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Fri 13th Apr 2012

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atariman commented on YouTube Stars Aren't Happy With Nintendo's Rev...:

I am pissed off at Nintendo.
Here's the deal, youtubers get 60% of the prophet, with Nintendo involved, youtubers will get 42%, and if the youtubers do not give any positive comments on Nintendo's products in his/her content, then Nintendo has the right to take the whole 60%?
I'll be honest.... Nintendo must be that desperate to take away the gamers' money.



atariman commented on Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures:

Well, if they do this, they better not fill it with F-bombs. That's annoying. I'm a hardcore retro game fan. But I stay away from that show because it's obnouxious.



atariman commented on Flipnote Studio 3D:

One more thing, don't pressure nintendo. You don't wanna rush them to where it ends up being crappy do you?



atariman commented on Flipnote Studio 3D:

In other news, It's cancelled!


Honestly I enjoyed Hatena very much, and I am looking forward to this one so I can continue my Lego flipnote series. I made a lot of them, nearly 100 episodes. I really hope this doesn't get cancelled, however!!!

They removed the Flipnote friends gallery! NOOOO!
Well, good luck Nintendo!



atariman commented on Review: Mario Golf: World Tour (3DS):

Hmm. This game reminds me of Mario Golf for the Nintendo Gamecube. To this day I still play that game. The 3DS Mario Golf looks really awesome, and to know that one of my favorite websites give this a 9/10, I may get that game .



atariman commented on Review: Me & My Furry Patients 3D (3DS eShop):

Yeah this game looks like a 5/10. Let me tell you guys something. These games that are about dogs and pets are just stupid (Nintendogs is a good example). Seriously why get a pet game on the 3DS or DS when you can buy a quick Atari 2600 game or NES game?



atariman commented on Review: Petit Computer (DSiWare):

That was a long time ago when I said that, now I know how to program on the petit computer, and computers in general...
not a worry! I use an Atari 800 to program my games, I even made a basic snake and Dots game on computers. I made a basic centipede game on petit! So I learned how to do it



atariman commented on 3DS Maintains Dominance of the Japanese Charts:


to be honest, The PSVita is actually going turn out fairly poorly. I wouldn't say that the Vita is on top of the list. because they would have to have better requirements to the Vita, and better game company's to hire to make good games. the 3DS has about 30,000,000 sales right now, and 1.8,000,000 sales on the vita. not to correct you, but I think the 3DS is winning, bot the Vita (nor Wii U and PS3)



atariman commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2013:


I too, agree with your statment, "what about zelda, mario kart u " and so on fourth. but they say "these games will be a hit" it won't be as big of a hit as the games you suggested, (if they did make the selected games)



atariman commented on Review: NightSky (3DS eShop):

well, this has to be over rated. I didn't buy it yet. but it got a 6/10 on so just to make sure. is this a game that's really good? someone Reply.