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Fri 4th Nov 2011

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3DLORDoNINTENDO commented on Round Table: Looking Ahead to Nintendo in 2012:

a 3ds pro would not be a full chang just play new or old games the pad is out of the way i want a 3ds pro agreed we mite even se better grafics and als nintendo if ur spying on this website we want this Desember 2012 also the 3ds pro must be capable of swaping ALL data including f codes ow ya and i dont Know maby? BETTER STRONGER SKRATCH PROF BODY MY 3DS OMG 1 ...... (very long list of thing wrong with the body)



3DLORDoNINTENDO commented on Resident Evil: Revelations Demo on the Way:

ive played the demo its so scary 3d blood every whar iv played it on the REmersonaries game anyway its way to 3D SCARY for me plus YHIS IS THE ONLY DEMO COMING i want ... so many 2012 demos i want i could not think of them all



3DLORDoNINTENDO commented on 3DS Hits 4 Million Console Sales in United States:

omg yes BUTT STILL NO STREETPASSES and iT would get more dsi owner sells if flipnotmemo came roomer has it that it will not come till march or later and yes your most loved nl membar is an ambassador -d i predict no real good new till e3 2012 i wish it could be in alabama for the first time



3DLORDoNINTENDO commented on Review: Mario Kart 7 (3DS):

ok how in the handheld 3ds version get better than the console versions the 3ds is better than wii if u think about it 1 3d gaming 2 gyro control on the go 3all this stuff THE FIRST YEAR ther are many more reasons ow and i dident see the dsi ds dslite or dsixl whith 5 colors on the first year THANK U NINTENDO