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Sat 17th Sep 2011

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Nintendo3DSLife commented on Pokémon Black and White 2 Hits the West in Oc...:

Awesome .Can't wait to get this game and the pokemon dream rader app on my 3ds.I have already read alots of info. about pokemon B/W 2 and pokemon dream rader on another site and im sure this game will be little better than pokemon B/W lol.Can't wait.



Nintendo3DSLife commented on North American Nintendo Direct Set for Tonight:

Awesome,well I'll be watching it since I live at california and it starts at 9 p.m. here(of course) lol xD.I hope they will give us some info on maybe some future eshop apps and talk about more info on the future 3ds games I guess .



Nintendo3DSLife commented on 'Majority' of Nintendo Games to be Released Di...:

I have to say...this is the best idea by far nintendo is doing for 3DS and Wii U because sometimes in life,there are games that really want to get so then you go to the store just to get the game you really want,but then once you look for it and find it,ull see its out of stock.Even in online shopping sites like amazon,sometimes that will happen too(well it depends).So then ull be like,"really,dang it -_-..."so I guess with nintendo making these games digital download available on eshop/wii u shop is better so that you will save alot of time,and you won't have to worry about the game out stock.Can't wait 4 august for this to happen .



Nintendo3DSLife commented on Miyamoto Keen On New Zelda Based on Link to th...:

Wow,this is interesting .Seeing the legend of zelda a link to a past in a new way would be great for me since this classic game is one of my best fav. game which I really enjoyed .But im interested more on having majora's mask on 3ds than this game for now so ya.



Nintendo3DSLife commented on Kid Icarus: Uprising:

man I can't wait 4 dis game to come out!What I love bout this game is its features,gameplay,multiplayer,etc.I really can't wait to get it.And oh if anyone is willing to challenge me on KIU once it comes out and that I have it,add me on 3ds.My fc is on my profile.Tell me urs so I could add u.



Nintendo3DSLife commented on Review: Mario Kart 7 (3DS):

wow can't wait 4 dis.I <3 this game out of all da MK series(except wii and ds 1)and i <3 it where u can play ur own mii lol.i read info of it,all da tracks,characters,etc. so im hoping to get da game ...



Nintendo3DSLife commented on Preview: Mutant Mudds:

wow cool u no its kinda wierd cauze when i waz watchn preview of game on eshop,its music was 8-bit music(or sumthn like dat)and ya thats all.but whatever i love da game and i hope to get it on eshop soon



Nintendo3DSLife commented on Nintendo UK Reconfirms GBA Ambassador Games fo...:

Interesting.well u no i aint from UK and its kinda intersesting wat they said.I no that the GBA games will come @ end of the year(since notification on da 3ds said dat) and like i was thinkn bout it since last month and i was wondern when will USA have it?and also wat is da 5 other GBA games?I no so far 2 which is SMB3 and kirby's amazing mirror(well IDK if true) and i hope its gonna be zelda minish cap,pokemon emberld,and ya idk 1 more.I lookn forward to have it.



Nintendo3DSLife commented on Rumour: 3DS Video Update Lands on 30th November:

@theblackdragon I no '-.- ppl keep sayn that to me so I just ignore it(well I stop goin to the site cause just gettn tired bout that)and btw I spend my time on doin lots of research on that freakn update then just rest cause im tired and just play my 3ds.(december is wat Im waitn for cause of the ambassador games and more)



Nintendo3DSLife commented on Rumour: 3DS Video Update Lands on 30th November:

About time now!ò-ó because when I saw the date for US on wikipedia,it said Nov.22 and I was like ah ok can't wait :] but when I went back again to see any changes,it said US:Nov.30 basically heres the actual dates for all:Japan:Nov.29,Europe:Nov.30,US:Nov.30,Australia:Nov.29.So now im like omg and have 2 wait for 7 days now ¬-¬.But its ok at least they finally revealed it now.Can't wait for next week .Well this source is all from wikipedia so ya...I found out yesterday.that does prove the phrase of nintendo sayn:''late november''.



Nintendo3DSLife commented on Feature: The Revolution of the Wii:

Wow its at its 5 year anniversary the wii,cool.Well its a great thing nintendo is makn wii u because of its controller and it will be alot more better than wii but still the wii is awesome.Cant believe nintendo made the wii which is the first ever motion(or whatever u want to say to this system)system where u use da control and move while usn it.Im like ah cool cause its kinda wierd when I waz usn the wii with all the movement and stuff,I wasnt usw to it until I got the hang of it.I hope the wii u will be the best just like the wii.Its just great times on the wii...



Nintendo3DSLife commented on Mario and Zelda Bundles Coming for Thanksgiving:

Aw sweet thats cool.I really need that kind of 3ds but already have 1 so o well lol XD.Thats a great idea because when u get 3ds plus game,its a cool thing for ppl who have no 3ds that can buy that for the holidays since sales will come(I think well blah)and then there will be no problem for money.^_^l



Nintendo3DSLife commented on Review: Super Mario 3D Land (3DS):

wow Im glad this game is made for 3ds and its comn out sunday for USA here.Look out mario,im gonna get u lol.XD Well ever since I played super mario bros 3 on n64 even gba and its so fun so when I heard bout this game,I was like hey I no this from n64 so im suprised its on 3ds in 3d so cant wait.>u<I bet its more fun than the old game-_- lol.



Nintendo3DSLife commented on Zelda Top Brass Discuss Link To the Past in 3D:

Thats intersesting.The game should be a 3D classic game thats needs to be release on eshop(well duh ya)because even though u have those zelda games on eshop,have a game that can be more classic fun like that game and show it in 3D.We all want to see.That game hasn been payn attention by ppl much so try to get ppl back to playn that game.



Nintendo3DSLife commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Plans to Fight Back:

Well I like everything the 3DS is doing right now and in the future but I hope the 3ds games in the future is not a lie like they said after they release Kid Iraccus,they would make super smash bros for 3DS then will be release somewhere in 2013.idk i read it off from a site so ya...idk.:l



Nintendo3DSLife commented on 3DS Video Recording On the Way:

Woah for real?I think nintendo is making the 3ds 5-10x more popular with the 3d video app on the 3ds on november.Can't wait!I may finally record 3d videos and watch them over and over again.Maybe I can also post them on the web too IDK.