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Sat 8th Oct 2011

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N17r0 commented on Review: Super Mario 3D Land (3DS):

Wow. I know this game is out already but, they always spoil the whole entire game before it comes out. They do that in Pokemon all the time. They basically release the whole entire pokedex like 8 months before it comes out. I think when they say a game is gonna come out, shot the release and maybe a couple of screen shots. Not an actual person playing the game and showing every single powerup there is in the game.



N17r0 commented on Actually, Square Enix is Not Considering Drago...:

Wow, guys you realize they have been working on this game since 2005? They were not sure about the online thing but now its confirmed. Not hating but, this game is EXTREMELY detailed or it was huge waste of time for square enix making this for 6 years.



N17r0 commented on Fresh Dragon Quest X Screenshots and Trailer I...:

The only thing I hate about dragon quest is that you get randomly attacked by monsters I want to see the monster so I can avoid them. DQ9 was a bit of relief because I could see the monsters but in most dragon quest games you use holy water and nothing happens.