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Tue 1st Nov 2011

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MontMartre commented on Feature: Hiroshi Yamauchi - The Man Who Made N...:

What a celebration! It's sad to have lost such an empowering figure. But just look at all the comments! All of them written by people of all ages sitting at their computer and reminiscing on all those wonderful childhood memories brought to us by this man! It truly is a testament to to everything the joys that this guy gave us all!



MontMartre commented on Review: Anne's Doll Studio: Gothic Collection ...:

@Im really not defending this game by any means, it looks... Terrible... In every way, just terrible. But I would like to point out that the features you suggested are 3DS exclusive features, and this is a DSIWare title.
However, Evan though I'm not exactly the target market for this game genre, your version of the game sounds much more playable!

Also, thankyou for going through the tedious time of writing a review for this game to produce somthing amusing to read!



MontMartre commented on Feature: Further Adventures in Scanlines: The ...:

@12 You sir, are a god, I have been having problems with my television speakers for weeks now and other than turn the tv down so the noise goes away, I hadn't thaught of a solution, external speakers though, brilliant, thankyou!



MontMartre commented on Guide: Nintendo 3DS System Update:

Thankyou for the guide James!
Just out of curiosity, I was under the false assumption that messaging would be available via this update. Is messaging still coming at all to the 3ds?



MontMartre commented on Feature: Remembering the GameCube:

I remember buying my first gamecube, the pokemon colseum bundle for 110.00 pounds, the playstation2 was 120.00 , if I would of had that extra 10 pounds on me that day, chances are I wouldn't be typing this right now, I wouldn't be the nintendo fan I am today, and because of this, I am so thankful I got the gamecube instead of saving for the playstation2! Happy memories :,)



MontMartre commented on PETA - Relax Mario Fans, It Was All a Joke:

Calm down everyone...
PETA is a pressure group going to any means necessary to save Thier company, Evan if that means metaphorically skinning a beloved video game character alive to present his skin to the rest of the world as something ugly and distastefull, the truth is real video game characters are loved and cherished by millions across the globe.
By slating Mario for wearing tanuki skin, PETA are sending the message that it's ok to be a's not ok PETA, it's not ok at all.



MontMartre commented on Nintendo Can Recover From Loss, says EA Vice P...:

I'm loving all this bishop hate going on! It's lovely to see so many hardcore nintendo fans! We have every right to disregard Anything negative said towards nintendo as rubbish, infact, from now on, everytime I hear anything that's terrible I'm going to say: "that's total David bishop."



MontMartre commented on Review: Super Mario 3D Land (3DS):

With this and skyward on the same day, MK7 just round the corner. my nintendo consoles wont be getting any time on the horizon to take a brake.
Just got to practise playing two consoles at once..



MontMartre commented on Gaze At This Beautiful Limited Edition Zelda 3...:

Agree with you compoletly.
I got my 3DS on release date, aswell as OoT:3DS also on release date.
To only now find out i could of got both, collectively, cheaper, and MUCH better looking.
However, I can complain all I want, im still trading in my current 3DS and OoT:3DS. This christmas is wreaking havoc on my wallet. >.<



MontMartre commented on Review: Sonic Adventure 2: Battle (GameCube):

This review has definatly broken hearts! Author does make good points(such as the camera, and POSSIBLY the eggman/tails stages) and maby it's just my nostalgic love for this game which leaves me to post, but my personal review would score this game much higher, however, you can't right reviews based on bias childhood love, so maby this review is just? Regardless, it's persuaded me to dig out my copy of the game and find out for my self so I thank you for that!



MontMartre commented on Super Mario 3D Land:

This and skyward sword on the same day 0_O nintendo really know how to make me broke forthe rest of the month!



MontMartre commented on F1 2011 Lines Up on 3DS on 25th November:

Chances are I won't be getting this, with all the nintendo titles coming out over the Christmas season, including Mario kart 7 there isn't much point. Hope it sells well however, nintendo needs all the help it can get!