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Thu 19th Nov 2009

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FlaccidSnake commented on Latest Sales Data For Pokémon Omega Ruby & Al...:

I have to say, I've been a ninty fan since the days of the nes. So I'm one of the more {i}mature guys here, not the most though thanks to @kit!!! The point of my senile ramblings here is that I've never actually played a Pokemon game in my life. I could be persuaded to try it out but I have no idea why the games are even about!!!



FlaccidSnake commented on Still No Solid Release Date For Aliens: Coloni...:

I have been waiting for this one of a long time. I'm not getting my hopes up though as this is one of those games that has the potential to be a bit poo. How many games over the years have been hyped and delayed beyond belief? (Duke forever anyone?). Anyway if it is a good game I will get whichever version is best as I own all three consoles.



FlaccidSnake commented on Wii U Update Will Be Available Out Of The Box ...:

The update is the least of anyone's worries. The big thing Nintendo need to sort out is getting the wii u connected in the first place. I know I'm not the only one who had to manually do it. There will be a lot of parents buying this for their kids, who are not computer literate and will therefore not have clue wh to do. I had to take my wii u to my brothers so he could get it sorted. After the update I assumed it would connect ok back at my place, did it f**k!!! At least I knew what to do this time.



FlaccidSnake commented on Analysts Believe Wii U Will Be Put To The Test...:

What they have conveniently ignored is the fact that the games industry as a whole has a tough time over the summer period. For years we have always moaned about the lack of anything happening over the summer. So even if sales do slow during that period, i doubt it would be anything to be too concerned about.



FlaccidSnake commented on Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Wii U Download Will Be...:

Surely I'm not the only one who's surprised that MS, Sony and Nintendo have not released their own official HDD's?

Yes they probably would be a little bit more expensive than the rest, but at least you know it would be good to go straight out of the box.



FlaccidSnake commented on Rumour: Grand Theft Auto V Coming To Wii U:

This is one game I don't see happening, although I really hope I'm wrong.
When it comes out I can easily get it for Xbox or ps3, but I'd just love to see Nintendo back at the top with all the big games. As they were in the 90's.



FlaccidSnake commented on Wii U ZombiU Premium Pack Confirmed for EU:

Can anyone confirm whether N'land is in this pack or is it just zombi U?
Now im not that bothered with N'land but it could be fun to have a little play with.
Also, Ubisoft have been stressing the importance of the gamepad now for ages, so is the pro controller that important to have right now?



FlaccidSnake commented on Rumour: Nintendo Land May Not be Bundled With ...:

If the three different prices turn out to be right then nintendoland (if it was bundled), wouldn't be free anyway. 250 for system only, 300 for system with N'land or 350 with N'land and extra controllers. It's only going to be free if it comes with all price ranges.

Did Nintendo ever say whether this would be online multiplayer or local multiplayer only? As other people have said, because i'm sad and lonely, i wouldn't have people to play against if it were local play only. All my friends only have 360's, i'm the only one left who still has a wii sitting alongside the 360 and ps3.



FlaccidSnake commented on Want to Know The Real Reason Star Fox Was Rena...:

HA! just found this, although it is from wikipedia so its about as trustworthy as a politician.

"Due to trademark issues over the name Star Fox in PAL region territories, Star Fox and Star Fox 64 were released in those countries as Star Wing and Lylat Wars respectively. However, Nintendo bought the rights before the release of Star Fox Adventures so future games could be released worldwide with the same name".

If the above is true then starvox has bugger all to do with it.

On a side note, when are we going to see the entry of Hamster McNibbles in the LylatFoxWing64AssultWars 3D U ???



FlaccidSnake commented on Tekken Producer: Working With Nintendo Offers ...:

"Katsuhiro Harada: Well, it is kind difficult to mention much because we are focusing on the Xbox 360 and the PS3 versions as the PR focus"

That's the problem Nintendo are going to face with multi platform wii u games and third parties, they are going to focus on and advertise the 360 and ps3 versions.



FlaccidSnake commented on Wave Race Trademark Resurfaces:

I couldn't really get into wave rave 64 when it was first released, but am enjoying it a lot more now. If Nintendo want to get some of the core audience back, bringing back some of the great snes and n64 games will do it. Wave race, f zero and pilotwings being 3 of them.



FlaccidSnake commented on Want to Know The Real Reason Star Fox Was Rena...:

Even though I'm in the UK Ive always called it starfox. Probably because I couldn't wait for the original snes version to hit the UK, so I emptied my bank account (I was about 14 then) and bought the jap starfox along with a brand new convertor. The fx chip rendered older convertors useless.

Anyway, lylat wars was, is and always will be a crap name.



FlaccidSnake commented on More Tantalising Wii U Pricing Rumours Emerge ...:

I'll be happy enough to get the more expensive bundles depending on what's in the box, but if getting it cheaper without something like nintendoland is an option, I'm going for that as I've got no interest in mini games and the pile of rubbish party games that's swamped the wii.



FlaccidSnake commented on Rumour: Nintendo to Launch Wii U on 18th Novem...:

I can see this going the same way as the wii launch. Here in the uk we will get it beginning of December but there will be massive shortages for months after.

On a side note, we will also get a few people trying to get money out of Nintendo by going to the papers claiming the gamepad broke their tv!



FlaccidSnake commented on Nintendo Shares Drop After E3 Press Conference:

I'm not surprised in the the slightest, i had a feeling yesterday we would be seeing this happen. The nicest way to describe their e3 conference is "crap"

But as we all know, nintendo will come back fighting from this and come up with something fantastic, they usually do anyway. Still worried about the wii u though, especially as they are not budging on the name of the thing. Its been a year and i still hate it.