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Thu 29th Apr 2010

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RoyalBlur commented on Penny Arcade and Nintendo Team Up for Zelda Comic:

This is the most exciting news that I've seen this morning!!!!!!!!

This makes me even more excited about picking up Skyward Sword. I love Penny Arcade and I'm truly hoping that Nintendo and Penny Arcade will put this comic in paperback on the newsstands because I definitely want to have a physical copy of this!

@ yoyo1212, as much as I want a Zelda anime and movie (Peter Jackson or Andrew Adamson) a comic is just as awesome and a step in the right direction!



RoyalBlur commented on Atlanta, You're On Mario's Touring Itinerary Too:

I'm praying that we'll be able to attend this event in Atlanta! I can't believe it! Nintendo coming to Underground Atlanta? That's unbelievable. I would have expected them to hold a Nintendo event at Centennial Park, Lenox Mall or The Mall of Georgia.



RoyalBlur commented on This Skyward Sword Art is Too Good Not to Share:

That's such a beautiful illustration! It's beyond a shame that there is no Legend of Zelda anime nor Dragon Quest anime for that matter.

I wish Square Enix and Nintendo would get the makers of the new and awesomely good NEW ThunderCats reboot to make TV shows for Dragon Quest, The Legend of Zelda and Kid Icarus.



RoyalBlur commented on First Impressions: Mighty Switch Force:

This is going to be a great WayForward game. I am really anticipating playing Mighty Switch Force although I do hope the protagonist 'Alta' from Mighty Flip Champs gets another game as I really like her and her costume.

I'm also wondering if we'll see a 3D Shantae game for the 3DS?



RoyalBlur commented on Disney Registers Castle of Illusion Trademark:

Epic Mickey 2: Castle of Illusion is exactly what I was thinking to Muis!

I hope this game will be on both the Nintendo 3DS and Sony PSVita. I was greatly disappointed that the first Epic Mickey game wasn't on the 3DS.



RoyalBlur commented on Dreamworks Creating Exclusive 3D Video Content...:

@ KaiserGX, I agree. I would have expected Pixar but this is just as interesting and I'm happy to have yet another reason for sitting with my 3DS in my hands! I like DreamWorks Animation just as much as I do Pixar but I wish that they would have gone with How To Train Your Dragon instead of Monsters and Aliens.



RoyalBlur commented on WayForward Releases New Mighty Switch Force Sc...:

I'm a fan of WayForward's and this game looks really good.

I don't understand why people would complain about Mighty Flip Champs but then again we are all individuals and we all appreciate different things. I really and truly playing Mighty Flip Chaps as the game poked and prodded your brain encouraging one to think and plan ahead instead of mindlessly pushing buttons.



RoyalBlur commented on Wii U is Technically 3D-Ready:

I'm not really into 3D gaming on a home console, especially if one is required to wear 3D glasses. The Nintendo 3DS has satisfied my 3D wants very nicely.



RoyalBlur commented on Disney Universe to Blend Worlds on Wii This Fall:

Man, I like the humor and outright adorable madness of that trailer. It sure looks reminiscent of LittleBigPlanet but I still like what I'm seeing. The idea of costumes sounds very 'Trick or Treat-ish' and I'm definitely interested in that as I really like the Tron, Monsters Inc and Lion King costumes. My only complaint is that it looks as if Disney just isn't interested in the handhelds as I'd prefer to be able to play this on either the Sony NGP or Nintendo 3DS.



RoyalBlur commented on Miyamoto: We Want to Create Meaningful Downloa...:

I don't like the majority of games we saw in the DSiShop (with the exception of Shantae, Flipper) and this time I'd like to see some REAL games. Not bite size stuff like Angry Birds, Zenonia and that kind of thing but I want to see REAL games sold in the 3DS eShop like Paper Mario, Monster Hunter or Cooking Mama.