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Thu 20th Oct 2011

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tertium_quid commented on Hardware Classics: Nintendo Virtual Boy:

I recently had my first encounter with a Virtual Boy at a little used games store. When the man behind the counter asked if I wanted to play it, that became one of the happiest days of my life.

Also, I got a massive headache afterward, and it made my friend nauseous... BUT IT WAS WORTH IT.



tertium_quid commented on Talking Point: The Wii U's Identity Crisis:

I have a lot of friends who have no idea what a Wii U really is. These are the same people who have Wii consoles, but they are not "gamers". The reaction I usually get is, "You have a Wii-what?" When I show them, they typically think the Gamepad is just a special controller for the Wii. This really is a console that can appeal to anyone; they just don't know it exists or what it does.
On a side note, I always have a blast playing Nintendo Land with my gamer-friends and my "i-dont-get-videogames"-friends.



tertium_quid commented on Feature: Wii U Blockbusters - What to Play Whi...:

My friend is currently working on playing all of the Zelda games in chronological order. He hopes to time it so that when he reaches Wind Waker, the HD version will be available. (He's currently on OoT. He wants to do one timeline at a time, replaying the ending of OoT each time.)



tertium_quid commented on Nintendo Download: 3rd May 2012 (North America):

I woke up this morning and got ready like I always do.* Then I realized, "It's Thursday! It's Nintendo Download Day!" As I went to pull up the site, I thought to myself, 'Well, it'll probably be, wait, I've decided right now that when I go to NintendoLife I will be totally blown away by something cool and amazing and unexpected, like Warioland!' I proceeded to read this article...
Such is the disappointment called my life.

*See the lovely Tanooki suit I'm wearing.



tertium_quid commented on Talking Point: What New Super Mario Bros. 2 Me...:

In regards to the artstyle, I think that if you take good close look at the available screenshots (I say "available" b/c Nintendo will yet blow our minds further), there is a unique feel to some the smaller details. This is especially true of the backgrounds. I believe we are in for a beautiful treat.



tertium_quid commented on LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes Coming to Wii, ...:

@shingi_70 While I agree with you that yasha is wrong in calling Supes "weaksauce," Batman would beat him. Superman once gave Batman a kryptonite ring to use against him if there was ever the need. In fact, Batman is the one superhero that could take down the entire JLA.
@yasha Supes is not "weaksauce." Batman would still win. He's just that awesome.



tertium_quid commented on Super Mario 3D Land:

Just finished paying off my preorder yesterday. I traded in a bunch of stuff and put the value towards my preorders on SM3DL & MK7.



tertium_quid commented on Kid Icarus, Kirby Getting 3D Classics Makeovers:

@13, @31 Ditto, to both of you (at least as far as Kirby & SMB3 are concerned; not a Kid Icarus fan myself)
Kirby's Adventure & Kid Icarus probably weren't ambassador games because they planned on making them 3D Classics. Imagine how mad we'd all be if these had been ambassador games and then the 3D ones came out.



tertium_quid commented on Nintendo Holding Online 3DS Press Conference o...:

I've used NintendoLife for my Nintendo news for awhile now, but this is my first time posting a comment (Just created my account today).
Anyway, what I would really like to see is an update that allows you to play your DSiware directly from the SD card.