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Fri 25th Jan 2008

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12345678a commented on More Mario Kart 7 Courses Revealed:

@Chrno-x Yes, but the Retro Studios department of Nintendo aren't developing this game, it's being developed by Nintendo proper. Retro Studios are only helping with the Donkey Kong related parts of the game. Nintendolife shouldn't really be listing Retro Studios as the sole developer.



12345678a commented on USA VC Update: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Master Sy...:

A lot of people seem to speaking about the 'AVGN'. "Tony, don't be like AVGN--he's got a potty mouth. Maybe he'll outgrow it when he has kids to raise who imitate him." - stinssd

"I think the AVGN just likes to complain because it makes him feel important. Alot of the games he screams and moans about I actually like." - slangman

Those quotes made me laugh. Do you idiots even realise what the the AVGN is? AVGN is merely a FICTIONAL character portrayed by James Rolfe (who created the character), AVGN ISN'T REAL - the AVGN doesn't exist outside the videos he appears in. James Rolfe is an intelligent, artistic (the AVGN is a creation, they're scripted) quiet, mild-mannered, married man - so I doubt his kids will "copy his potty-mouth" (he's apparently nothing like the AVGN, he's quiet and doesn't swear) and I doubt he gets any sort of ego boost from complaining about games (although he will probably be pleased to be making a living off moaning about games). There really are some stupid people out there (the fact you tried to act all clever by saying how the AVGN should 'grow up' makes you look like a complete clown to me), and it feels so good to deprive them of their ignorance.

Thank you.



12345678a commented on Dr. Mario Online RX:

I can't wait for this game, its by far my most anticupated WiiWare game so far.

I've been playing Dr. Wario (an unlockable version on GBA Wario Ware inc. of the NES Dr. Mario with Wario as the doc, limited music and different faced virus') a lot recently because I'm very hyped about this game.

@Bensei sure Dr. Mario 64 has story mode, which this game doesn't (presumably) but I'd take Virus Buster, Mii support and online multiplayer over story mode any day.



12345678a commented on Dr. Mario Online RX:

@ SuperSonic1990

Dr. Mario is a very highly rated game amongst puzzle games. It is seen as one of the best puzzle games of all time, for various reasons such as it great music and its sheer fun & advictivness. Along with the likes of Tetris, Dr. Mario is part of the 'cream of the crop' out of a countless number of puzzle games out there. Basically if you want a top quality puzzle game, get this .



12345678a commented on Pokemon Puzzle League:

Heh, shame I was never that good at Tetris Attack:). I still like Tetris AHack games though, and am hoping this game comes out in Europe soon. This game somehow escaped me and my Pokemon obsession years ago, if it comes to EU VC I probably won't let it escape again;)



12345678a commented on Break In:

I'm a huge snooker and pool fan, but I'll almost definatly give this game a miss. The official World Snooker game (pool variants and other cue sports games on on there also) for the Wii (and most other consoles) comes out next month so I'll be getting that. There's also a very good online snooker/pool game that I play regually.



12345678a commented on Wii to support BBC's iPlayer (UK only):

This is fantastic news. You don't even have to download a channel/update for it. All you need to do is go to, choose a programme to watch, and watch it . Works a treat.