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Sat 30th Apr 2011

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Bigrat commented on Guide: Mario Kart 7 Top Tips:

My R button started getting creaky after playing OoT for hours... My circlepad is getting worn out a bit too, gets stuck sometimes, I think I just need to clean it though.
I do fear the buttons are going to wear out when I get this game later in the week.



Bigrat commented on Register 2 3DS Games and You Could Win a Mario...:

NO i already registered OoT in septenmber! If America gets something i wont get a chance to win the 3DS! I dont think non nintend games like Lego starwars: clone wars can be registered. I didnt like the game, a waste of 40$ =(.



Bigrat commented on Hori's Mario Kart 7 3DS Wheel Is UK-Bound:

this doesnt look very good. It would be easier just to use the. I seams like the wheel would just make it harder because your fingers are farther away from the buttons
@19 yes, this is for the small kids who dot know much. though I do think it would be interesting to try, but I don't want to buy it.



Bigrat commented on Review: Mario Kart 7 (3DS):

Please answer: How do you add someone to a community? Do you have to have their friend code or just meet them online in a game? Also is there a setting for region play ? I want to see who else has MArioKart 7 in my state.
I have ordered Mario Kart 7 and expect it to get here by Dec. 8th! =)



Bigrat commented on 3DS System Update Due Before 8th December:

I'm supposed to get MK7 on Dec 8... Title said before 8th? that means we could get the update any time now? I would rather have nintendo say it comes out next year and then have a surprise and have it come out early in december. That is a good surprise. I dont like how everything you get after the original release date. Just a tease.



Bigrat commented on Mario Kart 7:

I want this. Wifi, streetpass, spotpass, gyro controls, customizable karts, MARIO! How much better can it get?



Bigrat commented on Bomberman Blitz:

how do you make user name, I just bought this on 3DS, eShop. How do you play 8 people too?



Bigrat commented on Pokédex 3D:

You mean we have to buy AR cards to get more pokemon? =(



Bigrat commented on Sony President Thinks 3DS is Just an Updated DS:

SONY IS JUST JEALOUS! =) They don't want to admit it is way better than the PSP. Isn't everything an update from the past? The The DS, an upgrade from the GBA, DSlite, an upgrade from the DS, the DSi, an upgrade from the DSlite, the 3DS, finally, is an upgrade from dsLite, but a much greater upgrade, including Miis, AR games, Superb graphics, superb gameplay with the analog stick and gyroscope, and a method to get even greater with the system updates! Stop complaining, Sony, and update your PSP!