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Sat 1st Jan 2011

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-DL- commented on Review: Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions (3DS):


This game was meant to celebrate both Pac-Man and Galaga's 30th Anniversary. I think Namco wanted to keep it even by just using the original CE because Galaga Legions DX wasn't out. It is now, though. So perhaps you can except both Pac-Man and Galaga DX to hit the 3DS eShop!

Also, congratulations on having a high rank on the leader boards. I know that feeling. :3 I'm 53rd out of 48,000 overall on Pac-Man Championship Edition DX last time I checked. So, I think I might be good at the original Championship Edition if I practice.

Anyway, I think this game deserved a 7. I'm still getting it, regardless of it's somewhat negative reception from IGN.