbie Does the "run" button also function as the "attack" button (launch fireballs, etc) like the "B" button did on NES Super Mario Brothers 1 & 3, or are "run" and "attack" mapped to separate buttons, like on the Mario 64 / DS control scheme?

Thanks again for the awesome review!



grumblegrumble said:

So, how much? $30-50? Can't wait for this!! Will it be available everywhere this Sunday? Best Buy, Target, etc?



StarDust4Ever said:

Free Tanooki keychain if you preorder at Gamestop (I reserved mine there), but it wouldn't surprize me if they were already sold out of preorders by now - $39.99 MSRP

Luigi is unlockable!!!



Kage_88 said:

Ah, so once again, a new Mario game is revealed and haters whine about it being 'too safe' and that Nintendo have 'lost the magic'.

Don't these people ever get tired of being wrong?

In my opinion, Super Mario 3D Land isn't as 'safe' as it seems; there are some fairly controversial new features, such as the 'run' button, and the 'back to basics' approach that straddles the line between 2D & 3D.

Either way, this game looks awesome...shame I won't have time to play it till Christmas



phoenix1818 said:

Best day ever? I think that's an understatement. November 24th can't come soon enough. When it does, I'm going to be busy for a long time...



12345678a said:


Some people just love to bash everything Nintendo does even when they're supposed to be 'fans', it's just the popular thing to do. Best not to rise to the boring dullards.



zionich said:

Arg, finally getting into the Master Quest and yall got to hit me with this

I do have one question. IGN hit up on how essential the 3D is for this game, and how it is a great if not perfect example on how 3D changes gameplay, not just visuals. Can you expand or offer your opinion to that?



WaveBoy said:

What's with the lack of '3D effect talk'? There wasn't anything about it in the review. Nice review though! I already pre-ordered this bad boy a few days ago. I better get a Takoonie Keychain, or at least a calender with naked Miyamoto's. lol



Lun said:

Flag pole jump with a 3d twist
I dunno, it could be a decent game as long as you can navigate through the game at a medium to hard difficulty, not outlandishly hard (needing a strategy guide) or not way too easy either. The graphics seem to be alright.



Tate24 said:

Its been werid but ive lost interest with mario's adventures laterly.

And havent really been excited over this at all. Game looks great but more of same.

Nintendo does sumthing really unique with mario franchise like they did in mario galaxy 1 & 2 for example.

And then resort bringing out new mario game for 3DS thats more of the same standard platforming of course has few new twists but still nothing revolutionary?

Am sure they didnt want to venture to far away from norm for first mario 3DS outing but i would of liked if they tryed something new & fresh and unique.

Am not hating on mario at all am sure ill probably get game in near future.

I just wish they would of done sumthing new and fresh like they have been doing with kirby franchise like → mass attack with ability to take control 10 kirbys or epic yarn's unique art style gameplay.



Kid_A said:

I'm actually kind of pumped for having a run button in a 3D Mario game. The platforming in the 3D Marios has never been quite as satisfying as the 2D ones for me, and I think it's that run button. There's something really satisfying about having your thumb on the run and jump buttons on the same time.



DangerousDreams said:

I find it utterly disgusting to entertain the idea of shopping at Gamestop but, that Tanooki keychain pre-order bonus they're offering is absolutely irresistible and since Amazon isn't giving any incentive to purchase Super Mario 3D Land at their site, I fear i must bargain for the better bargain.

Btw, I really enjoy reading your positive review on Super Mario 3D Land, Corbies. Keep up the great work, man.



alLabouTandroiD said:

@Tate24 (120.): To me having the little Mario mechanic and the time limit in a 3D game the first time is refreshing enough. And while SMB2 (US version) and Sunshine were good games on their own, for me they just don't really fit with the series anymore. Heck i even was a bit disappointed that SML 1 & 2 didn't really have the typical Mario level design.



Henmii said:

Nice review and nice score! This game may not be revolutionary in any way, but I guess the 3D and different perspectives coupled with good Mario gameplay makes it worthwhile! I'll pick it up as soon as I have a 3DS!



Corbs said:

Really there were only a handful of gripes I had with the entire game. One thing was the rather short length of the levels. I know Nintendo was going for bite-sized levels, but many of them felt like they ended just as they were getting really interesting. Another gripe I had was the backgrounds off in the distance, which lacked detail. In truth, Super Mario 3D Land is a fantastic game and one any Mario fan will likely love from start to finish, but I just didn't feel like it was quite worth a 10.



Corbs said:

I felt like the 3D was more for show than gameplay. Other than one area where the blocks become visible if you turn on 3D (although I could still tell with it off), there wasn't many instances where I found the 3D that integral to the gameplay experience. Just a nice visual touch, really.



sam322 said:

great review. But i'm not obsessed with mario games, but i like them. So i'm looking for an adventure game, could SM3DL be worth it? And remember, i like mario games but im not obsessed with them thanks in advance



lalalalalalal said:

@ sam322

So...you have a 3DS...but you don't play StarFox Zelda or Mario....what do you play? I mean, after all, it IS a Nintendo system...

But I say you give this one a shot. IGN gave it a 9.5 too.



Robo-goose said:

"Arg, finally getting into the Master Quest and yall got to hit me with this"
Heh heh heh, how are you liking Jabu Jabu's pet cows?



AlbertoC said:

The game's launch has been delayed in Mexico from november 13 to november 17. IDK why.



grumblegrumble said:

I'm passing on the keychain, because a close source (friend who works there) told me they will be sold out in less than an hour, and GameStop is gonna be pretty crazy that day. I hate lines. So I pre-ordered with Best Buy instead. I'm still so excited, tho. Tanooki time!!!



bowkid50 said:

I AM ABOUT TO KICK SOME GAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!who ever gave this a 9 is getting their gas handed to them!!!!!!!!!!!!!this game deserves a 10.i demand a immediate score change now!before i blow a fuse and kiss everybody.CHANGE SCORE TO 10!!!!!!!!



Wanderhope said:

Super Mario 3 is the game I feel the most nostalgic passion for, so consider me stoked. Today is the day.



WaveBoy said:

I hope the next Mario is some sort of Spiritual Successor to SMB2. Miyamoto has already borrowed many elemts of 1, 3, World and 64, it's time for 2 to shine for once. I want to play as the princess again so i can get my float on.



alvieao said:

I finally got my hands on Super Mario 3D Land and it's awesome. It's classic Mario platforming in 3D! The visuals are brilliant and the soundtrack boasts great music and classic remixes. The StreetPass feature isn't that of a big deal, but it's a neat bonus passing random 3DS owners for items and mystery box challenges. While I await for an original 3DS Mario adventure sometime along the road, I'll be enjoying this one for quite a long time. Super Mario 3D Land is a must-have title for the 3DS; it’s one of the reasons to own the system!



NintendoFanatic98 said:

BRILLIANT game. Absolutely brilliant. I'd even say it's better than Super Mario Galaxy 1. This is really the reason people should get a 3DS. It's got a Zelda remake, the eShop is pretty cool, but now it has a Mario game.



winter123 said:

I'm starting to think something is wrong with my 3DS because no one else commented on it. The control doesn't feel like true analog motion, it feels like playing a DS game on 3DS. I push the analog stick slightly and nothing happens. I push a little more and suddenly mario begins a fast walk. I push a little more, still a fast walk, then finally he runs when I push the entire way.

Same with direction, I push right and he moves right. I move slightly up but he continues right. So it's like he has 2 digital speeds and 16 digital directions, it's like a double d-pad rather than analog. ANYONE else notice this? It's making it unplayable since I can't go exactly where I want.



winter123 said:

Furthermore, it's driving me absolutely insane that I have NO control over the camera. Wow, I can lean it slightly right and left when they feel like allowing it. I was expecting like 8/10 reviews after playing this for ten minutes but instead I find "best game ever" everywhere. Why can't the touch screen be camera control, it's not really being used for anything. Third, why is B jump and Y action. I want it to be A jump and B action like every single mario game before this, and I can't change it? I'm so appalled right now I might return it.



realar said:

9 out of 10 is a fantastic score for this game. I'm loving every moment of this game, it may not have any new powerups but it is still challenging and fun to find ways to beat the usual and predictable paths of getting the star medals.



TromaDogg said:

@winter123 Erm, you did play Super Mario World on the SNES, didn't you? And Yoshi's Island...both of those had B to jump and Y as an action button too,



alLabouTandroiD said:

Wait a minute here ...
You really need to get StreetPassed to have access to all the "real" levels of this game ? I thought it was a nice bonus and a way to help you, shouldn't you be able to get every secret in the main levels...



Natalia245 said:

Im so excited to get my Nintendo DS, but I have to wait till Christmas to play this game looks really good though!



mud985 said:

The rumored later 8 worlds are just harder versions of the previous worlds with small changes and add-ons



LittleKing said:

Expect HEAVY SPOILERS below.
Including much unlockable content.

The 8 bonus worlds are called Special worlds, with a "S" before the world number. Just unlocked them today. Yeah, they are remixes of the levels of the worlds they are based on. And once you get them... wow. Simply amazing. The Tanooki Suit gets a variant that can turn into a statue (separate power-up. Silver leaf, suit has red scarf like the original), and stuff such as the Poisonous Mushroom make a comeback. Only Mario title that beats out 3D Land as my favourite Mario game is Sunshine.

For those wondering about the length of the game, I got all the Star Medals and Golden Flags on the first 8 worlds in 9 hours (In one epic sitting according to my 3DS although I had a few breaks truth be told.). I took my time, but the average player should take around the same if they too take their time.

3D Land has bite sized levels, but they are packed with stuff, and there's a ton of them. I still have the 8 Special worlds, Luigi and 3 Stars left to get out of the 5 you can achieve. Only thing I'm a little sad about is not getting glittering stars by never dieing more than 5 times on one level, but that's my fault. After 100% completion (All star medals, all golden flags, Mario & Luigi clear for all stages) I think you unlock a final level ala Galaxy. 3D Land is definitely a reason to get a 3DS if you haven't already.

end spoilers

It does use 16 directional movement. I didn't have any problems with it though, same with the camera. I too disliked the run/jump controls, but adjusted quickly.



Jono97 said:

I don;t think there's much improvement in this... IGN rated super mario galaxy2 10/10. and this...



TikiTong said:

This game is a little on the short side in my opinion, but then there are the Star Coins to colect, which I love! This game is pretty sick!



SLiM said:

I hope to pick this one up for Christmas. I had a blast collecting all the Star Coins in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. I imagine I will have just as much fun doing the same in this one



daznsaz said:

found some surprise money in my account this morning.have ordered this hurry up.



Detective_TeeJay said:

You do know that comment was posted a while ago, right? Like, before the game was even released. If pix was all over the game like he said he would be, than he already knows that there are more worlds >.>



Odnetnin said:

Yay I beat Special World 1 and unlocked Luigi, this is one of the best games ever. By Nintendo Life's review scale I would give it a 10/10.



FlaccidSnake said:

I want this game so much RIGHT NOW!!! But I've gotta hold off for a week as I'm going to the Maldives on the 27th. It's a 10 hour flight so I need something to keep me going. This game will be it. Off topic, can anyone recommended (if there is one) an extra long life battery for the 3ds?



carson said:

I like how different levels play similar to past mario games!

It really is a great game, but like mario games, its easy and repetitive.

I'd still give it 8.8

I just want a true successor to Mario 64...(galaxy is bad)



N17r0 said:

Wow. I know this game is out already but, they always spoil the whole entire game before it comes out. They do that in Pokemon all the time. They basically release the whole entire pokedex like 8 months before it comes out. I think when they say a game is gonna come out, shot the release and maybe a couple of screen shots. Not an actual person playing the game and showing every single powerup there is in the game.



Traxx said:

Tempted to buy it today, but I keep my gaming time free for Skyward and ToA. Mario jump'n runs just have lost too much appeal to me. They aren't bad, just not my kind of thing any more.



kingofe3 said:

I just got my first StreetPass hit for this game (even though it's just the gamestop kisok's). The mystery box I went into was filled with 1-ups and two star medals! What a blast StreetPassing is!



arrmixer said:

I actually played the demo at target and my wife had to pull me off the 3ds.. I'm very TEMPTED ... I'm trying to hold out for a 3ds lite version... dont know how long I could wait though.. even the virtual games are bringing back memories



Corbs said:

If you were tempted by the demo, you're gonna love the rest of the game.



Mr-X9000 said:

i beat it in just 4 days!
@waffle_cones im not sure what the hell is the matter with u animals dont get skinned in this game u dork



Mryokokurama1 said:

Hey corbs um i heard rumors this game had 8 more worlds after you beat the 8 world is that true cus ive also heard this game is pretty short but i played the demo and it was amazing and im gettin it with a 3ds bundle just wondering if theres more worldsbut even if theres not im still gettin it.



zeldadude said:

best plat ever but im getting galaxy 2 for easter, so that will change in a few weeks XD



rayword45 said:

@Mcgoogles Late-ass response, but a lot of those are either completely untrue or repeats of earlier statements.

Unchallenging - Beating it is easy. 100% it is hard
Light on content - 45 hours. Loads of levels. Longer then OOT3D for me
2 Predictable Bosses - I assume you mean "too" and nothing that former Mario games had.
Uncontrollable camera - Hell no? The camera (due in part to linearity) was way better then SMS/SMG.
Underwelming story - Dude, it's freakin Mario. Name 2 Mario games other then SMG1 with a good story.
No replay value - THIS I AGREE WITH.
Short - $40 for over 40 hours. Better then games like COD with 3 hour campaigns.
No additional modes or minigames - I don't consider this a necessity, but I have to agree.
No exploration - It's a huge-ass game on a portable device.
Useless touch screen - No more useless then most platformers.
Overrated stereoscopic graphics - The graphics look great to me. Far better then most 3DS games.
Overpriced - Again, repeat.
No depth - Again, you got me there, but it's a really big game for a portable device.



Varia01 said:

Is this technically the classic 2-D gameplay formula put into a 3D world? Sounds awesome. So jealous... Let me guess what the control scheme is : A/B: Jump X/Y : Dash Circle Pad/D-pad : Movement L Button: Crouch R Button: Active Camera



rayword45 said:

@Varia01 SMS - I don't recall how good the story was.
SMG2 - Are you joking? That was the typical Mario storyline, with the whole "it was just a book" ending.

Also, while it borrows concepts heavily from the 2D games, it still had the 3D feel to it. The pacing and gameplay is much closer to the 3D games.



denpaguy said:

hey guys i beated this game within 2 weeks and 2 times in a row
now i losed this game... (+some other games)



Gregor said:

@goldgin the hell are you talking about? NSMB Wii multiplayer was a nightmare. But overall I have to give this game a 7.2. It's good, but it has SO MUCH PADDING. I swear it has used each level 2-3 times. It just feels really half assed when they do it like that. It gives a false sense of length and its just laziness on their part.



RealPoketendoNL said:

Thank heavens for the Club Nintendo 3D Land campaign. Just got it for free using a 3DS code from one of my friends (he bought the 3DS + Super Mario 3D Land combo pack, so he didn't need it). Now downloading it!!!!!!!!

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