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Sat 17th Dec 2011

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Jfilesguy commented on Balloon Kid:

Guys, this game is not the same, it's a more complex version of the Balloon Trip mode.



Jfilesguy commented on Review: Tetris (3DS Virtual Console / Game Boy):

@skywake I'm going from the point of view from a yun-ng who doesn't remember the good old days and wanna play the best GB games around, Dr. Mario is point-less because there's already a DSiWare version, and unlike Tetris, the GB version isn't that popular. DKL doesn't get love because most of them young wipper-snapers would rather play DKC, not saying it wouldn't be a great VC game, just that we can wait a little more.

@TheDarkness need is one thing, want really really badly is another. Final Fantasy Adventure is one of the latter, other examples of that are the Game Boy Wars series, Kirby's Dream Land 2, and Mega Man 2-5



Jfilesguy commented on Nintendogs:

Any one who does not have a 3DS or a Dog must buy this now!
If you do have a 3DS, Nintendogs+Cats would be good for you
If you have a dog, go and play with it!



Jfilesguy commented on CRUSH3D:

Wow, this so isn't steeling the concept of Super Paper Mario, nope, no stolen ideas here.

@johnnyMac ok, looks like they both just have similar core gameplay



Jfilesguy commented on Yet Another Zelda Timeline Proposed:

Great stuff!

Now based on the time line, I should stop my game of Ocarina of Time, Link's Awakining, A Link to the Past, and the Legend of Zelda and start to play more Minish Cap, darn you youtube poop!



Jfilesguy commented on Monster Hunter 3 G:

as I never tried Monster Hunter Tri (Bad Me!) I really want this in the west, even if it doesn't have online!



Jfilesguy commented on NightSky:

Mmmmm... Indie games


If we could get more of these on 3DS we could have an Indie section, just like Xbox 360!



Jfilesguy commented on Happy New Year from Nintendo Life!:

@Lordjumpmad yah it would be great if Vitagamr and Movemondo morfed into a giant mega site! But i think it should be called "Sonygamr" or anything that replaces "Life" with "Gamr" just to make it seem like it's not as conected to Nintendo Life.

Also give us "Xbox Box" for Microsoft's systems

P.S. 2nd to, best website ever!



Jfilesguy commented on Win a Metallic Red 3DS!:

I already have a blue 3DS, but one of my friends wants a 3DS (he's playing MK7 on mine now,) and it would be nice to have more that 1 person on my friend list (i only put people I know on my list)

That buddy of mine lived in italy for a year, but now he's back here, WHY!?



Jfilesguy commented on Renegade Kid Wants Your Mutant Mudds Questions:

1) Are there any other gimmicks other than multiple layers?
2) Will the game be mostly linear or will it have non linear aspects? (chosing the level order, branching pathways, backtracking, thindoorind of thing)
3) Will there be any thing other than the main campaign?
4) What 8bit/16bit game gave the team for this game the most inspiration?
5) Will story be a big part of the game, or will it be more of an afterthought added to the manual at the last minute?

That's all I gots



Jfilesguy commented on Review: Shawn Johnson Gymnastics (DSiWare):

And to think that on the eShop it has 5 stars, probably because some 5 year old who loves Shawn Johnson got it and liked it because he/she likes Johnson. Did i mention that it only has one rater?



Jfilesguy commented on Plants vs. Zombies:

Get this game, huge PVZ fan over here!

How ever, if you are not a PVZ fan and want to try this game out, get the DSiWare version for about 12$ less, has the full adventure mode and some of the mini-games.

I <3 PVZ
that's right, I is lesser than 3!



Jfilesguy commented on Review: Plants vs. Zombies (DSiWare):

Nintendo life, why does the score say 8/10, it should say 9/10, and the PC version should get a 10/10

PVZ is one of my top games of all time, I still need to get the iOS version, bad Jfilesguy, bad!