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Tue 7th Jun 2011

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JettiBlue commented on Epic Vice President Mark Rein Remains Unconvin...:

Ok thats it for me Nintendolife, gonna take a break from you! The third bashing article of opinions no one cares about or are uninformed. WHY do you keep focusing on this? The guy in this article hasnt even played WiiU and says himself he's unsure because he doesnt really know... And you're making a big headline out of it. I'm sick of it!
Please watch the profanity — TBD



JettiBlue commented on Former Sony Developer Feels The Wii U "Won't S...:

Nintendolife, this is starting to be flaming, you posting all these negative "opinions" that mostly are BS anyway. WHO CARES! Stop posting this crap or I'll take a break from your site again (which I've done for the very same reason before)



JettiBlue commented on Video: Watch Us Lift The Lid On Prima's Legend...:

I just unboxed mine! It arrived today, got it from Amazon Germany for 106€. This is very good value, considering that these are the collector's editions, which cost around 25€ each when released individually and some of them are higher now in price because they are out of print.

Also, the Skyward Sword guide is a new edition (as I believe exclusive to the box)!
It's almost TWICE as many pages as the first edition! Havent checked yet what they added, but I'm gonna sell my old one definitely now.

I havent seen the Tiwlight Princess one before, it's massive (just as the WW HD and SS one). On first look it doesnt seem to be structured that well as the others. Particularly the Secrets section.

All in all an amazing buy though, the books are just so beautiful! I'm going to sell the two books for the DS games and fill the box with new guides of future games.



JettiBlue commented on iPhone Gaming Controller Could Mean "The End O...:

What I think about this? I think why is Nintendolife posting doom crap like that? Sure, you are having good arguments in the article. But I dont see why you would even keep on having this discussion. We've all been there before, so many times. This is a site for Nintendo fans, I dont wanna hear the crap predictions of doom and fail I've been hearing for decades. We all know better here on this site, so llease stop posting those type of articles!



JettiBlue commented on Pachter: Price Cut Unlikely To Help Wii U With...:

Seriously, NL, why, oh WHY do you keep posting Pachter's opinions?
Has this guy not shown time and enough that he's more a troll than a relevant force in the industry?
I just logged in to write this, it angers me so much that sites like NL give him credit by keeping to post his "views"...



JettiBlue commented on Talking Point: Sony's PlayStation 4 Poses a Fr...:

There's no way it will release around the price point of Wii U Deluxe pack. You have to take into account that the 8GB of RAM are GDDR5-RAM which is very expensive. I'm betting on 450 bucks at the least.

And also, I dont see this as the same Wii / PS3 head to head. Wii U I believe is stronger in comparison as the Wii was.



JettiBlue commented on Super Mario 3D Land Sales Outpacing Super Mari...:

I love it and thought it was the essence of pure Mario fun perfectly tailored for a handheld. I dont think it should be compared to a console Mario game, different thing for me.
So, bring on a sequel! However, it may be a bit harder (pls not as hard as NSMBU) and also have a better, that is more extensive reward for completing the whole game with max. stars.



JettiBlue commented on Developer Interview: ZombiU Producer Talks Abo...:

@savino: yes exactly what I was thinking! After all the moaning about lack of "hardcore" on Wii it is just too ironic that the same people now hate on ZombiU. All those comparisons to CoD or Halo type of games are ridiculous. Totally something else and not comparable... and who cannot recognise that doesn't deserve to have an opinion about ZombiU anymore!



JettiBlue commented on ZombiU Producer "Disappointed" By Early Reviews:

I think it's awesome to finally have a true survival horror game again! The drought since the times before Resident Evil 4 has been too long. Maybe so long that those early reviewers didn't remember what makes a game like that fun... Or they're too young to remember.

I can only feel sorry for whomever wasn't able to let themselves enjoy this game. This game is actually terrifying if you let it. What fun! Especially the asymmetry between game pad view and action on the big screen, this has led me to several major screams when I wasn't expecting an attack but was distracted while looking down.



JettiBlue commented on Molyneux: "I Struggle To See Anything Amazing ...:

Well Mr. Molyneux, even though I grew up with your games in the 90's (and they were visionary and amazing) I did struggle to see anything amazing coming out of you since Black & White...

And why should the Wii U be AS revolutionary as the Wii? The Wii was a huge revolution introducing a completely new concept to gaming. Not every single console iteration needs to do that. In the past it was mostly innovations in grafics and controller design that occurred. I think there is no question about Nintendo being the most forward-pushing and revolutionizing publisher that's been around.

Besides, I still feel that the extra screen with all the different play options that have been shown IS quite an innovation (although I need to try it first to get a better judgement of it).



JettiBlue commented on Michael Pachter Admits That Wii U Pro Controll...:

I dont know NL... I recently sent you a news suggestion of a Miyamoto interview where he says Retro is not doing the next Zelda cause they're too busy and you didnt post it, but you keep posting articles about Michael Pachter...



JettiBlue commented on Iwata Expects Wii U to Last a Generation:

@arrmixer: agree, it is less likely in these times that either M or Sony will release super-high tech consoles for a loss like they did with the current gen. Too risky and developers are already now getting in trouble for too high development costs of HD games. Of course only time will tell, and Sony's Jack Tretton said with PS4 they wanna be again "the best", but I dont expect a huge lap either.



JettiBlue commented on Iwata Expects Wii U to Last a Generation:

For me graphics do matter, to some degree at least. I still think Nintendo gameplay is often superior to what others have to offer, but I also enjoy some baddonkey beautiful HD grafics (I love my Xbox360!). So I do wish for the Wii U to be noticably stronger than current HD gen. Also of course for it to not be left out again in a few years. But Iwata wouldnt say it so clearly that this will not be the case, if it wasnt so. That Microsoft bloke is a bit full, how can he even know how powerful the console is really? He doesnt have one...



JettiBlue commented on 3DS XL Comparision Gallery:

No charger? How are you supposed to charge it then??
I like the design, the rounded edges, the riddance of the shiny surface (no more fingerprints, yey!), the fact that the console is not much larger in total but the screens fill out much more of the area. I dont like that they got rid of the 3D light symbol and that the home button etc look a bit plastic and have no more white writing on them.



JettiBlue commented on Talking Point: The Pros and Cons of 3DS XL:

I think the XL version looks better than the regular one. I like the new rounded edges.
Will try in store to see how it feels in hands (if too heavy) and if graphics look still good when stretched. Otherwise I'm gonna get this.



JettiBlue commented on Reggie: Retro's Hard at Work, Won't Say More:

I miss the days of tech demo's and show reels. Anyone remember the reels they showed before N64 or Gamecube where announced? Gawd, the good old days, I dont get why Nintendo is so tightlipped these days...



JettiBlue commented on Reggie: Retro's Hard at Work, Won't Say More:

@PixelatedPixie: exactly, reassurance is the word! we all wanted that, the critics needed that, but it didnt come! if you know at least that a title is in development you can feel assured. this is just hanging in the air and N wanting to us to trust them. But frankly, after Wii and after the WiiU presentation, I dont thinik I do. And I will not part with my money so easily this time around.



JettiBlue commented on Reggie: Wii U Launch Window is Four Months Long:

They better have Pikminm, NSMBU and Nintendoland at launch... WiiU needs it. And I seriously hope they will announce other titles that are in development...
To at least acknowledge the production of a title in works can give confidence, for players considering to buy WiiU, or developers considering to develop for WiiU.
I understand that for 3DS games were shown in 2010 that are still not out and that this is annoying some, me too to some degree. But then, it depends on how you communicate an announcement. For instance they could have (at the presentation yesterday) announced a trailer with launch window games, then with 2013 games and with future games in development. Or at least some of that. Thrown us a bone of a big gun we can look forward to and get excited about.



JettiBlue commented on Reggie: Retro's Hard at Work, Won't Say More:

I still think it was a mistake not to reveal it, not matter if it will take more than a year for release. we needed to get hyped, THEY (the critisc) needed to get something thrown. Pimkin 3 and Mario U aint enough, sorry.



JettiBlue commented on Talking Point: Reviewing Nintendo's E3 Press C...:

What a terrible, terrible conference! No big announcements, most titles we already knew about. Mario U looks nice, but we've seen those games many times before. Way too much time spent on 3rd party or games that are too weak and no one wants to see (Just Dance 4, WiiFit U etc.). Where are the big guns??? I am totally disappointed, I waited a whole year for this... The scripting and pacing was just soo bad and boring. Does anybody in the industry still know how to EXCITE in a presentation? I miss the days when E3 presentations got lots of hurrahs and cheers from the audience. And seriously Nintendo, is that what you call focusing more on core? I left with the feeling this is not much more than Wii 2, with the same kinda games we already know. Very bad move. You really needed to show, and I mean 1st party, that you want us back (us so called "hardcore", I prefer to say "core"). Meh, meh, meh, I'm not convinced. Kinda sad actually. The only good big points for me are Pikmin 2 and the Nintendo Direct conference. Pikmin shouda been presented at the end. But instead we're left with Nintendoland... Not saying it couldnt be fun, but how unclimatic!



JettiBlue commented on E3 2012: Watch the Nintendo Press Conference L...:

OMG I am soooo underwhelmed!!!!!
I waited a year for this presentation......................
Pikmin 3, Mario U, that's it???
Where are the big guns, Nintendo???
At least show SOME footage of upcoming big titles.....
And where was the proper showing of how Pikmin and Mario use the controller? The world is sceptical and needs convincing.
Most games rather suggest Wii, than something new. We've all seen this before.
What a bad presentation



JettiBlue commented on Gearbox: "Wii U is a Powerful, Powerful Machine":

I tend to disagree that more horse power wont matter in the near future. Graphics will keep getting better until there is no more distinction between reality. Just look at Avatar, the movie. I assume this is where we're headed in games. And even further. For games with particular artstyles like Super Mario or Zelda this may be different and the ceiling reached sooner.



JettiBlue commented on Talking Point: What New Super Mario Bros. 2 Me...:

@Crystalking18: I think it's a bit too harsh to say Nintendo only has exploited Mario in recent years. Mario Galaxy 2 was released only 2 yrs ago, Mario 3D Land just last holiday season. Those were fresh, creative and fun. We gotta remember Nintendo has also a buisness to run and as we saw with the 3DS, it can go really quick with the bad sales/negative press. If the NSMB series outsells most other games by so much, why not use this to create some security for a console? I don't think this is exploiting, but a smart and good move. And let's not forget how far other companies out there go with the real cashing-out of yearly-renewed game series, that are almost identical releases to the previous ones. Nintendo is by no means anywhere close to this yet.



JettiBlue commented on Talking Point: What New Super Mario Bros. 2 Me...:

I dont perceive this as an overkill just jet. Let's wait to see how both sequels, 3DS and WiiU, turn out. Nintendo might just trump all our expectations, remember SMG2's insane creativity progression from the first title (although I do not expect such a big triumph here).

And from a business point of view I think it's a good choice, making sure the 3DS stands on deeper ground, which can only be a good thing for all involved. Also, as the article says, the release timing is very clever in terms of building more base for the holidays.

And as players let's not forget that almost all Mario games (standalone) are usually thought to be excellent. I don't expect major changes to occur in this regard.



JettiBlue commented on Wii U to Launch Just in Time for Christmas:

@paburrows: errm, we dont know the price yet...

Great decision, gives them more time to prepare it properly and more games will be ready. Also better for sales probably. May be even hard to get one then, like with the Wii. I got the 2nd last one just with luck and then for months nothing in the shops.